How to install the interior door by yourself.

Installing an interior door at first glance seems like a complicated process, but in fact it can be installed by almost any novice craftsman. The main thing is to be able to handle a simple tool and know what to do and how to do it.

For accurate assembly of the box we will assemble it directly on the door leaf. For this purpose the frame elements are assembled on the floor with the door leaf.

In total there will be three pieces. Two vertical slats and one horizontal upper slat. In modern interior doors the bottom bar is not put.

Assemble the frame with the leaf.

We put the door leaf on the frame parts.

Before assembling it is necessary to determine on which side of the door hinges will be installed, as well as which side will be the front and which will be the back. The design of some doors may contain glass inserts, which have a glossy appearance on one side and frosted appearance on the other. So it is important to determine which side is glossy and which is matte.

Between the frame and the leaf need to set the gap 3mm and 4mm. To do this we can use the fiberboard slats that come with the door leaf. These plates are 3mm thick and are basically nailed with metal brackets at the top and bottom of the door leaf. The plates are factory-set to protect the ends.

The plate is made of 3mm thick fiberboard.

On the side where you want to install the handle, it’s better to make a bigger gap, about 4mm. This enlarged gap is needed to compensate for the expansion of the door when it swells from increased humidity in the room. To achieve such a gap is easy enough. To do this, we need to put a masking tape on the Fibreboard, which will give the necessary thickness.

Assembly diagram.

Now mark on the upper horizontal strip the places where we will make cuts. Then we saw and use a box cutter to remove the excess material.

Mark up the upper trim of the box.

We make a cut on the upper slat of the door frame with a metal saw. For even cutting we use a wood plane.

Use a utility knife or chisel to cut away some of the material.

This is how the vertical and horizontal parts of the door frame are joined.

Re-assemble the frame with the leaf and set all the necessary gaps.

Install the hinges in place. They are set on the distance of 20-25cm from the edge of the door leaf. It is convenient to use laid on hinges in the form of a butterfly. These hinges do not require any special mounting cutouts.

Hinges with escutcheon.

Mark the place for installation of the hinges with a pencil on the door leaf and on the box.

Now you can determine the length of the vertical slats of the box. They should protrude from the bottom edge of the door leaf at 10-20mm. In the installed door will be a gap between the door and the floor. This gap will depend on what kind of floor covering will be in place of the threshold. If you plan to lay a laminate flooring in this place, the gap can be selected 20mm, if the linoleum, it is better to make a smaller gap.

A gap between the door leaf and the floor.

Disassemble the construction and saw the vertical struts to the right size.

We mark on the cloth and the box the place of installation of self-tapping screws to fix the hinges. For this we put the hinge on the mark we made earlier and draw the holes in the hinge with a pencil.

Mark places for fastening screws.

At this stage we need to pay attention to which part of the hinge is fastened. The hinge has two parts. When the hinge is folded, the outside and inside are clearly visible. The outer part is fastened to the frame and the inner one to the door leaf.

Drill holes in the previously marked locations for screws. The holes should be drilled with a diameter of 1.5-2mm. If you do not do this, when you screw in the screw can break the part in which it is screwed.

You can drill directly through the hinge without pre-marking.

Once the holes for the hinges are drilled, you can begin to assemble the door frame.

Join the parts, drill holes with diameter of 1.5-2mm and screw in the self-tapping screws.

Selecting the door

Choosing the door. it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The wide range of different models allows me to be critical about each proposal. Basic criteria for finding the best option:

  • How do you open the door? Designers offer folding, sliding, swinging models, but the hinged variants are still the most popular. They are the most reliable and easy to use.
  • By construction. Swing models are divided into double-leaf, single-leaf with left and right way of opening. When choosing, pay attention to the size of the room and the size of the door opening. If the width of the opening is more than 1 meter, it is impossible to find a ready-made product, as standard products have dimensions from 70 cm to 1 meter.

Tip! If the house has small rooms (up to 10 sq.m.), the open door will not take too much space.м.), you can specifically widen the opening and install a double-leaf design. It will cost more, but in the future the open door will not take up too much space in the room.

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  • By material. Everyone is guided only by their budget. All materials (fiberboard, veneer, solid wood) are designed for years of use. The more expensive the material, the more carefully it must be handled. Restrictions are imposed only on doors to the bathroom. They must be able to withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • By design. In this matter, the owner is limited only by the fact that all the doors in the building should be in the same style and color.

Preparatory work

To install the door did not cause unexpected difficulties, before it begins, it is recommended to carry out preparatory work:

  • Before installing a door without a threshold, it is necessary to level the walls and lay the flooring.
  • Prepare in advance the tools and materials necessary for installation.
  • Clean an area of the floor or set up a wide, long table with a perfectly flat surface to assemble the box.
  • Decide which way the door will open.
  • Measure the doorway and choose the door set according to its size.

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