A pedorator drill: how to insert, remove, fix

With the advent of concrete reinforced structures, external and internal repairs cannot be performed without a penetrator. A large number of models of different firms are presented on the market, these are Bosch, Makita, Sturm, Bison, Vorthe, Dexter, Interskol, Caliber, Metabo, Union. Despite the variety, the main nodes and mechanisms work almost the same. The process of reinstalling the working element is also similar. Before inserting the drill into the peorator, you need to be able to get it correctly.

A pedulator is a universal tool that has great opportunities. There is a pneumatic device inside it, a pushing piston that comes into contact with a boy. The latter makes the equipment make reciprocating movements. As a result of the nozzles, any surface is destroyed. The presence of a function of the impact allows the tool to make holes in solid materials.

Its purpose depends on the built.In modes: drilling, d some and drilling. There is a toggle switch to switch the modes.

Manufacturers produce models different in weight:

Power and shock force depend on the size.

Bur was stuck in the wall: how to get out?

A drill can get stuck due to a problem in a removable head or a clamp of a penetrator. You can try to take it out, a little fluid of type WD-40 into the cartridge. Leave for a while. Thanks to the composition, the coverage of the clamping device will weaken, the drill can be obtained. If there is no such liquid, take simple kerosene. It is poured, after 10 minutes the nozzle is pulled out. You can tap slightly on the clamp, stag a little bourgeois. After the clamp, necessarily clean and lubricate.

Most often, when the working nozzle is stuck, the most secure method for the peorator is used. Turn on a clean blow, slowly scroll the tool, pull it out of the hole. It turns out the drilling of a reverse well, as a result of the drill, it is possible to extract.

The reason may be poor nozzle quality. It happens that the peorator damages a drill made of soft, cheap metal alloy during operation. Sometimes it can be pulled out if you squeeze it in a vice. Holding the peorator with your hands, shake the nozzle and pull.

Many advise to extract with a gas key. To rotate in the opposite direction. You will have to work longer, but the way is safe for a person and a tool.

But it does not always work to get a drill, then you have to cut it with a corner grinder. And to close the hole. Or around the stuck storm at an angle to the stuck drill, drill several holes, remove a piece of concrete along with a stuck nozzle.

Methods of extraction

First you need to try to squeeze the drill in a vice, and then pull the peorator, making them various movements to the side. Naturally do not forget to keep the cartridge in the “open” position. If the deformation is small, then this technique is likely to be taken out. If the extraction does not occur, try the next trick.

So, the next technique is that you need to fix the peorator itself in a vice. You need to do this so as not to damage the case, so it is better to lay some rubber gaskets. Clutching the tool, take a gas key or small vice and squeeze with some of them a boat. Now, a hammer from copper, knock on the key or small vise, depending on what you use, in the direction opposite from the cartridge. If the extraction has not happened for 3-5 shots, then you can not try further, since obviously the deformation is very strong, in which you can not do without analysis.

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Why is the HR2610 hammer drill not working well? How to fix a Makita hammer drill?

Dismantling of a particular tool model is always individual, so there is no universal answer here. If you are not afraid and at all have experience in disassembly, then you can try to do everything yourself. But still I recommend contacting specialists in one of the service centers. For a moderate fee, the servicemen will do this work.

I finish this article. I wish you a drill to be removed without problems and I advise you to use high.Quality equipment. Well, until new meetings!

How to insert a drill drill into a poorator?

In this case, you will have to apply the adapter. It is a regular cartridge as that of the electric drifts (key or fast.Packed. No difference), in which the adapter is screwed, one end of which has a thread, and the second is nothing more than the same shank as the drills.

Cartridges can be with different threads. Typically, for our case, they are used either by 1/2 inch or metric M12. The adapter, accordingly, should also have a similar threaded landing.

The adapter is entered into the cartridge. Then, for reliable fixation from the inside of the cartridge, a screw that has a left thread is screwed into it.

Now the assembled design must be stuck in the peorator just like drilling is installed in it. And in the end, we get, in fact, an electric drill, which, however, the cartridge will have some backlash.

It is not necessary to work in shock mode. The assembled adapter will not withstand and quickly fail.

Lucky for those who bought the unit immediately with such an adapter. In addition, there are such patterns of the Peas that have two replacing cartridges. One under the drill, the other under the drill.

The advantage of such a configuration is that in this case there is no backlash that is available when using the adapter. So the peorator becomes a completely full.Fledged drill. But to overpay for such a model, of course, will have to.

Here is actually all the information on the installation of drills and drills in the peorator. I hope it was clear. I say goodbye to this. Until new meetings!

How to use a pedorator in different modes

For the convenience and correct implementation of different types of work, the peorators provide several operating modes. To switch them, a toggle switch is provided.

Most modern peorators work in three modes:


The mode switch is installed opposite the designation “drill”. To carry out drilling work, equipment is used in SDS shanks: a removable cam cartridge or a rod for a penetrator. This mode is necessary for the formation of holes in a tree, metal and other materials.

Drilling with a blow

The switch is installed opposite the designation “Drill Hammer”. This mode is designed for drilling holes in concrete, brick, reinforced concrete structures and other building elements. The cutting tool makes at the same time rotational and progressive movements. When drilling reinforced concrete structures, the probability of a collision with reinforcement should be taken into account, this is dangerous for both the tool and for humans. In this mode, drilling is used. The core with special carbide attacks.


The switch is installed opposite the designation “Hammer”, in this mode the working tool does not rotate. Used to break through the stroob, destroying building structures, during chipping work. It is important to keep the peorator tightly and confidently. For detachment, use a special tool. Chisel, peaks, shoulder blades.


The reverse rotation mode changes the direction of movement of the drill or drill to the opposite. In budgetary models of peorators, an electric reverse is used. The anchor of the electric motor is spinning in the opposite direction. Disadvantage: more intense wear of brushes and braking of the anchor. In professional devices, a more complex mechanism is used. A gearbox in which the direction switches mechanically, with the help of gears. This method is more reliable, however, the modirators with mechanical shift of reverse have a higher cost.

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The reverse function will help if the drill jammed in a deep hole. The inclusion of the “reverse” will easily free the drill.

Other modes

In some models of peorators, there are additional operating modes. For example, a chip of a bite. Designed for effective deterrence. In this mode, the chisel is turning on a certain degree after each blow.

metabo, insert, drill, cartridge

How to switch and regulate the regimen regimes

The switching of the pedorator modes must be performed only after the work mechanism of the penetrator is completely stopped. At the same time, you do not need to turn off the tool from the network. It is necessary to make sure that the mode switch was clearly fixed in the right position.

Possible problems with fastening the nozzle

It happens that the installation of a drill or a drill in the cartridge of the penetrator ended in failure. This word means defects in the landing and rotation of the drilling nozzle, an unreliable fastening of the cartridge. Most often there are 2 cases:

  • The drill is not fixed reliably in the nest, and during operation it flies out. In 99% of cases, the source of the problem is a worn cartridge. You can make it out and try to restore it.

In the clamping mechanism, fists are often deformed over time, deviated from the normal position. It may also be in compression due to wear of a fixing spring. The mentioned details are not subject to repair, because they should be changed and collected the entire structure back. If there is no desire or time, it is better to immediately purchase a new cartridge.

  • It also happens that the cartridge does not want to be attached to the shaft of the penetrator. Here the probable reason also lies in wear, this time. A locking ring at the end of the raster sleeve. Using this part, the cartridge case is attached to the shaft of the power tool. Here will help replace the locking ring.

Selection and installation of drill for the penetrator

As mentioned, the early Bosch standards were distributed by two: SDS-Plus-with a shank diameter of 10mm and SDS-MAX-with a shank diameter of 18mm.

Accordingly, most equipment is carried out for these standards. Of course, it is possible to use the SDS-MAX shank equipment on light peorators, but this is not advisable due to their slight power, which will lead to a decrease in the life of the tool.

Selection of a carpet manufacturer for a penetrator

Only a dozen (more precisely 14 companies) of drill manufacturers for peorators are registered in the world. At the same time, several brands can produce at one factory. So, in Germany, the Drebo Werkzengfabrik plant produces products for Hitachi, Aeg, Milwaukee, Wurth.

In this case, there is no doubt as a drill. Over, these brands are also successfully produced in China.

How to Change a Drill Bit | Rockler Skill Builders

metabo, insert, drill, cartridge

If you want to purchase goods produced in Europe, then you need to pay attention to the products of Alpen-Maykestag-one from leading manufacturers in Europe. The complaint for products is 2pcs. 1 million. The company’s factories are located in Austria and Italy, there are no company factories in China.

But not all China is of poor quality. So, the same Bosch has its own factories in China. Products produced under the Bosch brand, no worse than its European fellow, and in some cases even better. The main thing is to get on an industrial manufacturer, not a shrubs.

The intensity of the slope of the sludge

Shlama’s allotment is one of the most important properties of drills. The drilling quality directly depends on the speed of the crumb of the crumb. For shallow holes (up to 60mm), drilling bags with a small steep screw grooves are well suited. For more intense drilling, you need to use a steep spiral drill. The disadvantage of this equipment is a decrease in the strength of the body of the drill.

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metabo, insert, drill, cartridge

Schlak bourars are allocated as quickly and high.Quality as quickly as possible. They are the most effective for drilling deep holes.

Features of application

Together with the peorater, it is recommended to use exclusively native cartridges, lubricants and drills, which are provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning, maintenance and lubrication are carried out regularly. Particular attention should be paid to the shanks.

It is not recommended to work for a long time without stopping the tool. It should be stopped periodically so that it cools down. Reading reviews about the Metabo 2860 Quick Peotabo, you can highlight some features of the operation of such equipment. Consumers emphasize that when drilling deep holes, work must be performed in several techniques. At the same time, the drill is taken out every time, which will allow you to clean the hole. If you press the tool, then the shock mechanism can be worn out ahead of time. This is also fraught with overheating of the anchor of the motor.

You should not use the displacement mode for too long. It needs to be mixed with a rotational regime for 2 minutes. This will cool the tool and give lubrication to be distributed in the right places. This contributes to the operation of the compulsory lubrication system.

Reviews of the Metabo Peorator say that to exclude damage to the cartridge, the axis of the axis should work perpendicular to the axis. Cracocks of the tool should be avoided. The brushes of an electric engine and an boiler must be periodically inspected. They are changed and put in order. Do not expect a small malfunction to turn into a real breakdown. It is better to take the tool to the service center. It will cost you cheaper.

Typically, to prevent storm stuck, it is enough to buy a high.Quality model from a well.Known manufacturer. But in modern stores a huge number of models from Chinese brands with tempting are sold. When choosing such a tool, it is better to immediately check it during the purchase. To do this, you only need to make 5-10 holes with a tool in a concrete surface.

If after the commission of these actions the drill passes through the shank, then the peorator of high quality. If there is a deformation of the nozzle, then pulling a drill from the mechanism will be quite simple. The main thing in this case is to act quickly, otherwise the right moment will be missed. After all, jamming will be serious, and you will have to get the nozzle for a long time.

The stake is stuck due to the use of an expensive and high-quality device together with cheap equipment on a solid surface.

Important! Even expensive, productive details of the device can quickly fail, if you use them on materials not intended for this. Because of this, special nozzles are used for each surface.

The storm stuck in the penarator is a common problem that every builder faces. It occurs for several reasons. Most often, stuck occurs due to the use of cheap tools or equipment for them. It is better to reassure again and take all kinds of measures to prevent the problem. If it has already occurred, they try to extract the drill from the penetrator with a vice. No need to be afraid of stuck! When it is not possible to get the drill on your own, you should seek help to the service center.

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