Is it possible to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver with the car charger?

Electric screwdriver is a necessary tool in the household, but the time comes and its power source. the battery stops working. The models are constantly changing and sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable battery. As there is an option to return it one hundred percent otherwise extend its life by 2-3 years. That, how to repair the battery of an electric screwdriver, knows the real article.

Solving the question of whether there is an opportunity to return the battery of an electric screwdriver, you must first understand how to extract the elements with its use. The battery is located in a plastic case of 2 halves. First you need to unscrew the connecting screws. If the connection is made with glue, you will have to tinker with a screwdriver or chisel. Dismantle carefully, so that later it was possible to glue the body and again.

Inside there are elements that are connected one by one. In some constructions, a parallel-serial connection is used.

Batteries for adults. How the battery of an electric car degrades

Electric cars have proven themselves as a good alternative to transportation with internal combustion engines, ceasing to be something from the realm of science fiction. Even among Belarusian drivers, there are quite a few who have managed to get acquainted with the peculiarities of operating such vehicles.

Those who are not the first year interested in electric cars know that the weak point of these cars are storage batteries, the capacity of which determines the range of the car. And while engineers all over the world are struggling to increase this indicator, will tell you why electric car batteries are wearing out.

Despite the fact that the serious industrial development of electric cars began in 2010, the problems encountered in the implementation of this technology have not been solved since then. The battery of an electric car has certainly increased in capacity, but it is still the most expensive part of it. Electric car manufacturers, among which Tesla is the undisputed leader, claim that the average “life” of the lithium-ion battery pack is 8 years or 150-200 thousand kilometers (depending on the brand). However, this does not mean that, having reached such indicators, the battery will be incapable of working.

Geotab Inc. collected and analyzed data on the operation of 6,300 electric cars owned by both legal entities and individuals. The total volume of the study exceeded 1.800.000 days. The results of this analysis allowed to answer a number of questions, ignored by the manufacturers, namely: how long the battery of an electric car can actually work, why its characteristics are falling and under what operating conditions the wear will be optimal? Let’s find out.

Unfortunately, it is a natural process for an electric vehicle to reduce the amount of charge stored and dispensed by the battery. Typically, electric vehicle batteries can deliver more power than the powertrain needs, so degradation manifests itself in the form of reduced capacity.

Battery performance is measured by the SOH (State Of Health) rating. It is measured as a percentage and indicates the remaining capacity of the battery. During the study, scientists found that the SOH has no uniform formula for calculating and threshold value, after passing which the battery will be considered non-operational. everything is individual and depends on a particular developer.

This value should be distinguished from the “range” (the distance that the car can travel on the given kWh), which constantly changes depending on the charge level, terrain, use of auxiliary systems, driving style, number of passengers and weight of transported cargo.

The degradation of the battery of an electric car depends on such factors as time, brand-manufacturer, design features, operation at high and low charge levels, intensity of operation (number of charging cycles), high temperatures, high currents. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

It should be noted right away that the batteries wear down slowly. Analysis of more than 6,000 electric car models has shown that the degradation of their batteries is not so great as to pay attention to the manufacturer’s stated service life. As it turns out, batteries are very resilient, and if this dynamic is maintained, most of them will outlive cars themselves.

Of course, batteries “age,” so if your Tesla Model 3’s data sheet shows a 2014 model year, you should expect its battery capacity to be different from the original figures. However, the average degradation for all brands and models does not exceed 2.3% per year. Thus, buying an electric car with a range of 200 kilometers, in 5 years you will lose only 23 kilometers, which is hardly a serious inconvenience.

Some users believe that battery degradation is linear, that is, the capacity of the battery decreases gradually at equal intervals. That’s not quite right. At first there is a relatively sharp drop, which then gradually slows down. At the end of the battery’s life, there is another noticeable decrease in capacity.

possible, start, battery, electric, screwdriver

Fortunately for car owners, only a few of the batteries studied have reached the point where there is a sharp decrease in capacity. For the same reason, it is not yet possible to say precisely at what point it begins.

Even according to the declared characteristics of new models of electric cars, it is obvious that different batteries behave differently over time, and it depends on the specific brand and year of manufacture of cars. For example, a comparison of products of different brands has shown that, among other things, the battery’s chemical composition and temperature management affect battery wear.

Despite the fact that all modern electric cars use lithium-ion batteries, their chemical composition differs (one of the notable differences is the electrode materials). And this directly affects the response of the battery to loads. In addition to the chemical composition of the cells, temperature control methods in different cars may also differ: in some batteries are heated and / or cooled by air, in others. with the help of liquid.

The solution to the problem

So, what to do if the battery is discharged and can not start the car engine? I went home and brought a cordless electric screwdriver to the parking lot:

  • Removing the battery from an electric screwdriver.
  • I tape 2 thick screws to the flat pins on the case.
  • I am attaching the battery charging wire to the terminals.
  • Respecting the polarity, I connect both batteries in parallel (from the electric screwdriver and from the car).
  • I leave the batteries for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes trying to start my car.

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Need to know the aFterman! 1. Cars use 12-volt acid batteries. 2. They are charged from the alternator when the engine is running. 3. Charging current is 14.2 to 14.5 volts. CURRENT IS MEASURED IN AMPS, VOLTAGE IN VOLTS. 4. Д.Б., don’t embarrass yourself!

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what does it matter what is measured in? the guy has practically solved the problem, if you all know, why did not you offer this option and explain amperes and volts as in physics, we have a poor habit of not correcting in a mild way to try to be clever, I was lucky in life to meet a man with 3 classes in the parish school before the revolution, he was a man of great intelligence, an innovator an innovator of minds, making according to his drawings, where he himself reached all this science gathered around him skilled professionals from turners and other specialists to make such copying machines and tooling designers with higher education came to consult with him, he had already seen in the abstract whether it would work or not, and in the morning he suggested the right direction (this is an example)

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Yuri, this is not about you by any chance. 3 class??Just read your review and the thought occurred?

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I absolutely agree, those who criticize the man know everything, but can not do shit, and he did it, but they do not do it, their brains do not work

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Dear men, let’s be kinder!?

Knowing a lot, we don’t know everything. Going to the goal and seeing the way, we are looking for paths.

The pioneers, (the same Ampere, Volta, Ohm, Tesla, Newton), not that they didn’t know the units)), even poorly understanding the cause and effect relationship of electricity, but their senses did.

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this sentence is written only for the sake of getting on the internet. it’s dangerous to let such an expert anywhere near machinery, if he confuses current and voltage.

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I am a FUCKING DOG. (Electronica!!) All my life I have believed that current is measured in AMPERS.

Not in volts (Especially charging current.).).

Hattar, write again. Learn physics. And if you have not lived long enough to study this subject, just kill yourself on the wall.

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buy an acid-alkali battery for ANY price!

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I should send this article to the Nobel committee. they will give a prize for the acid-alkali battery at once.

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Don’t laugh, you can sometimes find an acid alkaline battery “Vesuvius” on sale

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Alkali neutralizes the properties of acid. either acidic or alkaline.

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This article is complete, no complete nonsense. To such a drywall artist. You don’t want to measure current in volts and you don’t want to get into electrical engineering. Shame on the moderator who wrote this nonsense article

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“Charging current 14.2-14.5 V.” I didn’t read any further!

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The article shows the author’s complete ignorance of both electrochemistry and elementary electrical engineering. Yes, if we get a little “shake” from the electric screwdriver battery, the starter battery will be able to start the engine. The charge will go according to the standard circuit. Inet on this subject a lot of articles, and my own eyes saw something similar, though, from modern special lithium batteries. But let’s go further. the internal resistance of the starter is much lower than the resistance of the battery of an electric screwdriver, so there is a high probability that it just quietly “sits down” without saying its word. When starting the motor, the current distribution is not very clear and you can just “kill” the screwdriver battery, t.к. Starter starting current is 100-300A, depending on the volume and capacity of the combustion engine, the number of cylinders, oil temperature, ambient air, and more. The author is very lucky. Now about the capacity. well, you do not know. do not write. The battery of an electric screwdriver has at best 3 Ah, the starter has 50-60 Ah. What is the increase here?? BlatherFurther disgusting bloopers from Lyapis disassemble. But again, judging by the publications on the internet option has the right to life, but not with these explanations. Separately, I’d like to focus on the acid-silica battery. Is that a new type?

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And why take out of the house cordless electric screwdriver, you can only battery from it.

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We should send this article to the Nobel Committee. they will immediately give a prize for the acid-alkali battery.

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Method 1

Place an electric screwdriver in the keyhole at about two-thirds of the hole. The purpose of this method is to destroy the locking mechanism and its internal pins in order to start the car by turning an electric screwdriver inside the same lock instead of the key. This is a common method for cars whose keys are lost.

Insert the electric screwdriver to a length approximately equal to the length of the key. Each locking pin has two sections, followed by a spring, so you have to insert it several times, pulling the bit out each time so the inner pins come apart.

Insert it in the same way as a wrench. You should not insert too deeply, because the locking pins are already broken. You need to use the electric screwdriver as if you were using a wrench, turning it about a quarter turn clockwise to try to start the motor.

How to connect an electric screwdriver to a car battery

Inexpensive screwdrivers for those who do not use the tool very often are good. But, as practice shows, for the time being. Most of them have batteries that fail fairly quickly, and sometimes they just don’t have enough power. A simple modification of the tool will help solve this issue. The output will be an electric screwdriver that will run directly from a car battery.

To modify the electric screwdriver with your own hands, prepare:

  • Electric screwdriver itself;
  • A long Phillips screwdriver;
  • file;
  • Clips for the battery with wires;
  • wire cutters;
  • knife;
  • soldering iron;
  • solder;
  • duct tape.

Before you begin, you need to completely disassemble the tool. Use a thin, long screwdriver for this.

First remove one half of the housing, and leave the second with its internal contents in its original form. Remove the battery from the housing. Your electric screwdriver may look a little different from the inside. Here already all depends on the manufacturer. Be sure to find the positive and negative electrodes. This is what you will need for your future work.

Memorize the location of all the internal parts of the tool and carefully remove them from the body.

The bottom part of the plastic housing, which serves as a support, safely cut off with a file. In a modified electric screwdriver, this part would be superfluous. Try to cut the pieces symmetrically on the two halves of the tool.

Strip the wire ends on the battery clamps. Use a sharp knife for this. If your wires are too long, cut off the extra pieces with wire cutters and only then strip them.

Connect the wires to the electrodes. In this case the construction was a bit unusual, so it was enough to put the wires in the clamps and secure them with duct tape. In most cases you will need a soldering iron and solder to make the connections. Be prepared for that in advance.

Reassemble the electric screwdriver. Insert the internal contents, wires with clips lead out. Assemble the case and fasten it with screws. At the bottom, where the stand was, secure everything with duct tape and cover the hole you created with it.

The result of your efforts will be a significantly improved electric screwdriver with a higher performance than before. You can use it when you’re on the road or away from places where you can charge the battery of the tool itself.

Those who have used a cordless electric screwdriver. appreciated its convenience. At any time, without tangling in the wires, you can get into hard-to-reach niches. Until it runs out of power.

This is the first disadvantage. needs regular recharging. Sooner or later overcharge cycles.

The sooner you get to that point, the cheaper the tool. Saving money when buying, we often buy cheap Chinese “no-name” devices.

There is nothing shameful about it, but you should be aware that the manufacturer is saving as much as you are. Therefore the most expensive unit (and it is the battery) will be the cheapest one. As a result we get an excellent tool with a good motor and not worn out gearbox, which does not work because of a bad battery.

There is an option to buy a new set of batteries, or replace the faulty ones in the unit. However, this is a budget measure. The cost is comparable to purchase.

The second option is to use a spare or old car battery (if you have one). But the starter battery has a lot of weight, and the use of such a tandem is not very comfortable.

Charging the car battery with the electric screwdriver

How you can charge the battery of an electric screwdriver

without charger? Before you can charge an electric screwdriver battery without a battery charger, you need to study the instructions. Homemade charger is made according to the type of battery.

Basic classification

Experts distinguish the following categories of electric screwdriver

Since the battery is designed for a specific job and load, each type of tool requires an appropriate battery charger. The duration of the tool depends on the power of the battery. Specialists distinguish the following types of batteries:

The 2nd type of battery, unlike the others, is compact and has more energy capacity. The tool can be charged more than 1,000 times if used properly. Charging the battery of an electric screwdriver should follow the following rules:


While waiting, the voltage rose and froze at 14.5В. After sitting at the “helm”, I turned on the ignition again and waited for the gas pump to click. This time the starter jerked more perceptibly and the engine seized more surely, but it felt like it was about to start again. The subject slightly, but in time the gas made him reconsider his intentions, and ALLIYA: The engine successfully started, and I hurried to disconnect the assembly of lithium. Result of the experiment: confirmed

I think many are very interested in the fate of batteries in the assembly after the “abuse” carried out on them. Residual voltage on the assembly. 15.1B: No traces on the battery contacts (except for those that were already there originally): Measurements showed that all batteries remained in working order, on all 26650 residual voltage. 3.75V, on all 18650. 3.85B, as in a drugstore. Slight difference between the two types of bank was caused by the higher capacity of 4×18650 than of the 2×26650. Sampling test of several batteries showed that their capacity and internal resistance were also unaffected.

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