Is it possible to mow in the rain with a gasoline trimmer

Living in a personal house is not difficult to observe the periodic schedule for the lawn care. Even despite the wet weather, moist grass of course, mowing a lawn mower or a trimmer for a day later, when it dries. To care for a natural herbal coating in a summer cottage is even more difficult. Since visits fall on the weekend, then mowing falls on all these days. What to do if the weather was rainy?

To realize what trimmers there is an option to mow wet grass, and which ones are not, you should deal with their device. Now the consumer is available two main types of motorcycle:

Electrimmers, depending on the location of the motor, happen:

According to the theory of safety, you can only mow a wet trimmer or a “litter” with a gasoline trimmer from rain or dew or dew. The introduction of electronic motorcycles is very much. Especially if it concerns devices with the lower location of the motor, because they are in the water hit. As a result, sometimes the closure of the closure occurs.

It is not recommended to create mowing of grass at one time in the rain and electrimmers with the upper location of the motor. If the passage of water penetration to the aggregate can not only crush, at the same time hit Kosar’s current.

Wet weed can also not be mowed by the gas mowers with an electric drive. The reason that it remains to make our client the same as with electritrimers with the lower arrangement of the unit is a great possibility of short.closed close. In addition, there is a danger that by non.vigilance there is an option to cut a power wire that feeds the unit.

possible, trimmer

If despite this there is a need to mow grass in wet weather or on dew, then use better carburetor motorcycles and lawn mowers. So it will be even safer for life and health.

How to mow a benzotrimer, newcomers training

There are indirect prerequisites for why it is impossible to mow the grass wet from dew or rain on a personal plot. You can classify:

The most of the system of the motokos is the mowing of moisturized vegetation? Everything is simple. It is displayed and therefore a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if that remains to make our client an amazingly blurred, there is a great opportunity that the engine will not withstand a large load created on a flexible shaft of a trimmer for grass. Well, the shaft itself can crank. In most cases, such loads appear from the sticking of wet grass to knives on the spindle, where they are attached.

Trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, due to huge loads, increases the degree of wear of the main nodes and assemblies. Here we note the early breakdown of the piston pair, well, and additionally other movable nodes. In most cases, the piston steam burns due to overheating of the motor. In the case of the motor, we will overshadowed by the load created by a wet grass during mowing.

If you mow moist grass with a gasoline trimmer, to avoid overheating of the motor, let him work for it at idle for idle for idle. With this method you will take excessive heat and save the piston pair.

Probably probably noticed that if you mowed wet grass with a trimmer, then the cut goes out to be torn. Then he dries, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow. This can happen for several reasons:

At the beginning you should wait when the vegetation dries. When drying, the grass always becomes tougher. In the 2nd case, it is worth replacing a fishing line for a trimmer to a narrower in another way with another profile. Practice shows that it is possible to get an even cut on a wet grass using profiled forests with square in other words of a star section.

Principle of operation

In order to put a whole trimmer system for the grass on the shelves, rationally divide the device into 3 of its components: the motor, drive components and the control concept.

Gasoline trimmers for grass are quite difficult and bulky, for this reason, manufacturers are extremely deliberately approaching the organization of management. In order to remove the load from the hands, the shoulder strap is taken into account. The user’s hands rule the bar due to the bicycle handle. She is able to be adjusted by the embroidery of the bar, which is very comfortable. In this version of the device, the motor is placed behind the user, and the cutting component is very simply rushed in the right direction in the required elevation.

The most significant management components are considered gas trigger and clutch. They are placed on the right handle and are associated with adhesion devices.

But what does a trimmer for Interskol grass look like a gasoline and how it can be used, it is indicated here.

The principle of operation of any from the types of gasoline trimmer for the grass is similar (about the types of trimmer for the grass will be described below). At one from the ends of the trimmer for the grass there is a working part in the version of a screw.shaped knife, fishing line. From a different end, a tank for fuel with butter and buttons for control is placed. For the labor of a gasoline trimmer for grass, the composition of fuel and oil is used. When the device is tilted with gasoline, the start buttons are pressed on the control panel and in a similar way, the trimmer for the grass brings the cutting element into the act.

In the video. a gasoline trimmer for grass for grass:

One with the functions of a trimmer for grass is a practical launch of the motor using a special spring starter. Numerous modifications of the device allow the change of nozzles, which positively affects the effective operation of the device, especially for owners of sites with a high vegetation rate.

An anti.vibrational system is considered an important element of the device, which reduces the load on the joints of the shoulder and hand. It is very bad when there is no such function in the device, because during work a person will quickly get tired, and limbs will hurt. But what is the best gasoline trimmer for grass for grass and by what parameters to choose it will help to understand this information.

How to choose

In order to figure out which gasoline trimmer for the grass is the best, the main thing is to decide for what purposes you want to use it.

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For example, if you need to care for a large section’s lawn, it is more correct to select a high.class model with enormous power. It is also important to take into account the type of grass, including the thickness of the stem.

The abilities and costs of fuel directly depend on the type of device of the device (the stronger it is, the greater the range of the instruments of the device and it will spend more fuel).

  • The motor has two configurations. two.stroke and four.stroke. The first option is cheaper, however, it is difficult to maintain, since fuel and oil should be combined. The engine will not work for a long time. Four-stroke engine at a price higher than the 1st type. It is expensive in terms of service, however, in order to bring the motor, two fluid options should not be combined, since 2 separate tank is taken into account. Fuel is poured into one tank, butter in the other. During the period, the four.stroke motor makes less hum and emissions for comparison with a two.stroke engine. But how to use a manual gas mower of a gasoline and what is its price, you can see here.
  • The working part of the device contains two types. a screw knife or thread. A screw.shaped knife is a strong cutting component, which cuts not only grass, but bushes and small trees. For this reason, when selecting the device, you need to navigate in models directly with the cutting component. Regarding the fishing line, which contains the minimum period in action, it is more economical and harmless.
  • The handle of a trimmer for grass is similar to the steering wheel of transport, which includes the keys for controlling the work. When selecting the device, look at the placement of buttons. For example, in the apparatus for the domestic use of the button are placed comfortably, on the rod. In other types of device, the control panel is on the handle.

When choosing a trimmer for grass for the garden, in addition to mastering the working characteristics, the following specifics of the device must be taken into account: small mass, comfort in use (for prolonged holding in the hands, including the shoulder belt), convenience in terms of saving and transportation.

For men, any modification is acceptable (the main, suitable device in height), and when the girl or elderly person is working with the device, the mass contains the main value.

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Using a trimmer for grass, you should regularly move it and hold it well in your hands. Thus, the type of pen is considered a significant argument of the selection. Most of the devices are equipped with a mechanical fishing line. They have a similar pen. Such a model makes it possible to dispose of the device with 2 handles. This is very comfortable when cutting large territories.

When selecting a gasoline trimmer for grass, you need to take into account the types of device:

  • Professional appearance is highlighted by improved industrial data. The main properties of the device are in configuration with a strong engine, a force of up to 3 l/s, a screw.shaped knife and an anti.vibration structure. In the course of use, attention must be given to the engine to exclude the overload of the motor and its breakdown. The mechanism will require painstaking maintenance after each use, which involves cleaning and eliminating greens. It is also worth paying your attention to which the rating of the best models of the lawn mower of self.propelled gasoline.
  • The universal version has a motor power from 1-3 l/s. The cutting part is shown in the version of the knife or nylon fishing line. The multifunctional trimmer for grass not only fights different vegetation in the territories, but makes it possible to make a uniform lawn.

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Timely cutting of grass is a guarantee of a beautiful lawn and a well.groomed household place. In order to facilitate and accelerate activities, it is recommended to purchase a gasoline trimmer for grass, the price of which depends on its characteristics and manufacturer.

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It is possible to classify well.known modifications:

Huter GGT-800S

Mass 7 kilograms, power 1.1 l/s., Speasing latitude 26 cm, tank size 0.7 l, average cost 7 thousand. ;

Ergomax BC-43E

Mass 7.4 kilograms, power 1.7 l/s., Speasing latitude 25 cm, average cost 7 thousand. ;

Patriot Pt 535

Mass 7 kilograms, power 1.8 l/s., Speasing breadth 42 cm, tank size 0.95 l, average cost 8 thousand. ;

Patriot Pt 3055

Mass 6 kilograms, power 1.3 l/s., tank size 0.5 l, breading bread 43 cm, average cost 8 thousand. ;

Champion T266

Mass 6.5 kilograms, power 1 l/s., tank size 0.6 liters, breading latitude 40 cm, average cost 8 thousand. ;


Mass 4.1 kilograms, power 1 l/s., tank size 0.3 l, average cost 13 thousand. ;

What can be mowed by a battery trimmer

Small lawns and a complex landscape

The trimmer for the grass is most logical to use where you can’t get through with a wheeled lawn mower. Beautiful and front lawn after cutting a trimmer is still not perfectly even. But in small areas a trimmer for grass will be simply indispensable.

How to Cut Grass with String Trimmer

Cooking angles

Very often the lawn has its own “reserved” places, to which it is difficult to get wheeled equipment. They can be trimmed with ordinary garden scissors, but more effective use a trimmer for grass.

Cashing the trunk circles of fruit and decorative trees and shrubs

In places where there are many obstacles, it is difficult to work with a wheel mowing. With trunks of trees and shrubs, you must be very neat, otherwise you can damage the bark and lose the plant. It is more correct to mow in such places a trimmer.

The Kärcher LTR 36-33 batter battery bracket on the battery trimmer will prevent random cuts of the trees with fishing line, and the casing will protect you from flying grass or what can fall under the fishing line and fly away in your direction during a high speed due to a high speed of rotation.

Overgrown areas with high grass

In such places, as a rule, a wheeled lawn mower copes with difficulty. She cuts high grass and tears her. To purely and evenly mow the overgrown area, it is better to first bake it with a trimmer to a height of about 6-8 cm, and then bring to mind a wheeled lawn mower.

important rules for the haircut haircuts with a battery trimmer

Before the haircut, remove everything superfluous from the lawn: wires, toys, tools, hoses, branches, stones. This will avoid injury during the mowing. Use fan rake, at the same time collect dry grass.

  • Before cutting virgin territories, remove all large weeds.
  • Do not mow on a sunny day. this will create additional stress for the grass. The best period for work is the morning of a cloudy dry day or evening. During the daytime heat, the cut ends of the grass will dry quickly and turn yellow. Choose a calm day for the mowing, because the easier herbs are difficult to shave exactly. After rain it is better not to mow: moisture worsens the cut, and wet grass sticks to the trimmer.
  • In the spring, during the period of active growth of herbs, cut the lawn about 1-2 times a week (depends on how the grass grows quickly). In the summer, reduce the frequency to once every one and a half weeks. In the fall, you can cut even less often. every 2 weeks.
  • The young lawn is cut when it grows to 8-10 cm, while the cut length should be low, not higher than 1.5-2 cm. In the first 2 years, it is not recommended to mow more than 2 cm at a time. Support classic lawns at a height of 3-4 cm, not higher than 7 cm. Functional and sports lawn (for children’s games and picnics)-4-7 cm.
  • In hot weather, do not remove the mowed grass at once. the mulch will serve as a top dressing and protect the lawn from drying out. In wet weather and the season of pouring rains, remove vegetable garbage immediately to prevent the development of diseases.

To get an even grass cover, change the direction of the trimmer for the grass: first cut the lawn along, then across.

Complete with the Kärcher Ltr 36-33 Battle Set trimmer, a coil with fishing line, plant protection, an additional handle, shoulder belt, a replaced battery and battery platform 36 V are supplied.

How can you mow grass on the site

As soon as the seeds of lawn grass were sown, you immediately need to wonder what tools are needed to cut the lawn. A simple bracket to make an even haircut will not work. A large number of different tools have been released for this:

Trimmer for grass

It is a bar with handles, a special coil and an engine that can be electric and gasoline. The coil has a spool on which a special fishing line is wound for a trimmer or a knife is put on.

note! The electric trimmer for the grass simply includes in the outlet, and it is ready to work. It is light, shameful, but it requires long wiring and the presence of a socket, which is not always convenient. It will be difficult to get a large site.

  • Low.powerful. Comfortable, light, but do not cope with hard, wet grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Are with the lower location of the motor and with the upper. You can install a special knife, which allows you to mow more rough grass. Models with the lower location of the motor cannot be mowed wet grass.
  • Batteries. light, mobile. The disadvantages include the fact that the battery is enough for an hour.

A trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine is heavier than an electric coser, but it differs from it with mobility. He has a forged shaft, there are shoulder belts and a powerful power drive. The device of the gearbox allows you to use not only a fishing line for a trimmer in operation, but also a knife and a toothed disk, which greatly improves the quality of the site processing. With the help of a benzo.cocus, you can mow very impressive areas.

A trimmer can be baked grass in places (under benches, near the pillars), as well as to bite the paths, despite their location.

Lawn mower

It is clear why this unit is called that is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. It looks like a trolley on wheels with special knives and a device for collecting mowed grass. Lawn braids come in different models:

possible, trimmer

As in the case of trimmers, gasoline lawnmands are mobile, they can work far from the house. But they have great weight, more complex use, and besides, they make a lot of noise.

Lawn mowers with an electric motor are light, do not emit much noise, clean well, absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages include the need for a nearby power grid.

The batteries are good for everyone: there is a little noise, the lawn is even, it’s easy to work, only the batteries are enough for a certain time.

Spindle is such mowers where there is no engine. The device is designed as if the lawn is cut with scissors. It turns out very beautiful and accurately, but the process is very laborious.

Lawn scissors

This tool is used where it is impossible to work either a lawn mower or a trimmer.

Is it possible to mow grass in the rain

Gardeners are very often incomprehensible whether it is possible to mow wet grass with an electric lawnical mower. Unlike manual braids for grass, mowing raw grass is not worth it with a gasoline lawn mower, and you can’t even electric. When working, at least an electrimmer, at least a similar lawn mower, moisture can get into an electric drive or wires, you get a short circuit, and at best the tool will burn, and the operator will also suffer at the worst.

Do not work after a rain and equipment with a gasoline drive. The grass becomes heavier, which leads to the premature failure of the tool. First of all, due to overheating, the piston steam and other moving nodes will break.

Important! If you cannot postpone the work, then it is necessary to take breaks every 10-15 minutes and let the tool work at idle.

possible, trimmer

The lawn itself can also suffer. The soil will be wet, the furrows will turn out and the grass will be mowed with ugly stripes. Young plants can be pulled out with the roots, and in older grass the cut will be uneven, torn, which can lead to various diseases. It will also be uneven to scatter grass after a trimmer for grass, which can lead to bald patches on a flat surface of the lawn. It turns out that raw grass can be mowed with a gasoline mowing, but it is better to choose another time for mowing.

In the article we told whether wet grass is mowing after rain and why it is better to try not to do it.

Electrimmers are not suitable for mocking wet grass, because water conducts electricity well, which means it can cause a short circuit and electric shock.

Devices with the upper location of the engine are less sensitive to moisture on the grass, their most vulnerable place is the joint of the plug of the extension cord and the outer outlet, if it is sealed, then the electric car can be used in relatively dry areas.

But it’s better not to take risks, because after waiting an extra hour until the vegetation is completely dry, you can do it absolutely safe.

The mowing of wet grass after rain is a very bad idea that is justified if in the next few months you cannot visit the site and care for the vegetation covering it.

In addition, the use of power tools is a mortal danger, so if there is at least the slightest opportunity to postpone the haircut of the lawn or lawn before it dryed, then do it.

So you will avoid electric shock and save the tool from the appearance of serious malfunctions.

Is it possible to prepare hay with a herb?

Many people criticize that I claim that grass can harvest grass on hay. I say with full confidence that I still do not refuse my words. One user of an inexpensive trimmer for grass announced to me that she has chopped grass and frozen leaves as a result of using a trimmer for grass and fishing line. I mowed a lot, for several years for home cattle. I would continue to mow, but my parents stopped holding animals and for about 4 years I have been using grass drivers exclusively to dash a summer cottage. With this, the hay of hay naturally does not talk.

Let’s see what is needed for hay harvesting?! Firstly, a good tool, preferably with the handles of a bicycle type, They are more convenient when holding, and with kosbe you get tired less:

Rice. one. Correct handles Rice. 2. The wrong

Secondly, you need a special metal disk, with small cloves and a large base on which the grass is in fact retained. It usually happens either 4 or 8 toothed, the most important thing is that the disk is with small gear:

Thirdly, a special casing is needed in order to protect the operator from cut off grass. Fourth, a special limiting cup that does not allow the disk to touch the ground. There are cups, either on bearings (more durable), or simple:

With such equipment, you can definitely engage in hay.loading, but not with a trimmer head and fishing line. In this case, any lawn mower shuts the grass so that sometimes there is fog around a braid operator:

Disks with large teeth are not suitable for kosba and harvesting herbs for hay, such discs usually look like three or four.beam stars:

What nozzle to choose on a benzotrimmer?

To choose the right nozzle, consider the following:

  • The thicker the fishing line is for a trimmer, the better it copes with the overgrown weeds, but her cross section has to be selected by coil. Too fat will not fit into it, so to work with a large cross.line fishing line will have to change the coil. This is especially relevant for automatic and semi.automatic heads that we talked about here. Nevertheless, even a thin fishing line for a trimmer effectively cuts even thick stems of perennial herbs and weeds, the only drawback is that it has to be changed often, but installing an automatic or semi.automatic head solves this problem.
  • The saw disk copes with soft grass worse than the fishing line, and also ineffectively discards the cut stems, so use it only where, together with Buryan, you will have to cut off the thin shoots of shrubs or trees.
  • Two- and three-lobed knives are most effective for mowing high grass, because they cut and throw it well, but they cannot be used where there are stones or thick branches, a collision with them will damage the sharp edge and can bend the blade.

The strength and rigidity of high grass is many times higher than decorative or even just well.groomed, so equipment for cutting lawns is ineffective in areas overgrown with stormy or wild herbs.

The most popular tool for clearing such sites is the gasoline trimmer for grass, however, if you need to do the work quickly and with maximum comfort, then use hinged braids for tractors and motoblocks.

From the article you learned, with a benzotrimer with what nozzle it is better to mow high grass. with a fishing line or disk, as well as how to do it correctly in order to avoid a breakdown of a gas station and how exactly they do this work on a large area.

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