Is it possible to wash the car engine by Kerher

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The temperature of the water used for washing should not differ from the temperature of the motor by more than 5-7 ° C.

The car shops are full of all kinds of detergents for washing the body, cleaning the cabin, and of course for washing the motor. The choice is yours, and there is no sense in giving advice here. But what you do not need to wash the engine of the car, we will tell you.

How and how to clean the engine outside of oil and dirt

Immediately note that with regard to the affordable engine washing by Kerher, this method is effective, but it has a number of negative moments and risks. Often, after such a washing of the engine compartment and ICE, water floods electrical connections and contacts, after which the engine is not started, electrical equipment may fail, etc.D.

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If we talk about the professional washing of the engine with steam, this solution is somewhat safer (subject to preliminary preparation of the car), but it is a fairly expensive service. For the indicated reasons, many car owners prefer with a certain frequency or, if necessary, wash the engine on their own.

Today, there is a huge number of all kinds of cleaners on sale, although not all compositions do qualitatively with their task. As a result, the choice can be very complicated.

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In order to find the best option, somewhat available and common solutions were tested in practice. To check the efficiency, a mixture of waste oil, sand and lithola was applied to pre.Prepared plates of steel. Then the plates with contrasted contamination more than 15 times were baked in the furnace. After each heating, the plate was cooled so that the conditions are similar to real (heating and cooling of the engine).

Then, for each plate, in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer, the external engine cleaner was applied. Further washing was carried out with water

The results were evaluated visually, attention was also paid to the consumption of the cleansing composition, its speed, etc.D. In parallel, a comparison was made, which is better, a foamy cleaner for an engine or a spray cleaner

So, among the various solutions, Kerry KR-935 (foamy cleaner of the outer surface of the engine), Liqui Moly Motorraum-Riniger, well-known to domestic motorists, the Laurete product (Peny engine cleaner), as well as the STP Heavy Duty Degreaser and the composition of Prestone Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser.

As a rule, before applying the cleaner, it is recommended to first warm up the engine to operating temperatures, and then wait some time for partial cooling. The main task is that the cleaning tool is applied to warmed, but not too hot surfaces.

Please note that not all manufacturers in the instructions indicate the temperature at which the application is recommended. You also need to remove the terminals from the battery before use, protect individual elements of the ignition system from moisture, etc.D

Drying carpet after washing

Having rinsed the carpet from the remnants of the detergent, leave it for a couple of hours on the same site where the washing was carried out. During this time, the main part of the water is draining from it (especially if you have chosen the site under the slope). Then the product should be transferred to a dry solar place for final drying.

It’s good if you have a special table with a frame and a mesh county for drying carpets. If there is no one, put the rug on the roof of the house. Just do not forget to find the site for drying from fine debris so as not to get dirty freshly washed carpet.

Recall once again that any floor coverings should be dried only in a straightened state. Hung on the horizontal bar (fence, crossbar, balcony fence) the carpet can deform, and you will not be able to lay it exactly after such drying.

You want to better figure out how to wash the carpet by Kerher. The video about this process will help you!

Is it worth washing yourself

Knowing how to wash the car engine on your own by Kerher is safe, you can easily do work without contacting one hundred. But keep in mind, then in the absence of experience it is easy to make many mistakes and damage expensive nodes. It is best to entrust the work to professionals. They have all the necessary “chemistry” at their disposal, they know how to wash the car’s motor with Kerher and guarantee the lack of problems.

But is it possible to do everything yourself? This is real, but the independent washing is fraught with the following errors:

  • The use of inappropriate detergents.
  • Using combustible cleaning compositions.
  • Violation of the temperature regime of the motor.
  • Washing the engine by Kerher at maximum pressure, which can deform fragile elements.
  • Poor protection of electrical elements, connectors and terminals.
  • The inability to dry out the nodes of the power unit after completion of work qualitatively.
  • Kerher‘s sink at the entered car and t. D.

For and against the engine washing

Before washing the car engine by Kerher yourself or entrusting the work to specialists, study the pros and cons of such a step.

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When asked whether it is possible to do such work, car owners and workers of the sinks put forward such arguments “for”:

But minuses regarding whether it is possible to wash the engine of the Karcher car, no less:

  • The risk of problems with the launch;
  • The complexity of ensuring the complete tightness of the electrical elements;
  • The probability of failure of the ECU;
  • Refusal of expensive equipment;
  • Water getting on the candles;
  • Short circuit in the electric network;
  • A hydraulic blow of the motor due to water that has fallen into the cylinders;
  • The appearance of rust at the joints and welds;
  • Damage to seals from plastic / rubber;
  • Deterioration of the power characteristics of the motor;
  • Increasing fuel consumption;
  • Reducing the stability of the power unit;
  • Deterioration of visual determination of leaks and malfunctions.

Is it possible to wash the car engine by Kerher

To summarize on the basis of all of the above, we can conclude that the car engine is allowed to wash, but it is worth it only if necessary. In this case, you need to fully adhere to the technology and follow all the rules for cleaning the motor. Try not to use high.Pressure sinks. At the last stage, it is necessary to dry everything thoroughly so that there is no water left anywhere. If you resort to the services of a car interior, you need to choose responsible companies with highly qualified specialists. In the video. Tips on how to wash the engine correctly: it is necessary to approach the engine cleaning with great seriousness and responsibility, because the quality of the washing of your motor will further affect its work.

How to wash the car motor with your own hands. Video instruction

I propose to consider all the shortcomings and positive aspects of the engine washing, and find out how to wash it on your own, without resorting to specialized one hundred.

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  • Dirty engine, negative moments
  • My engine for a hundred, why do not be washed by Kerher
  • My own engine, engine washing technology, all work in stages and in detail
  • Special detergents, materials and tools assistants in work
  • Carter pallet on the flyover
  • Engine drying after washing
  • Diesel engine washing
  • Findings

The engine washing, which is the advantage of washing for almost every driver, the appearance of its car is of great importance, however, the engine, like its other elements, is polluted over time.

Carcher’s engine washing

Particular attention should be paid to the cleaning of high.Voltage wires, because the dirt accumulated on them promotes the leakage of current to the mass. In the future, this can lead to problems in starting the engine and violation of its normal operation. It is also important to wash the spaces, hood and mudguards. Remember that only on the flyover can you rinse the gang of the crankcase qualitatively. The correct version of the engine cleaning detergents and drying equipment there are several types of substances designed for car washing:

  • Universal means. Are needed to clean the entire car;
  • Special. Necessary to cleanse certain parts of the machine from different types of pollution (the engine is washed precisely by them).

You need to know that in no case should you use washing powders and any other household detergents.

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Is it possible to mix antifreeze with water.

Each driver, for sure, at least once in his life came across a situation where the level of antifreeze in the coolant of the car falls significantly either due to the fact that the street is very hot and the cooling liquid evaporated, or due to the appearance of leakage in the cooling system. Accordingly, there is a need to add antifreeze, but it is not at hand and it is not possible to buy in the near future. What to do in this case, is it possible to mix antifreeze with water? This one will help you understand this issue.

Is it possible to dilute antifreeze with water?

First you should find out what the manufacturer says on this occasion, and it does not recommend this. Why? The fact is that in the coolant, there are initially special additives that positively affect the operation of the engine cooling system. It is directly about lubricating properties, and of course about cooling.

What will happen if you mix antifreeze with water? If we talk about modern machines, then in their cooling systems there are metal elements. Nozzles, adapters, etc.P. As you know, water negatively affects this material, that is, corrosion may occur on the surface of the metal. It is impossible not to recall that the water will have to pass through the holes of the radiator, which are rather thin. This can lead to the fact that they are clogged with rust, which is why the cooling system will not be able to effectively perform its function and the engine will be very warming up.

If the driver still pours water into the system, then he seriously risks. If the car is old, then it can still withstand it, but the modern one will very quickly collide with an overheating of the power unit.

If there is no way out, except how to pour water into the cooling system, in which case it is better to add distilled water to antifreeze. It does not have a negative effect on the cooling system and its details.

In what situations it is permissible to add water to antifreeze? As written above, this can only be done in cases where there is no antifreeze nearby. For example, a radiator is flowing, and you need to get to a car service at all costs at all costs. In this case, then it will be necessary to completely change the coolant completely.

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Is it possible to fill water instead of antifreeze in the summer.

You can mix antifreeze and water, but, again, only if there is no antifreeze nearby. If the situation has developed so that due to hot weather, part of the coolant evaporated from the system and the level of antifreeze fell, and therefore I had to mix antifreeze with ordinary water in the summer, then such a liquid should be changed immediately at the first opportunity. The machine will be able to travel for some time, but to avoid problems with the cooling system, it is recommended to complete the replacement of the antifreeze.

Is it possible to interfere with antifreeze with water in winter? In no case. Even if you need to drive only a few kilometers, you can’t do this. If the driver, due to inexperience, decided to dilute the antifreeze with water in the winter, then he risks getting serious problems, because the water will quickly freeze, and this will lead to irreversible consequences. If a person flooded the water, and the frost hit at night, then the expansion tank will burst first, and then problems with the motor will begin. You should always fill in high.Quality cooling liquid, and then the machine will not let you down.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the car battery, it needs periodic care. Timely diagnostics and then the battery allow you to extend its operation for several years and reduce the risk of violations in the operation of on.Board devices. We will tell you how to properly maintain a car battery for a car with your own hands, and on what signs you can identify current.

Not a single modern car is insured from non.Staff and failures of electrical equipment. Sooner or later, almost every driver has a moment when he is faced with a choice. Take advantage of the services of a car service or try to eliminate the malfunction itself. The material presented below gives the answer to the question of what to do when the battery light on the instrument panel caught fire

The problem of discharge of battery in the winter season is quite common. Therefore, knowledge of how to start a car, if a battery has sat down, will be useful to every motorist. After all, often the cause of the sowing battery is its wear or the appearance of current leakage after an unskilled installation of additional electrical equipment. Is it exactly the problem in the battery? Winter mode of operation of the car

Benefits and harm?Wash or not wash?. Drive2

Opponents of car sinks put forward one, but a very significant argument. During the washing of the engine, water inevitably enters electronic modules, which is stuffed with a modern machine and not every of them will like such a neighborhood. After washing the engine, some cars may not start, which in advance warns the signs on the walls of the car wash.Fans of the sink of arguments have several. The dirty engine is more located to overheating, since a layer of oil, dust and dirt worsens heat transfer, creating a kind of thermal insulation layer.In poorly protected wiring connectors, dirt will inevitably accumulate slowly, but inevitably, which is quite able to cause a short circuit in an electronic system of a car with consequences of various severity: from a burned fuse to a tanned car.On the clean surface of the engine, it is much easier to detect oil leakage, technological fluids and the consequences of emergency operating modes of the motor. And the probability of spontaneous engine combustion due to ignition of oil fluxes due to overheating of the collector or breakthrough of exhaust gases is quite high.After all, a dirty engine is simply unaesthetic.Where the washing optimal option is a specialized car wash with specialists who perfectly understand the difference between the washing of the engine and the body. In addition, the administration of the car service must be liable for the performance of the engine after washing.The engine washing in ordinary raging establishments is akin to the lottery: whether the engine will start after washing or not, no one knows and does not guarantee. Of course, in most cases, the motor is regularly started, but there are sad exceptions in the form of a failed electronic system due to a drop of water that got inside the electronic unit or on a poorly protected contact connector.You can wash the engine yourself in home and garage conditions. The quality of the sink will not be much worse from the car wash, but all the processes of getting rid of the engine from dirt will be under your control.The engine washing in the car service is a washing specialist using a polyethylene film to protect the elements of the power supply system, ignition and sensitive electronic modules from water. If there are important factory stickers on the units, they must be protected from washing off by sealed with tape or film.Further, a car detergent is applied to the surface of the engine and the entire engine compartment, a pause is made from 3 to15 minutes (depending on the number of cars in the queue), and then with warm water without excessive pressure the foam is washed off the motor, dragging all the dirt, oil and others Small troubles.Further, what the washers should often happen in order to save time. Thoroughly drying the engineering space. No need to be shy, demand that a car wash specialist with compressed air completely dries the engine and space around it. Otherwise, contact the administration of a car service with a complaint about a poor.Quality sink.My engine itself, just like in a car service, protect all the sensitive elements of the electronics of the car with plastic film, wrapping it or fastening it with tape.The temperature of the engine of the car should be about 30-400 s. It is not recommended washing, both hot and cold engine. The cold engine is poorly washed out, and in the case of cold water, microcracks may form in the case of cold water.Determining in warm (30-400 s) water a special cleaning agent, we split it until plentiful foam is formed. Do not use detergents for dishwashing for dishes for washing. They will not cope with pollution, since they are designed to split vegetable and animal fats.Then, having waited for the required time (indicated in the instructions for the wash), usually from 10 to 15 minutes, proceed to washing the foam.Do not water the engine with water from the hose, copying a car owner with a sprayer from a high.Pressure apparatus in his hands, there will be enough sponge or rags moistened in warm water.After the engine is washed to the pristine state, it must be dried by removing all the protection from the plastic film and dried the engineering space using a vacuum cleaner working in blowing mode. No vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter. We give the car the opportunity to stand with an open hood, providing worries about drying the engine of the sun and a fresh breeze. Then it is advisable to give him 5 minutes to work at idle and that’s it, you can!No nail to you, no wand!

Checking the correctness of carburetor cleaning

Detailed instructions on how to clean a gasopyle carburetor shows that this procedure does not submit any difficulties. However, it is important to assess the condition of the device, and only after deciding on the possibility of cleaning. Carburetor channels have very small sizes, therefore, during oxidation, serious difficulties arise with their cleaning. In this case, you only need to buy a new carburetor.

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It is interesting! It must be understood that not all types of carburetors are subject to cleaning. This is especially true for branded chainsaws and trimmers, where it is simply impossible to get to the channels.

To make sure that the procedure is done correctly, you should put the carburetor on the chainsaw, and make a trial launch. If necessary, adjust the tachometer. At the final stage, I must say that with the regular performance of such actions, you can extend the life of not only the carburetor, but also the engine engine tenfold.

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