Is it possible to drill an electric screwdriver

Not always an electric screwdriver. A multifunctional tool. Often he performs certain tasks. But sometimes you have to deal not only with wood and simple fasteners. There are bricks, concrete and metal in the work. In this article we will talk about whether it is possible to drill an electric screwdriver with a concrete or brick wall.

Preparation for drilling

Before drilling, you need to fix an electric screwdriver in drilling mode. There is an arrow on the instrument indicating the drill icon. Electric screwdriver must be kept a little perpendicular to the axis of drilling. In order for the drill to deepen into the material, you should press the tool. But slightly, otherwise you can break a drill and damage your hands. In the process, the pressure should be loosened and removed from the hole to remove metal crumbs and dust. This information is useful to know how to drill the wall with an electric screwdriver.

Depending on the model of the drilling tool, the drill icon may look different. There will be an image of a drill with a hammer on shock screwdrivers.

Than drill large holes

Many are interested in whether it is possible to drill holes of different diameters with an electric screwdriver. It is possible, but at the same time the tool should be equipped with additional devices.

  • Crown (for metal products). A small circle of a certain diameter with sharp edges. In the center you need to place a drill to break the metal. The crown at low power makes a hole or hole of the desired diameter. During operation of the edge of the crown and the surface of the material, it is necessary to cool.
  • Several stages. Drills of various diameters are needed here, from less to greater. You need to start with small diameter drills, gradually increasing, depending on the width of the hole.
  • Cone.

The above methods are suitable for working with metal. But if desired, they can be used with other materials.

How not to hide the tool?

With intensive work, the drill or other nozzles can be dull. To prevent this from happening, it is better to drill at low engine speeds. Crushing the start button of an electric screwdriver is not worth it. If the material is thick, use cooling lubricants or ordinary motor oil.

Concrete drill

Users are often interested in how to drill concrete with an electric screwdriver and is it possible. Concrete is a rather strong material, so you need to take into account the diameter of the hole and its depth. If a hole is provided with a diameter of more than10 mm, then it will be difficult to drill this.

When drilling concrete, a drill with a diameter of 3-5 mm is taken. Particular attention should be paid to the moment. If you screw a simple fastener, 500 rpm will be enough. But for drilling, 1300-1500 rpm will already be needed.

Another criterion for working on concrete is the torque. For such purposes, an electric screwdriver is selected with an indicator from 90 to140 nm. It turns out that with an electric screwdriver you can drill a wall of concrete. The tool with this moment is also useful for drilling brick walls.

Some craftsmen use an electric screwdriver for drilling holes on fishing. The torque is needed here considerable. Separate Makita models and Metabo tools cope with this.

Electric screwdriver can easily drill concrete up to 10 mm

Drilling wood using an electric screwdriver

First you need to insert a drill suitable for work into the cartridge. Then configure the corresponding mode. There is an appropriate drill icon and a rotary shooter on an electric screwdriver. These two values ​​need to be combined and the tool will go to the drill mode.

In this mode, a rattle stops working (protection of the motor from overloads). Therefore, you should drill with caution, otherwise the drill will jam and the engine may become unusable. If you work with a wireless electric screwdriver, it is a shaking lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery. He is unpretentious and durable.

Then you can press the “start” and start drilling. During operation, you need to ensure that the drill does not go to the bias. Otherwise it can break off. There are 2 speeds on most screwdrivers. If the wood is solid, it is better to choose the second speed. What mode is needed to screw a screw or screw, you can judge by the thickness and length of the fasteners.

Electric screwdriver can be used as a drill for drilling a tree

Is it possible to drill metal with an electric screwdriver

If there is no drilling machine or drill in stock, metal products can also be drilled with an electric screwdriver. The main thing is to choose the right equipment. Equipment for concrete, wood or tiles made of ceramics, formed and imprisoned in different ways. For metal, equipment is indicated by the letters HSS.

To increase strength and resistance to wear, the working surface of the equipment is covered with titan. For steels of a solid structure, equipment with marking R18 is used. If COBALT is added to the coating, then the strength of the equipment increases significantly. Now you can not think how to drill the front door of the front door with an electric screwdriver.

You can drill even alloyed steel with electric screwdriver if the tip of the drill. But this is already from the field of experiments, as it will come out for a lot. If the metal is thin.Leafy, conical drill is used when drilling.

Equipping an electric screwdriver for metal has the designation HSS

Tile drilling errors

If the garage has only a manual drill, even it can drill tiles. But the electric screwdriver is not in short supply, so it is better to use it. There are enough tricks here, so without certain experience, you can make mistakes.

Cracks and chips on the tile show that the work was done by a person without skills. Drilling took place in shock mode, which is unacceptable. There are also signs of improper drilling mode, which can lead to damage to the ceramic coating of tiles:

How To: Drill a Hole in Glass using a Dremel

Is it possible to use a gaykowert as an electric screwdriver?

Gaykowert. A mechanical tool for screwing and twisting of nuts and bolts. You can’t do without it when you need to unscrew the rusted nut in hard.To.Reach places, and the simple wrench is powerless. The gaykovert can be confused with the drill. But the experienced owner will see the difference: the installed nozzle in the holder.

Is it possible to twist the screws?

Gaikovert is definitely not suitable as an electric screwdriver. Self.Tapping screws will either tear off their heads, or they will fly through the board right through. Over, the Gaykowerts often have a tangential blow, which greatly increases the moment.

possible, drill, gaykwernet, drilling

What is the difference between an electric screwdriver and a screw control?

The main difference between them is the adapter for attaching nozzles. If an electric screwdriver has a rapidly packed cartridge, which allows you to fix both the cylindrical shank of the drill and the hexagon bite, then the screw vert is designed to attach exclusively bit and is not able to hold the drill.

How shock electric screwdriver works?

With the free course of the product, the electric screwdriver works in standard mode, when resistance occurs and reduce the unhindered stroke of the nut along the thread, the mode is automatically switched by the mode for a stress. Since there is no need to make excessive efforts to tighten the bolts and screws, the hats are not deformed.

What is the Gaikover intended for?

Gaikovitors-a hand tool designed to twist and unscrew the threaded joints on bolts and nuts, as well as for screwing and unscrewing the grouse and anchor-shurups, in some cases-with an adjustable torque moment.

possible, drill, gaykwernet, drilling

Why do you need a shock gaykovert?

The automobile electric whale allows you to perform many functions: to tighten and twist nuts, screws and other fasteners, which have a threaded battery type of a gaycorte from a battery that can be changed if necessary.

Is it possible to drill with a screw control?

How correctly drilling with a shock.Fingered screw, the subject of special controversy among masters of impact is good for drilling soft wood with feathers. You can, of course, use the usual electric screwdriver, but such work needs power and a large angular speed.

Is it possible to use a Gaikovert for ice discovery?

Instead of an electric screwdriver for an ice discovery, you can use a battery gaykort, therefore, almost any battery gaykorte is suitable for an ice.Shoe.Shutter.

What is the difference between a stroke gaykowert from the usual?

A shock electric screwdriver or a gaykowert has a tangential blow (in a plane, perpendicular axis of rotation), t. E. The effort to tighten screws or nuts is attached not continuously, but with a high.Frequency series of small blows, as if you put an an eye key on a nut and began to tap on it with a hammer.

What is the difference between a pulse electric screwdriver from a gaycorta?

The pulse gaykowert is a tool that is mainly used in assembly by gaywortes, unlike screwdrivers, create a blow, a perpendicular axis of rotation and radius, due to which, with the same power, much greater moments are achieved when unscrewing and screwing.

That the impact or electric screwdriver is better?

Impacts are fundamentally different from screwdrivers of their device. Large twisting moments are achieved due to the force of inertia and shock impulse at the same time, impacts having approximately equal dimensions and weight relative to a class electrical screwdriver can develop 3-4 times larger peak torque.

How to understand an electric screwdriver?

Shock electric screwdriver is a special power tool that allows the most effectively drilling walls in order to screw screws and install other fasteners.

The better the shock electric screwdriver?

The shock screwdriver easily copes with a similar task, gives an advantage in working with brick and masonry, but still its effectiveness is far from the capabilities of a full.Sized shock drill and, especially, a penetrator. But in the twisting of screws and screws “with an interference”, there are no equal shock screwdrivers.

What is the name of the shock electric screwdriver?

Gaikhverts with an internal hexagon that allows you to use adapters with a square or cartridge, as well as bits (for screws/screws, drills, etc.), also sometimes called in stores paws, pulsed/shock screwdrivers or drummer drills.

Is it possible to drill concrete with an electric screwdriver?

Screwdrivers capable of drilling some types of stale concrete and concrete blocks exist. If you do not demand too much from them, then from time to time using a drill-electrical screwdriver equipped with a shock mechanism, you can drill a couple of holes in the concrete wall.

Unstressed models are suitable for drilling metal, wood or plastic. When working with more durable materials (brick, concrete, stone), preference is given to shock tools. The mode of operation. Unstressed electric screwdriver works only in two modes: drilling and twisting.


To make polishing the body, headlights of the car or other surface using an electric screwdriver, additional nozzles are needed. Polishing circles. Circles made of a cord or leather are used for preliminary cleaning. Fleet nozzles are used for both cleaning and final polishing.

  • The surface that needs to be polished is washed from dirt and dust;
  • Dried;
  • Apply the abrasive composition to the polishing circle;
  • Sequentially process all areas with smooth movements without strong pressure.

In the process, the circle is periodically cleaned of the residues of the pasta using a clean rag. Polishing takes a lot of time, the battery can be discharged. If the device is very heated, you need to turn it off and wait for a while before resuming the work.

The difference between the Gaykowert and the electric screwdriver

Electric electric screwdriver covers a large range of work. It is used both for twisting (screws, screws, screws), and for drilling low density materials. The instrument has a speed controller and can be equipped with various types of cartridges (fast.Packed or fist). Suitable for home and production work.

Things are different with Gaikovert. This tool is widely used in production for quick and high.Quality fastening of parts, but more and more often begins to appear in home amateur home sets. Can have a hexagonal cartridge or square with a friction ring. The most effective are shock gayworts, although the models of the pulsed type are very common. The main thing is how the Gaikovert differs from the electric screwdriver is the increased power of the first. Gaikovert can tighten screws, but requires a fair dexterity for this, since, with excess effort, he can tear the hats or make the fasteners deep into the boards. The main domestic use of a gaykorte is to unscrew the car wheels and fasten the overall threaded structures. For this case, it is ideal.

The next difference is the cartridge. Unlike the clamping mechanism of an electrical screwdriver, to use drill or bits on a gaykovert, adapters will be required.

How the ratchet mechanism works on an electric screwdriver

In the design of the tool, in addition to the gearbox, such a device as a power power regulator with a safety coupling is also used. These two devices are interconnected, but have a similar design. To begin with, we find out why the rattle is needed and the mechanism for adjusting the force of the moment that is absent on drifts and screwdrivers.

The electric screwdriver is designed to perform work to screw screws and other fasteners. When screwing screws into wood, it is necessary to make a different force, which depends on the length of the fastener, as well as the type of wood (hardness).

This requires an effort with varying degrees of power. The design has a mechanism called rattle. The principle of operation of this mechanism is similar to the moment key. Upon reaching the corresponding effort that is set manually, the handle is turning relative to the key head. Consider what this mechanism is on an electric screwdriver:

  • One large spring or a set of springs, due to which the press force is regulated
  • Fitting or fists that serve to connect with the transmission mechanism. Balls from bearings are also used as fittings. On the example of a photo located below, the protrusions are posted on the plate
  • Grooves or grooves through which the fitting connection occurs with a spring acting on it

For the convenience of perception, on the outer part of the device there are designations in the form of numbers from 1 to 24 or more. The more numbers on the force of the regulator, the higher the setting range. The stronger the springs affect the fittings, the greater the squeezer force. Switching the regulator to a large mode allows you to screw long self.Tapping screws into solid wood rocks.

The pressing force regulator simultaneously performs a protective function, due to which the probability of stator jamming is excluded. If the nozzle fixed in the cartridge of the tool is jammed, then in the regulator there is a slip in the grooves. At the same time, the rotor overcomes the effort, but does not jam. The absence of such a mechanism would lead to burning the rotor windings, by increasing the current.

possible, drill, gaykwernet, drilling

In order to protect the tool engine from combustion, the design also uses a safety clutch of a friction type. Below it is presented in the photo, and works when jamming the nozzle. For example, the maximum effort is set on the regulator, in this case, if the drill is jammed, then with a high degree of probability an extinguishing of the device will occur from the hands. To prevent this from happening, a protective clutch is used, which excludes the torn of the tool from the hands, and also prevents the combustion of the winding on the rotor.

When jaming the nozzle in the cartridge, the engine rotor stops. To prevent such jamming, for this, a safety coupling is used in the design. It works only in one mode, when the executive body rotates in the direction to the right. When the cartridge is rotated, the coupling does not work, as can be seen from the photo above. Typically, additional safety couplings are used on powerful screwdrivers from 14V. Below in the photo, a type of regulator of the effort of pressing an electric screwdriver, the principle of operation of which is similar to the description.

It is interesting!Not all screwdrivers have safety couplings on how their role is played by the efforts.

How to make a gaykowert from an electric screwdriver

For various reasons, in household matters, you may need to unscrew a couple of dozen nuts. Buying for such a fleeting need Gaikovert is quite a little expensive, but I don’t want to twist manually when there is an old, like electric screwdriver at the disposal. He performs the main rotational function, it remains to remake it under the spinning of the nuts. Everything is extremely simple here.

To make a gaykowert from an electric screwdriver, you will need a special adapter for bats and nozzles themselves, the size of your nuts. Adapters are in the region of 300 and are sold in most building stores. When all the components are at hand, clamp the adapter shank in the cartridge, put on the right nozzle and use a home.Made Gaikover from an electric screwdriver.

During work, difficult situations are often found when the use of a wrench alone becomes clearly insufficient. Then you have to pick up special tools: they help in working with details that have a thread. Among them you can distinguish an electric screwdriver and a gaykowert. These technical devices serve for one goal. To accelerate work associated with a large number of nuts used, bolts and screws. At the same time, despite the similarity of the tasks to be solved, they have a number of significant differences. It will be possible to learn about this and which of the tools can be used from the view below.

Is it possible to drill a gaykwernet?

It is designed to screw or twist bolts or nuts. Unlike electrical screwdriver, a cartridge for operational capabilities does not have a serious restriction on the operational capabilities. When drilling, it is good to use drill.

Impact, he is a screwwoman, he is also impulse screws, differs in the presence of a tangential blow. This is a special type of impact, which is made on a tangent relative to the shaft, and not in the line, such as the penetrators and shock drones or the same shock screwdrivers.

Wood, drywall

A distinctive feature of a wood drill with a diameter of 2 to 16–24 mm from a similar metal lies in the presence of a sharp tip in the center of the main sharpening at the end of the working part. This is necessary for normal centering the drill in relation to the hole and for a light start. The tip easily enters the wood fibers in a strictly marked place and does not allow the drill to jump off.

possible, drill, gaykwernet, drilling

For drilling wood, drywall, the metal is suitable for metal, but often the holes are uneven, especially if you do not choose the desired drill speed depending on the type of wood. In the soft rocks of the fiber, I will diverge at the edges of the opening, and in solids a split is possible if the drill is shifted.

For holes of large diameter and/or deep, it is used:

The feather drill is a flat plate with two sharpened faces and a point to determine the direction. Unregulated feather cord help to sparkle holes with a diameter of 8–45 (60) mm. However, without a rigid fixation of the tool and the base, the shape of the hole is unlikely to be even, and due to the lack of side cutting edges of the walls of the hole, the opening walls are more often obtained with broken fibers.

BD Drill overburden casing system

Wood ballerines help to drill holes of large diameter, but only at the base with a thickness not exceeding a certain threshold, for example, up to 50–70 mm.

The screws are optimized for output of wood chips, are a direct analogue of large drill over the concrete. Used to drill holes with a diameter of up to 45 mm and a meter depth.

Saw crowns drill material around the circle. A frequent file is formed along the edge of the crown. After you need to select the material inside with a chisel, if you need to make an undertaken hole.

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