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We have found 35 Oleo-Mac service centers. You can leave an application for repairs to all of them. Compare the offers of the OLEO-MAC services and select the best in terms of terms, cost, reviews and rating.

Trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR111 The engine operates, but does not twist the fishing line for trimmer trimmers for grass OLEO MAMMODODED: TR92E plastic casing of protection against grass is damaged, it requires replacement for the grass for the grass of the Oleo-Mamodel: TR 111 E lost the head of the head when changing the fishing line OLEO MAMMODODED: Lawn Model Knock 16 “OLEO-MAC 6610-0221RR Buy a Lawn Model Knock 16” OLEO-MAC 6610-0221R OLEO MAMMODED: 932 C to replace the trimmers for grass Oleo Mamodel: I do not know a trimmer for grass Gray after the institution after the institution after the institution Then the cord jumped up and wrapped around the axis of trimmers for the grass of the Oleo Mamodel: TR115E, a protective casing broke. Need a new one. Trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR 111 Hello. No current is supplied to the electric motor. The trimmer for the grass simply stopped working during the operation of the OLEO-MAMMODODEDEL electric engine: OM 17E (1600 W) The leading wire broke down, it was replaced, but it broke down again. I drank disassembled, but all in the preservation of the trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: 725s there is no spark, the ignition coil probably failed

Oleo-Mac. One of the leading brands of garden and park technology, which is known not only in his homeland, in Italy, but throughout the world. The brand was gaining wide popularity among amateur and professionals gardeners and professionals, thanks to high performance quality standards and the latest technical developments used, capable of several times to reduce labor costs for care for the garden. For technical support issues, please contact: 8 (495) 135-41-21

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The lawn mower does not turn on the ignition.

The cause of the breakdown may be the failure of the ignition candle or the accumulation of soot on it. You can eliminate the problem by replacing the spark plug or cleaning it in gasoline. After cleansing the candle, it is recommended to dry it.

This malfunction is associated with clogging filters or a long operation of the lawn mower. It is recommended to replace the filters and/or interrupt the work until the engine cools down.

The reason may be a blunt or failure of the cutting part. Before each launch, the manufacturer recommends inspecting the cutting part and its fastening. If necessary, these parts should be simultaneously replaced.

The lawn mower will not start

If the braid does not go, you need to check the drive belt. perhaps it is worn out and requires replacement.

We fill out a fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass.

I want to devote today’s article to the sore topic of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post.Soviet space “How to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer for grass”. Not many trimmers manufacturers in their operating instructions answer this question. Therefore, it is hard for ordinary gardeners to figure out how to do it right.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of trimmers.

So, trimmers for grass are electric and gasoline. The cutting element of trimmers can be a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife. The fishing line for the trimmer is ordinary, four. five.sided and intertwined (in the form of pigtails). Knives are from 2, 3 and four lobed knife. Knives are also plastic and metal.

The system for feeding fishing line from a trimmer for grass is manual, semi.automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who create new models of trimmers clearly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the fishing line for the trimmer and the number of knife blades, according to the power of the trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, which as a result leads to its breakdown. And these are additional and significant costs.

Today, the market is presented on the market: the grass:

With one nozzle. only Leskova. With two nozzles-Leskova and three-four-blade knife. With one nozzle-only a three-four-blade knife.

Our Kulibins have long learned to improve any mechanisms. So, for example, some gardeners make successful, in their opinion, replacement of fishing line with a metal cable, or fishing fishing line for a trimmer. But at the same time, they do not think about the safety of their loved ones, because as a cable with the power of a working trimmer for grass can easily break out and not only injure the mower and others, but leave a cripple for life. The use of a fishing fishing line can and gives the best effect, I have never tried personally than a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, but such work has a number of inconvenience: when in contact with solid objects, it is located or may simply be pulled out of the reel.

So, what is called closer to the topic. I give an example of how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer for grass (a trimmer for Bosch Art 30 grass). Everything is very simple. Started.

After you have chosen a fishing line for a trimmer for refueling, you need to cut off the required amount of fishing line, because, as the entire fishing line for a trimmer in a skein is not wound into a coil.

Remove the coil and a protective casing from the coil.

Removed. We fix one end of the fishing line in the gap and neatly and evenly wrap the fishing line for the trimmer.

The amount of fishing line should be so that the protective casing of the coil closes and the fishing line for the trimmer on the coil is slightly unwound.

The second end of the fishing line is seated in the hole on the protective casing.

Газонокосилка Efco LR 53 TK Comfort plus

Next, take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. We sit the end of the fishing line from the coil into a metal hole on the protective cover of the coil. Put a little fishing line for a trimmer.

We put it all on a trimmer for grass. Turn the coil clockwise to click.

oleo-mac, lawn, mower, design

Fastened. Now we connect a trimmer for the grass to the network. Put a trimmer for grass in the original position for work. We turn on a trimmer for grass. Excess fish length will be cut off on the trim blade.

Place for storing a spare coil

Such a fishing line for a trimmer is installed in a coil is very simple. according to the internal scheme inside the coil. The center of the fishing line with a metal mount is inserted in the upper part of the coil, and draw the ends of the fishing line along the grooves and remove.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Oleo-Mac chainsaw carburetors:

  • Large resource;
  • Small sizes;
  • Three adjustment screws allowing to make accurate setting (a feature of all modern chainsaws with membrane carburetors)
  • Small sizes and puzdo are small mass of the structure, for comparison with analogues;
  • Available price of parts, carburetor assembly;
  • Unpretentiousness to the quality of gasoline.

It is also necessary to note a number of shortcomings:

  • It can be difficult to find a repair kit on sale, in small towns;
  • Difficulties with options, the highest requirements for the qualifications of settings;
  • The need for repeated adjustments for long.term operation.

Oleo-Mac 947 chainsaw. Characteristics of the model

The advantages of this semi.professional portable saw. Low vibration, a small center of mass and the highest performance in all weather criteria.

The piston of the gasoline engine of this model is made of forged steel and equipped with 2 rings to increase the resistance of the element.

The saws of this semi-professional OLEO-MAC model consist of a forged circuit installed on the iron railway. The headset is lubricated by automatic and controlled by an adjustable oil pump.

The characteristics of the signature file contain:

  • The factory power of the motor is 3.1 liters. From.;
  • Fuel tank capacity / oil tank. 500/270 ml
  • Recommended tire length for a suspended tire. 45 cm;
  • The weight. 5.6 kg.

Read how to cut an internal ceiling plinth

The internal components of this OLEO-MAC are located in a shockproof case, Yaki withstands long heating, vibration and low height.

Law mowing instructions

Oleo-Mac G 48PK does not require special storage and maintenance conditions. In the operating instructions, the manufacturer indicates the basic safety rules:

  • When working with a device within a radius of 15 meters, outsiders should not be. In addition, it is recommended to tie or protect pets from the working area.
  • It is forbidden to work with a lawn mower after drinking alcoholic beverages or drugs.
  • When the engine is turned on, it is forbidden to bring the limbs to the compartment of the grass collector, wheels and to the lower part of the product.
  • To protect against injuries and damage, it is recommended to put on rubber shoes and clothes that fit well to the body.
  • Before work, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of the lawn mower.
  • In the presence of damaged or worn parts, it is recommended to immediately replace them.
  • When performing any repair work, the manufacturer recommends to unscrew the spark plug.
  • If the working area is located under the slope, the operator must maintain a stable position.
  • It is not recommended to work on wet grass.
  • Before you start working with the lawn mower, it is recommended to adjust its handle and other details of the structure.
  • It is forbidden to operate users who have poor physical training for instrument management, as well as children under 16 years of age.

The full instruction manual for the Oleo-Mac G 48pk lawn mower can be viewed on our website.

As for fuel and oil, the manufacturer recommends using the certified OLEO-MAC products. As oil, OLEO-MAC 4T SAE oil or other manufacturers for four-stroke engines is perfect for oil.

Bought Oleo-Mac G 48pk two months ago. I am satisfied with the work. Did not adhere to the instructions for operation and worked on wet grass. I had to go through the same territory again with a lawnical mower. Among the shortcomings: greatly rustling. Well suited for work for small in volume of the territory.

Basic rules and precautions

The manufacturer also recommends after each use to carry out basic maintenance and repair if necessary. Then consists in cleaning the device and replacing failed small details.

It is not recommended to carry out repairs independently.

The OLEO-MAC lineup

Oleo-Mac grass trimmers are represented by several line. The most popular line is Sparta.

Oleo-Macsparta 25 lawn mower

This trimmer for the grass has become one of the most demanded among the entire line of benzocosyles and motor-mac motorcycle. After the classical version, the developers presented two more variations: Oleo-Macsparta 25tr, Oleo-Macsparta 25 Ecoaluminium with increased performance and improved design.

The device is intended for long.term use in medium and large territories in area. As a cutting element can be used both a fishing line for a trimmer and a lobed knife. Thanks to this feature, the trimmer for grass is great for cutting grass, weeds and small shrubs.

For the convenience of operating the device, the manufacturer provided a primer, vibration isolation and the ability to lubricate the gearbox.

Oleo-Macsparta 37 lawn mower

A more productive gasoline trimmer for grass, designed for use in complex areas. The most significant differences are: increased flywheel, transmission made of aluminum. Thanks to these features, overheating of the engine of the trimmer for grass happens much less often.

Compared to the previous device, Oleo-Macsparta 37 has an increased engine power-1.8 liters.With.

Oleo-Macsparta 38 lawn mower

Comfortable, ergonomic, hardy and economical lawn mower. The main difference is the increased diameter of the bar, which increases the strength of the device. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.87 liters. This amount is enough for 25-30 minutes of work.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 lawn mower

Powerful lawn mower of a semi.professional class. Trimmer for Oleo-Macsparta 44 grass is designed as a replacement for 42 models. The model was developed taking into account the wishes and Комментарии и мнения владельцев of users. Among the main changes: the technical characteristics, design and mowing head are improved.

Cortadora de Césped Oleo-Mac Autopropulsada | FIASA /h3>

The fuel tank capacity is 0.87 liters, which provides long work in large territories in area. Among the entire lineup, OLEO-MAC SPARTA 44, the best-selling.


Compared to the previous ones, a young model designed for long.term use in a suburban area. The manufacturer positions a mower as a tool for home use. One of the differences of the braid is the combined cutting system: a knife and a fishing line for a trimmer. Equipped with a system of protection against vibration and air cooling. Fuel tank capacity: 0.4 l, power. 1.1 liters.With.


A more powerful lawn mower designed to perform garden and landscape work of any complexity. This is a semi.professional class tool. Engine power: 1.22 l.With. The ergonomic structure and good balancing allow distributing the load on the operator and facilitate the work. The manufacturer left the fuel tank capacity the same as in the previous version.


The trimmer for the grass OLEO-MAC BC 300 T is designed for long-term work in suburban areas and for the performing of garden and landscape work in large territories. The engine power is increased to 1.5 l with. The fuel tank capacity is 0.58 liters. To ensure prolonged operation and fast starting of the Oleo-Mac BC 300 T engine, it is equipped with an ALWAYSON light start system.

This is the patented development of Oleo-Mac. The long.term operation of the filters provides an additional diode that prevents the ingress of oil and fuel fluid into the filter. New generation of Loadgo fishing line. Pokos width is 25 cm.


Improved variation of the lawn mowing of the previous sample. Among the changes:

OLEO-MAC BC 360 4T lawn

Professional lawn mower, which in power is slightly inferior to the previous model. The trimmer for the grass is equipped with an autonomous lubricant system and well withstands long work. The design of the model was improved in comparison with the previous. One of the variations of the model is OLEO-MAC BC 260 4S, which is equipped with a four-stroke engine of 1 liter.With. Fuel tank is reduced to 550 ml.


The trimmer for the grass OLEO-MAC BC 430 T is a professional class device with a 2.5 liter engine power.With. The width of the butter can reach 42 cm. Initially, the model was intended to perform work in difficult conditions. The possibility of changing the number of revolutions and a handle with vibrations make this trimmer for grass optimal for work in any conditions.

The version of the model is Oleo-Mac BC 430 TL, which has minor structural differences.

OLEO-MAC 740t lawn mower

Trimmer for household grass, perfect for cutting grass, weeds and small shrubs. Engine power is 1.8 liters.With. The volume of the fuel tank (0.9 liters.) provided for long.term work. Capture width is 42 cm. This model belongs to the flagship, but it is difficult to find on the market, since it is no longer produced by the company.

Oleo-Mac 741 lawn mower

A trimmer for Oleo-MAC of a semi-professional class with a power power of 2.5 liters.With. and fuel tank capacity 750 ml.

oleo-mac, lawn, mower, design

Top models of gasosos OLEO-MAC

These motorcycles are popular in and other countries of the world. The main advantages of these trimmers are the quality and ability to use in various conditions.

Despite the fact that the main supplier of OLEO-MAC products is Italy, you can find products of French or Spanish assembly on the market. Before purchasing the product, it is recommended to find out from the seller about the place of production.

Repair of Oleo.Mac lawn mowers

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Repair of trimmers Oleo-Mac

We have found 32 service centers for repairing trimmers Oleo-Mac. Leave an application for repairs to all of them, compare the proposals for terms, cost, reviews, rating and choose the best.

Trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR111 The engine operates, but does not twist the fishing line for trimmer trimmers for grass OLEO MAMMODODED: TR92E plastic casing of protection against grass is damaged, it requires replacement for the grass for the grass of the Oleo-Mamodel: TR 111 E lost the head of the head when changing the fishing line Trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: I don’t know the trimmer for the grass after the establishment later jumped off the cord and wrapped up around the axis of trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR115E protective casing broke. Need a new one. Trimmers for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR 111 Hello. No current is supplied to the electric motor. The trimmer for the grass simply stopped working during the operation of the trimmers for the grass of the Oleo Mamodel: 725s there is no spark, the ignition coil trimmers for the grass is Oleo-Mamodel: TR95E I am looking for a coal brush for a trimmer for the grass OLEO-MAC TR95E TRAMMERS OLEO- MacModel: TR11E TRAMER for the grass starts, the motor works, but does not twist the fishing line for the trimmer trimmer for the grass Oleo Mamodel: TR 61E turns on through time, loss of power. Replacement of brushes did not give the result.

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