Homemade mower for power tiller (rotary, segmental)

Experts classify the units in question into the following types:

  • devices that mow and lay grass in swaths;
  • Machines that mow and lay the grass in swaths;
  • rotary mowers on a single-axle tractor that mow and shred grass.

Some models submerge, flatten the grass, while simultaneously mowing and laying in a swath. Taking into account the method of installation, experts distinguish such devices as trailed, semi-mounted and rotary mower mounted.

The device in question consists of a rear, front and side cutting system. Tractor-mounted machines with 1, 2, 3 or 5 bars. Rotary grass mower is started by a shaft or tractor wheels.

On the photo: rotary mower on a mini tractor

The units under consideration are mounted on the tractor and single-axle tractor in a horizontal position. Knife and connecting rod must move in one plane. Polish mower for tractor is used for work on a small piece of land. Front mounted model splits the land into paddocks.

Before buying a rotary mower on a single-axle tractor, study the principle of its operation. If you need to mow seeded high-yielding and lodged grasses, weeds, then the rotary mower is used. Such a mower can be attached to a power tiller or tractor independently. The equipment consists of a bar with blades attached.

The shredder unit consists of a rotor, a frame, a drive mechanism, and a pipeline. Principle of the rotary mower on a single-axle tractor: as the machine moves, the vegetation is tilted by the shield, then it is cut by the blade. Grass is lifted, shredded, falling into the container.

If you need to quickly cultivate the land, then a Polish mower for tractor or motor-block with several cutting elements is used. Experts recommend buying such devices with the following criteria in mind:

Advantages of a rotary mower on a mini-tractor. Availability of a damping device, which protects the blade from various obstacles. To the additional advantages of the machine, experts include:

Additional work

To improve a single-axle tractor, you can make your own adapter. This small trailer acts as a cab with the possibility of mounting a mounted rotary mower. the single-axle tractor is controlled by turning the handles. Before making the adapter, the length of the steering wheel is taken into account. Trailer axle is made from elements of the suspension of a motorcycle sidecar. Specialists recommend to produce the shaft from 40x40x2 steel angle. To reinforce the adapter, square pipes are welded.

Home-made rotary mower for mini-tractor is made with their own hands using old iron batteries and a barrel. The machine consists of the cutting elements, the housing and the frame. The rotary mower slides on the ground with its lower discs.

On the photo: mower for your power tiller with your hands

To make the frame, 40 cm corners are used. The machine is equipped with knives from an old rotary mower. If you use a Polish model, you need to shorten it by 3 cm. Otherwise the mini-tractor would not have enough traction.

Two 39 cm diameter discs are cut from 4 mm thick sheet metal. To these the blades are fixed (they must be free to rotate). In the process of movement under the influence of centrifugal force the cutting elements will cut the grass.

For the lower supports discs of a hoeing machine are used (diameter 45 cm). Shafts can be made of metal pipe 30 mm in diameter. The machine is equipped with 2 bearings:

Disc and blades are mounted on the shaft. The pulleys are welded to the pipe. The resulting construction allows the mower to cover a 110-115 cm wide area. The shaft rotates at 1400 rpm. The hood is mounted on the machine. It is recommended to install a bearing at the connection of the mower with a mini tractor, in order to prolong the belt’s life span. To simplify the design, experts advise that the lower disc be welded to the frame. The speed of the machine. 10 km/h. The grass is cut to a height of 5 cm. The resulting rotary mower is used to harvest corn.

How many types of mowers for your power tiller?

You can find mowers for power tillers in stores or make them yourself. There is no need to hurry and start making the machine yourself. To begin with, you need to compare the of haymowers in stores, they are not as small as you would like, but also not exorbitant.

Masters who decide to make their own mowers are attracted by the fact that they can save on equipment.

In addition, the process is not very complicated, on the Internet there are many different drawings of ready-made mower models, and the thing created by your own hands helps to experience delight and pride.

Which type of mower to choose depends on the type of terrain. Land is different by relief, grass by volume, size, composition. Based on these parameters you need to choose equipment. There are only three types of mowers on a single axle tractor:


The model is suitable for areas with low vegetation and small bushes, grain crops. The mower is quite productive, used on a relatively flat place with a slight slope (10-20 degrees).

The side slope on these models does not exceed 8 degrees. A significant disadvantage of a mower to a power tiller is the high chance of injury. After mowing, the grass is stacked in rows, which allows you not to bother with it in the future. Rotary models have a very simple design, which reduces the risk of breakage.

In a separate article you can read about the attachments for the motor-block Neva.


Blades of this model move in forward and backward direction thanks to the work of the motor system shaft. Design features of a segment mower for a power tiller are more complex than its counterparts, which contributes to complication of service. But the models have a number of advantages: lateral equipment of the equipment eliminates the possibility of working with already mowed grass, unlike rotary variants. Movable mowing parts move along the ground relief when mowing, repeating the landscape. This design enables the grass to be cut almost to the root.

The mower works with a 20 degree tilt of the knife part, which allows you to work even the most uneven parts of the ground. The mechanism for activating and deactivating the equipment is not coupled to the power train drive. This solution allows the mower to turn off unhindered in dangerous situations.

The blade balance of the segmented versions is fine-tuned to the maximum to minimise vibrations.

Mower-carrier (drum mower)

Similar in design to the rotary model, but the mechanism is a bit more complicated. The mower is made of drums, which are fastened together with a frame and belt clamps.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers have a simple design, which facilitates their maintenance and repair. The working elements are discs, on which blades are mounted. They are attached to the discs with movable joints. There can be from one to several discs. The more discs, the wider the working area.

Spare parts and components are not expensive. Spare parts for our rotary mower models are available at any specialised dealership. The maintenance of imported models older than 10 years is not worse. Mowers older than 10 years may not have spare parts, as some models are no longer in production.

The owner of a rotary mower can easily ennoble the front lawn and gather grass for the winter for the cattle. A small model for a power tiller is convenient during the cleaning of areas around fruit trees and seedbeds.

The rotary mowers are produced in our country, as well as abroad. The largest and most popular models include the mowers for “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole” and “Favorite” power tillers. The models differ in the number of working bodies and grass cutting height adjustment. For harvesting grass for animal feed, you can use models with a height of up to 20 cm, on the lawn, haymowers with a cutting height of 5 cm have shown themselves well.

The rotary mower can be coupled with the “Favorit”, “Mole” and “Neva” power tillers in several ways:

Reviews are better about the attached models to power tillers “Neva” and “Kaskad”, “Mole”, “Favorit. Their power is higher and it is easier to work with a power tiller, because the whole cultivated area is visible.

Rotary mowers are divided into types according to the way they cut the grass:

  • For cutting and placing in neat rows. Suitable for mowing grass for hay.
  • Grass mulching. Mowed grass quickly decomposes, ideal for lawn care.

Choosing a model for your power tiller “Neva”, “Salut”, “Zorya”, “Favorit”, “Mole” it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  • Special terrain conditions.
  • Your goal (to cut forage or to level out your front lawn).
  • Weight of the mower (important for transportation, because it is difficult to transport a large model).
  • Productivity (for a small lawn, the smallest mower with low power is enough).
  • The type of mowing (models that mulch grass would not work for making hay for cattle).
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Working principles and applications

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and lay them in even swaths or evenly across the field, which makes transporting hay much easier. Many models have a safety device that deflects the blades if they encounter an obstacle. Also with some versions of mowers, the knives can deflect up to 45° for a cleaner cut.

Its versions differ in the number of cutting parts, attachment method and working area. Many models can be used forage harvesting, since they are equipped with a weed chopper. This attachment is operated by the tractor PTO using bevel, driveline or other gears.

Rotary mowers are great for cutting:

The machine is easy to maneuver and simple to operate. Its width should be selected based on the amount of work and the size of the area to be mowed.

The cutting blade of a segmented finger mower consists of two metal parts: a movable and a fixed part. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles scissors. Cutting parts look like triangles with sharp edges, which are called segments or fingers. The grass is cut between the edges of the blades, stacked in rows and easy to collect. The two-blade fingerless mower features two moving parts that move in opposite directions. Such a device cuts cleaner, no debris clogs.

For your information. Safety precautions must always be observed during operation. The segment mower easily copes with plants with a thickness of 10 mm and a wire thickness of 3 mm.

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What rotary mowers for Neva power tillers?

There are two variants of rotary equipment to the Neva power tiller: with one disc and with two discs. Some consumers buy segment mowers, but their efficiency in most cases leaves much to be desired.

This is why rotary equipment is still the best choice.

For mowing grass on large areas, the attachment equipment with two discs is best suited. It is best on a flat surface with no holes, hills or other obstacles.

If you need to constantly maneuver and mow grass on uneven terrain, it is best to use a rotary mower with a single disc.

The manoeuvrability of a walking tractor makes it easy to tackle even the toughest work.

Before you build a manual trencher with your own hands, you need to get acquainted with its varieties and internal structure.

From the following article you can learn the technical characteristics of front loaders of well-known brands.

The design and principle of operation of haymowers

For dense or thick grass use a haymower, which is part of the attachments for power tillers. Your choice of mower depends on

  • terrain, including its topography;
  • The nature of the grass stand;
  • financial opportunities;
  • The features of the power tiller and its characteristics;
  • the power of the machine.

Important! To operate the mower, you need a powerful single-axle tractor that can give you the performance for the attachment. Most units on the market have their own mower from the manufacturer. Any variants of mowers, including homemade ones, can be installed on some power tillers, e.g. Neva.

Haymowers are used for mowing grass and pulling weeds. A conventional device includes a mowing mechanism, which depends on the type of mower, an adapter if necessary, a hitch, and fasteners. It’s worth considering that there should be an oil supply to the torque pieces.

In this video we will consider which mower is the best to choose on a single axle tractor:

Advantages of a rotary mower

The main advantage of the rotary mower is the damping device installed on this unit. It reliably protects the cutters from any obstacles encountered in the course of work.

Another advantage of this type of mower is mowing of grass with its subsequent laying either in swath or in swath on the plots of farmland with steepness angle of up to 20 degrees. over, in comparison with its segmental counterpart, the rotary mower is easier and safer to operate.

Correct choice of equipment for an agrotechnical activity is a significant saving, not only in time but also in energy costs. In all cases the mower width should be adapted to the volume of work to be done, the area to be mowed and the type of mowing.

Therefore, the main task of a buyer is to choose a model optimally suited to the capacity of the machine to be installed.

Intelligent mounting of the mower on a single axle tractor

A newly purchased product must be competently installed on the technique to provide the desired performance and quality of execution. Let’s consider the approximate order of assembly and installation on the example of the rotor version:

  • Check the delivery set (from model to model the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, socket, fasteners, rotary cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tensioning system, rotors with blades, spare parts and accessories);

Mount the frame to the mounts of the power harvester so that it is 45 degrees to the vertical plane and so that the splined parts look up;

How to impregnate plywood for moisture resistance

Install the rotors on the frame so that their knives are positioned underneath. It is important that they are fully seated on the spline;

Attach the rotor lid on the same slot;

Secure with cotter pins and nuts attached;

Fit the tensioning system by removing the cotter pin and unscrewing the lock nut on the pulley. The next step is to carefully knock out the pulley, so as not to lose the key. When the system is properly installed, its handle will point upward and be secured with bolts from the spares;

Then fix the skids on the frame with bolts from the spare parts kit so that their concave part faces inside;

Unfold the frame rings so that they are on the outside of the machine’s frame. After that we finally connect the mower to the second one;

Put the drive belt on the pulley as you drive. It is important that the single axle tractor and the mower remain aligned;

Mount the hydraulic cylinder-hydraulic hose system (if the connection is provided on the power tiller).

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