Cutting device.

operator from random contact with the cutting head and discarded objects.

Trued knife. Cuts a nylon string for

string length settings for the required scope of braids for grass.

The shaft tube is part of the device that serves for

Energy supply to the transmission shaft.

Front (circular) handle. Light, suitable for

The ignition switch “Soft switching”

installed on top of the throttle of the throttle regulator, move the switch forward to the position RUN (work), or back to the Stop (stop).

Blocking the throttle regulator. Blocks

A throttle controller in a idle position until you grab the handle with your right hand.

Throwing regulator. It turns on the operator for

Air filter cover. Closes

The fuel tank contains fuel and fuel

Gas tank cap. For closing

Starter handle. Pull the launch handle

The muffler cover.Closes the muffler and

protects the operator from hot surfaces of the muffler.

Speak of ignition 17. User’s manual. Supp that p

device. Before starting work, read the management and save it for further use in order to study the correct and safe use of the device.

Tools-13 x 19 mm T-shaped key

(a combination of a screwdriver and a key to the spark plug), 4mm end key, instrumental mandrel.

Nut laying.

Screw M5x35 = screw; Circular handle = Front (Loop) Handle Fit = Nut

Gasket = Washer with a knife = Cut Off Knife bearing House = Bearing Housing; Lid = shield plastic sleeve = plastic Sleeeve the outlet shaft = output shaft winged nut = wing nut bolt = bolt

Nylon head = Nylon Line Head; The output shaft = output shaft fixing plate = fixing plate; bearing body = Bearing Housing; Locking Tool lock

Start button = Tap Knob press without effort the start button to the soil = hit knob Against the Ground Surface Lightly string will go out = nylon line comes out

Installation of the front (circular) handle

Install the handle in a convenient position for work and screw with screws (M5x35). The cutting device should be 5-7.5 cm above the soil and parallel to it.

Installation of a plastic protective cover

Remove the plastic bushings from the output shaft.

Remove the winged nut, gasket and bolt. 3. Stick the lid on the bearing housing. four. Install a bolt, gasket and winged nut.

Installation of the head with a nylon string

Turn the outlet shaft while the hole in the fixing plate and

Insert the locking device through this hole. 3. Install the head on the shaft, turning clockwise. four. Remove the locking device.

Type: B4-R Twisting: 3/8 x 24 (standard small thread)

Before starting work, make sure that there are no outsiders within a 15m radius and pay

Do not launch a cutting head at a speed of more than 10,000 rpm.

Do not run into a cutting head on hard, extraneous objects, such as

To free the nylon string from the coil, press the launch

button to soil at rotation speed below than 4,500 rpm.

A trimmed knife on the fuse controls the wrap up to 40 cm, automatically cutting the nylon string when the device begins to rotate.

When working at a smaller wrap (40cm), cut the nylon string to the desired length.

Install the handle as that security stickers are visible.

The cut knife is very sharp! When installing or removing the head, avoid contact with it.

Do not work without a properly installed protective cover.

Turn off the engine before working with a cutting head.

Use only flexible, non.metallic strings recommended by Kioritz Corporation

In the n and a and e, a special care is required.

Special care is required when working on gravel surfaces, t. To. Blinding small pebbles may begin. The protective screen will not be able to protect the user from objects that fly off when colliding with solid surfaces.

Always use means to protect the organs of vision. Small particles can be bounced from the ground under a protective screen or draw out from any solid surface located nearby.

Do not launch a tool at high speed near roads with active road traffic and pedestrian areas. If other people are nearby, it is also necessary to run the engine at lower speeds. Do not let the engine work at full speed.

Avoid the contact of the thread with hard plants, trees and wire fences. If the thread gets into a wire mesh or thick bushes, then torn pieces of threads can fly towards the user. You need to cut through the entire grass until the barrier, but try not to hurt it. Do not come close to the obstacle.

If the cutting part of the mechanism is clogged, unimagenly turn off the tool. Do not try to clean the knife when the engine is running. After removing the blockage, an unexpected rotation of the cutting part of the tool may begin, which can cause serious injuries.

Avoid the contact of the nylon thread with a broken wire fence. Pieces of cut wire can begin to fly off at high speed.

Do not work next to a broken wire fence. Clean the working space of wires and wire. Use the recommended protection tools. Stop the job if you can’t see what cuts the cutting device.

Use properly selected cutting devices

Cutting device can cause serious injuries. Read and follow all the safety instructions given in this manual.

Devices recommended by Kioritz Corporation.

If the nylon thread is too long, cut particles of the thread will begin to fly away when the cutting part of the mechanism begins to rotate after adjusting the length of the thread.

Weedeater shaft bushing is hot, how to fix that

Use only nylon thread. Do not use metal blades.

Types of coils

3 types of coils are installed on electric trimmers for grass, namely:

Automatic and semi.automatic devices are made in the form of a drum (foundations), into which they insert a spool or a bobbin, that is, not the entire coil is attached to the electric cost, but only the drum, while mechanical are both whole and collapsible.

Therefore, replacing the coil and replacement of a spray with a fishing line can be either one or two different operations.

Any types of trimmer heads are installed on electric ships with the upper engine, however, only semi.automatic coils are suitable for apparatus with the lower engine location.

This is due to the design features of such trimmers, because a full.fledged replacement of the head at home is not provided, and the price of a good coil is often not much less than the cost of the electrimmer.

In addition, the coils for electric core with a straight and curved bar are not interchangeable, because they have different threads.

How to remove a trimmer head?

Methodology for removing a trimmer head on devices with an upper motor is the same for any model. first fix the output shaft of the device using any suitable tool, for example, a standard hexagon, then unscrew the drum or fixing nut.

The drum can be unscrewed with your hand, because its diameter is large enough to efficiently grab it with your palm, and unscrew the nut with a regular key that is supplied with each electric shock.

Here is a detailed instruction, following which you can remove most types of coils from a trimmer for grass, the engine of which is installed on top:

  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Clean the space between the protective casing and the reel;
  • turn the head so as to combine the fixing holes;
  • Insert a standard hexagonal key or any other suitable tool into the combined holes;
  • Grasp the body with your palm or put on a standard key on the nut, then turn in the appropriate direction (clockwork for devices with a straight bar, against the sentry on those whose rod is curved).

On some devices with a curved rod, there is no hole for fixing the shaft, instead the base is fixed on the shaft using a bolt.

If you have just such an electric cos, then act like this:

  • Make sure the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Squeeze the fixers with your fingers;
  • Carefully remove the lid;
  • Get the rogue and other details;
  • Holding the base with your hand, unscrew the fixing the bolt, turning it counterclockwise;
  • Remove the base, shaking it slightly from side to side, if you can’t remove it, turn it 45–90 degrees and shake it again, trying to remove it.

On devices with the lower engine, the principle of attaching a mowing head is different. it is attached to a slotted shaft with heating the latter or other fixation methods, so we recommend that we independently remove this part only who are well familiar with such work and owns the appropriate tool.

On some models, the shaft is equipped with a cut for fixing, but to get to it, you often have to drink the removed coil removed.

Reducer device trimmer for grass

The gearbox of a trimmer for grass is a node that transfers the rotational movement of the engine shaft to the knife or fishing line. It is located on the lower end of the motorcycle rod. The gear node is also designed to lower the engine speed of the trimmer for grass.

The mechanism consists depending on the model of the motokos of several gears rotating at a high speed. As a result of this, they heat up due to severe friction. If the lubricant is not enough, or it is not at all, then the process leads to a strong overheating and failure of the parts, and, accordingly, the need to carry out a difficult repair. So that this does not happen, lubricate the gear node in time. Misused gearbox is presented in the photo below.

The reducers of modern trimmers of different models from various manufacturers differ from each other by the design and the size of the seat. It happens:

Lubrication of shaft and gearbox on a benzokos.

The most common diameters of round seats are 24, 25.5 and 26 mm.

Motokos is equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • conical;
  • worm;
  • spiroid;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave;
  • combined.

Drive shaft and gearbox are very loaded nodes of a trimmer for grass, which are largely susceptible to wear. Between them, the movement is transmitted due to the adhesion of the teeth of the gears located at different angles to each other. Effective gear works only if there are no mechanical damage. In this case, the mechanism should not overheat, otherwise its jamming may occur.

Repair and lubrication of a trimmer gearbox for grass

With frequent, intensive use of motorcycles, the gearbox can start to heat up or make sounds uncharacteristic for its normal operation, for example, rattle. This indicates that the mechanism must be lubricated. If this is not done on time, then more serious problems will arise (for example, gears will be quickly worn out and you will need to replace them), up to jamming. Other breakdowns also arise with the transmission mechanism. Reducer repair and lubrication can be performed independently. for this you just need to familiarize yourself with the features of these work and stock up on some available tools.

Lubrication of gears must be carried out regularly in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the operational instructions of the model used. You need to do this also if:

In addition to the gearbox, it is also necessary to regularly lubricate the shaft of a trimmer for grass. This is the norm of proper care of the device.

With the constant use of a trimmer for grass, its gear mechanism experiences a load from grass, dirt sticking on knives, or due to a change in torque. Lubricants must be selected high.quality to extend the service life of the gearbox.

Light models rating

Continued trimmer for grass rating 2019. The weight. The main criterion for choosing your own car. After about 15 minutes of work, you will feel every 100 grams of brush weight.

The weight of the model is considered more than 5 kg. You will also like the low level of noise at work.

Usually the most difficult part of the trimmer for grass is the engine. The more powerful it is, the more difficult. They try to make them from light materials, and light models are very popular in the market.

Pros and cons of a trimmer for the grass Stihl FS 55.

This model is suitable for you if you have a large territory or complex area.

If you choose the right nozzle, you can cut everything. reeds, shrubs, continuous dry

The shoulders will also delight you with their comfort and softness. And at the same time, the Stihl FS 55 is in the middle of the price.

The disadvantages include the fact that it does not need to install hard drives on it, it is not intended for this.

Husqvarna 323 r. Benzotrimmer

Very durable with proper circulation. Sometimes he consumes a lot of fuel. But this happens with improper dosage when mixing gasoline and oil. And with the right combination, this model will be very economical.

With a weight of 4.5 kg, Husqvarna 323 R has a good power.

  • Medium performance.
  • light.
  • Good design.
  • High power.
  • Strong motor.
  • You can install it.

Always pay attention to when you buy equipment. You can find glasses and headphones in them, and sometimes even a file.

lubrication, lead, shaft, trimmer

The apparatus of Japanese, therefore, practically does not emit exhaust gases during operation. This is especially appreciated when working in densely populated areas or in nurseries. And if you often wash the mesh filter inside the silencer, then this trimmer for the grass will last a very long time and without problems.

lubrication, lead, shaft, trimmer

The engine is configured to a relatively low power at 12500 rpm, and the vibration decreases during operation, the blades operate at 9900 rpm.

The height of the handle on a tripod is adjustable to any height, the handle itself. Very convenient T-shaped bike.

The deck and the engine of the engine are made of plastic, and made of strong plastic.

Now we will find out what a gas trimmer for Partner XS grass is. With a capacity of 700 watts, this device provides high efficiency, and in any conditions. He also has a quick launch due to the fuel pump, and the residual fuel and air from the carburetor are removed very quickly.

0.34 liter tank is sufficient for long and uninterrupted operation. The widest part of the block is 41 cm. A three.dimensional head works as a semi.automatic device, as a result of which the operation of the cutting part is significantly accelerated, and the fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth is lengthened by pressing the trimmer for grass to the ground.

This is very suitable for beginners to master gasoline trimmers for grass. The pen helps to get into places, for example, between trees and shrubs. Or where you need to leave one and the other to remove.

So if you have alpine slides or other landscape design options on your site, this is for you. It will also prove itself well when running:

Sikars are turned on, they can even remove young trees.

Weighs 4.1 kg. Simple and reliable control buttons are located directly on the handle. The fuel pump is supplied to the carburetor, so there are no jerks when starting the engine. And for you glasses are included.

Gas braid for grass. Overview of the most powerful of them

If you want to purchase a light and powerful gas trimmer for grass for personal use, this article will help you see the following models. A powerful trimmer engine affects the performance and consumption of gasoline. The more powerful the engine, the rougher the grass trims a trimmer for grass, but it will consume a lot of gasoline.

The simplest trimmers for grass are equipped with a 1-liter cylinder. For lawn grass there will be enough power of 170. 550 watts. And the mowing process is carried out using a mowing fishing line of hair growth.

They are reasonable

But if you. As a rule, you see that the engine volume is from 1 to 3 liters, this is a class of professional equipment, but it is suitable for pruning and garden and site with medium area.

But the volume of more than 3 liters indicates an extremely powerful gas box such as Vega 4 liters from Germany. This can reduce:

Himself, its power is 1000 watts.

Very suitable for crossed terrain. The overall design of this model is balanced for simplicity of operation and operation, and the power will allow you to perform complex work.

1.8 liter engine, and 1 liter of fuel can be poured into it, all this allows you to work freely for a long time, and the efficiency is very decent.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a large weight and high fuel consumption.

A powerful motor protection engine allows you to work with this model in difficult conditions. Users enjoy this for its duration and uninterrupted work.

It comes with a set of nozzles, which significantly expands the list of devices.

Particularly well.forged steel shafts that easily cope with shrubs and young trees and other rough vegetation.

Among the shortcomings, we note a large weight and sensitive vibration.

Despite the weight of 8 kg, the cost of this unit is faster than the budget options. Absolutely unpretentious and at the same time a rather powerful engine is ready to perform the most complex tasks.

Forged shaft continuously delivers a cutting tool. Thus, on Champion you can install heavy discs for complex shrubs, young trees or solid dead wood.

The touch of this model cannot be separated. Access to replacement of candles or air filters is simple.

Therefore, Champion is not complicated at all in maintenance. This goes with a knife with 3 blades and a speed of 8200 revolutions per minute, plus a nose of a trimmer for grass. Separators or incisors are purchased separately for this brush.

With a mowing of grass, a strip of 25 cm is covered, the motor here has a power of 2 liters, and the rotation speed is 10500 rpm. and located in the upper part of the structure. And also there is a protective brake from the random start of the engine.

Its basis is a two-stroke 1-cylinder engine. Produces with a maximum capacity of 4 liters. 3200 watts. For him 8000. 9000 rpm. Normal working indication.

AI-92 gasoline should be used for refueling, other options may be faulty. Vega rod is not collapsible, and the handle on it is light and very convenient to use.

  • There is a TAP EN GOW system.
  • Quick launch system for Smart Start.
  • Its hard shaft is inseparable.
  • The engine has a overheating function.

The trimmer for the grass includes 1 knife for cutting bushes and 4 steel knives for various purposes, all knives are branded. And there are 2 drums with fishing rods, one of which is made of plastic and the other made of metal. They will be useful to you in places of the site or on a common lawn.

Of all Echo trimmers, it is one of the most noticeable in terms of their power. Refers to professional gasoline braids.

  • in large areas with continuous work.
  • in difficult working conditions.
  • mowing dense and solid grass.
  • deforestation or shrubs or shrubs.

The model has a protective cover. In general, ECM SRM. 4605 has established itself by power and weight.

  • Candle key.
  • Metal knife with 3 blades (25.5 cm in diameter).
  • 2 protective covers for a knife and cutting element.
  • A backpack type shoulders.

The ignition system uses the capacitor. The gearbox is made of a hard shaft with a diameter of 8 mm. A reliable lock holds the throttle well.

This handle of a gasoline brush is made on the U-shaped bicycle pattern. A screw nut will keep it in a position convenient for you.

It is easy to get an air filter, and a special system isolates you from vibration. In continuous mode, this brush will be absolutely reliable!

The best trimmers for grass for work in an impassable area

When choosing a bush for your site, especially if it has a complex landscape, be sure to consider this when studying the specifications of the model you have chosen. Not every suitable price is suitable for such work. Make your choice on a powerful device with many accessories available for a variety of purposes. Then you get a whole arsenal of useful devices in one bar:

The function of protecting braids for grass from overheating during prolonged operation will also be useful. In the end, the complex area cannot be processed quickly. A special sensor will tell you about the need for a break on time.

Some models have at least a convenient function for rotating cutting parts for work in the opposite direction.

What to use as a lubricant?

Some of the owners of electrimmers are sure that this question is one of the most important, because the wrong choice of lubrication will reduce its effectiveness, which will lead to an accelerated wear of rubbing surfaces, that is, a paradoxical situation will turn out. a trimmer for grass is lubricated on time, but the wear of the details is the same as in its absence.

In fact, everything is not so scary, because there is no large loads on the shaft or in the gearbox, the maximum engine power does not exceed 3 kW, and the huge speed of rotation of the shaft (7-10 thousand rpm) greatly reduces the torque greatly reduces the torque.

Therefore, any semi.liquid lithium lubricant is suitable, up to a mixture of “lithol” or “shus” with minimal viscosity mineral motor oil in approximately equal proportions.

Products with the addition of molybdenum give the best results, because while maintaining the viscosity of the oil, it increases its abstract properties. Theoretically, you can fill the gearbox even with a mixture of solidol, any mineral motor oil and a thumbnail of molybdenum additives, the main thing is that in terms of viscosity it is similar to an inanimate, but not thick sour cream.

“Nigrol” is best suited for lubrication of the shaft, it is also the TEP-15 transmission oil with a small (5–10%) addition of the “Shrus” and any molybdenum additive. “Nigrol” is a very sticky substance, therefore, when passing after 2-3 bushings on the shaft, there is still enough substance to lubricate the next sleeve, while the rest of the lubricant is enough for a maximum of 2 bushings.

You can use any consistent lubricants, for example, for gearboxes of Bulgarians or gasoline trimmers, however, despite the noticeably higher cost, they have no advantages over home.made compositions.


Different methods are used to lubricate the gearbox and shaft, because these details differ in design and the principle of operation.

In addition, the technology of lubrication of the shaft for devices with a collapsible bar and the ability to pull out the bushings is distinguished.

It is also worth noting that when introducing a lubricant to the gearbox, the procedure depends on the tool used, that is, a universal tube or plastic syringe.


Before the manipulation, unscrew the bolt that closes the opening open for this. Further actions depend on what you plan to lubricate the gearbox.

If you use material in plastic universal tubes with a conical nose, then:

  • cut the nose so that the diameter of the hole is 2-3 mm;
  • Insert the nose of the tube into this hole;
  • Squeeze the lubricant until her surplus gets out of the hole;
  • Pull out the nose of the tube;
  • Screw the closing bolt;
  • Clean the surface of the gearbox with a clean rag.

If you use a home.made mixture or ready.made lubricant for the electrimmer reducer in another container, then use a 10 cm 3 syringe with a volume of 10 cm. Pull the piston from the syringe and fill it with oil, then use it in the same way as a universal tube.

To prepare the mixture, use clean, low.powered and dried tanks and the same spatula for mixing.

Do not use a container from under the fuel and lubricants without washing and degreasing, because it is not known what could be in the contents earlier and how something will affect the work of the gearbox.

  • Remove the cutting tool;
  • remove protection;
  • Remove the gearbox;
  • If your trimmer for grass has a collapsible rod, then separate it;
  • unscrew the bolts connecting the halves of the housing of the electric cos and fixing the bar;
  • Pull the bar out of the body;
  • remove from the bar or both of its halves of the shaft or shafts.

In more detail, the process of disassembling the bar and the shaft extraction is described here (with your own hands).

To lubricate the shaft, first clean it of the old oil, wipe it with diesel fuel or gasoline and degrease. So you remove the products of the bushings from its surface, which means extend the service life of a trimmer for grass.

  • Put a little butter or mixture on a clean, unlawful rag;
  • Distribute it by the shaft so that the layer thickness is approximately 0.5 mm;
  • Insert the shaft smoothly into the bar until it stops and scroll several times;
  • pull the shaft;
  • spread with a mixture or a finished product again;
  • Insert from the other side to the stop, then turn several times;
  • pull the shaft;
  • Once again, apply a lubricant;
  • Insert, as expected;
  • Collect an electric cost.

If the design of your electrimmer allows you to pull out and insert the bushings back, then:

  • pull them out;
  • Clean as described above;
  • Cover the inner surface with a mixture or a finished product;
  • Insert each sleeve in its place;
  • Apply a lubricant to the shaft and insert it from the right side;
  • Collect a trimmer for grass.

Echo lubrication for gearbox and flexible shaft

Lubrication for reducers of the ULTRA-0 power tool is designed to serve gear gearboxes (in T. h. planetary and hypoid programs). The lubricant contains anti.sympathetic and anti.oxidative additives that ensure reliable operation of the mechanisms for debt.

Consistent lubrication for brake system details. The product is characterized by the following advantages: excellent protection against wear; High resistance to increased loads; High adhesion (sticking); Water resistance; Corrosion protection

Car lubricant TRW PFG110 0.025 kg

-457 Multifunctional DDE Multifunctional oil session for 0.1l gearboxes (NLGI 2. Graphite and Molybdenum di-Sulph multi-purpose, antifriction, waterproof lubrication with EP additives. Application: gearboxes and flexible shafts of motorcycles, trimmers and black cutters; Roller and needle bearing.

Multifunctional DDE oil-mesh for gearboxes 0.1l (NLGI 2. Graphite and Molybdenum Di-Sulph

It is used to lubricate the tool gearboxes. Designed for servicing gear gearboxes (in t. h. planetary and hypoid programs)

Lubrication for gearbox zip 100 gr.

Lubrication for gearboxes multi-purpose ECO 100 g (OG-101)

Lubrication for the brake system PFG-110. This is a targeted PIN-luggage that does not damage the material of anthers, a caliper cuff, not soluble in ethylene glycol of brake fluids. The lubricant includes a pag-butter and thickening. Li-Complex

Car lubricant TRW PFG110 0.025 kg

Skl ebi398 moisture.resistant lubrication for washing machines bearings. Temperature regime: to.30 ° C to 120 ° C Tube: 50 g. Manufacturer: SKL why you should buy EBI398 grease for bearings of the production of SKL:. have water resistance (shaft details.

Lubrication (CHRUS) Automobile Metal-plate complex lithium for highly loaded WOG nodes, 80 grams of the contracious metallum complex lubricant, restores friction surfaces and blocks corrosion, contains highly accurate polymer and perfectly.

Lubrication WOG Autolar Metallum complex lithium for highly loaded nodes 0.08 kg

Lubrication for reducers of the ULTRA-0 power tool is 1003 VMPAVTO is designed to serve gear gearboxes (in t.h. planetary and hypoid programs). The special anti.sympathetic and antioxidant additives included in the composition provide reliable.

Lubrication for reducers of the Ultra-0 200 g of VMPAVTO 1003

Volume: less than 100 ml. Packaging size: 2 cm x 8 cm x 9 cm. Manufacturer’s country: Temper. restriction not lower ?:.25. Type of lubricant: for gearboxes.(3883114)

Lubrication of gearboxes for the UMP power tool “Ultra” MS4115, in a package, 50 g 1002

Scope: threaded joints, locks and loops, specialization: penetrating, moisture extension, anti.corrosion, consistency: liquid

Ruseff Car lubricant Liquid key

High.quality science lubricant for gearboxes, hoses, transmission of coils and motorcade gearboxes. Recommended for lubrication of any mechanical devices subject to high loads. Dropproof temperature: not lower than 191 CO penetration at 25 ° C with mixing.

Lubrication of the lead shaft trimmer for Echo grass

Muffler cover = Silencer Cover; Muffler = silencer two bolts = Two Bolts; End key = hexagonal wrench

Val tube = Shaft Tube; Screw = screw flexible shaft = flexible shaft; Gasket = Washer cover = shield; Bearing body = Bearing Housing; Bolt = Bolt

The factory was checked by the device. The carburetor has already been adjusted. Changing settings should be carried out using a tachometer (see. Technical characteristics for installation of r/min.). When setting up without a tachometer, only basic setting is recommended. Before setting up the carburetor, clean or replace the air filter, start the engine and let it work for several minutes to achieve the temperature necessary for work. Idle speed setting

Turn the screw for the speed of the “idle” stroke clockwise until the cutting device starts to turn, then turn the screw counterclockwise until the cutting device stops. Turn the screw counterclockwise by one more turn.

Remove pollution from the muffler and tighten two screws.

Remove the plastic cover 2. Unscrew the screw of the bearing housing located at the top and remove

Remove a flexible shaft from the tube, wipe dry, apply a thin layer of 10-20 g

Install a flexible shaft back into the pipe.

Do not allow pollution of the flexible shaft.

Set the bearing housing and lid.

Checking the cutting device with a nylon string

Make sure that the edges of 2 holding the cloth reach almost

completely to the outer edges of the corresponding cover window.

Bet You Don’t Know This Trimmer Hack

Check the installation of the cutting head on a trimmer for the grass and fix it if

Check the cutting head for sagging or unusual noise,

Scrolling her hand. Sliding and unusual noise can cause abnormal vibration or reduce head speed. this is dangerous.

Check the lid and starting button for wear. When it appears

The furrow on the bottom of the start button or on the bottom cover next to the output of the nylon string, replace these parts with new.

lubrication, lead, shaft, trimmer
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