Husqvarna chainsaw repair 137, 142, 240, 365 with your own hands. video

Husqvarna chainsaw “Husqvarna 240”, the technical properties of which you can see below, is the equipment that follows the line of “Husqvarna 236″. If we compare between these 2 variations, it should be emphasized that the latter is characterized by higher power, a little longer tire and has an engine that allows you to save fuel up to 25%.

Gasoline chainsaw “Husqvarna 240”, which repair is not so often required, is not dangerous to the environment inventory, which for some consumers is very important. Emissions are reduced and more cuts are possible with a single fill of fuel. Quite often the products of the Swedish company mentioned above are associated with STIHL chain saws. As the advantage of the first should be allocated the presence of a primer to simplify start-up. But, as practice shows, it does not have much effect on the process of starting the equipment.

STIHL chain saw manufacturer’s oil seal 018-250 MS 280 9639 003 1585 (Replacement part no. 9638 003 1581)

Oil seal 018-250 MS 280 STIHL 9639 003 1585 (Replacement part no. in rpm). Yekaterinburg delivered to order

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Husqvarna 340 chain saw adjustments

Question: Husqvarna 340 chainsaw has the following symptoms. If you hold the throttle lever on max. Gains maximum rpm holds them 3-5 seconds then they fall almost to idle and so again you release the knob, push gain speed and fall again. Answer: If the carburetor was not looked at, look at the filter in the tank and the carburetor screen. And the air filter and carburetor settings. Question: My Husqvarna 340 chain saw is working at max engine rpm only, at medium rpm it starts to bang and shuts off almost immediately, I have to use gas pedal all the time.

Before the failure, a feature appeared in the work: began to whistle when you suddenly hit the gas, or when you do not have time to put the gas and the tree is over, almost to the point of whistling. What could be the problem?? Today, it won’t start, but I got a spark. The spark plug is dry. Took the carburetor, membranes are intact, metal mesh clean, clean filter in the tank.

Looked in the carburetor window, the piston is undamaged and matte in color. Blew everything as best I could, put it back together, with 50 jerks started and stalled, unscrewed the plug, the plug is wet, but not damp.

Tried again 30 times, cranked and worked above average RPM with the nozzle pulled to the limit, blew the nozzle, squealed, accelerated, just let go of the gas. stalled, can not start again. Never worked on the choke (at maximum position) before. shut down immediately. Saw is 4 years old, rarely sawed, never adjusted anything, L and H screws are in their original positions. It’s never been a problem. What else could it be?? Diagnostic: Choke on Husqvarna 340 chain saw closes on start? If not, you need to bleed it. Also try changing the spark plug.

Also, there is a rubber insert between the carburetor and the cylinder, it cracks, also air leakage.

If you have not turned the screws H and L, (especially H) then look for air intake and do not use the saw until you find it! The piston is at risk. There is an impulse hose to the carburetor. Disconnect it from the carburetor, dip it into a container with gasoline and pull the starter cord.

If you get bubbles, look for leakage at the connection between the carburetor and the intake manifold, if no bubbles, either the crankshaft seals or the gasket between the crankcase and cylinder. Or maybe you just need to adjust the carburetor, and there is no more damage. You have to start looking for and eliminating the cause from the most likely and from the simplest to the most complex.

It’s very, very rare that a saw will outlive its life on factory settings without at least a little carburetor adjustment. Question: what is the role of the valve, located in the carburetor chain saw Husqvarna 340?

I have it in a different location, I can’t even get to it with a screwdriver. As I understand it is a rubber plate with a spring in the center of the carburetor nozzle. What is it for?? Answer: First of all, with caps, gaskets and carburetor diaphragms removed, check if the needle valve is leaking gasoline.

You need to pour gasoline on the carburetor mesh, or better yet carburetor cleaner, press the needle valve lever from below.

The cleaner should go through. Same on the reverse side. pour the cleaner into the needle area and squeeze. Should leak through the mesh. To check the impulse tube you need to remove the carburetor rack, it is attached at the bottom with two self-tapping screws.

It’s a little tricky to put the starter leg back in place so the tube sits in its proper place in the cylinder. It would be easier (and more importantly. visible) if you remove the starter.

If carburetor and primer bulb are ok, you most likely need to disassemble engine. something with pistons or seals. Question: my Husqvarna 340 chain saw has recently quit if I suddenly cut the throttle after sawing. It started after I cleaned the air filter.

The saw may have been running for a while with the air filter coming off. Took it apart and noticed this. Maybe some kind of debris got into the carburetor. If no load, you can throttle and reset.It won’t stop. And if you saw longer and reset, it would stall. Took the air and fuel filter off, doesn’t help. The spark plug is clean and serviceable. Could the muffler or fuel tank vent affect it or what else to look at?

I am afraid it is a carburetor issue but I don’t want to mess with it yet. Or turn the screw T to increase the idle speed? Answer: you could say it is not a carburetor problem. it needs adjustment. Maybe the T is just a little to the right.

And maybe the L also wants a little. Check the idle speed nozzle for blockage and it is highly desirable to have the crankcase sealed somehow. don’t know how, if you have Chem, but it is necessary.

And most likely it’s a vacuum drop after piston friction on load and heating (or even overheating) It’s the oil seals, either under the cylinder or somewhere in the fuel chain. Husqvarna 340 saw (4 years old), chain and bar new. During sawing, sawdust quickly clogs the bar groove, resulting in a clogged oil supply window.

The chain on the saw tightens by itself and the sprocket once on the bar is jammed (sawdust clogged between the sprocket and the bar). As a result, I have to take the saw apart three times in one filling and clean the guide bar to get the oil flowing. Maybe someone has experienced this problem? How’s the drive sprocket?? Spontaneous chain tightening is one of the signs of chain wear. About the fast jamming of the groove.

Have you tried experimenting with chain oil, using a less viscous oil or one with less adhesion?? And the bar on the Husqvarna 340 saw is “native”?

The shank is completely in line with the landing pad? I would also check the flatness. if it was not crooked and there was some gap between the bar and the pad.

The thing is, a live and healthy pump is pumping so much oil into the tire bore that it’s physically impossible to cram sawdust into it. If the bar is brand new and so is the chain, and the oil has high adhesion, it can also clamp the chain. fine filings adhere.

If you use special “chain” oil, leave it out for the moment and use ordinary motor oil.

Chain brake adjustment

The chain brake often does not work because the brake band and the space under the cover is clogged with grease or sawdust. All parts should be cleaned of blockages. It is possible that the belt is simply worn out, in which case it must be replaced.

The function of the chain brake can be restored by mechanical cleaning

Some chain saw parts wear out faster than others. This includes the drive sprocket, bar, chain, and anti-vibration elements. Always have a spare part handy for a quick change. You shouldn’t neglect sharpening the chain, either.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 365 chain saw

There are three screws on the carburetor housing for adjusting the Walbro HD 6B:

Setting the carburetor of chain saw Husqvarna 365 conditionally can be divided into two stages: presetting, fine tuning.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the Husqvarna 365 chain saw can be made through special holes in the body of the saw itself (the location is marked in the photo above).

Pre-adjustment. The basic carburetor adjustment is done at the factory during the chainsaw test. The basic setting is as follows: H. 1 revolution, L. 1 revolution.

After buying the chain saw it is necessary to run it in completely. This requires the engine to run on a rich mixture for the first 4 hours. To ensure this mode it is necessary to set the maximum rpm to 600-700 rpm below the maximum rpm, this is about 11800 rpm.

Just a side note! The maximum rpm of a Husqvarna 365 chain saw must not exceed 12500 rpm, failure to comply will result in increased wear and tear of the cylinder and piston group and even its failure.

Fine Tuning. After running in the chainsaw, it is necessary to fine-tune the carburetor. First you need to adjust the L screw, then the T screw and only then the H screw. Before beginning with the adjustment it is advised to warm up the engine for about 10 minutes.

The algorithm for fine tuning the carburetor is as follows:

  • Adjust the L jet. Try to find maximal RPM by turning the L in clockwise or counterclockwise direction (for more precise definition use electronic tachometer). when the required RPM is found, unscrew the L screw by 1/4 turn.
  • Adjust the engine idle speed with the screw T. Turn the T screw to find the manufacturer’s recommended idle speed of 2700 rpm. when the revolutions are found, unscrew the T screw until the chain stops rotating. It is necessary to achieve such a mode, when the engine from any position starts to run smoothly, and when you release the throttle the chain stops rotating.
  • Adjust the nozzle H. Turn the H screw all the way in and unscrew 1/4 turn. let the saw work at maximum rpm for 10 seconds. Watch how it sounds. If whistling at full throttle. mixture is too weak. In this case screw H needs to be unscrewed for another 1/4 of a turn. If it is well tuned, at high rpm the saw “quatters” slightly (the exhaust sound is similar to that of a four-stroke engine). If it sounds too “even” and has a heavy smoke, it means the fuel mix is too rich. In that case screw H needs to be tightened a little. We turn the H screw until the engine sound is correct.

When the carburetor is properly adjusted, the chain saw runs smoothly and has a slight “quadruped” at full engine speed. Chain does not rotate at idle speed. If you open the throttle suddenly, it goes up smoothly without dips.

Husqvarna 350 chain saw repair with your hands

details: real master Husqvarna 350 chain saw repair by his hands for

A chainsaw is a worthy substitute for hand saws and axes. Today this tool is available in almost every household. it is indispensable for the arrangement of the garden plot, construction and repair work. Intensive use and improper maintenance of the tool can lead to its premature failure. However, the owner of a chainsaw does not have to go straight to the workshop. many of the malfunctions that can happen to her during operation, it is quite realistic to eliminate on their own.

The main condition for successful repair is the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in order to determine why the chainsaw failed and, most importantly, how to make it work again, first of all it is necessary to know the peculiarities of its design.

It should be noted, it is not particularly difficult, as it includes:

In order to simplify troubleshooting, it is customary to divide them into two main categories:

The most frequent failures occur in the engine systems, but the other parts of the tool due to intensive use or improper maintenance can at any time break down. How can you tell exactly where the problem is?? A simple logic will help us in this.

If the problem is in the engine, it will:

As for all other faults, as a rule, they reveal themselves with a normally working engine.

If the chainsaw won’t start, the first thing to do is check for fuel mixture in the tank. By the way, it must be prepared in the proportions specified by the engine manufacturer, otherwise the tool simply will not start.

After making sure that the fuel mixture is correct and available, the ignition system should be checked. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the spark plug.

Its condition can tell a lot:

indicates that the fuel mixture is not getting into the carburetor, which means the problem is not in the ignition;

is the result of an oversupply of fuel mixture, which lies either in the violation of the engine starting algorithm, or in the improper adjustment of the carburetor;

it is a signal of poor quality oil in the engine lubrication system, improper carburetor settings or improperly prepared fuel mixture.

If the spark plug is splattered with fuel, after removing it, it must be thoroughly wiped. The fuel system should also be cleaned. To do this, it is blocked and then the starter is turned on. A soot-covered spark plug should be cleaned gently with an awl and emery cloth.

When checking the plugs pay attention to the distance between the electrodes (normal clearance is 0.5-0.65 mm), as well as the condition of the gasket and the presence of spark. A damaged or worn gasket will have to be replaced, and the spark can be checked by putting on the ignition cable, connecting the cylinder and spark plug nut and starting the starter.

If the discharge does not occur, the spark plug must be replaced. If even with a new spark plug the spark does not appear, then the problem is in the connection with the high-voltage wire or in it itself.

If the fuel mixture is not getting into the cylinder, but the spark plug is working fine, it could mean that:

To clean the assembly, remove the fuel hose and check the jet. If it is weak, the filter should be taken out through the fuel tank filler hole and cleaned or replaced if completely worn out.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended that the fuel filter be changed at least once every 3 months.

It is nothing but a hole in the fuel tank cap, which is cleaned with an awl.

There could be several reasons for this:

If the chainsaw motor runs fine at low speeds, but starts to throttle and smoke at high speeds, the problem may be hiding in the muffler.

To check the quality of its work you should do the following:

Dry cleaning without respiratory protection is not recommended. The piston rod has been subjected to heavy wear and tear on the cylinder and piston group components, such as pistons, rings, bearings, and other components.

To prevent the muffler from clogging during chain saw operation, it is necessary to closely monitor the composition of the fuel mixture and the quality of its components.

If the chainsaw engine does not start or can not develop a normal capacity, it is likely that the engine cylinder does not have sufficient pressure for fuel mixture combustion. The reason for this may be the wear and tear of the elements of the cylinder and piston group. piston, rings, bearings, etc. In order to assess the condition of this unit, it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection, having previously removed the muffler.

Husqvarna 365 chain saw repair by hand

In detail: Husqvarna 365 chain saw repair by your own hands from the real master for the site

Adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaw involves matching the engine to local conditions, such as climate, altitude, gasoline quality, and oil type for 2-stroke engines.

The carburetor has three adjustment options:

L = Low volume restrictor. H = High RPM jets. T = idle speed adjustment screw.

L and H jets control the amount of fuel to match the flow of air from the throttle trigger.

If jets are screwed in clockwise the mixture will be poor (less fuel relative to the amount of air), and when unscrewing the jets counterclockwise the mixture will be richer.

Poor mixture gives higher rpm and richer mixture gives lower rpm. T is used to adjust the idle speed damper position.

If the T screw is turned clockwise, the idle RPM will increase, and if the screw is turned counterclockwise, the RPM will decrease.

Husqvarna 365 XP chain saw for pre-adjustment and running-in

When checking the operation at the factory, the carburetor has been pre-adjusted. Pre-adjustment: H = 1 revolution, respectively L = 1 revolution.

For the parts of the Husqvarna saw engine to receive sufficient lubrication (running-in) the carburetor is set to a slightly increased enrichment of the fuel mixture for the first 3-4 hours of work.

For this setting the maximum RPM is set at 6-700 RPM below the recommended.

If there is no possibility to check the maximal rpm with a tachometer, the nozzle H must not be set to a fuel mixture lower than the preset one.

The maximum number of revolutions must not be exceeded. If the chain saw chain idles, turn the screw T counterclockwise to bring it to a complete stop.

Precise adjustment of Husqvarna 365 and 372 XP chainsaw carburetor

After running in the Husqvarna 372 XP chain saw, the carburetor needs to be fine tuned.

First you need to adjust the L nozzle, then the idle speed screw T and after that the H nozzle. We recommend the following maximum rpm: 12500, at idle 700 rpm.

During adjustment, the air filter must be clean and the cylinder head must be in place.

When adjusting a carburetor with a dirty air filter, the fuel mixture will be too lean the next time the air filter is cleaned or replaced. Too little mixture leads to engine damage.

Screw the L and H jets in gently to the bottom, and then turn them out one turn. The carburetor is now set to H =1 and L =1.

Start the chain saw and let it run for about 10 minutes.

Park the Husqvarna 365 on level ground so that the bar is facing away from you and so that both bar and chain are in contact with the ground.

Find the maximum number of idle speed, slowly turning the nozzle low speed clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively.

When the maximum rpm is reached turn the L-shaft anti-clockwise by 1/8th to 1/4th rpm.

Precise idle speed adjustment with screw T

Set the idle speed with the screw marked T.

If adjustment is necessary, the idle speed screw T should be turned clockwise until the chain begins to turn.

Then turn the screw counterclockwise until the chain is stationary.

The correct engine speed is the engine speed at which the saw is running smoothly in all positions with an adequate margin until the chain starts to rotate.

Use the high speed dial H to adjust the power and RPM of the Husqvarna 372, 365 XP chain saw.

Too little mixture in the high speed nozzle results in high RPM and causes a risk of engine damage.

Let the saw work at full throttle for 10 seconds. Н = 1.

Then turn the H screw 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Н = 1 1/4.

Then run the chainsaw for 10 seconds and listen for a difference in sound at maximum RPM. Repeat the procedure with the H adjustment screw turned 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Н = 1 1/2.

Saw is now running at H ± 0, H = 1/4 and H = 1/2, based on the preset. At full throttle, the engine sound will be different for each setting.

The H jig is set correctly when the chain saw makes a soft noise at full throttle and no load.

If there is a lot of smoke coming out of the muffler with a loud noise from the saw, it is too rich.

Turn the H valve clockwise until you achieve the correct setting and sound.

Properly adjusted Husqvarna 365, 372 XP chainsaw carburetor

The carburetor is set correctly when the saw has reached a steady RPM and when it is running quietly at full throttle with no load.

The chain should not rotate at idle speed.

If the mixture on the L jig is too lean, it may be difficult to start the engine and the engine will not pick up speed well.

If the H jig is set to an excessively lean mixture, the saw’s power will be lower, it will not pick up speed well, and/or it may damage the engine.

If the mix on L and H nozzles is too rich, it causes problems starting or rpm is too low.

Husqvarna 372 XP Specifications

Engine type. Gasoline Working volume, cc. 70.7 cm3 Maximum power, kW. 3.9 kW (9600 rpm)./rpm) Rated power at rpm, l.с 5,3 л.с. (9600 rpm.5.3 L/min) Idle RPM at 2,700 rpm./Spark plug. Champion RCJ7Y 5776166-02 (61141), Husqvarna HQT-1 5774840-01 (63893), NGK BPMR7A Electrode gap. 0,5 mm Fuel tank capacity 0,77 l Torque, max 4,3 Nm / 6600 rpm.Min Chains Lubrication Tank Capacity. 0,4 l Chain Lubrication Pump Type. Variable Flow Chain pitch. 3/8″ Chain link thickness. 1,5 mm / 0,058″ Length of included bar. 45cm/18″ Recommended bar length, min/max 38-71cm/15-28″ Chain speed at max. RPM. 21,4 m/s Equivalent vibration level, front/rear handle. 3,5 / 4,0 m/s2 Guaranteed sound power, dB(A). 115 Weight (without cutting equipment), kg. 6,1 kg

No Chinese chainsaw start. Diagnostics and repair. Husqvarna imitation three hundred and seventy-two xp

See also: Chinese STIHL ms 660 chain saw. Drive sprocket replacement, partial disassembly, reassembly.

Start the gasoline-powered saw without letting it run for about ten minutes.

Park your Husqvarna 365 on level ground so that the bar is facing away from you, not so that the bar and chain are in contact with the ground.

Find most idle revolutions by slowly turning the low revolutions no respectively counterclockwise.

When the highest number of revolutions is found, turn the nozzle L counterclockwise by 1/8. 1/4 rpm.

Precise idle speed adjustment with T screw

The idle speed is adjusted by the screw marked T.

If adjustment is necessary, turn the idle speed screw T clockwise until the chain begins to rotate.

Then turn the screw counterclockwise until the chain is stationary.

The correct RPM is when the chainsaw engine runs smoothly in all positions with an adequate margin until the chain starts to rotate.

Use the high speed adjuster H to regulate the power of the Husqvarna 372, three hundred and sixty-five XP chain saw.

Too lean mixture at the high rpm nipple gives the saw an increased rpm does not create a risk of engine damage.

Allow the saw to operate at full throttle for ten seconds. Use your own hands to repair your chain saw (STIHL ms Chinese chain saw repair). Н = 1.

Then turn the H screw 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Repair chain saw with your own hands in this case Repair of Husqvarna chainsaw with your own hands. H = one 1/4.

Then let the chainsaw run for about ten more seconds without hearing a difference in sound at maximum rpm. Use your hands to repair your chainsaw and find the cause. Repeat the procedure with the H adjustment screw turned 1/4 turn counterclockwise. H = one 1/3.2.

The saw is now running at H ± 0, H = 1/4 not H = 1/4.5, of the preset parameters. Repair chainsaw with your own hands (repair. At full throttle, the engine sound will be different for each setting.

The throttle valve H is correctly installed when the chain saw makes a soft noise at full throttle and no load.

If there is a lot of smoke coming out of the muffler not the saw is noisy, then the mixture is too rich.

Turn the H nozzle clockwise until you get a correct setting.

A properly adjusted carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw 365, three hundred and seventy-two XP

The carburetor is properly adjusted and the saw is running smoothly at full throttle without any load.

Chain should not rotate at idle speed.

Excessively lean mixture on the L jets will make it harder to start the engine and the engine will not rev poorly.

To set the H nozzle to an excessively lean mixture, the power of the saw will be lower, as the oil will not pick up speed well, not in other words it leads to engine damage.

Excessively rich mixture on the L jets does not create problems when revving or gives too low RPM.

Specifications Husqvarna three hundred and seventy-two XP

Engine type. Petrol cylinder displacement, cc. 70,7 cc Maximum power, kW. 3.9 kW (9600 rpm./min) Rated power at rpm, l.с. 5,3 л.с. (9600 rpm./min) Frequency at idle speed. Husqvarna 142 chain saw repair with your own hands. Two thousand seven hundred rpm./min Spark plug. Hand saw repair video. Champion RCJ7Y 5776166-02 (61141), Husqvarna HQT-1 5774840-01 (63893), NGK BPMR7A Electrode gap. 0.5 mm fuel tank capacity 0.77 l max torque. 4,3 Nm / six thousand six hundred rpm.min Chain lubrication tank capacity. 0,4 l Type of chain lubrication pump. Variable flow chain pitch. 3/8″ chain link thickness. 1.5 mm / 0.058 in. bar length included. 45cm/18″ Recommended bar length, min-max 38-71cm/15-28″ Chain speed at max. rpm. 21.4 m/s Equivalent vibration level, front/rear handle. 3.5 / 4.0 m/s2 Guaranteed sound power, dB(A). One hundred and fifteen Weight (without cutting equipment), kg. 6.1 kg

A chainsaw is an indispensable helper for every real owner.

Since its introduction, the popularity of this tool has been increasing rapidly.

Thus, the chainsaw Husqvarna 142 has a high functionality. It is widely used not only in forestry, but also in household plots.

Choosing a chainsaw is quite easy. So, it is better to pay attention to famous brands, such as Husqvarna. This company produces a wide range of such tools. Husqvarna 240 and other models have high quality and functionality. But, unfortunately, even such tools are not insured from breakage.

Once a chainsaw appeared in the house, many homeowners were relieved.

After all, this tool allows you to solve complex tasks rather quickly and easily.

But it is worth remembering that chainsaws often break down. This is because it is subjected to a lot of stress during operation. So you should always be prepared to deal with breakdowns.

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