Bracket for the TV with their own hands. how to assemble a construction from improvised materials

Plasma TV placement includes several options, one of which is to mount it on the wall with a bracket. This solution allows not only to save space, but also somewhat modernize the interior. Despite their functionality, the factory brackets have one drawback. an unreasonably high price.

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Agree that there is no point in overpaying for a design that you can build yourself. Further in the article there will be step by step instructions for making a TV bracket for any model with your own hands.

Depending on the degree of functionality, there are several types of construction, of which only two can be built by yourself. Below you can read about the variants of making homemade brackets from improvised materials, including step-by-step instructions for each of them.

Basic requirements for TV mounts

Most of the manufactured TVs use the VESA mounting system. Based on the typical distance between the holes (in millimeters) different mounting modules are offered. Usually it is four mounting points that are located on the back panel. The “quadruple” VESA pattern is made in the form of a square or slightly elongated rectangle. In the mounting points may already be installed standard fixing bolts. If they are not there, they are in a separate package or with other accessories.

Do not mount the TV, especially for expensive brand-name models, to non-standard fasteners. That is why bolt heads are often made for special tools, and the holes are filled with soft plastic. In such cases, installation of the product on a factory-made bracket must be performed by a certified technician. Without his marking in the warranty card about the work done all warranty obligations are canceled!

When installing on solid walls standard brackets dowels are recommended to choose steel, at least propylene. For walls of foam block, cinder block. only propylene. Self-tapping screws with a diameter of 4 mm or so, as the first digit of the diagonal size of the screen (in inches). The depth of the self-tapping into the load-bearing wall without the thickness of the finish should be:

  • for concrete walls. 10 mm plus the size of the diagonal in centimeters;
  • For brick walls. 30 mm plus the size of the diagonal;
  • For walls of foam block. 50 mm plus the size of the diagonal.

The above requirements do not apply to the walls of gypsum plasterboard, because they do not have a good load-bearing capacity. If the sheets adhere tightly to the solid wall, they are mounted directly to the wall. Then for the diameter of the head of the dowel in the sheet drilled holes of the appropriate diameter. And putting a steel bar spacer on the dowels, a 6-facet socket wrench, tapping with a hammer, settle them until they fit in place.

If the plasterboard is fixed to the frame and the thickness of the trim is less than 12 mm, you’ll have to look for another place or mount the TV on a pedestal. The only possible option is if you know the location of the frame, which can be used to mount the bracket.

  • The optimal height of the TV from the floor. the maximum comfort when watching movies
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  • Stained glass windows with your own hands. how to make them?

Fixed wall bracket constructions

One of the most common designs is the fixed bracket. The mounting system is very simple, but it can not tilt, rotate the screen. Fixed bracket for the TV on the wall is easy to fasten and can be made from any accessories that are affordable or can be easily found.

Consider the option of making a bracket out of wood. Basic materials:

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We take two slats made of hardwood, they have the best quality. The length of the slats must exceed the length of the back wall of the flat screen TV body by 10-15 centimeters. To ensure the slope of the screen at a slight angle, we take the upper slat a little thicker than the lower one. Two self-tapping screws with a ring are screwed to the top edge of each of the slats.

With the help of bolts, which we screw into special holes, we fix the bars on the back of the TV. One slat at the top and one at the bottom. Between the rings we measure the horizontal and vertical distance, and transfer them to the wall. Get the mounting points. Drill holes in them, install dowels with hooks and hang the product on them.

This wall mount is easy to make and very reliable. Suitable for models with screen diagonals larger than 26 inches.

Consider another simple variant of making a fixed wall bracket. Installation of small diagonal product will be carried out on the aluminum corners and a bicycle spoke. Angles can take and steel, but since the load on the mount is insignificant, and steel is difficult to work, the aluminum is preferable.

The place for mounting the flat TV, the size of the dowels and holes must be selected individually. Two angles with two holes drilled in each are attached to the back cover with screws. The other two to the wall with screws. To do this, attach them to the wall and mark on the wall with a pencil holes for dowels. It is better to carry out mounting on plastic dowels. To connect the corners with each other in the upper side of each of them we drill one hole.

How to fix the storage water heater on the wall of different materials

When buying a storage water heater the owner has two problems: how to connect to the water mains and how to mount it on the wall. Accumulation water heater has a large weight due to the water tank. It is important to know how to hang the water heater on the wall, so that the mount will withstand a heavy unit. In this article the master plumber will tell you how to fix the storage water heater on the wall of different materials.

To understand how to hang the water heater on the wall, you must first clarify the peculiarities of the design of the storage device. According to the type of heating boilers can be:

  • Gas water heaters are connected to the mains or a cylinder. They require the chimney to be connected outside the premises. Work from a connection to the home power grid. equipped with a heat exchanger that connects to the heating system.

All these boilers have in common a storage tank. The bigger the tank, the heavier it is when filled with water.

Many people mistakenly think that the water heater weighs “at par”. That is, if you took, say, 50 liters, then the total weight of about 50 kg! But this is extremely wrong, the weight of the water heater itself is also not small. Here are the approximate weights by item:

  • A 30-liter water heater, on average, itself will weigh 13. 15 kg;. 17. 20 kg;. 22. 24 kg;
  • Water heater 100 liters. 24. 26 kg;
  • Water heater 120 liters. 26. 30 kg;
  • Water heater 150 liters. about 35 kg;
  • Water heater 200 liters. about 57 kg;
  • Water heater 300 liters. about 74 kg.

Of course, much depends on the manufacturer. what thickness of steel he used (as well as what material. plain steel or stainless steel), how much insulation he put, how much weight the body, how much electronic stuffing. But on average, the weight of the water heater is exactly.

That is, if we sum up a small total, it turns out. the boiler for 50 liters (20 kg) of water in it another 50 kg, so. the total weight will be about 70 kg.

Any model of the water heater is sold with mounting elements. Floor standing appliances are easier to install, but hanging boilers require a solid wall. As a standard, each water heater body is equipped with mounting eyelets on the back. Steel hooks are included. If it is not available, you will have to buy it separately. The thickness of the hook should match the diameter of the hole in the eyes.

Regardless of where the boiler will be located. in the bathroom or in the kitchen. it is worth paying attention to a number of nuances:

  • Communications. When choosing a place for installation, you need to consider the length of cable through which the heater is connected to the mains. If you install a gas boiler it should be in the immediate vicinity of the ventilation shaft. It is also not recommended to mount the boiler at a significant distance from the pipe with cold water.
  • Plumber’s cupboard. Masters recommend covering the boiler with a plumbing cabinet. But if you want you can leave the device open.
  • The level of humidity. Boilers are not recommended to be installed in places with high humidity. In particular, do not install heaters over the bathroom, as the splashing water can get on the wiring and cause a short circuit. The level of humidity at which the water heater remains functional is specified in the manual.
  • The strength of the wall. This parameter directly affects the service life of the heater. When choosing a place to mount the device, you need to take into account that the wall must be able to withstand the weight not only of the boiler, but also of the water.

Ideal for mounting the water heater are considered to be walls made of bricks or blocks, but it is extremely undesirable to mount on a thin wall. However, fixing to other types of materials is also acceptable. The most common:

  • Foam concrete;
  • Saman;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Plasterboard partitions;
  • Wood;
  • Wallboard;
  • Gypsolite;
  • Brick and cinder block;
  • Concrete.
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Consider the peculiarities of installation for each type of wall.

Grass trimmer belt. How to adjust the satchel grass trimmer belt

Adjust the height of the grass trimmer backpack belt hook by tightening the shoulder straps so that the grass trimmer blade lowered to the ground is parallel to the surface of the plot (strictly horizontal).When working with the grass trimmer‘s saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the grass trimmer’s saw blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground surface.

Moving the grass trimmer’s suspension eye to the grass trimmer strap forward or backward, balance the grass trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the grass trimmer blade is near the very surface of the area, but does not rest on the grass.For sawing shrubs and young trees with the brush cutter blade, the grass trimmer must be balanced so that the machine hangs horizontally on the hook when the handlebar is released.

Adjust the grass trimmer shoulder straps (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over your shoulders (check by pressing on the grass trimmer suspension hook with your hand).

Husqvarna Grass Trimmer Backpack Belt Video. About the design features of Husqvarna belt harness that make mowing easier and safer with a brushcutter, trimmer, chain saw, brushcutter. wide shoulder straps and elastic waist belt, quick-release catches (carabiners) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the grass trimmer. On the universality of belts for men and women.

These backpack Husqvarna grass trimmer belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmers, gasoline mowers, brush cutters, electric mowers, brush cutters.

What will be needed:

You can cut a new and shatterproof protector from the bottom of a dishwasher or the tank of an old washing machine with a vertical load. Since they are metal, and made of stainless steel, such protection will not fail and will last much longer than even the lawnmower itself.

Homemade protection is attached to the bar of the brushcutter similar to the staff shield. The same holes are made in it and it is screwed to the existing aluminum or plastic fixture with the same screws.

The correct deflector is fitted on the brushcutter just like the one on the boom, so it’s a bit wider than the standard deflector. If the engine power is sufficient, it will allow you to mow faster by increasing the reach.

Principles of electric motors

Electric motors can be single-phase, 220 V, or three-phase. When connecting the motor, all safety rules for working with electrical appliances must be observed. RCD protection must be made for a single-phase motor, and a powerful three-phase motor must have capacitors of appropriate capacity in the circuit.

For an electric lawnmower with their own hands, you can use a powerful slow-speed drill with a speed of 1500-3000 rpm. It is necessary to choose the right ratio of power to the width of mowing, so as not to overload the motor. Mounted on the platform, a cordless or power drill will create the necessary torque, and the grass will be cut. During operation, do not forget to observe rest intervals, to cool the brush motor. Such a tool will help to clean the lawn, it is easy to fold and does not require much space for storage. The platform, on which the engine is installed, must be narrow, so you can handle the walled area. Stability depends on the center of gravity. The lower it is, the lower the tilting moment for the platform. To learn how to make a lawn mower with your own hands, take a look

When building a tool yourself, remember that it is a high risk tool. It is necessary to include a blocking button in the scheme, which is triggered by jamming or breakage of the blade. It is forbidden to work with electric mowers in wet weather, on the morning dew.

complex models with engines from 1.5 to 6 kW are installed on a specially made soleplate. It is better to use an asynchronous motor, it is less noisy. The running gear is made of rubber coated metal wheels with a wide tread, so the grass is less crushed. Bearing units in sleeves on the axle are more reliable than plastic inserts.

You can make a deck and knife using an old frying pan and a plate made of tool steel. Design when blades are mounted on a mandrel is more efficient

It is important to observe the proportions and profile of the sharpened edges, using the drawings in the photo lawnmower with their own hands

Correct alignment is important for the performance of the swift-wheel assembly. A small runout can create a strong vibration, destroy joints, create backlash due to the production of seats.

The household is always accumulating obsolete mechanisms and parts. Something can be found in household junk yards. Unfortunately, such cemeteries surround all residential areas. Wheels from a stroller are perfect, as well as the handle from it. Voy example of a lawn mower with their own hands from a washing machine from Soviet times. They were then made of strong metal. Motors from these machines are the best in terms of parameters and power suitable for use in a lawnmower.

A quality steel body will serve as a protective skirt and guide when the grass is tossed sideways. In addition to the motor, two pulleys and a belt are used to transfer the rotation from the motor to the blade drive. The motor is fixed on the platform and connected to one phase.

This makeshift mower works in the yard, because it is connected to the mains with a power cord. You can use a special coil extension wire, picking up the cross section corresponding to the power of the motor. Such a device is available in a length of at least 40 meters and must ensure mobility.

Using a chainsaw engine in a lawn mower requires no additional protection. It is already in a dust and moisture-proof design. The air filters are clogged less often.

How to make a mobile lawnmower with your own hands? Made on the basis of a drill, the tool depends on the battery capacity and requires recharging in the network. In the absence of electricity, it remains to build a lawnmower on the basis of the internal combustion engine. All small appliances that are fueled by gasoline or fuel mixture can become a donor for a homemade lawn mower.

Necessary tool

To mount the TV yourself, you’ll need a set of tools. These include:

This would make the work process much easier.

Features of blades for brushcutters

Blade discs are available in plastic and metal, as well as in different shapes to perform a variety of tasks.

  • Two-, three- and four-blade knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and tree growth. However, they are not suitable for making hay, because they shred the shoots, cutting them several times.
  • The massive four-blade discs are not only for clearing the ground from the grass, but also for cutting hay. They prevent the shoots from being cut too many times, making them suitable for harvesting in the winter.
  • Discs with cutting edges on the perimeter are relevant for mowing reeds and reeds. Such blades are very heavy. a necessary quality to cut thick stems.
  • Professional sawtooth blades for brushcutters and brushcutters make it possible to cut down small trees and bushes.

Plastic blades are used as an alternative to metal discs. They do not need to be firmly fastened in the head, and they rotate as a result of centrifugal force. The durability of plastic blades is high and the service life is therefore long enough.

Side note! The advantage of plastic disks is that if they hit an insurmountable obstacle, they bounce back and there is no renewed contact.

Testing in action

Fill the tank with gasoline and close the gas cap tightly. Insert and clamp the drill into the chuck.

Start the motor and let it run without load. Drilling through solid wood. The machine can easily cope with this task.

Even plastered brick walls can be bounced off without any problem. The drill, even at medium engine speed, overcame the resistance of the brick without difficulty.

The most serious test. drilling holes in steel profile pipe. Kick a series of points and start drilling. Metal was also not an obstacle for our self-made.

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