With your own hands. How to do it yourself. Is it possible to polish a car with an eccentric grinder

Using eccentric grinders, you can grind and polish wood, metal, organic glass and various lacquered surfaces, as well as remove paint from any material.

This tool is suitable for many tasks solved in the workshop. After all, a clean, smooth surface is not only a design move, but also a strict requirement of some repair work, for example, preparing a surface for painting.

Features of vibration grinding machines

According to the principle of operation, the eccentric grinder is not very different from the vibration grinder or grinding circle. This means that, together with the known movements of the vibration grinding, it performs rotational movements of the polished circle. The result of this method of grinding is high performance and especially a smooth working surface.

The secret of the excellent quality of the processed surface is the combination of movements consisting of rotations and vibrations: rotational movement provides the removal of the material, and with the help of vibration a smooth surface is created. At the same time, the round grinding plate is mobilely attached to the drive shaft and rotates around its axis parallel to the working surface freely or under pressure. Pattering increases the performance of chips, so you can even perform gross polished work.

Technical characteristics of eccentric grinders

An essential parameter affecting performance is the diameter of the circumference of vibration, which is also called a worker, polished or eccentric course. The higher the move, the higher and performance. The effort with which the user presses the tool during operation also affects the result of grinding.

It should be noted that the high performance of shavings is not always needed. For example, when working with painted or lacquered surfaces, accuracy is more important. Data on the diameter of the circle of vibration indicate how accuracy you can work.

With clean grinding, a strong pressure slows down the rotation of a grinding plate, which provides a particularly good final result. The main rule says: the smaller the circle, the cleaner the grinding, and vice versa. Thus, a small circumference of vibration is more suitable for clean grinding, and large (in combination with a powerful engine). For processing large surfaces with high capacity removal performance.

Attention! The higher the grinder speed is the faster, but the surface processing is rude. Powerful tools are characterized by high performance.

Brake system of grinder.

The eccentric machines of some manufacturers will first interfere with the surface, and then turn on. The brake of the grinding plate, go, in other words, the automatic braking system prevents the formation of grooves when placing a plate on the material, even if the machine is already turned on.

The diameters of grinding plates for eccentric grinders, which are 115, 125 and 150 mm, are the most practical. Often already in the very name of the tool there is an indication of the size of the plate. Grinding plates with a diameter of 115 and 125 mm are especially good for processing in concave.Convex surfaces, as well as all kinds of rounding. Plates with a diameter of 150 mm, on the contrary, are more suitable for gross work and are designed for large flat surfaces. In general, with a large diameter of the grinding plate, depending on the granularity of grinding circles and vibration circles, grinding performance above. If accurate work in narrow places is needed, a car with a smaller diameter plate is preferred.

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Most eccentric grinding machines have the function of dust removal. It can be produced in several ways: through the sole, with the help of dust, or using a hose and a bag to collect dust. There are models in which you can disconnect the vacuum cleaner or change its position.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of grinding supplies. They can be included in the serial complete set of the machine or be purchased additionally. The belongings include all kinds of cools: abrasive, self.Adhesive or clamping, on paper or rag.Based basis, as well as various granularity. The smaller the granularity, the rude the processing.

For polishing in eccentric grinding machines, special polishing circles are designed. There are also special circles of the llee of wood processing and the paintwork, a cotton blade for removing rust and rude dirt, a canvas for rubbing polishes, a polishing llee of wax rubbing, a special canvas from the felt for polishing “to shine” and pr.

Exchange sheets are attached to the soles of eccentric grinding machines. Their fastening to the working plane of the tool is carried out using a clamp or “Velcro”. Models with clamping mounts are cheaper and universal, since it is easier for them to choose consumables. However, fastening for “Velcro” is much faster and more convenient.

Additional possibilities of eccentric grinders.

Some models allow a change of sole. For example, the installation of soles with a diameter of 115 and 125 mm, designed for different volumes and type of work.

Ergonomics. Some manufacturers equip their tool with special vibration.Layers on handles that reduce vibration. Powerful models on the case may have an additional handle for more convenient work. Light grinder can usually boast of only a round handle above and a rounded body that can be wrapped in one hand. They have no additional handle. And the possibility of its connection is not provided. Handles may have the shape of a clamp, arc or bar.

Additional handles can be partially thrown back (for example, when grinding along the edge of the surface), bring in various positions and even rotated around the case.

Smooth launch PLO maintenance of a constant number of revolutions greatly facilitate work) ’. You can choose the number of revolutions and vibrations taking into account the material. Full.Wave electronics is especially convenient, which provides smooth speed adjustment. And the function of installing a small number of revolutions allows you to process thermal sensitive materials.

Before turning on an eccentric grinding machine, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

To polish surfaces, it is advisable to use a model equipped with control electronics, which allows you to adjust the frequency of oscillations. The fact is that in such work the frequency of oscillations should be less than when grinding. And if the user will polish the surface at “large speeds”, the engine will overheat or the processed material will be damaged.

How to polish the car at home

Naturally, by home conditions you need to mean a dry, well.Lit garage. It is impossible to polish a car on the street or in the yard even with a warm summer. Dust brought by the wind, fallen leaves will instantly spoil the results of your work. It is important and uneven drying in the sun of many types of pastes and polytheur, affecting the quality of work, a general view of the machine.

Preparatory operations

The garage must be removed before work, getting rid of dust as much as possible. Experienced car mechanics do not advise polishing the car at minus temperatures and in the heat (over 35. 40 degrees). Before starting polishing, a number of preliminary operations are required:

  • Body washing (manual or contactless);
  • Removal of spots and strong pollution (oil, bitumen);
  • Pasting decorative details (chromium, nickel, rubber, plastic);
  • Inspection of the clean body (the selection of abrasives, grain of polishing compositions depends on the degree of damage).

If you have no place or conditions for an independent car washing near the garage, you can visit a car wash right before polishing, better contactless. Having drove into the garage, you need to wipe the car again with a clean dry rag.

After washing, the beam spots, oils, which are removed manually, soft solvents, degreasing, white spirit, are clearly visible. In this case, do not use screwdrivers and knives. By soaking the speck, it is easy to remove it with a fingernail or plastic card.

In order not to damage the decorative elements (edges of the glasses, moldings, mirrors), they are glued with painting tape. Professional polishers also remove the nickels of the door handles, but to beginners at the first experiments, it is not recommended to do this.

Experienced lovers of independent work with the machine, simultaneously with the polishing of the body, polish the glass of the car. Technologically, the operations differ little (only by the compositions of pastes and protective equipment), having gained experience, you will be able to polish the glass yourself. At the first attempt to polish, it is better to seal all the glass.

Restorative abrasive polishing of the body

Before polishing the car with your own hands, you need to take care of the tool and consumables. There are two methods of abrasive elimination of damage to the paint and varnish layer. Manual and mechanical (using a grinding machine). Experts advise starting lovers of independent work first to try their hand at manual abrasive polishing, requiring less material costs.

For manual grinding of the LKP you will need:

  • Abrasive grinding skin (P-20000, R-2500);
  • Water sprayer;
  • Special napkins or cotton rags;
  • Polishing paste and polishes.

Operations of abrasive grinding of the body

Before use, a grinding skin is cut into small pieces and their edges are rounded so that sharp corners do not leave deep scratches. Manual grinding begins with a small section of the body, subsequently moving from it in different directions. Before grinding, the surface is wetted with water from the sprayer.

The paint soaked with a skin is polished in two perpendicular directions, achieving even matte color of the LKP. The process is repeated several times, wiping the water with a damp and dry rag. After the R-20000 skark, the second grinding can be carried out with the Skewon R-2500. After that, with a fine.Grained sponge or plastic card, a polishing paste is applied to the polished area and with effort they are rubbed with a circular movement with special tampons or napkins.

Polishing after grinding will accelerate significantly if you use a grinding machine. Instead of a machine, you can use an electric drill with a special nozzle (only drills with adjustable speeds are suitable).

For mechanical polishing, you will need to add the following tools to the original set:

  • Grinding machine (with adjustable turns from 700 to 3000);
  • Protective glasses;
  • Grinding and polishing discs;
  • Mandrels for fixing disks of various thicknesses;
  • Felt or fur polishing circles;
  • Hard brush for cleaning circles.

In the process of mechanical polishing, the machine is carried out in circular movements. They begin work with small revolutions, making efforts to rub the polishing pasta. In the future, the turns are increased, reducing the squeezing force. Begin work with pastes of greater grain and hard circles. According to the results of polishing, they are sequentially changed to softer circles and pastes with low granularity.

The work of the grinder requires worked out skills, so before the start of polishing the car body, you can practice on the removed body part. If the pastry is incorrectly selected, the rotation of the disk and the effort of pressing the automobile enamel can be erased to the metal, burned (rainbow spots of runners appear, the paint swells). Excesses of the body, figured stamping on the hood, wings, doors that need to be polished especially carefully are especially responsible places.

Choosing pastes or gels. How to polish the car.

In addition to polishing technology, the question is no less important than to polish the machine. Having understood the basics of production processes, you need to choose polishing pastes, protective and recovery polishes. It is customary to divide the polishing pastes into powder and gel. The first type of paste is chosen for hard coatings with numerous damage and polished the enamel with a decrease in granularity.

Gel paste operates mildly, they use them to polish soft paintwork of budget foreign cars with relatively small damage. Gel (pasty) and aerosol (liquid) pastes in cylinders are used for various parts of the body. Gel paste is applied to the polishing circle, it is convenient to process the side surfaces (doors, wings) of the machine with it. Aerosol paste spray the roof, hood, car trunk, after which they are rubbed with a soft polishing circle.

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Using abrasive polishing pastes, you need to remember that the number of pollets is not endless. Each polishing removes a layer of paint, polishing the car weekly, you will rub the paintwork in a year.

In the same way, abrasive polishing of the machine is carried out after body repairs and carcasses of the machine. In this case, its goal is to align the paintwork, eliminating the fluxes of the paint, the “shagren”. After painting, it is better to use gel polishing pastes.

You can see in more detail how to properly polish the car on

Polishing machines: types and tips for their use

To make or repair many products or surfaces is not enough. It is also necessary to give them a characteristic shiny look, to polish. For this purpose, special devices are often used.

A polishing machine can be used in various fields. In particular, this device is used for the final finish and to improve the appearance of surfaces. The wide functionality of the tool is ensured by changing nozzles and pasting. Problems such as:

Regardless of which problem is solved, the polishing machine has a rather typical structure:

The appearance of such a device is similar to an angular grinder. However, a big difference is the use of completely different disks. It is natural that with an increase in the size of the working part, the processed area increases at the same time. Also important characteristics of polishing machines are the granularity of the installed discs and the total power of the device. As the technical characteristics increase, the price increases.

To choose the right polishing machine, you need to pay attention, first of all, to power. This indicator can vary from 0.8 to 2.5 kW. You should also take into account the pace with which the disk is spinning. The maximum value is 10 thousand revolutions per minute.

Important: only polishing cars with a revolution regulator is worth purchasing. Thanks to it, the selection of the working regime is ensured in accordance with the features of the surface.

It is advisable to give preference to automatic adjustments to inexperienced and inexperienced users. Such a tool allows you to polish anything without fear of damage. But still it is worth training on old, obviously unnecessary, details and surfaces. Systems on the battery are more mobility than connected to a socket.

The following video will help to choose the right polishing machine.

By type of drive, it is customary to secrete pneumatic and electric polishing machines. Pneumatic performance is good in that the compressor drive does not require electricity consumption. In addition, such a device is most stable and does not make special requirements during operation. However, electric devices have an important advantage. Increased mobility (due to the lack of binding to air supplying air). And the removed batteries allow you to use the device even where there is no stable power supply.

Attention should be paid to eccentric (orbital) polishing machines. Experts consider such devices the most productive. The ability to work with a wide range of surfaces is also very important. The orbital polishing system is equipped with a rounded configuration platform. Polishing details are fixed on this “support plate”. Work plates are made from:

To fix the grinding unit, both Velcro and clamp can be used. The first method is appreciated for convenience, and the other. For efficiency. It is worth remembering that eccentric machines emit a significant amount of dust. Therefore, some of the manufacturers equip their products with channels through which it will be diverted. The main function of the sole is thin grinding (produced by rotational movements), and the auxiliary recovery processing helps to improve the result.

Eccentric grinding grinding is characterized by different power levels. They vary from 150 to 1000 watts. For the simplest manipulations, you can limit yourself to low.Power devices. No more than 400 watts. Intensive work of the motor is needed only for rough grinding of solid materials. Some devices are capable of issuing an effort over 2000 watts, however, such models can only work in “wet” mode.

In most cases, eccentric polishing machines are equipped with discs with a diameter of 125 mm. This solution is distinguished by the most rational amplitude of oscillations during finishing processing. However, the most serious work is successfully performed only by devices that allow you to use circles with a diameter of up to 215 mm.

Eccentric polishing systems differ in the latitude of the application. They work as high quality as vibration complexes. In power, the orbital polishing machine is comparable to the tape mechanisms. It is important that it can also polish the processed surfaces. When selecting eccentric devices, one must not forget about the difference in household and professional models.

The versions used for the most part are designed to polish wood. As a rule, these are relatively low.Power systems that can work only with frequent breaks. If it is firmly known that you will have to process metal and stone, you need to give preference to professional versions. Such eccentric polishing mechanisms have a large mass. But they can act for a very long time, while stably saving the working resource.


Ground grinding and polishing machines can effectively process concrete and natural stone.

High.Quality devices of this format are capable of:

  • Leve the base;
  • Prepare it for decoration;
  • Polish the surface to an ideal state;
  • Seal and harden the processed layer.

Attention: Paul polishing becomes effective only when the device is complemented by an industrial vacuum cleaner. Otherwise everything around will be very much covered with dust.

Preparing to grind the floor, you should take into account the granularity and mechanical strength of the tool with diamond spraying. When grinding, increased pressure on the processed surface is of great importance. Therefore, more valuable options are cars that can be weighted with additional loads.

High quality grinding and polishing machines (including Hodman brand) are equipped with planetary gearboxes and high-power engines. In good mechanisms, holders of a working tool based on chrome steel are used. These holders should be attached so that the movement occurs smoothly and quickly even on the uneven surface. This condition significantly increases the controllability of the machine.

Manual rotary mechanisms are used to polish cars. Along with them, orbital systems can be used. The difference between them is among the axes of rotation (1 and 2, respectively). The lines of leading firms have both rotary and circular models. Each variety is good for its special tasks.

Is it possible to polish an eccentric grinder

Grinding eccentric machine: description, characteristics, types and reviews

The grinder segment is quite widely represented by mechanical devices that allow you to process materials of various kinds. One of the most effective options is an eccentric (orbital) device. Thanks to the structural features, such models are not only capable of working with a huge number of different surfaces, but at the same time ensure a qualitative result. Suffice it to say that a grinding eccentric machine is capable of performing polishing operations. Some models include a special mode for this, but the quality of work of most models gives the effect close to polishing already in the standard format of operation.

Device and principle of operation of equipment

Orbital machines are supplied with a rounded platform, which is a support plate. Grinding elements are recorded on this part, which must be periodically replaced. Corund, fleece, felt, sponge, fur and other raw materials are used as a material for working plates. The lighting sheet is directly mounted in two ways. Velcro or by means of a clamp. The first option is characterized by the convenience of replacement, and the second is efficient. Since in the process of work, a grinding eccentric machine reserves a lot of dust, some manufacturers also include a dust remote in the design, to which you can connect a vacuum cleaner through the channel in the sole of the tool. The sole itself is capable of performing two actions, and at the same time. The main rotational movement provides subtle grinding without defects, and an additional reciprocal function fixes the quality of the result.

Main characteristics

Eccentric models are presented in the market with power indicators in the range from 150 to 1000 watts. When choosing a unit for standard simple operations, it is worth focusing on devices with power potential up to 400 watts. Up to 1000 watts or more have models that can be used in order to clean the solid.State materials. Less often there are grinder with a power potential of more than 2000 watts, but such a tool is also in demand in the operations of “wet” processing. In addition to power, the size of the disk should also be taken into account. 125 mm is considered a standard diameter. This is an option with the optimal oscillation amplitude for final processing. But for more serious work in large volumes, a grinding eccentric machine can be required that can interact with large diameters circles. Up to 215 mm.

In addition to power, the speed of rotation also affects the productivity of the apparatus. Entinal level models are located in the number of revolutions per minute within the range from 4000 to 10,000. In the older lines, you can find grinder with a frequency of work at 20,000 rpm. Experts recommend giving preference to the tool with the ability to adjust this indicator, which will make processing more accurately and more efficiently.

The versatility of eccentric machines

Among the operational features that distinguish the orbital.Type grinders, it is worth noting a wide range of application, that is, universality. The fact is that in terms of processing the quality of such models are comparable to vibrational devices, and in power indicators. With tape equipment. But that’s not all. As already noted, eccentric devices are capable of performing a polishing function, although for the full use of the unit in this capacity, an appropriate equipment may be required. To a large extent, the high universality that the grinder of the eccentric machine has is achieved thanks to the discs used. The working element can perform not only rotational-settings, but also circular, as well as provide an oscillatory effect.

How to polish orbichela can or not

How to polish with an orbiting or not #polishing #painting #painting #.

Lesson 4 orbital and eccentric grinder is what the difference is. Review risks (masking)

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Varieties of devices

The use of a structure with the presence of eccentric complicates the device, but in the mass of their model they are similar to each other. The only fundamental separation can be carried out between household appliances and professional technology. The version for the household has compact dimensions and a modest mass, which endows it with excellent ergonomics. This category is mainly represented by eccentric wood grinding machines, which have small power indicators and are designed for short.Term processing sessions. Professional models, on the contrary, have high performance and can be used in the processing of stone and metal. At the same time, these are massive units, the details of which are distinguished by a long working resource and good endurance.

Reviews about Makita models

The manufacturer regularly updates the line of grinding equipment, which also presents the eccentric models worthy of attention. Users note the high power potential of such equipment and ease of operation. Of course, a lot depends on the specific modification, but, for example, the eccentric grinding machine Makita with a power of 300 W is capable of high.Quality processing of gross building materials. They also note in Japanese products an effective dust system, which in most cases is sold through the support panel. By the way, the connection with the vacuum cleaner is realized without a special adapter, which also increases the ergonomic advantages of the apparatus. Otherwise, Makita grinder confirms the high status of the brand in the construction market. Both the build quality, and the convenience of handles with the possibilities of adjusting the work parameters cause only positive impressions.

Bosch models reviews

The German brand has long won the image of not only a reliable manufacturer of household appliances, but also a construction power tool. Although users of the products of this brand often criticize developers for completely weak characteristics of budget series, the eccentric grinding machine Bosch even in the primary grade is of decent operational qualities. A series of inexpensive GEX models is very successful in the market.

Protective polishing of the paintwork

After processing by abrasives, the restoration polishing pastes, filling the microzarapins, align the surface of the automobile enamel, correctly reflect light rays, which gives the paint a mirror shine. But restoration polishing does not protect the body from new damage. To prevent minor damage to the paint, protective polishing is intended.

Producers produce protective polishes based on:

Before choosing a polishing paste for protective polishing, you need to carefully read the instructions for use. Some of them can be applied to the car manually, others require the use of a grinding machine.

The principle of operation of protective pastes is the same. They create a thin layer on the paintwork that protects the enamel from ultraviolet radiation (the paint burns out less), repulsive water, dirt, chemicals.

Simple soft pastes include wax compositions, which can be manually applied to the body and grind with a special napkin. A car owner can apply a preventive defense to the car body in an hour, but a soft paste withstands only two to three contact sinks.

Silicone.Based polishing protective pastes, Teflon are more durable. They withstand 30. 40 sinks, but you need to polish the car with a grinder with interchangeable nozzles. The polishing technology is similar to abrasive, but requires an accurate exposure of time depending on the drying of the protective composition.

In more expensive nanocramic protective polytheurs, the hard external layer create polymerized compounds containing the smallest crystals of silicon dioxide, titanium oxides. The polymer ceramic layer fills the irregularities of the paint, delays microcracks, protects the enamel from peeling. The protective properties of nanocremics increase depending on the applied layers of the polytheur (use up to ten layers). Professional polishers highly appreciate the politicians Ceramic Pro, Nano Polish, Ceramic Pro Light, Restor FX. Determining the effectiveness of protective polishing is quite simple. If you pour a water coat on the hood of the machine, the liquid will gather on the surface in large drops.

The compositions under the domestic name “liquid glass” contain plastic solutions of silicon dioxide, sodium silicate, which when solidified fill the microsyas and uneven enamels. The mirror layer of silicon compounds obtained from quartz sand, harder than car paintwork, therefore becomes reliable and durable protection of paint. After the end of polishing, the car should not be washed for about two weeks, until the protective layer is completely hardened.

Having independently made abrasive restoration polishing, polishing the car with strong protective compositions, you will return the car to the car not inferior to the new car. Protective polishing operations that need to be repeated once. Twice a year, will reduce the need for abrasive recovery.

Main characteristics

Eccentric models are presented in the market with power indicators in the range from 150 to 1000 watts. When choosing a unit for standard simple operations, it is worth focusing on devices with power potential up to 400 watts. Up to 1000 watts or more have models that can be used in order to clean the solid.State materials. Less often there are grinder with a power potential of more than 2000 watts, but such a tool is also in demand in the operations of “wet” processing. In addition to power, the size of the disk should also be taken into account. 125 mm is considered a standard diameter. This is an option with the optimal oscillation amplitude for final processing. But for more serious work in large volumes, a grinding eccentric machine can be required that can interact with large diameters circles. Up to 215 mm.

In addition to power, the speed of rotation also affects the productivity of the apparatus. Entinal level models are located in the number of revolutions per minute within the range from 4000 to 10,000. In the older lines, you can find grinder with a frequency of work at 20,000 rpm. Experts recommend giving preference to the tool with the ability to adjust this indicator, which will make processing more accurately and more efficiently.

Polishing grinder. Two actions by one device? Video

A polishing grinder should process surfaces of metal or wood, often these devices are used for cars to bring the body coating in the proper appearance. And what else is she capable of?

What is the grinder with the polishing function?

The polishing grinder easily removes the paintwork, removes scratches or unevenness from the surfaces, also with its help a protective coating is easily and evenly applied. Often, along with this tool, different polishes and nozzles are used. The standard designs of this device consist of the following elements: disk, case, main and additional handles, switch and spindle fixation buttons. Additional nozzles are used for high.Quality work. Usually they are made of foam or felt.

In order for polishing to be smooth and smooth, appropriate pasta and nozzle are used, and the process itself occurs in levels. The surface polishing begins with the application of the pasta to a special polishing disc. Further, with its help, the paste is carefully spread over the entire surface. Then you need to create a protective coating on the entire processed surface using wax. Performing each level, you need to ensure that the remains of the polishes are removed. This process is best known to workers in body workshops, where a grinder for polishing a car is the main weapon.

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Pneumatic polishing grinding. What is the characteristic of such a model?

Most often use pneumatic and electric grinders. The work of the pneumatic type of tool is carried out at the expense of compressors. Such grinder are most resistant to different loads, easy to use and do not cause difficulties in maintenance. Such devices are slightly reminiscent of pneumatic bulbs, and the main difference is in the moderate speed of rotation of the working tool. Over, in polishing grinds, the mechanism of adjustment of the speed of rotation itself is much more stable, in addition, this tool differs and a higher torque.

Modern models of pneumatic polishes are equipped with a special speed stabilization system. This is necessary if work is carried out with various materials in nature. The devices are equipped with special protection, which does not allow entering the dust mechanism and outgoing materials. A tool of this type demonstrates good performance in work, and all thanks to a powerful engine and good stability.

Electric grinder polishing and other devices

Electric types of grinding vehicles are characterized by more compact dimensions and insignificant mass. Working with them, it becomes possible to significantly increase the performance and quality of work. Typically, such machines have a powerful motor, an electronic power regulator, a multi-position side handle and a two-pin network connector of the European type.

Modern models of polishing polishes are equipped with unique wear.Resistant drive mechanisms, thanks to them a high spindle moment is provided. The advantage of such tools is that they are most universal in use, and there is the possibility of more accurate control, and work with grinding machines of this type can be smooth and even. As a result, we can say that they are much more convenient during operation.

In addition to the main types of this tool, there are grinder and special purpose. Often, professionals in their work use such grinders such as tape, vibrational or flat.Grinding, eccentric or orbital, corner or corner grinders. These types of tools can also be used to process surfaces, equalizing them, but only polishing can be polished with qualitatively. It often happens that various grinders are used in the process, but final work, that is, polishing must still be performed by special models. Such tools are ideal for the main finish work.

Grinding for polishing. Select a reliable unit

When choosing a grinder for polishing, the power of the tool is important. At high power, you can work for a long time and, moreover, without a break. Also high power helps to maintain high speed. Diameter of the disks is also of great importance. Usually in standard tools it happens from 175 to 230 mm. If the model has a disk where the diameter is slightly larger, then it is better not to use it. The number of revolutions when working on this tool is still important, if there is a speed of speed switching, then the quality of polishing will be much higher.

We will try to figure out how to choose the right polish grinder. As a rule, the quality of the tool can be determined at the price. The higher the cost, the more functions in the grinding machine and higher power. Modern models are available from 800 to 2500 watts. The performance and quality of work depends on the power. It is necessary to pay attention to the number of revolutions. The maximum value usually reaches up to 10,000 rpm.

If the polishing model has a high number of revolutions and low power, then the torque will be low, and the effectiveness will be far from the desired.

The most convenient are considered polishing grinders with an installed automatic regulator of the number of revolutions, because this will help stabilize the speed. By pressing the polished surface, you automatically reduce the speed of the disk rotation, the regulator will not allow this to happen. If you manually regulate it when working, then an additional load on the tool is created. Over, with manual adjustment, do not calculate the right speed of the disk rotation and the intensity of polishing. All this will not affect the varnish surface of the surface very well.

Productivity also depends on the size of the disks, on average they are from 145 to 300 mm. Small discs are used if you need to process small parts, well, and large disks are suitable for processing volumetric surfaces. Manufacturers have recently added additional opportunities to their tools. Often on modern models you can see automatic smooth start and locking of spindles. If there is a lock of spindles, then you can always conveniently and quickly change the nozzles, and with such work you do not need to press the power buttons buttons. With a smooth descent, the jerk will be much softer at each engine start. And this will not only help reduce the load on the network, but also significantly extend the operational period.

Grinding machine for polishing the car body

The car for polishing the car is designed to do the work performed without it manually, however, automation of polishing and grinding processes gives additional advantages. The use of the reserved tool allows you to start processing the paintwork with fine.Grained abrasives, which significantly reduces the risk of wiping the layer of varnish through, spoil the surface of the body with uneven processing, etc. However, in addition to the advantages of this method of polishing, there are nuances directly related to the nature of the work and the parameters of the grinder.There is a common misconception about the difference between the corner and ordinary cars for polishing. The corner can only be grinding, and its variety, designed to polish, is a polishing machine. T.E. In the equipment intended for polishing the body, the axis of the disk is always at right angles to the main axis of the tool. On the opposite side there is usually a handle. This does not mean that you can only polish a car with an angular grinding machine: you can do this anything, including a regular drill, but such a corner, the location of the circle axis is much more convenient (the correct distribution of the load and the low center of gravity).

The main parameter of the machine is turnover. To start polishing the car, you need to get at least 1200 revolutions a minute, and for high.Quality polishing up to 3000. When choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the speed range, but also to the smoothness of the launch and the possibility of adjustment. Revolutions can be manual and electronic. It is better to opt for the second option.

Do not be seduced by the ability to work without a network. The body polishing is a long process, and the standard battery is enough for about 10-15 minutes. The presence of a battery increases the cost of the tool by several times, so it becomes easier to find a good adapter to it. It is worth paying attention to the features of the use of circles: some polishing tools cannot use the entire range of polishing circles. Saving on this parameter is not the best option.

Polishing technology with a grinder

The work of the tool is largely similar to polishing with your own hands, but most of it is performed automatically. You need to carefully monitor this. The processing of the car begins with the installation of the desired polishing circle and the acceleration of the device to 1200-1500 rpm. Then the disk is simply pressed to the surface of the body and moves along its plane. The process requires constant control:

  • Uneven pressure is more dangerous than strong (leads to uneven removal of varnish).
  • Strong pressure is more dangerous than weak (it can cause a strong eraser of the LKP).

The car body is heated in the process of processing, so you can’t stop in one place. Local overheating can lead to cracking, exfoliation of varnish and paint, so you need to carefully monitor the heating. The high speed of the car for polishing the car leads to rapidly clogging circles. It is necessary to periodically change them so that the remnants of the LKP do not spread over the surface of the car. Periodically, you need to turn off the tool and carefully inspect the processing site, remove the dust formed with wipes, while wetting the surface with water or purifying liquid.

Polishing is carried out with fine.Grained abrasive, but even ordinary dust can come as such. For this reason, as well as due to heating the car during its polishing, processing should be carried out in a closed room protected from dust and sunlight. When heated above 90 ° C, acrylic enamels can lose their shine completely, and when grinding a car under the sun, such heating is not uncommon.

Nuances of operation

When working with a grinding tool, it is not always possible to guess the initial number of the abrasive, especially since most of the nozzles have their own features of operation. It is recommended for a start to prose the soil, t.E. Test a solid substrate and medium.Grained paste. Local processing of a small section of the car will show what to change: a substrate or paste.

Sander VS Grinder! Which one to buy for woodworking shop?

Review of grinding machines for preparing a car before painting. Sander

Polishing grinder Makita 9227 CB

Grinding machine and car tool

The nature of the work of the tool can also vary, especially when it comes to applying a polishing pasta to the body. The polishing properties of the machine are regulated not only by speed of rotation, but also by pressure. The same abrasive can be achieved by the removal of a small layer of LKP, and pure polishing. At the final stage of processing, the pressure on the tool should be reduced and its movement on the surface of the car should be reduced. It is also worth considering the following points:

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