Cart for the tiller with his hands

The single-axle tractor is an indispensable and necessary equipment, which is useful for work in the homestead, in the garden. With its use, you can easily process a plot of land and transport many different loads, such as tools, hay, various crops, fertilizers, material for planting, garden waste. If the standard model of a power tiller does not include a trailer, there is a solution to the problem. it is a homemade cart for a power tiller.

Motor blocks are: light, medium and heavy (professional). The models differ in their weight, power and functionality. The single-axle tractor can be equipped with an arrow, a plow, a potato planter, a mower, a power rake, seeders and planters. Motor cultivators are considered analogues of motoblocks, but this equipment is designed to perform only one function. land treatment in rare cases there are small additional features.

Parameters and cost of the trailer

Most of the carts for power tillers on sale are capable of carrying loads of 0.3-1t with different dimensions. When choosing the right solution, you should pay attention to the power of the power plant and technical characteristics. Among them there are the following:

  • For small power tillers it is recommended to buy a body with overall dimensions of 1 m x 0,85-1.15 m, and a maximum carrying capacity of 300 kilograms. The cost of such an invention will be about two hundred American dollars;
  • If you are looking for a suitable solution for medium-powered power tillers, then give preference to models with 5-horsepower engines and dimensions of 1×1.4-1.5 meters with a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms. They will cost you 250;
  • Heavier power tillers need two-axle trailers with dimensions of 1.2 m x 2-3 m. Their load capacity should be about 1 tonne. True, such a pleasure costs about 500;

Because of the decent cost, many gardeners refuse to buy a ready-made shop-made product, trying to make a cart for a power tiller with their own hands. Fortunately, this action does not require any special tricks or efforts, so it is under the power of even a novice inexperienced dacha owner. The main thing is to find the right drawings and instructions, following a step-by-step guide. Then you should consider all the fundamental points and study the technology.

The first step is to prepare the necessary parts and tools

In general, it is the usual combination of body, frame, wheels and hitch. To assemble a homemade trailer to the motor-block you need to buy (and perhaps they are already in the household) such parts:

  • Tubes 60×30 mm and 25×25 mm in diameter, usually they must be iron for the reliability of the future product;
  • Two wheels, perhaps you have stashed old unwanted from “Moskvich”, as well as springs;
  • Duralumin sheets, their thickness should be about 2 mm;
  • sheets of steel, their thickness should be about 0.8 mm;
  • channel ;
  • fastening elements.
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Of course, you can not do without the necessary tools when assembling a cart for a power tiller: an angle grinder for cutting parts, an electric jigsaw, an electric screwdriver and welding.

making, cart, power, tiller, hands

Making the frame

The frame of the trailer frame is assembled from a square tube by welding. Cross members are made of 25 mm profile pipe, longitudinal members are made of 60 mm pipe. To begin with, parts are prepared according to sketches, after which they are assembled into a single frame and welded together. Clamps and clamps are used for temporary fastening of assembly elements. Alignment and the correct geometry of the assembly of the motor-block trailer is checked with a tape measure and an angle. Then the anti-corrosion treatment of the metal is done.

Trailer with their own hands.drawings and dimensions


The structure is formed by the frame and the body. Self-made trailers for a motor-block with their own hands imply the execution of a frame made of metal.

If the initial material in obtaining the frame element will be taken wood, then there are several negative consequences when using this material:

making, cart, power, tiller, hands
  • because of the humidity of wood will shrinkage, twisting elements, which will lead to frequent repairs;
  • The service life is very short, as wood is exposed to dampness, insects, ultraviolet rays;
  • the bending strength of the wood limits the load capacity of the trailer.

It is easier to use profile pipes to mount the frame. They are characterized by good rigidity and no tendency to shrink when exposed to gravity.

When using bolts to fasten the trim will be easier. Material for cladding is chosen as desired: iron, profiled sheeting, boards.

The dimensions of the trailer for the motor-block with their own hands are chosen according to the dimensions of pipes. Standard cart will require 50(60)x30 tube (frame) and 25×25 tube (uprights). A channel is good For the trim on the cart, a variety of materials are available. The bottom of the trailer must be thicker to prevent deforming reactions. Sturdiness of the structure is ensured by the upper strapping of the uprights.

As the axle for the wheels is used the base of metal nature or used in any technique beam. The smallest axle diameter is 3 cm. It is necessary to mount angle and brace zones to strengthen the support. The wheels of the cart can be wheels from Zhiguli or a motorcycle. Using the wheels of a motorcycle sidecar SZD will contribute to obtaining a hub for the trailer of the power tiller.

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The hub component is fastened by means of a press. Its end is bored out and placed on the axle section, so that there is no warping.

Attachment of the trailer to the power tiller is provided by the hitch. The “tube-in-tube” method is considered a simple design. The curved tube serves as the base. It is welded together with a small part of the pipe. Then a king pin is fitted. On the other side of the curved part is installed a section of pipe and a kingpin. The described coupling for a motor-block with their own hands contributes to the reliability of coupling and mobility when turning.

What you need to know about designing

Homemade dolly for power tiller is usually calculated for a load of about 0.5 tons, and the weight of the driver himself is not taken into account. With this load capacity, the design can easily hold up to 10 bags of potatoes.

When making the drawing, you need to mark the locations of the following parts:

There should be elements like a driver, a console and a support for the hinged sections at the front.

Multifunctional trailer for power tiller with own hands: steps of work, video instruction

Determining the size and sketching a drawing, you should calculate how many meters of metal and how many channels will be needed for the construction of a homemade trailer. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from unnecessary costs for the purchase of unnecessary parts and fasteners.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • welding machine;
  • steel angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm;
  • bar size of 50×50 mm;
  • 20 mm thick boards;
  • Scraps of round and rectangular tubes
  • wheels and hub assembly.

The future trailer will consist of four basic elements, connected by welding.

  • From scrap pipes and angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm frame is assembled and welded together.
  • The body is made of 20 mm boards, the nodes of which are then covered with steel angles.
  • With the help of three support beams, the role of which is played by wooden bars, the body is mounted on the trailer frame.
  • The wheels are mounted on the structure. Before this, it is necessary to sharpen the ends of the axial rod, so that its diameter coincides with the size of the hub bearings. It is necessary to observe the length of the pin. When assembled, the wheels must not protrude beyond the body rims.
  • The rod is welded to the longitudinal joint body and spars through the corner supports and brackets.
  • The trailer will be attached to the power tiller with the help of console that must be made by your own hands. The lower part of this element is the axle around which the pivot assembly rotates. The upper part should be made so that it repeats the shape of the tool carrier. The console is attached to the bracket of the attached equipment.
  • To make the wheels of the trailer work independently of the wheels of the power tiller and to make the machine easy to drive, it is recommended that the drawbar be inserted into the body of the longitudinal joint and secured with thrust rings.
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The dump trailer for the tiller is ready. Now you can attach the footrest and the driver’s seat, from which the machinery will be controlled.

Homemade trailer for power tiller from auto parts

Having made a drawing in advance and prepared the necessary materials and tools, with your own hands to assemble such a trailer can be for 1-2 days.

  • front axles from Zhiguli or Moskvich;
  • A channel of 65 mm along the length of the body;
  • Angles 60×60 mm;
  • Two 2 m long pipes;
  • One 60×40 mm tube, 3-5 m long;
  • welding machine.

The bearing part of the construction will be the axle, which is made from a channel. Its length depends on the length of the future trailer. On both sides of the channel, half axles from the car are welded. Profile pipes are installed on top:

  • One pipe is laid in the center. It will act as a drawbar. Its length should be selected according to the dimensions of the trailer device.
  • Two-meter pipes are placed on the edges of the channel, in the place where it meets the ends of the half axles. As a result, the channel joint should divide each pipe in half.
  • The short pipes are laid parallel to each other and are fastened perpendicular to each other with corners.

To make the structure strong and rigid, it is necessary to stretch profile angles or pipes from the front corners of the cart. The joints can be connected by bolts or welding.

The trailer frame is ready. Now you can install a simple self-made wooden body, a seat and hitch it to the drawbar.

After watching the video instructions and studying the article, you can understand that in order to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands, you do not need to be a constructor or a mechanic. To implement the conceived you need a drawing, the necessary tools, materials and a little desire and free time.

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