How to correctly charge batteries in an electric screwdriver

The battery is a mandatory attribute of any electrical screwdriver. Its presence provides the tool for autonomy. This allows you to use the device in those places where there is no electric network. The accumulatory devices in performance are not inferior to network counterparts, which are powered by 220 V network. Due to autonomy, there are no wires that are always confused or limited. And knowing how to charge an electric screwdriver according to all the rules, you can use the tool for a long time.

General rules for charging screws of screwdrivers

There are several varieties of batteries and each of them provides for its own charging rules. Nevertheless, there is a general list of recommendations and they also need to be strictly observed.

Firstly, use only regular chargers (ZOM), which are included in the kit for a screwdriver. Secondly, the process is extremely not recommended to be carried out in the room at a temperature of more than 40 ° C, as well as under direct sunlight. The battery is heated during charging.

How to understand that an electric screwdriver has been charged? It is necessary to carefully monitor the indicator on the ZU. the appropriate notification will receive and the process can be completed. Many Chinese models have this (DEKO). Then you need to wait a bit so that the battery has cooled and only then is it ready for use.

Important! For proper charging the battery, it is necessary to start it correctly for a start. The larger the amount of energy gives the battery, the more it will accept during charging.

It is also worth considering the following points:

  • Before use, the new battery must be completely discharged, after which it is necessary to charge 100 %.
  • The temperature during the charging process should vary between 10 and 40 degrees.
  • Turn off the charger immediately after charging the battery.
  • In the case when an electric screwdriver does not find application for a long time, it is necessary to carry out charging every month for preventive purposes.

You should also not insert a charged battery into the tool if it is not used. It is better to postpone the nutrition element in the case. Subject to all these rules, the battery will serve for a long time.

The importance of compliance with safety precautions

Pay special attention to the following moments:

  • It is allowed to charge the battery only by direct current;
  • Use high.quality isolated cables;
  • Make sure that all wires are intact and firmly fixed;
  • Never charge the batteries, the tightness of which is impaired, there are damage and defects in the case;
  • Use personal protective equipment;
  • We carry out all the work only in ventilated rooms;
  • If the case begins to heat up, smoke will appear or an electrolyte, immediately stop working.

Connecting to the battery of a screwdriver of non.original BAS. this is an extreme measure. Without need, such methods are not recommended.

If the charging parameters turn out to be different, this can lead to serious consequences.

Types of used batteries

Modern screwdrivers are equipped with the following batteries:

The latter to connect to any non-original item is categorically not recommended.

Methods for charging lithium battery without original

If for some reason there is no original memory, there are several options for how to charge your battery screwdriver without the necessary charger.

Now separately about how to charge the battery of your screwdriver, observing security measures, without native charging using the methods presented.

Automotive POB

Choose a memory where you can at least manually adjust the charger parameters. Better yet, with a current and output voltage stabilizer. This is the perfect option.

If you have an automatic item, then the process will be quite simple:

Wowstick Lithium Cordless Mini Electric Screwdriver with LED Light Charging Dock

  • Set the necessary parameters of the output voltage;
  • To do this, multiply the charge voltage of one battery (4.2 V) by the number of batteries;
  • if it is 12 in the battery, then it has 3 batteries;
  • The voltage in this case will be 12.6 V;
  • Put the charging current to zero and connect the battery with a screwdriver;
  • Do not forget to strictly observe the polarity;
  • Now turn on the item;
  • Speake a current at a level of not more than 25% of the battery capacity (parameters are indicated on the case).

For example, if your capacity is 2 Ah, then the charge current should be no more than 500 mA.

Potentially from such a charger, you can charge the Single Bridv batteries, which will be equal to the capacity of the battery. But then the elements will begin to quickly degrade.

If there is no stabilization on the it, then you will have to constantly monitor the charging process and parameters, since they will change in the process.

Reloading lithium battery cannot be in any case. This will lead to overheating, and can also provoke an explosion.

So if possible it is still better to use automatic.

And one moment. It can be used for cars if the battery battery is designed for voltage up to 14 V. If this is 18 V, then using such a charger will not work.

Automobile battery

If you are left without an original charger, but you need to charge a screwdriver, use the battery.

Only those screwdrivers are loaded from a car battery, the original item is designed for 12 in. Everything that is more, the battery will not charge.

You can’t directly connect the devices. Charge current should be limited. This can be done using a wire resistor (at least 10 W), or due to auto lamps that are connected in parallel.

The number of lamps is chosen by experimentally. At the output you need to get 10-50% charge current from the nominal capacity of the battery.

If you exceed the parameters, you can provoke an explosion of lithium power source.

Also in the circuit should be included in the measurement devices. This is an ammeter and voltmeter for measuring current and voltage, respectively. And then the ZU is already connected to the battery, and the process of replenishing the charge begins. Do not forget to follow the charger characteristics. As soon as the voltage is at the right level, turn off.

Charging is carried out only from a fully charged battery, in which the voltage is at least 12 V. If you connect a discharged car battery to a screwdriver battery, nothing will work out.

The desired voltage is 4.2 V, multiplied by the number of elements used in the battery of the power tool. If there are 3, then the required voltage will be 12.6 V.

Power Supply

The advantage of using a power supply unit is that with it you can charge any screwdriver. Just use a device that can give out 19 in.

The algorithm of action is no different from the one in which the automotive battery was used. You can limit the current due to the ballast resistor, or auto lamp. Plus include measurement devices in the circuit, then connect the screwdriver, charge and control the parameters.

Universal ZU

The most convenient way, but also the most costly financially. And there are more expensive specimens.

But at the same time, such a memory are capable of a lot. Through them you can charge almost all types of batteries, regardless of the voltage. You just need to set the required parameters, specify the type of battery and its capacity.

Information is displayed on the screen where you can determine the time for charging, the current level of charge, the amount of energy transferred and so on.

Also, the device already has a balancer, automatic painting, measuring devices and not only.

Buy a universal item if you need to regularly charge and serve various types of batteries. But if the task is only in charging a screwdriver, such costs are dubious.

How to charge an electric screwdriver without charging devices: 12 and 18 volts, precautionary measures

Electric screwdriver is an indispensable tool that is often used in the household. It is no secret that most of these devices work from the battery, which has to be periodically recharge.

There are situations when the memory fails and because of this it is not possible to use the tool.

However, if you know how to charge an electric screwdriver without a charger, even a broken charger will not interfere with the planned work.

Electric screwdriver is a tool that is often used during repair or construction work

Safety and precautions

Before you charge something, you need to familiarize yourself with safety precautions. This will help prevent possible problems that may appear in the process of recharging the tool battery.

It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The process must be constantly monitored. As soon as charging the battery is over, the procedure must be completely stopped. The fact is that as a result of overflow, lithium components can boil. Their temperature indicators increase sharply, which can lead to an explosion.
  • It is necessary to ensure that all elements of the network are correctly included. Particular attention should be paid to the polarity and technical characteristics of the battery.
  • If the characteristics of the modules differ from each other, the battery cannot be charged for too long.

Additional Information! The recharge duration largely depends on the type of battery. On average, the procedure lasts about 3-4 hours. However, some batteries can only recharge after 7 hours.

How to charge a battery of an electric screwdriver without a charger

It often happens that their native charger breaks and they fail to recharge the electric screwdriver. In such situations, you have to use other methods of recharging the battery at home.

Using USB

Some varieties of screwdrivers are originally equipped with a USB entrance for recharging

If you need to urgently replenish the battery capacity, you can use the external charger, which are connected via a USB port. It is necessary to use devices that are designed for current 5-7 A. However, before doing this, it is necessary to independently equip an electric screwdriver with a USB-deposit. This is done as follows:

  • Remove the battery and divide the hull sections.
  • Cut in the case a special hole for installing a USB port.
  • In a circuit that connects the USB-connector and a standard charging controller, insert a fuse to 10 A. It is attached by thermoclay.
  • Carry out test charging.

To get a full charge from the installed USB port, you will need to wait at least 12 hours.

possible, charge, electric, screwdriver, charger

Important! It is necessary to install USB on an electric screwdriver yourself only if there are good knowledge in the field of electronics.

Use of automotive painting

Automotive Z. a device that can be used to charge tools

Some try to use car chargers and connect an electric screwdriver to them. However, you should not do this right away. The fact is that such chargers are designed to serve car batteries with a voltage of 12 volts. If you connect them to a screwdriver, the tool may break. Therefore, it is necessary to make in advance so that the charging parameters meet all the requirements.

If the device contains a stepless current control regulator, it is necessary to install the parameters that correspond to the standard unit with it. To reduce the load, you can use the ballast resistance.

There are situations when it is not possible to find out the exact information about the optimal parameters. In this case, it is necessary to set the current 50 % of the nominal values. The voltage level is made by minimum. It is also necessary to determine the polarity of the battery. You can do this using a test device.

Additional Information! On average, charging Li-Ion battering lasts about 3-4 hours.

Universal charger

Universal POW is ideal for recharging screwdrivers and other frequently used tools

The most common way to quickly recharge electrical screwdrivers is to use a universal item. Such devices are equipped with special step regulators, with which you can set up current strength and output voltage.

Also, many such ZAS are equipped with indicators to control the process. With their help, it is possible to understand how much the battery managed to recharge.

Additional Information! If in the used model used is the ability to change the type of battery, you must choose the right type. This will significantly accelerate the recharge process of a sowing electric screwdriver.

Using an external current source

Fuses. elements that are installed in each charger

Using this method implies that the tool will be connected to charging or machine battery using cables. In this case, the connected power source should fully correspond to the optimal characteristics of the engine of the electric screwdriver. This will prevent blog overheating during recharging.

General charging rules

Fully discharged batteries are subject to charging. To replenish the container, the full.time vina that is in the set of electrical screwdriver is used. Due to the fact that when charge the temperature of the elements increases, it is not recommended to leave the kit in the sun or in closed rooms with a temperature of more than 30 ° C. Complete charging blocks do not have parameters adjustment. The process of replenishing the battery capacity is monitored by LED indication.

The charge time depends on the type of power source and can last from 0.5 to 5-6 hours. It is not recommended to leave a charged product in the ZU. After cooling, the battery is ready for operation.

Nuances of charging batteries of various types

For the normal operation of power sources of any type, they are recommended:

To replenish the battery capacity, impulse or standard unregulated chargers are used. The initial charge is carried out pre.discharged battery. New Nicd elements are recommended to make a 3-time discharge mode-spoke. In the future, only a full charge will be needed. The indicator of the end of the container will be tangible heating of the battery body body.

possible, charge, electric, screwdriver, charger

Nickel-metallhydride batteries, unlike cadmiums, should be stored with a small (30-40%) level of capacity. These batteries are more sensitive to heating, so they cannot be overloaded during operation. For this, there is a ring of selection of torque on an electric screwdriver. Due to the fact that the NI-MH accumulator is subject to the “memory effect”, 4-6-fold “Training” modes must be periodically carried out to restore the container.

After the battery charge, it is necessary to give time to cool. Otherwise, this will affect the amount of current return. If a voltage of 0.9 V and below was reached in the process of discharge, some do not “see” the inserted element. On any memory with small currents, it will be necessary to achieve the required value, and then continue charging with a regular device.

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged without waiting for their full discharge. The given capacity is highly dependent on the ambient temperature. Optimal parameters are achieved in room conditions. Li-Ion-accumulators are sensitive to charging current, especially at the end of the process. The permitted tolerance is 0.05 V. The average element is charged about 3 hours. Time may vary depending on the capacity.

Lithium batteries with protection do not suffer from re- or underpare. The protection board cuts off an excessive voltage (more than 3.7 V into the jar) when charging and turns off the battery if the charge level fell to the minimum, about 2.4 V. The presence of a device significantly extends the lifetime of the element.

What to do if the battery does not charge or holds a charge

In this case, there are few options: either the cause of the malfunction lies in the charging device, or the “junk” the electric screwdriver itself. Also, the battery unit can exhaust its resource over time and need to replace. In order to find out the cause, it is necessary to carefully examine both the tool itself and its battery together with the.

Often the reason for the weak charging of the battery is that the contact between the electric screwdriver and its charger weakens due to extension of the terminals. To eliminate this problem, it will be enough just to disassemble the charger and carefully bend his terminals back.

Do not forget about such a frequent problem as the oxidation of the metal parts of the battery itself and the charger. The constant hit of construction dust and dirt also contribute to the weak flow of the charge current from the oil to the battery: the tools are charged worse. It is important not to forget to take care of all the components of the tool in order to prevent a deterioration in its work, wiping metal contacts and cleansing them from pollution.

If the battery itself sat down, you can try to “swing” it, as is usually done in the case of nickel-cadmium elements. If this does not help, you will either have to change the battery block completely, or to partially replace its elements.

Typically, any electric screwdriver is equipped with two identical batteries. If one of them fails, if desired, you can assemble one working battery of two, if the container has become smaller in both. After one working one is assembled from two blocks, you need to not forget to equalize the indicators of the container of the elements, “pumping” the battery with several “charge-discharge” cycles within 3-4 hours.

You can also try to “cheer up” the batteries separately. To do this, the weakest of them should be charged with large currents, and then collect the battery back and charge in normal mode.

This method sometimes works in the case of nickel-cadmium batteries. “Point” recharging with large currents should last no more than 3-5 seconds. At the same time, it is advisable to prevent a strong overheating of the element in order to avoid its destruction.

Non.standard methods of charging the battery of an electric screwdriver

It also happens that the “native” charger from the power tool is either lost or fails, and to purchase the same thing is very problematic. Many people ask about whether it is possible to correctly charge the battery by connecting it to some other power source.

Of course, this can be done. And such charging methods will not bring any harm to the battery if you get acquainted well with the characteristics of the tool itself and any other charger, which can serve as an alternative power source for the battery.

In order to choose a suitable alternative charger for your screwdriver, you need to know the indicators of its voltage and capacity. They are usually indicated on the external body of the tool. You should also pay attention to the polarity. It can be different, depending on the manufacturer. This is very important for the proper connection of the battery to the.

Which charger is suitable, is determined as follows. For example, we have an 18-volt electric screwdriver with a battery capacity 2 a/h. This means that the charger must be capable of issuing the same voltage, and the power will be enough 200 milliamps per hour. since the complete charge of such a battery requires a long time. It is better to use a charger with the ability to regulate current strength, charging a battery for 6-7 hours.

To supply current to the battery, you can use the “crocodiles” of small sizes. And to make the contact good, they can be additionally fixed using metal wiring.

If there is such an opportunity, try to carry out car. It is important to remember that the voltage in this case should be set the minimum. Determine the polarity of the battery and a busbraker (as already mentioned, it can be different).

Then connect the terminals from the car charger directly to the battery. Sometimes for optimal contact, you also have to use prefiguration “fixtors” in the form of scrapers or flexible metal plates.

After such simple manipulations, it remains only to include the device on the network and carefully monitor the charging process. First you can have enough minutes 15-20. And when the heat transfer is increased in the charged battery of the electric screwdriver, the charger should be turned off.

Recently, the replacement of batteries in electric screwdriver from cadmievs to lithium, especially among professional masters using electric screwdrivers regularly, has become very popular. The battery charge time in this case will also depend on the type of charger. If you have an ordinary “regular” charger, the battery can charge from 3 to 7 hours. And if there is an opportunity to purchase a modern pulse charger, it will be a small hour with a small hour to bring the battery to working condition.

Electric screwdriver is one of the most popular tools used by professionals and amateurs. The use of network screwdrivers is not always convenient, especially if you are far from 220 V. With a battery tool, this problem is solved, you can move freely with it, do not carry the cord for it.

One of the main elements of any battery is a battery that provides autonomous functioning. But how to correctly charge the battery so that it serves as long as possible? Further in detail in the article.

Briefly about the main thing

For proper charging the battery of an electric screwdriver, a number of requirements must be observed:

  • Full charging before the first use.
  • Nickel-cadmium battery recharge 3-4 times.
  • Lithium-ionic lithium are recharged into one cycle.
  • With prolonged storage of the battery, it is necessary to extract from the device.
  • The procedure should proceed under optimal external conditions.
  • It is unacceptable to heat the block over 500C.
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries are permissible to store discharged.
  • Lithium-ionic ones cannot be stored when discharge more than half.

In addition to lithium-ion and nickel-cadmiums, there are nickel-metal-hydrode batteries. Each variety has its own characteristics. The time for charging an electric screwdriver depends on the battery capacity and the type of ZA. usually varies from 1 hour to 7 hours. During the operation of the device, a number of problems may arise. the battery ceased to be charged, there is no native land and how to store the device correctly, with a charged or discharged battery.

For which batteries is suitable charging from an electric screwdriver

As well as standard ZU for motorists, it is compatible with acid battery. The standard parameters of the majority of batteries from batteries are a voltage of about 14.5 V. Current from 2.5 to 2.7 A. For comparison, specialized charges for car batteries have a current of 2 times more. 5 A.

You need to make sure that the battery is really discharged. The level of electrolyte is easy to check by opening the flood traffic jams. In normal condition, it covers the plates, the presence of extraneous impurities is unacceptable. Also on the case there should not be cracks and breaks. If a crack has formed on the case, then the electrolyte has already leaked, and it is useless to charge the damaged battery.

How to load a battery of an electric screwdriver as a car charging

Electric screwdriver is the most necessary tools used by experts not lovers. The use of network screwdrivers is occasionally comfortable, especially if you are far from 220 V. With a battery inventory, this inconsistency is solved, with the child there is an option to move freely, not dragging a cord along.

One of the parts of at least any battery is a battery that provides autonomous functioning. But how correctly it is necessary to charge the battery so that it serves for a very long time? Further carefully in the text of the article.

Types of batteries

So that the battery serves for a long time “like a clock”, it is necessary to carefully study the annotation attached to the device for previously. It should be noted that the screwdrivers are distinguished not so much by price, power, the manufacturer, but they are not divided into professional not semi.professional. Accordingly, batteries will also have different cost, quality is not capacity of the charge

Professional types are equipped with more capacious power sources that will cost a level more expensive, but will also work longer than ordinary. Manufacturers use various batteries in the manufacture of their devices, each of which is endowed with certain parameters and features that should be taken into account during recharging. Squire batteries can be classified into the following types:

Are considered the most powerful batteries. They are quickly charged, as well as in them a complete lack of memory effect. To recharge this type of battery is easier. There is no need to recharge it after complete discharge, it is allowed to nourish as needed. How to restore the battery of an electric screwdriver and its capacity? Is it possible to restore the battery of an electric screwdriver. The high cost and intolerance of low temperature repulses the desire to buy from many people, so they are not too in demand. Battering should be charged at a temperature of 10 to 40 ° C. If the battery heats up during the charge, it must be cooled to avoid further breakdowns.

Nickel-cadmium ni-cd

Nickel cadmium battery is endowed with compact dimensions and large capacity. Following the attached instructions, they can be fed more than 1000 times. There is a memory effect if it is charged before the full category occurs, this can lower the energy intensity. Before the first use, you need to charge at least three times and discharge the battery. In the future, it is also recommended to completely discharge and charge the device, this will make it possible to bring the capacity to the required working condition. How to restore the battery of an electric screwdriver and its. The same rule is applicable during the storage of the tool.

Nickel-metallhydridic ni-mh

Belong to the latest generation of batteries, for this reason, the memory effect is somewhat weaker than the previous variety, which is an undoubted plus. NMGB shortcomings. the highest current of self.discharge. For the battery for a long time to function, it must be kept charged. In the case of prolonged non.use of an electric screwdriver (about a month), it must be completely reloaded.

How to charge a car accumulator with an electric screwdriver

Makita. We measure the amperavo.vehicle battery tok engraving.

Incredibly charged from electric screwdriver charges a car battery

Makita.Car Contacts Continuation Continuation.

As you can see, each battery is endowed with characteristic features, given which, it will be possible to correctly charge an electric screwdriver.

Features of charging of one or another type

The initial charging of an electrical screwdriver is considered a very significant factor, since it depends on it whether the full charge capacity will become an active one or not. Any type of battery has its characteristic features of primary recharging. The process of recharging the nickel-cadmium battery is somewhat complicated. Initially, it needs to be recharged three times in a row, and so that the charge capacity remains filled.

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Nickel-metallhydrid view for the first time is recommended to be completely discharge, and also completely charge. The circle of full charge/discharge is repeated 4-5 times, then you can safely charge and discharge the battery, regardless of the fullness of the container.

There are no special rules for lithium-ion, the capacity remains unchanged for a long time.

Advice! Overheating of a power supply over 50 degrees cannot be overheated.

How much time is optimal for charging?

The recharge period is usually indicated in the instructions of the device. In most cases, the device has a special indicator that helps to understand how long you need to charge. After the charging has ended, turn it off so as not to damage the batteries. The average charging value for an electric screwdriver will be from 30 minutes to seven hours. The longest period in Ni-CD with a voltage of 1.2 V, a current of 250 mA is approximately seven hours.

There are also two types of charger for battery: ordinary and pulse. Standard charging

Ryobi Quick Turn Battery Screwdriver

Most often, unprofessional tools are equipped, the charge lasts about 3-7 hours. The pulse device is designed for professional models and is able to power the battery in a maximum of 1 hour.

Tip: Interskol electric screwdriver is distinguished by its universality, except for the main function, it can still be used as a drill.

Is it worth it to charge before long.term storage?

For a long time you do not use the battery from an electric screwdriver? Experts give the following recommendations.

  • Nickel-cadmium battery, before stored, must be discharged to a state when an electric screwdriver stops functioning at full strength. For long-term storage, 3-5 full-fledged charging/discharge circles must be carried out.
  • Nickel-metallogids are provided with a larger self-discharge, in contrast to previous elements. Experts advise keeping them charged, and after a long break, put them up for a day. The container decreases after 200-300 charging cycles. Partial category for this type is allowed.
  • Lithium-ionic lithium is distinguished by the complete absence of the “memory effect”. How to restore the battery of an electric screwdriver and its. The battery can be charged anyway. Not recommended, completely discharge them, as a result you can turn off the protective circuit. Equipped with special controllers, which at high temperatures turn off the element to prevent overload. You can store the element charged by only 50%.

Charging methods without using a special charger

When the standard charger is absent or just broken, you can do without it. Craftsmen came up with different ways to replenish the battery charge from different sources. To charge the battery of an electric screwdriver without a charger of a conventional model, you can use:

The best option for car charging is the device with the ability to regulate the voltage and current strength. The main thing in such cases is to avoid reloading. To do this, the charging current is set within such limits that the process is from 0.5 to 0.1 Ah, depending on the size of the total capacity. For example, if it is 1.3 Ah, then the current strength should be from 650 to 130 mA.

Когда токовые величины слишком большие, а меньшие выставить регулятором нельзя, применяют дополнительное сопротивление, например, автомобильную лампу. It is connected sequentially to the battery block.

Universal charges are convenient in practice. They have many additional settings that allow you to optimally choose the right current parameters for recharging batteries from different power tools.

External sources of electricity are used mainly for worn screwdrivers, for which it is impractical from an economic point of view to acquire new batteries. In such cases, the power tool is modernized in a certain way, while the corresponding connection scheme is developed. An example is the converted USB-charging, additionally equipped with a fuse.

How to connect to a charger

Before solving the issue “whether it is possible to charge an electric screwdriver with a charger”, you need to remember that the charging unit of an electric screwdriver supplies a low voltage, with a large length of the wire the voltage is lost, so the connection through a meter cord with section 2 will be rational.5 mm2 and more.

  • The wires are attached to the contacts of the charger of the electric screwdriver. Spoiled nutrients are removed from the nest.
  • A groove is made in the case, a cable is passed through it. The entrance place is proposed to be compacted with elastic material so that there is no backlash and the wire holds reliably in place.
  • Since the nest after removal of unusual elements was lost in gravity, it is recommended to restore the balance with the tab in the released space of any cargo, otherwise the brush will be very tired during operation, eventually harming the health of the joints, ligaments.
  • The cable and the previously attached wires are connected together, the case is collected.

Other methods of feeding

Block inside

The solution to the problem “Is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver through a charger” can be an alternative option for writing an electric screwdriver. installing a power supply unit in the devastated body of the tooling of the tool.

Before starting actions, it is necessary to prevent overheating of the block, for which holes are arranged in advance in advance, which will provide air movement, removal of heat. The time of continuous operation by an electric screwdriver with such an improvement is advisable to reduce to 15 minutes.

A finished block is purchased, it is selected by the size of the case, technical indicators. The impulse version of the module is most suitable for use, it is small, light. The use of domestic production modules of the time of the last century is not recommended. they have large volumes with small efficiency.

Unsuitable nutrition elements are removed from the bed, a power supply is laid in their place. Contacts are noted, the case is closed. A collected hybrid gadget is ready to work from the network.

  • The wires can be lengthened for convenience.
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the assembly: the design should not be able to touch metal elements, otherwise the short circuit is not avoided. It is best to leave some place between the transformer and the board, which will positively affect cooling.
  • If any parts of the structure are very hot, it is possible to install excessive heat of the modules, or the device of ventilation grooves.

On your own

For users with special knowledge, skills, the problem will not turn out to be difficult “whether it is possible to power an electric screwdriver from a charger without special means”, Assembling a nutrient unit is possible with its own hands. Instead of spoiled elements, the power module collected according to the scheme is inserted into the case. The outgoing voltage is measured, the wires are transferred, the case is locked.

Tip: the scheme may require an additional load, provide it with the inclusion in the 15W light bulb, which will also provide backlight.

The computer module is also suitable

Another solution to the problem of writing an electric screwdriver is to install it to a computer power supply. This option is applicable to such modules that are equipped with a mechanical switching lever. The positive aspect is that the block is cooled by the cooler, is protected from exaggerations of the load special system.

Such an assembly is arranged only with the use of power modules at 300-350 W and an current of 12 volts, at least 16 A. For tools with a voltage of more than 14 volts, this recording option does not work.

The user may wish to hide an unaesthetic block into a beautiful case, then it is recommended not to forget to arrange ventilation in it.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the question “Can I connect an electric screwdriver to a charger”, you can stop by charging by a car ak-block. The modules with manually adjustable current, voltage are applicable. The connection is absolutely not complicated. it is enough to connect the input channels of the tool motor with contacts of the car charger.

General recommendations

All of the listed methods include one stage that unites them. disassembling the body of the supply module. If the skeleton is fixed on the bolts, then this is not a difficulty, fastening on the gap requires careful opening of the seam by tapping the gap with a hammer, deepening the knife into it.

During installation, observe the direction of the voltage. it should not be supplied to the battery. Therefore, the module is mounted in parallel to supplying contacts, a diode illuminator for a certain power is built into the plus line.

Resume: to the question “can an electric screwdriver work from a charger” have a positive answer, and several solutions, however, caution, some scientific knowledge and dexterity are required.

Electric screwdriver with an autonomous power source is definitely one of the best inventions of mankind, and it greatly facilitates the life of almost the whole man.

How much time it is necessary to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver

Many are interested in how long it will last a recharging electric screwdriver. The duration of this procedure largely depends on the type of charging. For example, if the tool is connected to a pulse device, the process lasts only an hour. During this time, an electric screwdriver will be able to completely recharge.

Some people use ordinary, not impulse. In such cases, the tool will be charged many times longer. Recharge will end within 5-8 hours.

Additional Information! The duration of full charge depends on the model of the electrical screwdriver used.

Each such tool is sold with instructions. Before you charge the battery of an electric screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with it. In the instructions, you can find out more accurate information about how long the charging should last.

Is it possible to charge a lithium-ion battery without a controller

Many are interested in whether it is possible to recharge a lithium-ion battery without using a controller. In fact, it is possible. However, you will have to carefully monitor the voltage and charger indicators. It is impossible to allow them to be too big. The fact is that increased values ​​can lead to the fact that the battery will fail and then it will not be possible to use it.

To protect your electric screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery, you will have to independently limit the maximum charging current. Only in this case it will be possible to recharge without using the controller.

Additional Information! This recharge method is extremely rare, since many people do not want to constantly control the voltage. It is better to use universal chargers. With their help, to charge the sowing electric screwdriver is much easier.

Some people do not know how to charge an electric screwdriver without a charger and immediately buy a new charger. However, in fact, it is not necessary to do this. There are several effective ways that allow you to recharge the tool at home, even without using a corporate party.

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