Maintenance, spark plug, carburetor adjustment

Remove the tip of the candle [1] and unscrew the candle [2] using the candle key [3].

Visually check the health of the spark plug. Replace a candle covered with soot, as well as a candle with a cracked or damaged insulator.

Measure the gap between the electrodes of the candle using a wire probe; The gap should be from 0.7 to 0.8 mm. If you need to adjust the clearance, perform it, carefully bending the side electrode.

Make sure of the serviceability of the sealing washer, then manually screw the candle in place, ensuring the correctness and density of landing.

Lawn Mower Electrical Troubleshooting

Using a candle key, trust the candle for 1/2 turn (in the case of a new candle) to press the sealing washer. When installing the old candle, wrap it on 1/8 or 1/4 turning after tightening to the stop manually.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Свеча зажигания должна быть правильно затянута.

Неправильно затянутая свеча зажигания может нагреться и стать причиной неисправности двигателя.

installation, starter, honda, lawn

This lawn mower is equipped with an undergoing automatic air damper.


Remove the manual starter [4], unscrewing three 6 mm nuts [5].

Remove the fuel tank [6], trying not to disconnect the fuel wire [7] from the fuel tank and fuel tap and holding the fuel tank in a horizontal position.

Check the thickness of the brake pad [8]. If the thickness of the pad is less than 3 mm, replace it with a new.

Install the fuel tank in place [6] and a hand starter [4], then reliably twist three 6 mm nuts [5].

Run the engine and release the screw brake handle to make sure that after releasing the lever, the screw and the engine stop.

Preparation for operation and control inspection

The installation of accessories is carried out on a stopped engine.

This lawn mower can be used to grind or collection of grass.

The grinding operation is replaced by the grass collector with a chopper cover [1], supplied for an additional fee.

The interaction of the screws and lids of the grinder leads to grinding cut grass, which is then evenly distributed along the lawn.

The grinding function allows us to eliminate the need to collect mowed grass and protects the lawn during periods of prolonged heat.

Crushed grass in this case serves as a fertilizer for the soil.

The chopper set also serves to protect the environment, since it helps to reduce the volume of garbage, and also reduces the level of sound pressure of the lawn mower.

To remove or install the chopper cover [1], it is necessary to lift the junk shield [2].

Completely insert the lid during the installation flush with a jackpoint [3].

Note: It is necessary to regularly and often cut the grass so that the height of the mowing is small. Do not use the lid of the maximum wisher and a grass collector at the same time.

To collect grass, remove the chopper cover and install the grass collector [4]. During the rotation of the screw, discharge is formed that draws cut off the grass into the grass collector.

Raise the jack shield [6] and get the front part of the grass collector [5] to the fasteners of the lawn mower [7].

Preparation for operation and control inspection

Engine start and stop

ВНИМАНИЕ: Запрещается запускать двигатель при включенных сцеплениях привода колес и шнека.

During the start of the engine, press the snake brake lever with force [3].

Slightly pull the handle of the starter’s launch cord [4] until the resistance appears, then grit it sharply.

Note: Do not release the starter handle, smoothly return it to its original position, holding it with your hand. To facilitate starting, place the lawn mower on

Turn the fuel valve to the “OFF” position (off).

Pouring the spark plug with fuel

The impossibility of starting the engine after several attempts may indicate pouring the spark plug with fuel.

Remove and dry the spark plug. Screw the spark plug tightly in place, ensuring the correctness of its landing. After that, with the help of a candle key, trust it for 1/8. 1/4 turnover to ensure puck tightening.

Repeat the operations described in the “Engine Start” section.

Starter for lawn mower: device, assembly, repair

When purchasing a gasoline trimmer for grass, you need to be prepared for the fact that it, like any other similar device, is subject to various kinds of breakdowns and malfunctions. They can be associated with the failure of any detail. To understand the device of the mechanism, carry out the repair of the starter, or make such a starter for the lawn mower with your own hands, you need to know and what it consists of. The main component of a gasoline braid for grass is a two.stroke internal combustion engine, with a capacity of 0.5 to 2.5 liters.With., with a volume of 30-40 cm3. He is the help of a shaft located in a hollow bar drives a cutting tool through a gearbox. The gearbox consists of two conical gears transmitting torque to the working body. Which is used by cutter or cord nozzle. The device of the lawn mower provides for the presence of: a protective casing of an arcuate handle of a shoulder or knob belt for the convenience of controlling and moving the device. It is to launch the internal combustion engine that the starter is used. This is an integral part of the engine, without it it is not possible to put the mechanism into operation. The principle of work of the starter of various models of the lawn mowers is not much different from each other. When starting the engine, the protrusions (1) adhere to the dogs (3), after the engine earned under the influence of centrifugal force, they diverge. The same function is performed by wires (2). The cost of a starter for a lawn mower is not a penny, so before going to a spare parts store or a repair workshop, you yourself should understand the existing problem. Determine the reason for the exit from the construction of the starting of the mechanism is not an archbound task. Of course, no one is safe from the fact that when starting, the rope will break and wrap up on the flywheel of an already operating engine. Then the consequences are deplorable: the pulley is torn, the spring burst. Accordingly, the repair consists in the full replacement of the starter. But this is, as a rule, an isolated case. Basically, the refusal of the starter of the gasoline mowing is to break the rope or exit from the gearing of the spring, its breakdown. When the shhorgalok is cut off, the repair issue is solved very easily, by replacing the rope. The old fragment is removed and a new piece of linen rope is installed in the corresponding size. To do this, it must be put into the coil hole and tied it. Take the spring to the required number of revolutions, after installing the handle, similarly to make the knot at the other end, as shown in the photo from above. Such unpretentious repairs are carried out when the shomorgalka exits the system. When breaking the spring or violation of its hooking it inside the starter, you need to disassemble the device and replace the destroyed spare part or restore the engagement. It should be noted that the cost of the spring is much less than the starter assembly. Therefore, you should not be afraid, and after reading our instructions, you do the repair with your own hands without resorting to excessive costs. Let’s start with the starter disassembly. As an example, we use a starter with a pulley with two metal antennae for 2 hooks. Other starters used to launch gasosocos, trimmers and motorcycle engines are repaired similarly, taking into account minor nuances in the structure.

The disassembly of the starter-assembly is not a serious problem, it will simply require a little skills in handling a screwdriver and most importantly, observing some safety measures:

Spin the pulley mounting screw to the starter cover. Remove the two antennae and the spring, after which it is extremely neat, turning your head in the other direction, dismantle the pulley. The specifics of this operation is such that even with a careful removal of the video, the spring instantly pops up from the coil, turning into a sharp metal strip that can injure the repairman. Analyze the nature of the breakdown. With the complete destruction of the spring, the only correct solution would be to replace it. The part who has left the system can easily be purchased in online stores engaged in the sale of starters and spare parts. If the spring just got out of the hook, you need to insert it into place, having previously bend the Usyk. You need to do this carefully, since it is fried and with a neat handling at any time it can burst. 2. Returning the spring back to the groove, slowly and holding it with your finger, start twisting. At the same time, pay much attention to safety, since a broken metal strip can injure. It is not easy to refuel the spring from the first time, some experience is required, so if an attempt is unsuccessful, it is required to repeat more than once. 3. After the spring is wound, we continue to assemble the starter. Carefully turn the coil and insert it so that the bend of the spring clearly got into a special groove in the case. four. Install the puck under the screw. spring and puck again. Then we insert a cup with antennae and tighten everything with a screw. The starter is assembled. It is necessary to pay attention to a nuance such as installing a puck. It should never be missed. If this happened, then the spring will scratch the plastic cup on which the sample will appear over time and it will begin to tighten the screw and click tightly. As a result, there will be a feeling that the spring has flown and repair is required. This drawback is easy to eliminate by replacing the spring with a longer one or by installing an additional goal. If there is no spring or washer at hand, you can release a little screw and the starter will work without jamming. But this is a temporary measure, with prolonged use, the screw will unwind and be lost, which is fraught with a spring output and output from the starter system in general. The next step will be the stretch of the spring. To do this, remove the handle from the rope starter. Next, without wrapping, insert the rope into a groove specially designed for it in a coil. Tighten the spring directly. To do this, rotate the coil counterclockwise. in the direction opposite the direction of rotation of the coil when watching the rope. The number of revolutions should correspond to the value indicated in the starter model and the length of the rope. After the required number of revolutions is made, we extend the end of the rope through the hole in the starter cover, set the handle and fasten it with a knot. It is better to do this together with an assistant so that the edge of the rope does not hit inside the starter. If, after the repair performed, the spring flew again and the launch of the chainsaw is not possible, then the repair procedure will have to be repeated. But at the same time immediately modernize the starter. To get rid of the sprinkle tickling, you can use two ways. The first is to use an additional metal strip, the second in the drilling of the coil (photo) and fastening the edge of the spring with wire

Repair of Honda lawn mowers

Our price is compiled on the basis of average market prices, because we buy spare parts directly from manufacturers.

Repair for 1 day

Even if after diagnosis you decide to postpone the repair or abandon it at all, in any case, the service will be provided free of charge!

Free departure of the master

The specialist will arrive for a call within 40 minutes, after applying for an application. The exit will be free, even if you refuse repairs!

Why is the lawn mower out of order

Repair of Honda lawn mowers is better to trust professionals. To eliminate malfunctions, knowledge, experience and appropriate equipment are needed. of the engine of the lawn mower can lead to serious breakdowns, which will significantly increase the cost of service.

  • The equipment is stored in violation of the conditions recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Sudden voltage drops;
  • Untimely oil replacement;
  • Use of low.quality fuel;
  • Installation of incompatible cutting tools;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Incorrect valve adjustment.

Our masters will carry out professional repair of the Honda gasoline lawn mower, eliminate any problems in the operation of equipment.

Advantages of contacting our service center

We are professionals with 10-year work experience that will repair electric lawn mower and gasoline models on the day of circulation, set up equipment for the optimal operating mode. Up to 80% of malfunctions is eliminated on the day of circulation or repair is carried out at the expense of the service center. We have our own warehouse with an assortment of original spare parts and duplicates, so customers independently choose which parts to install.

Our prices

Service cost
Replacing spark plugs 150
Knife sharpening 250
Adjusting the height of the blades 800
Checking the brush knot 300
Replacement of a flywheel/crankshaft from 1200
Cleaning/restoration of the carburetor ultrasound from 1200
Oil replacement, filters 350
Drive repair 500
Replacing cylinders 600
Engine/starter repair from 1000
Work with the gearbox 900
Repair of the fuel system 1000
Adjustment of valves 700
Replacing cables 200
General maintenance from 700

The mechanics of the operation of the Honda lawn mower are quite simple and with a sharp need, you can maintain service yourself. Instructions for use recommends applying for help to the specialized center for repair and maintenance of garden equipment T-Motors. Trained masters will perform the necessary replacement and repair.

In order to ensure the constant performance of the lawnmand, the manufacturer recommends:

  • During long breaks in work, start the engine at idle, for a short time;
  • in a dry, ventilated room,
  • keep the drive mechanism.

Repair of Honda lawn mowers

To create an even, emerald lawn on the site near the house, each gardener must have a time.tested Honda Lawn mowing of the desired power. The number of types of lawn mowers of this trademark makes it possible, to each lover. to the gardener to buy a reliable unit based on financial capabilities. The cost of the lawn mower changes depending on the engine power and equipment.

Honda lawn mower will become a good assistant in the garden. A powerful engine allows you to process a lawn with an area of ​​up to 2000 m. sq. at once. With proper operation, this mower will last a long time, without delivering problems to its owner. The maintenance of the lawn mower is guaranteed the constant performance of the mechanisms:

  • Checking the integrity of the deck and the drive mechanism,
  • Cleaning cutting knives and belts of dirt from dirt,
  • observance of oil level on the probe mark.

The mechanics of the operation of the Honda lawn mower are quite simple and with acute need, you can conduct maintenance yourself. Instructions for use recommends applying for help to the specialized center for repair and maintenance of garden equipment “ “. Experienced masters will perform the desired diagnosis and repair.

In order to ensure the constant performance of the lawnmand, the manufacturer recommends:

  • During long breaks in work, start the engine at idle,
  • keep in a dry, ventilated room,
  • keep the drive mechanism.

Repair of the starter of the Hyundai lawn mower

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How to assemble a new starter of a gas station?

To assemble the starter, make the following manipulations.

  • Skip one end of the cord through the hole at the beginning of the coil and tie it with a knot. The knot should not pass through the hole. Otherwise, you will analyze the starter again.
  • Wind the cord to the coil itself.
  • Install the spring in the starter case, hook one end in the groove and wrap it. For the convenience of winding, twist the case counterclockwise.
  • Put the ratchet mechanism on the spring.
  • Hook the hook of the return spring for the ratchet itself, fix it on the coil.
  • Install the main spring and body with the assembled ratchet, connect parts of the starter together and tighten everything using the main bolt.

After completing the assembly of the starter, skip the free end of the cord through the hole in the case designed for the coil. Remember the same end through the hole in the handle, for which the cord is pulled. Tie a strong knot on the handle. Check the work of the starter handbrake.

How to change the starter cord?

It happens that in the impossibility of starting a starter is not a spring to blame, but the cord itself. He can seize or completely break. Dismantling the starter of the lawn mower or trimmer for grass is universal in its steps.

  • Remove the starter block from a trimmer for grass or lawn mower.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the handbrake.
  • Pull the coil and melt the remains of a worn cord from it.
  • Unscrew the knot on the handle of the cord and pull its end from it.
  • Untie the knot at the other end (at the beginning of the coil) and remove the old cord. The nodes that have become tight are unleashed with pliers or ticks.
  • Tie a knot on one of the ends of the new cord, prone it through the hole at the beginning of the coil (closer to its axis).
  • Shin a few turns of a new cord to the coil. If it is long, then cut the excess.
  • Season and soak the spring tensioner (if it starred) and spring.loaded elements in the correct sequence.
  • Put the coil in place and take the free end of the cord to the outlet of the starter and in the handle.
  • Install the starter block in place.

Twist the starter by the cord, start the engine of the lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. The larger and more powerful the engine, the more cord jerks will be required when starting, the norm is no more than 7 times. The result is a quick and smooth launch of the motor, the readiness of the unit for work.

Transportation, transportation of the lawn mower, loading the lawn mower

Do not tilt the lawn mower, this can lead to the fuel strait; spilled fuel and even its pairs are exceptionally fire hazard.

The procedure for transporting the lawn mower:

Loosen the head of the handle mounting [1], stretch the adjusting stoppers [2] and fold the handle [3].

Note: Sticking the handle, make sure that the drive cables are not bent, not leaned out and not stretched.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Во избежание несчастных случаев и повреждения

газонокосилки запрещается грузить газонокосилку по пандусу своим ходом.

Вы избежание повреждения системы привода не включать

сцепление при скатывании газонокосилки задним ходом.

Во время перевозки газонокосилка должна находиться

installation, starter, honda, lawn

в горизонтальном положении; все ее колеса должны находиться на земле.

Рекомендуется при погрузке и выгрузке газонокосилки

использовать пандус либо привлечь еще одного человека.

Угол наклона пандуса не должен превышать 15°. Перевозимая газонокосилка должна быть зафиксирована

на месте с помощью стропов, а также противооткатных башмаков, устанавливаемых под колеса.

Стропы не должны контактировать со следующими частями

газонокосилки: ручкой сцепления шнека, топливным баком и всеми тросами управления.

Storage, preparation of the lawn mower for storage, re.conservation of the lawn mower after storage

Preparation of the lawn mower for storage

If it is supposed to store the lawn mower for more than 30 days, do the following work.

Do not drain the fuel with a hot muffler.

Drain the fuel from the tank into the suitable container [1]:

a. Open the fuel valve [2].B. Remove the drain plug [3] to drain fuel from

With. Install a drain plug in place. D. Close the fuel tap.

Pull the starter handle until the resistance appears. On this phase, the valves will close, which will protect the engine from dust and internal corrosion.

Apply to all corrosion of the surface motor oil. Cover the lawn mower with a tarp and install it on a flat surface in a dry place protected from dust. Do not cover the lawn mower with a plastic cover, this will lead to moisture condensation.

Note: If the lawn mower is supposed to be stored for more than 3 months, remove the spark plug and pour into the cylinder 2. 5 cm3 pure motor oil; Then work two or three times with a manual starter so that the oil is evenly distributed. Do not store the lawn mower on the side for a long time. This can cause a difficult start and leakage of transmission oil.

Starting a Stihl Chainsaw the correct way. NEVER flood it Again!

Re.consolidation of the lawn mower after storage

Remove the spark plug, make sure its serviceability and the correctness of the gap between the electrodes. Work several times with a manual starter.

The initial tightening of the candle is recommended manually; After that, you should take the candle for 1/8 or 1/4 turnover.

Check the level and condition of the engine oil.

Seal the fuel tank with fuel and start the engine.

Note: if motor oil was filled into the cylinder, then immediately after starting the engine will smoke. This is fine.

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