Husqvarna grass trimmers

Gasoline and electric trimmers for grass of Husqvarna brand have not needed advertisement for a long time. Hardware from Swedish manufacturer combines durability, stamina and long working life. Each Husqvarna model stands out for its good balance, ease of use, high maintainability. Here is an overview of the most popular Husqvarna models, designed for active use in the household.

The now world-famous Husqvarna brand was founded in 1689 in the Swedish town of the same name. In the beginning of its long history, what was then a small company specialized in producing weapons for the Swedish Army.

In 1867 the company underwent drastic changes. In addition to the production of rifles and cartridges, the brand began to actively develop sewing machines and wood-burning stoves. A little later the company managed to establish the production of the first models of hand-held garden tools.

Today the Swedish company specializes in the production of high quality garden equipment. Among the products of the company are different models of chainsaws, snow blowers, blowers, lawn mowers.

Husqvarna‘s variety of products includes electric and gasoline-powered lawn mowers. They combine high reliability, endurance, long service life. Each trimmer for grass Husqvarna is capable of withstanding a long load, which makes the Swedish equipment a reliable assistant in the care of large household plots.

Husqvarna 128R grass trimmer honest review.

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With each passing year, more and more owners of country houses or dachas acquire into their arsenal of trimmers for grass to combat vegetation on the site. Today’s consumer has become quite fastidious, and in addition to the affordable price wants to have a convenient and reliable tool. As a result, gasoline grass trimmer Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 128 R fits all these parameters, which we will examine in detail in this article and reveal all the pros and cons when purchasing this model.

  • Manufacturer and main application.
  • Technical Specifications Husqvarna 128R.
  • Design and construction features 128R.
  • Adding to the package and the warranty on sale.
  • Pros and cons of the Husqvarna 128R.
  • Repair and maintenance, how bad it is?
  • Conclusion and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Manufacturer and main application.

Swedish company Husqvarna has a long history, originally producing power bicycles, motorcycles and even sewing machines. In the second half of the last century the company switched over to the construction and promotion of motorized saws, where it achieved excellent results. At the moment the company’s line consists of a variety of domestic and professional power tools and gardening equipment, undoubtedly being one of the world leaders in its niche.

In a wide range of gasoline mowers includes one of the best-selling models on the domestic market Husqvarna 128. Production country. USA. It is a lightweight and handy utility class mower with the following applications:

  • Mowing the grass in a small area, but already with the possibility of using not only the trimmer head, but also the blade.
  • Lawn care, due to its lightweight and maneuverability.
  • Staff mower for institutional care (kindergarten, school, gas station, etc.).д.).
  • Use as an auxiliary tool in professional utility work.

Husqvarna 128 R Specifications.

characteristics 128R
power, l.с. (kW) 1.1 (0,8)
engine volume, cm³ 28.0
max rotating speed, rpm 8000
weight, kg 4,8
fuel tank capacity, ml 400
sound level, dB 100
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 552
seat diameter, mm 25,4
max. line thickness, mm 2,4
mowing width
Reel with fishing line 45 cm
Blade 25.5 cm

Husqvarna 128R Design and Features.

  • Two-stroke engine 1.1 L.с.
  • Drive consists of a 25.4 mm rod and flexible shaft.
  • Reducer with output spindle thread 10×1.25.
  • Bicycle handle with control lever
  • Nozzle: blade or reel
  • Protective cover with cut-off device.
  • Starter
  • Spark plug (marking L7T)
  • Transparent gas tank with neck
  • Belt mounting bracket

This is a typical gasoline grass trimmer device, essentially no different from other manufacturers. High-quality materials, excellent build quality and well thought-out ergonomics are the key features, making your work more comfortable and safer.

The kit and warranty at the time of sale.

Manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty from date of sale. So the Husqvarna 128 comes with a very good package, which is often very attractive to the customer. It includes:

  • The grass trimmer itself (engine, protection, boom)
  • Bicycle handle
  • Cutting blade with 4 blades
  • Semi-automatic trimmer head
  • Two-shoulder strap with thigh guard
  • Key set
  • Instruction manual and warranty card

You hardly need the box, because the grass trimmer can only fit in fully disassembled condition, and it is not required for warranty. Before the sale, the seller is obliged to run the mower in front of you and check all major components for proper operation. By the way, sometimes the manufacturer is pleased to offer brand oil or something else as a gift.

Advantages and disadvantages of Husqvarna 128.

Based on our experience, specifications and real customer feedback, we’ll identify the main advantages and disadvantages, which, when weighed, you will decide whether to buy this mower or not. Looking ahead we can say that with all the advantages of the 128R, there are too many negative aspects, but first things first.

The low weight is 5 kg (with an empty tank and without a hitch), good ergonomics and anti-vibration system make mowing as comfortable as possible

Husqvarna’s reliability and reputation stand out over most other manufacturers, especially from the Middle Kingdom. Note the excellent build quality and components.

Extensive package that includes a great four-blade blade and a full-fledged backpack hitch in addition to the standard kit.

Convenient start of the mower is due to Smart Start motor and understandable informative start panel that even the most inexperienced user can understand.

Economical fuel consumption of 552 grams per 1 kWh, t.е. is essentially about 0.5 liters of diluted fuel per 1 hour of active work. But it cannot be used without a pause in mowing, because the tank has a capacity of 400 ml.

Model designation

uses a clear division of branded mower products into non-professional and professional. This characteristic is decisive for the tool’s resistance to wear and its durability. If properly maintained, the lawnmower can effectively last 10 years or more. If a household modification is used for commercial purposes, the specified service life of the manufacturer may be exhausted after 1-2 years.

If you don’t know how to choose the right Husqvarna weed trimmer for your working potential, see the targeted model gradation in the table below:

Mode of operation Model List
occasional domestic use / “once-off” 122C, 115iL, 128R, 129R, 129LK
Regular or semi-routine/ “part-time” use 135R, 524R
“regular professional use/”daily, all-day use.” 536LiLX, 536LiRX, 236R, 143R II, 525RX, 531RS, 541RS, 535RX, 545RX

Pay special attention to the number designations on gasoline-powered products. Here, the second and third digits in the name are as close as possible to the actual cylinder volume. The higher the number, the more powerful and functional the machine is.

There is also deep meaning in each letter that comes after the numerical designation:

husqvarna, grass, trimmer, fuel
  • “R” are universal grass trimmers with a large bicycle handle, straight boom and gearbox that are optimized for different mowing headsets;
  • “L”. straight boom, loop-shaped front handle and basic equipment for mowing with polymer cord or plastic knives;
  • “C” is a curved boom;
  • “K”. split rod and shaft;
  • “X”. more productivity and adaptation to larger workloads in heavy-duty applications;
  • “i” and “Li” are cordless tools with lithium-ion battery packs.

It is important to consider that the grass trimmer with a D-shaped handle (marked with the letter “L”), despite its excellent maneuverability and control when mowing polymer cord, is not recommended for joint use with a metal blade or disc. This is because of the strict safety requirements. The operator just can’t hold the tool in his hand if the headset suddenly bounces off an unexpected hard obstacle, like a rock. Only a bike handle with two wide-spaced handles makes this possible.

Testimonial: Husqvarna 128 R gasoline grass trimmer. European quality

I can mow with a traditional scythe, it’s not a hard science. Until recently I used to mow my own small land and the neighboring countryside in a day and a half, without rushing. But that all changed when I got the Husqvarna 128 R gasoline grass trimmer in 2015. Now the same work is done in half a day, and most importantly, I’m no longer tired as I was with an ordinary scythe.The tool is lightweight and easy to handle.

Husqvarna 128 R grass trimmer is made by a Swedish company that specializes in it, makes similar equipment for professionals.

The trimmer comes with a small tool kit and a thick manual in several languages.

Assembly and preparation are described in detail, it takes no more than an hour. All screws at the joints are tightened with an Allen key.

You’ll need to adjust the straps to your body size for the grass trimmer canopy. They’re made of sturdy strips with wide inserts that cushion the load on my shoulders. There is a quick and easy one-finger lock on the front of the harness for removing the entire harness. On the thigh there is a plastic shield to hold the whole structure in place. The grass trimmer is hung up by the central part of the bar on an iron hook.There is a safety reminder on the boom. Eyes, ears, feet, hands must be protected. This is because chunks of stalks, small stones and soil fly out from under the blade. Keep animals and people out of the work area!

Gasoline must be diluted with 2-stroke oil at a ratio of 1:50. Consumption is low, about 0.7 to 0.8 L for mowing an 18 hectare garden. The gas tank is made of white frosted plastic, but the gasoline level is visible.

There is a sticker on the housing, the sequence of steps for the cold start.

After pumping gasoline into the carburetor, close the choke lever, and pull the starter handle a few times in black.

Then, open the choke a little, and pull the starter a little harder, but without fanaticism. Once you have started the engine, let it run for a while and then return the choke lever to the operating position. The idle speed will drop.The trimmer is further controlled from the handle in my right hand.

Press the big orange button to increase the rotation speed and control the speed of the line cassette or disc cutter. Under the thumb is the button “Stop”.

Mow soft grass with a special line, but if you see thick and tough stems of big weeds and small bushes it is better to use a steel blade with a circular blade.

Steel circular blade is universal, it perfectly copes not only with a bush, but also with any grass, including the thinnest one.It’s not made of the strongest steel, and is easily sharpened with a file. Keep it sharp, and mowing will be easy and pleasant.

I have a fear that the plastic parts of the body can break, so I try to handle the trimmer with care.

I consider as a major disadvantage the impossibility to disassemble or fold grass trimmer more compact. When transporting it, you have to stow the whole long structure in the car.Overall, however, I’m happy with the. The machine is easy to start and operate. Several seasons of not the most intensive work, flight normal.Of course, the price is exorbitant, it costs 13 thousand roubles. р. For this amount of money you could buy a couple of Chinese trimmers. But the European quality is worth it.I think this trimmer can handle even a woman or a teenager. The Husqvarna 128 R is an easy way to mow.

Review: Husqvarna 128 R gasoline grass trimmer. Mow the grass without too much fuss? Easily!

In our polar regions there is a widespread joke with a beard: “Our northern summers are short and with little snow. Well, there’s some truth in it. Our summer is much later and it ends much earlier than in the Russian midland. And in August, for example, frosts and snowfall are not uncommon. So as soon as the temperature gets steadily positive, the vegetation thrives, trying to catch the seeds as quickly as possible.

And for us it’s time for the “haymaking”: since the yard is literally in a few days overgrown with dandelion, timothy, couch grass and other weeds, we have to take a scythe-latovka in hand and try to make something resembling a lawn. That was until last year.

Last summer I decided to go with the times and buy a weed trimmer. I rejected electric models at once. I was not smiling at the prospect of lugging around a 30-meter extension cord. Of gasoline trimmers stopped at the firm Husqvarna, known for the quality and reliability of its products.

A trip to stores that sell such products, showed that in our area demand for trimmers for grass is high: I do not have suitable models, I had to wait. And after a week I became the owner of the gasoline trimmer Husqvarna 128R

A little about the features. The engine is a 2-stroke, 28 cm3, 0.8 kW (1.1 hp). Engine RPM. up to 10,000 rpm.

The gas tank (more precisely. Gas tank) has a capacity of 400 ml.

Grass trimmer engine features Zama carburetor. Smart Start system provides easy, quick engine starting.

A plaque on the carburetor cover shows the sequence of actions when starting a cold engine. for the forgetful.

Muffler casing to prevent accidental contact with heated parts.

Grass trimmer handle is asymmetrical and can be moved along the shaft to fit the individual.

Trimmer control is placed on the right handle. For me, a right-handed person, it’s comfortable. However, there is no option to move the controls to the left, which may cause some inconvenience for left-handed people.

The engine stop button (Stop), after moving up, returns to the starting position, which eliminates attempts to start the engine with the electrics off

The engine speed can be adjusted with the rotary knob on the front of the right handle.

Let’s move on to the main working part of the tool.

The working part is covered by a protective cover.

Despite the fact that the trimmer comes with a metal disc for grass in addition to the trimmer head, I prefer to mow exactly with the trimmer head, a fishing line.

To extend the line to the desired length, it is necessary to press the blue button, and pull the line for the trimmer.

Changing a fishing line is no problem. To do this, press the 2 pawls on the edge of the disc and push them in slightly.

and replace the trimmer line. The housing is simply slipped back on until it clicks.

If you accidentally pulled the fishing line for the trimmer to a long length, it’s nothing serious: there is a knife on the protective housing, which will cut off the extra fishing line for the trimmer at the first revolutions of the engine.

Continued. To hang the grass trimmer on the ammunition, a loop is attached to the boom, in a convenient place. Adjustment of its position can be conducted on the spot, after putting on ammunition.

Dressed as a backpack, snap in the front, the straps fit individually.

The plastic cover, sorry, covers your genitals, that’s a safety feature.

As I have already mentioned, it comes with a blade of grass. I tried it once last year, didn’t like it. It will be good on smooth, devoid of bumps and knolls, glades, as well as when mowing tough grass.

For transporting the grass trimmer with a disc installed, it can be covered with a plastic cover to avoid injury.

Review: Husqvarna 128 R Gasoline Grass Trimmer. Reliable, steady work for the 5th season.

Greetings to all on my page review of the mower, which at the moment will be relevant to you. Certainly not for everyone, but only for those who have a garden or a cottage outside the city. It’s time to get rid of the grass on your property. It’s raining outside, the grass is growing fast and it needs to be cut in time. We have already mowed the grass this year. Of course, it is not big yet, and I mowed the main part with an electric lawnmower Makita ELM3311. and around the bushes and where the area is not very flat, over the fence my husband mows Husqvarna trimmer.I bought this trimmer for grass in a distant 2011 in June, when the grass was up to my waist on my property, and I had to start building a new house and start life anew. My brother brought me this mower from Moscow. I mowed with the disc myself. It was my first experience with the trimmer and it was quite successful. I am not a big woman, and the mower weighs 5 kg. But thanks to handy straps and adjustable handle on the boom for any height, its weight is almost insensible. That’s if everything is set up properly. But first things first.

This is a photo of a Husqvarna mower from this year. This, my friends, is what the mower really looks like.

On the back is its name and model.

Side view. Gasoline tank pictured here has a capacity of 400 ml. A full tank lasts for about an hour of continuous work. It all depends on how thick and how tall the grass is. This is quite normal. You can take a little break and get back to work. Although it is not even possible to rest, but it is necessary to give the trimmer a rest for 20-30 minutes in order to cool the engine. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation and experience shows.

The engine it has a two-stroke power 0.8 kW. The engine is very soft and easy to start. Even now, when the mower is no longer new, the engine starts without any problems.

Spark plug is covered with a special protective cap.

All the basic controls are on the right handle of the mower. The stop button moves back to the start position after you have pressed it.

Here’s this orange trigger (it’s in the photo below) adjusts the engine speed.

This is how the handle looks like in the working condition when it is adjusted to the height of a particular person.

The adjustment screws. You can adjust it with the hex key which was included in the kit.

The stickers on the bar remind us that the noise level of this mower is 114 dB.

I should wear rubber boots, headphones and gloves when mowing. Of course, when you have to mow, you have to wear special clothes, which you can throw away at the end of the day. If anyone has actually mowed with a gasoline trimmer, he knows this. My husband always wears safety goggles. You never know if a rock bounces off. Everything is going so fast, it’s almost unbelievable. If you don’t follow safety precautions, injuries are inevitable.

Well, now let’s get to the main thing, and that’s the cutting part of the mower. Here’s a picture of the reel with a protective cover. Look how much grass gets under it and you constantly have to clean it. This is already our second mower. The first one was smashed to pieces last year (I guess its time had come, or it just hit a stone) and we easily bought a new one. To disassemble the reel, you just need to press two catches and it comes apart into three parts.If you push the blue button on the spool, you can pull the line for the trimmer to the desired length. Sometimes this is necessary. Don’t be afraid to pull the excess out. Excess trimmer line will cut off as you work.

This is what a piece of fishing line looks like. We usually get a coil like this. It mows better and lasts a long time.The most frustrating thing for me is changing the line for the trimmer. It’s not hard to do, but you need a certain skill. I didn’t get it right the first time.

This is how a reel looks when disassembled with a base it is mounted on. These are the parts from the spool that broke and had to be replaced. It only cost us 400.

In addition to the spool of fishing line, it comes with a disc. It’s very good for mowing tall grass.

The blade is covered with a special plastic guard for safety. You do it when you have it in the barn or when you’re transporting it so you don’t accidentally injure yourself. It doesn’t look like much anymore, but it’s had it’s fair share of wear and tear over the years.

Husqvarna 133R lawnmower

The model is suitable for daily use with high intensity. It is lightweight and with a rugged design that prevents overheating of internal elements, regardless of the duration of operation. Grass trimmer comes with a robust blade guard, reliable fuel pump, straight boom, bicycle handle, two cutting elements (paddle blade and line reel).


  • Two-stroke engine with 1.22 L displacement. с. / 900 Watts;
  • Motor volume. 32 cm3;
  • RPM. 9000 rpm;
  • Cutting width: 43 cm / 25.5 cm;
  • The fuel tank capacity is 1 liter;
  • Noise level. 112 dB;
  • Weight 5.8 kg.

Gasoline Husqvarna 327RX trimmer for grass. equipment and advantages

This Husqvarna brushcutter comes standard with the proprietary E-Tech II 1-cylinder engine. The motor is completed by a durable hand starter and pump for manual fuel inflation. For suppressing vibrations from the engine the improved spring system, consisting of 4 metal springs.

Key features of the grass trimmer include:

  • built-in motor power. 1,2 l. с.;
  • The capacity of the regular fuel tank. 500 ml;
  • Maximal allowed width of mowing with a fishing line is 40 cm;
  • blade cutting diameter is 25.5 cm;
  • The sound pressure generated is 96 dB;
  • operating weight. 5,5 kg.

This Husqvarna lawnmower is equipped with a branded rotary system with a durable T35 M10 mowing head. If necessary, the grass trimmer can be equipped with a 20-tooth disc or a 3-blade cutting blade.

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