How to choose a saw or jigsaw: an overview of types and recommendations before buying

Electric sawing tools can be divided into three types depending on the principle of its operation: reciprocating tools (jigsaws, sabre saws, saw-alligators), circular saws and chain saws. Each type is designed for its own tasks. Jigsaws make complex curved cuts in almost any material such as wood, plywood, chipboard, OSB, fibreboard, other composite materials, plastic, nonferrous metals, steel, ceramic, rubber, foam rubber, cardboard, sandwich panels, profiles, etc. п. (except for asbestos-containing materials). You will certainly need the jigsaw at the finish work stage: to cut a hole for the sink in the countertop, to make holes for ventilation grills, to trim in place the laminate when laying, to cut a hole in the ceramic tile. this is not a complete list of its applications.

Makita 4329 jigsaw

Instruction for craftsmen: how to saw smoothly with a jigsaw

Features of an electric jigsaw


  • Versatility. Saws in any direction, lengthwise and crosswise, can cut at an angle to the plane of the workpiece.
  • Works with all kinds of materials. Only requires changing tooling.
  • Small size and weight. Easy to carry for many jobs.
  • Large selection of models to suit all tastes and wallets.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Low performance. Saws longer than any specialized tool.
  • Among the dozens and hundreds of models, it’s easy to run into low-quality.

Now is the time to go to a specialty tool store and explore what the difference between jigsaws.

Sabre saws

Sabre saws were originally created as a tool for demolition work on construction sites. and in this respect they are very convenient. This compact tool cuts wood, metal, lightweight foam and aerated concrete in tight spaces. Cordless sabre saw is indispensable for roofing work, when it comes to installing purlins. Also, this tool is very handy for trimming limbs and thick branches in the garden.

Bosch Low Vibration Technology reduces vibrations in Bosch cordless sabre saws.

Greenworks G24RS cordless chainsaw, powered by a 24V battery, which is suitable for all Greenworks 24V tools.

The sabre saw should not vibrate too much when in operation, which is best evaluated when purchasing by running several tools against each other.

Hammer LZK 800 B saw

When selecting a chain saw, be sure to consider the type of work you will be doing with it so you can properly size and weight the tool. For dismantling a shed or a reinforced concrete wall, you will probably need a powerful tool with comfortable handles for both hands. And the weight of the tool (3-4 kg) does not play a special role here. And if you are going to cut branches of apple trees while standing on a ladder, it makes sense to choose a saw as compact and lightweight as possible (and of course it is better to use a rechargeable battery). Models such as Makita JR100DZ, Metabo ASE 10.8 0 or the Bosch Keo, which weigh 1-1.3 kg. Such saws cost 5-10 thousand and the heavier and more powerful mains-powered ones are cheaper, 3,000 to 5,000.

Sabre saw BUS 18BL (AEG), 18 V, with PROFLUX brushless motor

Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 cordless chain saw

Sabre saw Makita M4501, 1010 W (7 920 )

Sabre saws, like jigsaws, are equipped with standard shank saws. Saw blades can be for different quality of work and for different materials. And the cost of some models of saws can be very high (500-1 000 and more)

R18RS7-0 (Ryobi) Brushless Brushless Sabre Saw, 18 V. Pendulum mode allows you to increase cutting speed by up to 40% compared to a straight stroke.

Black Decker RS890K-QS reciprocating saw (5,200 )

Circular saw

It is a power tool equipped with a metal disk with sharp teeth. “Circular saw” is designed for sawing wood.

Makita 5704 RK

Suitable for deep and even cuts. A smooth cut is achieved with the help of the parallel stop (included). Sawdust is removed through a special outlet. Diameter of the saw blade: 190 millimeters. Power 1200 watts. At right angles, the maximum depth of cut is 66 millimeters at an angle of 45 degrees. 46 millimeters. Speed. 4900 rpm, no rpm adjustment. Such a tool weighs seven and a half kilograms.

interesting seasonal offers can be found in the “Bigam” online store.

Circular saws are very popular with consumers, and people often share positive and negative reviews with each other. As a rule, the quality of the product strongly depends on the brand under which the power tool is produced. The best models are presented below in descending order.

Classic circular saws with a cable to connect to the mains are widely used in construction and repair.

Makita 5008MG, 1800 W

First place goes to a handheld circular saw for the home from Japan. Cast iron base plate. The saw runs on standard AC power with a voltage of 220 V.

Powerful 210 mm disc speed up to 5200 rpm with cutting depths up to 75 mm.

The frame can provide an inclined cut in 3 positions. 90, 45 and 22.5 degrees, as well as the depth of cut, thanks to the possibility to adjust in 2 directions.

Built-in dust bag keeps work area clean.

Ergonomic rubberized handle sits well in your hand, allowing you to work for extended periods of time, and a bright light bulb helps illuminate the trimmer cutting line to improve cutting precision.

Saw blade is covered with a hinged steel guard to ensure safe working conditions. Cover does not jam or catch.

Spindle locks securely in place during blade changes, reducing risk of injury.

Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W

Second place goes to a manual circular saw from Germany, whose motor can reach a speed of 5,500 rpm.

jigsaws, circular, saws, better

The device is able to cut through a layer of wood up to 70 mm thick at a right angle and 50 mm at a 45-degree angle. Disc size is 190 mm with a 30 mm seating dimension.

jigsaws, circular, saws, better

The saw only weighs 4.2 kg, so it can be used not only horizontally, but also vertically and in hard-to-reach places.

The tool has an integrated dust collection option, as well as an automatic blow-down of sawdust that interferes with the work.

The circular saw is equipped with a handy steel tripod with a marking that helps to set the exact position of the cutting line for all types of wood.

Disc change process with spindle lock, ensuring complete safety.

DeWALT DWE560B, 1350 W

If you need powerful and high-quality, then buy the model DeWALT DWE575, 1600 W, warranty period of 3 years, made in the USA.

The American brand gets the well-deserved third place. Handheld wood circular saw has a weight of 3.7 kg, which is much less than the competition.

Medium-duty motor gives you a right angle of cut and up to 65 degrees on any surface.

184 mm diameter blade is included in the package.

The saw is a professional-grade machine, and its motor has a long service life and can operate for many hours without interruption.

The unit’s soleplate has slots to allow you to track the straightness of the cut. It is also equipped with a ruler and limiter that makes it possible to get a clear edge cut.

Built-in dust bag can be replaced with an adapter for connecting a standard vacuum cleaner while working.

Rugged spring-loaded shroud protects your health in an emergency.

Makita HS7601, 1200 Watt

  • Power output: 1200 watts
  • Diameter of the blade: 190 mm
  • RPM: 5200 rpm
  • Functions: motor brake, spindle lock, vacuum cleaner connection
  • Weight: 4 kg

Unlike the top model, this circular saw is a more compact and economical unit with unchanged Japanese quality.

Low noise level of 90 dB, when the motor is switched on, is referred to by the manufacturer as the main advantage of this model.

The lightweight and rugged aluminum alloy housing weighs only 4 kg allows you to work in any environment.

Adjustable saw bed for making angular cuts and a guide rail for straight cuts in long boards or sheets of plywood.

The maximum cutting depth of a 190 mm disc is 66 mm in an orthogonal position.

The spring guard ensures safety.

Vacuum Attachment for Small Repair Jobs in the apartment.

If the graphite brushes fail, they can be easily replaced at home.

Metabo KS 55 FS, 1200 W

  • Power output: 1200 watts
  • Diameter of the saw blade: 165 mm
  • RPM: 6100 rpm
  • Functions: Cutting depth (90°) of 54 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg

Attention! The Metabo KS 55 FS, not the Metabo KS 55. Two letters FS should be in the name. FS has a molded base plate.

German manufacturer ranks 5th with this compact manual circular saw.

The device belongs to the medium power saws, but the relatively small motor is able to accelerate the disc diameter of 160 mm to 5600 rpm, easily providing an orthogonal cut to a depth of 55 mm.

Comfortable handling due to soft grip handle, which grips firmly in the hand.

The base of the tool is equipped with a peoration and a marking for an accurate straight cut. The saw blade can be tilted up to 47 degrees if an angle of cut is needed.

The weight of the device is 4 kg, and the length of the factory cable is 4 meters, which allows you to work with the tool on any surface in hard-to-reach places.

Supplied with adapter for vacuum cleaner and hexagonal key for small repairs.

Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W

Among the models of electric tools, cordless jigsaws today occupy a relatively small niche, for many it seems a big problem associated with the replacement of batteries, their charging and maintenance. However, after getting acquainted with these models, many will change their minds.

1st place Makita DJV180Z box

A very robust cordless jigsaw with a traditional scrapbook handle and 18 volt battery power. Makita’s specialists probably decided not to re-invent the wheel in the form of a model powered by a reduced-voltage battery, and developed a model for the standard 18 volt and 4 Ah.

Stroke frequency of the saw is 2600 strokes per minute with a stroke of 26 mm. Depth of cut in wood is 135 mm and 10 mm in metal. The tool has a pendulum mechanism with 4 positions.

The downside of this model, as noted by experts is a high price.

2nd place Bosch GST 12V-70 2.0 Ah x2 L-BOXX

Cordless mushroom-shaped handle jigsaw with 12 volt lithium-ion battery 2 Ah. Capable of delivering up to 2,800 strokes per minute at a stroke length of 18 mm. Impressive performance in a variety of materials. 70 mm for wood, 3 mm for aluminum.

Features a pendulum function with 3 pendulum positions.

Quick saw blade change and cutting line illumination are plus features. The model is compatible with a 10-volt battery. indicate the tool retains a high charge capacity and high productivity.

3rd place Bosch PST 18 LI

Small and compact cordless tool with truly outstanding performance. maximum saw speed of 2400 strokes per minute. Cutting depths of 80 mm in wood and 5 mm in metal. Power is supplied by a 2.5 Ah battery, rated voltage. 18 volts.

  • The presence of a 4-step pendulum stroke;
  • The presence of stroke frequency control;
  • The quick clamping of the saw;
  • The anti-vibration system;

What’s better than a jigsaw or a circular saw?

This may be a provocative question, but I have long wanted to understand which tool is more versatile and better suited for domestic needs in the home. Let’s try to think.

The field of these two high-precision industrial appliances is improving very quickly. The circular saw has long surpassed the electric jigsaw in every indicator of ergonomics, performance, cutting line quality and speed. The circular saw can cut almost any material except steel and ferrous metals.

The circular saw can produce precise cross, slash and bevel cuts. Even double-sided cuts can be made. After reading the reviews of festool, about the best tool made in Germany, I also learned about this unique feature. Sawing without chips on both sides. it sounds fantastic. With one hand circular saw can perform any work, replacing in itself a saw, a jigsaw, a planer, etc.д. In short, circular saws are definitely indispensable tools when carrying out work on sawing wood, wood fiberboard and particle board, plywood, plastic, drywall, non-ferrous metals, and even glass. But before you buy it, you should know that the circular saw is not suitable for all kinds of work.

Despite the apparent versatility of this tool, it is not possible to cut curved trimmer lines with a circular saw! Jigsaws are used for circular sawing in flat material only. In my opinion Carvex PSB 400 is the best jigsaw, it is on it I will recommend to pay attention. It has a pendulum motion mechanism, the chips are sucked in, saws without splintering. Also the Trion jigsaw is not a bad model, it is more expensive, less powerful.

Also. A normal jigsaw. is an electric jigsaw, by all means, and basta! Hand jigsaw. is not an option, enough already earn yourself a callus. The jigsaw can do a lot. For example, you can use it to round off a sink hole in a countertop; cut grooves, circles and roundings; and shape-cut plywood or steel plate.

Jigsaw or hand-held circular saw?

When choosing a tool, for cutting, for the home, we often begin to think what tool to buy in the first place, an electric jigsaw or a circular saw? Not always the budget allows you to buy two tools at once, and even less qualitative.

The time has come to mechanize labor, no one of course not to give up hand hacksaw, but in our time with power tools can not only increase productivity, but also to reduce the power load, and improve the quality of work performed.

Decide on the choice of tool, can be based on the work to be done. For example, if you do not need high-performance tool for cutting material of large dimensions, and if you are a beginner in this business, a carpenter or a carpenter, it will certainly be enough electric jigsaw.

But if you do not have a circular machine, and you need to do trimming boards or saw large sheets of chipboard or other materials for the construction of a frame house, you need a circular saw, and good quality and high power. The most expensive and reliable handheld circular saws are Festool, more affordable and high-quality Makita, Bosch, DeWALT. Hitachi and if we already talk about the cheapest and quite good, it’s Fiolent, Interskol and DILD.

It should be noted immediately that the latest inexpensive options are not only of worse quality, but they also make louder noise and have a short operating time, with a mandatory stop to allow the tool to cool down.

But let’s get back to the question, when you need to take your time and qualitatively cut the board, at 90 degrees or other angles. to cut a bar 100 to 150 mm thick, yes, that’s right with a thickness that can’t be cut with a circular saw, which takes at most 75 mm. Make a curved cut, cut a circle or other hole. Cut aluminum or metal by changing the saw. To make a notch, at a right angle. Cut laminated chipboard without chipping, with a special saw, with reverse teeth, and so on. All this can be done with an electric jigsaw.

As we can see, an electric jigsaw is a more versatile tool. It’s lighter, quieter, and more accurate. And even in the most common operation of sawing a board crosswise, you can follow the cutting line to the end, whereas in the circular saw, with its design features, it is not always visible and you have to finish at random. And the last most important thing is that the jigsaw blades must be branded and well-sharpened, otherwise the cut is not at right angles.

So if you need a tool for sawing at home and with small amounts of work, you should start with an electric jigsaw, although it is nice to have a manual circular saw as well. Among the more expensive models of jigsaws are Festool, and more affordable Bosch. Next, as with circular saws, the same manufacturers: Makita, DeWALT. Hitachi inexpensive Fiolent and Interskol. Author RVT

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