The main chainsaw faults: causes and solutions

Every year the technology gets better and smarter, more complex in design and easier to use. Can not help but keep up with the times and manufacturers of chain saws: special systems to suppress vibrations, easy starting, automatic chain lubrication, tool-free chain tensioning But no matter what additional features are not endowed with the model, it is not immune to malfunctions. With chainsaws in any price range, most failures can be avoided with proper care and use.


In this article, we will consider the main causes of chain saw faults, ways to diagnose and fix them.

This material will cover the following points:


Chainsaw Huter BS-52. a fairly powerful hand saw, which can cut wood of different types in all directions (lengthwise, crosswise).

This gasoline chainsaw belongs to the class of saws used for household purposes. Since Huter 52 can work independently, does not depend on external power sources, it is widely used in country houses, cottages, to work in the garden, in the garage, for making firewood. Using this chainsaw, it is not difficult to make firewood for a private house or summer cottage for the cold season from the remains of furniture, various old buildings, felled trees and thick twigs. Examples of its use in small construction projects, repairs, bivouacs, etc. are also in the domestic class.д.

Huter BS-52 gasoline saw was created in accordance with modern technology specialists in Germany.

In this regard, this tool satisfies all requirements of world standards for product quality and safety.

Home of the brand, technology. Germany. But it’s made in China now.

Just a fire

Greetings to all lumberjacks! Every man will understand me. That chainsaw is a very delicate tool, the men choose it like a woman handbags, and I still decided to opt for this model. Seems practical to me.

Advantages: easy to use, does not eat much gasoline. Disadvantages: The oil leaks. Bought it as a gift for my grandfather, he lives in the country. Maple on the site constantly cuts down, makes firewood. I come to visit, I work with a chainsaw myself. The vibration is soft, the weight.

Features of the Huter BS-52

Secure grip Huter BS-52 70/6/3 chainsaw handle has a comfortable grip. Extended bottom part of the handle. To protect his hand when the chain breaks.
Safe operation When you press the front stop, the brake is activated and the saw chain stops instantly.
Efficient sawing The saw is equipped with a 50-long bar.5 cm for pruning small trees and cutting firewood.
Convenience The air filter is protected by a special hood that can easily be opened with a special attachment.

The class of chainsaw defines its performance and durability.

  • Household chainsaws with an engine capacity of up to 40 cc, 2 kW, suitable for occasional use (making firewood, sawing branches, etc.). This is a tool not designed to run nonstop for more than 1 hour a day. Heavy loads will break the engine of the tool. It is also not recommended for domestic chainsaws to install professional equipment (longer bar), as this will require more energy consumption to maintain the proper operation of the device.
  • Semi-professional chainsaws with the engine capacity of 40-60 cm3, 2-3 kW, suitable for construction and sawing work. Operating time limit of 6 to 8 hours a day. This technique is often used as a supplement to a productive professional tool.
  • Professional chainsaws with an engine capacity of 60-90 cm3 and up to 6 kW are designed for felling wood. Work in intensive mode without interruption for up to 8 hours, with a temporary engine stop. up to 16 hours a day. Rugged construction, a low-wear motor and a heavy-duty saw blade.

Power is the ratio of the work/energy produced to the time spent. In fact, the power determines the performance. cutting speed, number of steps performed. Measured in “horsepower” (1 l.с. = 0.735 kW) or kW.

Depending on the value, all chainsaws are divided into:

  • domestic (up to 2 kW). for soft wood
  • semi-professional (2-3 kW). suitable for thicker material
  • professional (up to 6.5 kW). for especially hard wood.

If the power of the chainsaw does not match the material and working conditions, additional force is required from the user, which leads to rapid wear of the mechanisms. High-powered chain saws require physical effort to control during work and knowledge of safe operation. Engine power can be reduced or increased by changing the quality of the fuel mixture.

Power output is the ratio of work/energy output to time input. In fact, power determines performance. the speed of the cut, the number of actions performed. Measured in “horsepower” (1 l.с. = 0.735 kW) or kW.

Depending on the value, all chainsaws are divided into:

  • Domestic (up to 2 kW). for soft wood
  • Semi-professional (2-3 kW). suitable for dense material
  • Professional chainsaws (up to 6.5 kW) for extremely thick wood.

If the power of the chainsaw does not match the material and working conditions, it will require additional force from the user, which leads to rapid wear of the mechanisms. High-power chain saws require physical effort to control during work and knowledge of safe use. Engine output can be reduced or increased by changing the quality of the fuel mixture.

The bar is the working element of the chainsaw to which the cutting chain is attached (it can be replaced on some machines). Depending on the length, different cutting depths and working efficiency: A longer guide bar requires more power from the machine.

Household users mainly use a chain saw with a shorter guide bar. it’s lighter, faster, requires less power. Attachment of a long guide bar to a low-powered machine is ineffective. fuel overruns, decrease in efficiency, the element runs idle.

The bigger the bar, the greater the kickback in contact with the material, so a bar longer than 45 cm is used only for professional felling.

The chainsaw chain is made up of links (toothed type) that allow the chain to move relative to the guide bar. Chain pitch indicates the distance between the 3 links divided by 2.

Household and semi-professional saws are fitted with 3/8″ (0.375″) and 0.325″ low-profile chains. For professional applications. 0.404 in (type. full-scale).

Chainsaws for country and garden with 0.325-inch chain pitch have the smallest capacity and lowest vibration level. The larger the pitch, the harder the saw cuts through the material and the greater the kickback. To keep the user safe an extra chain brake is added to these tools if they come into sharp contact with the material.

Chainsaw engine displacement figure is made up of the sum of all cylinder displacements (the unit is a This parameter determines how much fuel is needed, how much power can be achieved, and how quickly the chainsaw reaches its maximum performance. This determines how long the machine can run without stopping and refuelling.

Large engine volume increases the overall weight of the product and requires proper balancing of the tool. High-volume models are equipped with starting acceleration elements.

Additional engine parameters are the volume of fuel and oil tank.

Huter BS-52 chainsaw

Good day dear readers of my review. Last week I had to work with a chainsaw Huter BS. 52. This saw was far from new, but from the look of it, I could tell it was not used all the time. Chainsaw, though made in China, proved itself not bad. The main thing is that I did not notice any interruptions in its work. The speed and engine power suited me fine. I think if you use it all the time, it will start to “crumble” in a few weeks. Well, the Chinese do not know how to make a normal gasoline tool. It sure as hell wasn’t going to last as long as my chainsaw Pros: Price. Cons: Quality Year of manufacture / purchase: 2017

After American, which has served with little load 5 years and for which the declared cost of repair to replace the crankshaft seals almost the cost of this miracle from China. decided to take. Bought it at Yulmart a couple of weeks ago. After ten minutes of twitching, I thought I was in. In general started without a choke. When I took out the spark plug and blew out the cylinder. I really got blisters on two hands. It fills up terribly. But the hot one was half a touch. The chain isn’t that shabby. Don’t know how it will start in cold. I will fill you in on that later. If you’re good with technology. Take it. And so far I’ve only used it once, but along the way the appetite is not child’s play. Pros: price, power, 50 bar. Cons: first winding for the uninitiated is something Year of manufacture/purchase: 2017

For work in the woods was in urgent need of a chainsaw, and the money was minimal. I wasn’t much of an expert on chainsaws. Talked to my mates, took some advice. They naturally, in turn, advised me on a couple of three of the most famous brands, but I didn’t have the money for a cool chainsaw. It was. was not. I took it for, as the saying goes “at random” Huter BS. 52. As it turned out later on for a good reason. From the first minutes I was impressed by the lightness of assembly of guide bar and chain, I assembled the saw very quickly and without any hitches. It started right away, the chain brake worked fine, no slippage. On arriving at the place of work was required to bury a tree diameter of 60 cm. This baby coped with no problems, thanks to the tire. I really liked how the saw penetrated the wood. engine ran smoothly, sawdust is thrown out large. No hint of stickiness or sticking in the material. The sawing was quick. Later on, when cross-cutting the trunk there was not the slightest hint of the bar wobbling or going sideways. Tried to saw trunks also in a longitudinal plane. I’ll also note the good results: no jamming or jamming. Thanks to its weight, which is more than 7 kilograms, the chainsaw takes the load off the hands when sawing from the top down. there was no need to apply too much pressure. I have been using them for 2 years. Certainly not cut wood in cubic meters, but it is an indispensable helper when preparing firewood or building a pergola in the country. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that in the fuel tank I fill both 95 and 92 gasoline, and in the chain lubrication tank even waste from the KAMAZ. Disadvantages: Tire mount studs are unreliable. Apparently the Chinese made them out of bare metal and the threads have slipped off on them. I had to replace. In general, a very handy and reliable tool Pros: Reliable, unpretentious, comfortable. Cons: Poor chain fixing pins Year of manufacture / purchase: 2015

Hello all, I want to tell you about the chainsaw Huter BS. 52. This chainsaw is very good for its money. Bought a chainsaw Huter BS. 52 even when it was not widely known. The price at the time was very funny. The chainsaw itself is user-friendly, it starts up very well and the most important thing is that the chain is automatically lubricated. The chainsaw is the most necessary tool in the cottage and in the countryside. Working with this saw is great fun. During the work with the chainsaw Huter BS. 52 it has never failed me. This chainsaw is easy to cut trees in the garden and in the woods, it is even convenient to do repairs in the house. In general, I recommend this saw Pros: Not an expensive saw for the price. Cons: Has never once let me down Year of manufacture/buy: 2014

Usable, saws great, no problems with winding. Easy start, automatic chain lubrication. Even my wife tried it and loved it Pros: Not hard to adjust carburetor and idle speed. Convenient. Disadvantages: Couldn’t find any yet Year of manufacture/purchase: 2016

The weakest point is the starter mechanism. The bolt that secures the starter coil is impossible to unscrew, only by drilling, and it is not needed there anymore. You have to bend the end of the spring a little, so it won’t pop out again. Very fragile plastic on the starter handle at the first stop the engine broke, it did not help and the shock absorber in the form of a spring. I had to use the handle of the old saw. And so it seems. everything is okay Pluses: Price. Cons: I have not found yet, except for the starter Year of manufacture / purchase: 2015

Five years ago, when no one knew the company in our neck of the woods, at your own risk and bought a chainsaw Huter BS. 52. The price at the time was just ridiculous, for a powerful 2, 2 kilowatt machine and a bar length of 50 cm. In my neighborhood, the gas was installed, all the poplars were cut down and abandoned. All day long I was sawing these poplars for firewood and selling them, the saw quickly paid for itself. There have been breakages. I once changed the starter, it was also cheap and the tire was jammed and bent because of negligence. I found a replacement in the shop, too. I bought a Stillev chain after the original one, it turned out to be stronger. In short, I was very pleased with the purchase, until now what. I’ve been sawing for fun now that I’ve got gas, I’m just getting wood for the sauna Pros: Low price, high power. Cons: replaced the starter, broke the spring Year of manufacture / purchase: 2015

Good day to you all! We bought a gasoline chain saw last year, and it has never let us down. Petrol saw is just a necessary tool in the village and in the cottage. Work with it quickly and easily, compared to the hand saw. You can prune trees, cut wood or logs with a chain saw, in general, and on the site to work and repair work can produce. Very handy device. The chainsaw weighs 7 kilograms, which is not too much, because it doesn’t take long to work, it doesn’t make your hands tired and you can always take a break. The chain brake and anti-vibration system are nice. Here’s the downside. it sometimes doesn’t start right away, but it takes some getting used to. Chainsaw easy enough to disassemble, we disassemble. assemble in 20 minutes. The disassembled saw fits in a medium-sized box and can be stored at home and easily transported in the trunk of a car. In general, it is a good value for money. quality Pros: handy and necessary device. Cons: does not start on the first try Time of use: 1 year Year of manufacture/purchase: 2014

Fuels and lubricants for Huter chain saws

Your chainsaw’s engine is lubricated with motor oil, which is added to your gasoline. Preparation of the fuel mixture does not require special skills and is carried out at home:

  • Pour the necessary amount of gasoline of brand AI-92, 95 into the measuring cup;
  • Add a medical syringe of motor oil for two-stroke engines, with air-cooling function;
  • Stir the mixture.

Important: the owners of chainsaws Huter advise to make a running-in of the engine on a mixture prepared in the proportion of 1/25. Running-in engine consumes fuel mixed in oil/gasoline ratio = 1/50.

Huter 2T Husqvarna HP Champion JASO FD

Problems with chain saw ignition modules

Ignition modules and coils sometimes break down. When everything else has been checked, the suspicion is. When they fail, one of two things usually happens. The obvious symptom is no spark. The only thing you can do is replace the module with a new one. or better yet. Try changing it from the saw you are using. If the spark didn’t show up after changing the modules, you probably missed something.

Replacing a module is the only reliable way to check the spark. All kinds of testers have been shown to be untrue. The only reliable test. coil change. Another symptom that indicates a bad electronic module or coil is a spark that becomes weak when the saw gets hot. If the saw won’t start after refueling, the engine heat has probably eliminated the spark. A weak ignition coil can sometimes provide enough spark to start and run the saw until it is properly warmed up. When the saw and the coil get hot, the resistance of the transistor increases and the spark becomes weak. Symptoms: the saw starts and works well in the store, for example, but at work the saw dies and does not start, does not cool down. It can be difficult for the store to prove a given fault.

This is a load simulator used to diagnose the engine of saws with ignition systems that have heat related problems. It is an adjustable pneumatic braking system, the motor thinks it is cutting wood. With this tool, we can warm up the saw’s motor to operating temperature in a very short time. Because the load is constant and adjustable, you can easily monitor the motor for misfires or other operational defects that would be difficult to observe when sawing wood.

It also makes sense under these conditions, after overheating does not start, to try unscrewing and screwing the tank cap. Releasing accumulated fuel gases. If the saw starts up after that, you can guess.

Saw Huter BS-52 70/6/3

Weight (kg): 6.4; Power Source: Petrol Engine; Anti-Vibration System; Chain Brake; Tyre / Disc Size (mm): 500; Power (hp.с.): 3.81; Power (W): 2800; Engine Volume (cm³): 52; Type: Portable; Design: Chainsaw

Восстановление бензопилы huter, почему поршневая не ходит долго на этих пилах?

The information presented on this site is for reference only.Important! Before buying always check with your dealer the equipment and technical characteristics of the chosen model

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Advantages: Price Powerful motor Powerful motor Bus length Smooth start Primer
Disadvantages: One fuel hose it is unclear why made transparent and made of strange plastic, which in the cold collapsed, had to replace. The fuel mixing jar doesn’t hold the mixture long enough and it starts to evaporate, so it’s better to mix once to work. Before you start, it’s a good idea to take this saw apart and make sure everything is in its place and nothing is loose.
Comment: Got this saw on markdown, was in a crumpled box, for 2900. Took it for off-road trips and household needs. I chose the price, the volume of the motor from 50m3 and the length of the bar in 45cm. This is my first saw, so I have nothing to compare it to, but here is my general impression of the saw. On a cold start saw first sneeze begins to emit after the third jerk of the starter, after the 5th usually starts, hot starts instantly. Also starts up in the winter when lying in the trunk of the car. This saw I had enough time to cut a large amount of wood, some reached the diameter and 45-50cm, and nothing, the saw copes with them well. After the wheel, weighing about 30kg mounted on the machine, the weight of the saw in 7kg is not critical for me. If you want to take the saw, start it up and go to work, then this saw is not for you, but if you are a man with hands, take it and use it. The cheapest STIHL Ls 180, which is 2 times weaker than this saw and a bar length of only 30cm, is 2.5 times more expensive. After six months of use, I was not disappointed.
Advantages: I have not found one yet.
Disadvantages: It does not start with the first try.I unscrewed the spark plug, it’s full of gasoline.I thought it was dry, it does not want to, I blame the candle, tomorrow I will buy one, I will try it.
Comment: I think I should have taken the STIHL-180 for nothing
Author: klochkov leonid

Recommendations for storing fuels and lubricants

Fuel with an oil component can be stored in a metal container for no more than one month. Old gasoline-oil mixture is prone to formation of coking resinous deposits, limiting the mobility of piston rings.

Water enters the fuel system not only with gasoline, but also at high temperature drops is formed as condensate on the inner walls of the carburetor.

The presence of water in the fuel manifests itself by white smoke from the muffler, interruptions in the engine operation, its complete standstill if ice is formed in the system.

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