TOP-15 of the best network screwdrivers: rating 2021-2022 at price/quality

Network electric screwdriver is one of the most common tools for repair work. To simplify the search for the desired device, we analyzed the models presented in online stores, studied their functionality and features, got acquainted with the technical characteristics and reviews of the owners. Below is a rating of the best, high-quality and reliable network screwdrivers for 2021-2022, grouped in the most popular categories of requests.

Place name price rating
The best network screwdrivers in price/quality for 2021-2022
one Interskol DSh-10/320E2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Zubble DSh-M1-400-2 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Bosch GTB 650 06014A2000 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best shock network screwdrivers
one Makita TD0101 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Makita TD0100 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Makita HP0300 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best network screwdrivers with a fast.Packed cartridge
one Resanta SS-550-1 75/16/2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Makita DP4003 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Hanskonner HID2145PL Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best powerful network screwdrivers
one Zubble DSh-M3-500-2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Stavr DShS-10/450 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Vortex SS-550/2 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best inexpensive network screwdrivers
one Bort BSM-250X Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 DEKO DKSD500W Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Caliber DE-550shm Find out the price 4.7 /5

How to choose a network electric screwdriver

The passport of an electric screwdriver indicates all its technical characteristics, but when choosing, you should pay attention to the criteria below.


This parameter directly indicates the energy consumption of the tool. In addition, the size and weight of the electric screwdriver depend on power. When choosing, you should focus on what purposes the model will be used. So, for example, an electric screwdriver with a capacity of 150. 400 watts will cope with periodic domestic tasks. If the tool is bought for professional operation in construction conditions, where you often have to work with self.Tapping screws with a length of more than 100 mm, in priority options for 500 watts or more.


The value of the torque is an effort with which the bit affects the fasteners, which means that it determines the spectrum of the hardness of materials into which you can easily screw the self.Tapping screw. In household models, in most cases, this parameter is in the range of 10-15 nm, while professional screwdrivers are able to develop a torque of 30 nm and above. There are models with the pulse regime provided for, where the moment can reach 100 nm.


This parameter for an electric screwdriver is not the main one, but if the instrument is planned to be used as an electric drill, then a large number of revolutions will allow you to get accurate neat holes. The presence of several speeds will also simplify work with fasteners. So, for example, with screwing a large number of short self.Tapping screws, the speed of work increases precisely with the high reserves of the tool.

With a decrease in the speed of rotation of the spindle through the corresponding switch, the torque increases. This means that a less powerful tool with two speeds will help to cope with the same complex fastener as more powerful, but at the same speed.


The function will allow you to work with an electric screwdriver both on twisting and twisting fasteners. Reverse actually changes the direction of rotation of the cartridge, and therefore it should be on every similar tool. It is important to pay attention precisely to the switching method. The button switch is considered more reliable, which is shed on the one hand, and on the other, it popses up. In the middle position, such a button blocks the settings of the Start key, actually acting as a fuse.

If switching is made by a lever located directly above the starter, the convenience of use remains at the same level, but reliability is reduced. Such a lever breaks quite easily, and as you know, this malfunction cannot be warranty.


On electrical screwdrivers, one of the following types of cartridges is installed:

  • Fast.Sounding. Installed both on household and professional screwdrivers. Bit fixation is performed by compressing the cams due to rotation of threaded couplings. This is a universal option, as it allows you to clamp the equipment with various types of shanks, while quickly and reliably.
  • HEX hexagon. Is equipped with a magnetic holder, which is responsible for fixing the bats in the cartridge. The installation or replacement of equipment is performed extremely quickly, and it is the hexagonal cartridge easier in design. It allows you to easily establish a depth limiter necessary for professional work. But it should be remembered that the bat is not clamped with anything, but simply inserted, kept at the expense of the magnet, therefore a small backlash can be observed.
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If the network electric screwdriver with a hexagonal cartridge is planned to be used to drill holes, drill with the corresponding shank is bought for it. They are easy to find in free sale.


In addition to the convenience of the buttons and the presence of rubber inserts on the handle, the ergonomicity is also determined by the shape of the tool case:

  • Pistol. In the predominant majority, this shape of the case indicates a direct connection of the engine shaft with a cartridge without any gearboxes. This is a characteristic feature of budget models that do not have increased power and do not have high.Quality cooling of internal nodes.
  • T-shaped-the handle is closer to the central part of the tool, and as a result-the weight is better distributed. In any case, each electric screwdriver has its own design features.
  • Classic (in the form of a drill). The first sign of professional equipment. The weight of such models is rarely dropped below 1.5 kg, but the form itself involves maintaining an electric screwdriver in the process by the second hand.

Most screwdrivers have additional functions, for example, fixing the start key, a smooth speed regulator. Their absence does not change the technical characteristics of the selected model, but serves exclusively to increase the comfort of operation. Therefore, the need for each individual function is determined by the buyer himself, based on the conditions of use of the tool.

In the rating of network drifts of screwdrivers, models at an average price represent the most extensive category. This tool is used on construction sites, with intensive use in home workshops. Manufacturers complete the equipment with more powerful engines, increase the reliability of the main nodes. This allows you to use drill for metal 10-12 mm, tighten long self-tapping screws.

Zubble DSh-M1-400

Network for everyday use. Equipped with a simple and reliable single.Speed gearbox. The speed of rotation is regulated smoothly, providing accurate drilling of metals and alloys. The restrictive coupling prevents the collapse of the slots of the fasteners. A reliable grip provides an ergonomic lining on the handle made of anti.Slip material.

Adjusting the torque grows smoothly, allowing you to choose the optimal mode for working with different types of hardware. The penultimate position has an increased range, which distinguishes the model from competitors in class, allows you to sharply increase performance. The possibility of rapidly replacing equipment helps in this. Reverse expands functionality, according to reviews, the network drill electric screwdriver bison effectively twists long self.Tapping screws. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of fastening the bit holder from any convenient side of the case.

  • The backlight of the workplace;
  • Maximum diameter of the drill for metal 10 mm;
  • Increased service life of brushes;
  • The engine can withstand overload;
  • Cord length 3 m.

Stavr DShS-10/450-2C

The presence of 2 speeds for economical processing of materials of different densities. The user can select the drilling mode or one of the 23 steps of adjusting the torque. The equipment changes easily and quickly thanks to a two.Tank cartridge of a fast.Packed structure. The start key works smoothly, the latch makes it easy to use with prolonged use.

Simple access to brushes simplifies the implementation of planned repair. The impeller provides effective cooling of the electric motor. The case is made of shock.Resistant plastic, the handle with anti.Slip inserts is shifted to the center, which makes the tool balanced. Engine power is enough to tighten screws with a length of 100 mm.

Sturm! ID2145P

Two.Speed gearbox and 1400 rpm at idle make this model one of the most productive in the category. The manufacturer took care of a high torque, a 23rd range switch for its accurate tuning. Spindle and reverse lock expand the functionality of equipment.

Positive reviews on the drill Electric screwdriver are associated with the good quality of the cartridge. Lack of backlash, the ability to quickly change the equipment make use comfortable, most accurate. The handle and the back of the case are rubberized, the start button has a convenient lock. Cable with elastic, durable braid does not “tumble” at negative temperatures.

Interskol DSh-10/320E2

It is equipped with a light, but powerful electric motor. Two.Speed gearbox makes it simple to choose the speed taking into account the processed materials. The cooling system works efficiently, the electric motor does not overheat with intensive use. Electronics are responsible for speed adjustment. A 20 positional clip of restriction helps to set the exact value of the moment.

The case is made of durable plastic, the handle and the back are rubberized. The start.Up fixer works stably, the reverse helps to unscrew long screws. For the operational replacement of brushes, a mechanism for access to a node has not been developed, which does not require the use of special keys.

Below you can see the rating of the best electrical screwdrivers. From inexpensive to premium with extensive functionality.

Electric screwdriver Makita FS4000JX2, 570 W

The most popular budget electric screwdriver with a voltage from the network. Suitable not only for home, but also in furniture production. Blocking button on, adjustment of the speed of rotation.

Cartridge without bit;


Cable length 2.5 m.;

Power 570 watts.

Drill-electrical screwdriver Redverg SD300, 300 W

Quality assembly. Comfortably lies in the hand, an ergonomic handle. Inexpensive, but powerful and reliable option. There is a rotation frequency adjustment.

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Low price;

2 speed of work;

network, electric, screwdriver, choose

Reverse, drilling;

Fasted cartridge.

Drill-electrical screwdriver bison DSh-M1-400 box, 400 watts

Convenient in work. Attractive design, quality at a decent level. The torque indicator allows you to use the tool in a professional environment. Extensive functionality, fast.Packed cartridge.

Spotlight lamp;


Bit holder;

Board bracket.

Electric screwdriver Resanta SS-550-1, 550 W

Powerful, reliable, works from the network. It is convenient to hold in your hand and easily adjust the tightness force. Electronic revolutions increase work comfort, rubberized handle. Power is enough to solve all household problems.

network, electric, screwdriver, choose

Drilling metal;


Fasted cartridge.

Drill-electrical screwdriver Interskol DSh-10/250E, 250 watts

Cheap, light and compact tool. Ideal solution for small household repairs. Power is enough to work with thin.Leaf iron. Design, assembly, easy to maintain.

The length of the cable is 2m.;

Power 250 watts;

Drilling, reverse;

Fixation of the power button.

IDEAL Networks. Poe Pro (US)

Drill-electrical screwdriver Hammer Drl400A, 280 W

Powerful, durable cartridge, reliable, strong gearbox. High torque, low weight, low price. Sensitive coupling of momentum (rattle), high maintainability.

Fast.Packed cartridge;

Power 280 watts;

Cable length 3 m.

Drill-electrical screwdriver Makita DF0300, box, 320 W

High.Quality assembly, powerful, does not heat up in the process of work. The best network drill electric screwdriver according to user reviews. Reliable switching of speeds and reverse, electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.

Drill-electrical screwdriver Zubrov ZSSh-300-2, 300 W

Small dimensions, power from the network 220 V. Fast replacement of collector brushes. Adjustable spindle rotation frequency. Quickly packed cartridge with a diameter of 10 mm, lock button.

Power 300 watts;

Cord 5 m.;

Bit holder;


Drill-electrical screwdriver bison dsh-m3-500-2 box, 500 watts

Sufficient to work tormenting. A long wire allows you to reach anywhere on the work site. Elegant design, comfortable ergonomics.


Access to brushes;

Bita holder;

Wire 5 m;


Drill-electrical screwdriver BORT BSM-250 × 2, 280 W

High.Quality plastic, light, convenient and compact tool. Included in the top of popular wired screwdrivers. Regime without blocking. Does not require a lot of storage space. Torque 16 nm, power from the network.

Fast.Packed cartridge;

Power 280 watts;

network, electric, screwdriver, choose

2 speed of work.

Popular questions about network screwdrivers

The complete cord is most often missing in almost any case. You have to search and use the extension cord. And yet, the greater the length of the wire, the better.

A cheap, unprofessional tool is made for not the most intense working conditions. He is able to perform irregular operations with low intensity.

Professional models are designed for many hours of work with a large load. It is designed for a large amount of work without failure, so it costs more than ordinary.

If you do not embellish, a decent tool can work for years and even for decades. If the manufacturing material is high.Quality, then almost nothing can fail. With a careful and regular repair, the tool will serve as a long time.

A separate word. About the replacement of individual parts. For example, the cartridge as the most contacting force with the environment, the part can be replaced. But the tool itself will work.

How to choose a network electric screwdriver, taking into account the brand? On whom to calculate the desire to purchase an electric screwdriver? The best manufacturers are:

  • Bort. A German with an increased guarantee;
  • Korner. Russian with high reliability;
  • Diold. A Russian with a wide range of opportunities;
  • Zubrov and Interskol. Russians with high characteristics (Zubrov ZSSh 300 3. Interskol DSh 10 260E2);
  • Makita. A Japanese specializing in electrical engineering (Makita DDF083Z 40);
  • Wert is a Chinese, characterized by simplicity and ergonomics.

Criteria for choosing a network electric screwdriver

Before buying a network electric screwdriver, the user must decide for which specific purposes he will use it. This allows you to realize a competent assessment of its following main technical characteristics:

network, electric, screwdriver, choose

The main performance indicator characteristic. So, the higher its value, the more long self.Tapping screws can be wrapped in. For example, 300-welded models make it possible to screw metizes up to 70 mm, including through a thin sheet of metal, as well as drill wood with a thickness of 10-15 cm.

1.5-2 times more powerful analogues are capable of not only screwing the marginal lengths of the limit length, but also perform the drilling of relatively thick metal plates. However, with an increase in the power of the motor, the weight of the device and comfort in its operation inevitably increase. In addition, energy consumption increases.

To choose the right electric network electric screwdriver for the home also allows accounting for the moment of power. This is the second most important characteristic that affects the indicator of the overall performance of the device. Set by 3 factors-the power of the drive, the type of gearbox and the spindle rotation frequency.

The higher its value, the more long metiz can be screwed with a pistol. For example, for installing a self-tapping screw at 60-70 mm, a model of 30 nm is enough, and for a metiz of 100 mm you will need a device for 40-50 nm. Some screwdrivers have a special regulator for setting a suitable moment of force. If it is necessary to work with screws of various lengths.

The function of the reverse allows you to switch the rotation of the clamping head from the direct direction, and vice versa. Such a need often occurs when the structures are dismantled when it is required to unscrew the long.Twisted methysis.

Otherwise, the user will need to apply the screwdriver, which is long, laborious and unproductive. In addition, the reverse mechanism allows you to quickly reinstall the bits.

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In addition to the absolute indicator of the speed of the tool, to select a network electrical screwdriver, it is not the last importance that is possible to increase and decrease. This will make it possible to select the optimal speed for work in specific conditions. So, to tighten small.Length self.Tapping screws, a minimum number of revolutions is required, for large ones. The average, and for the drilling of materials the maximum.

Best Electric Screwdriver In 2021. Top 10 New Electric Screwdrivers Review

If the gun does not imply a change in speed, then for a specific type of operation you need to select a model with the necessary parameter value. For example, twisting of hardware, specimens with a rotation frequency of 1000-1300 rpm are suitable., And for the drill-2000-3000 rpm.

Geometric parameters and dimensions must comply with the operating conditions and the nature of the use of electrical screwdriver. So, for work in hard.To.Reach conditions. On the ceiling, roof, etc A light compact device is suitable, even if it loses in some parameters more equipped models. On the contrary, to work in the workshop in the same position, more overall and heavy analogues can be used, but have greater functionality.

In order to determine which electric electric screwdriver is better suited for specific operating conditions, it is necessary to take into account the following varieties of this part of it:

  • Key. The change of equipment is carried out by means of a special key. This significantly increases the strength and reliability of fixing the bat or drill, and makes it possible to work in more stringent conditions, but takes a lot of effort and time.
  • Quickly joke. The fixation of the tool is performed in one operation, which significantly facilitates the operation of the device. However, this type of device can only be used for work in light conditions.
  • Under the bit. Copies of this variety make it possible to install only bats, but not a drill. Fastening is reliable, but at the same time limited in application.

The first two options are equally effectively used in everyday life.

Modern electric screwdriver can be used not only to screw screws. Additionally, it can perform the function of the drill, as well as the penetrator. Some copies are additionally equipped with battery for autonomous use.

An electric screwdriver must have the necessary set of functions for performing planned operations Vyborok.Com

Comparison of the network and battery model

Compared to battery models, network has the following number of advantages:

  • Power stability. The device that eats from the household network shows stable characteristics of the work. On the contrary, in battery models they are gradually decreasing. As the batteries are discharged.
  • The possibility of twisting long marking. Most of the battery models are designed to work with self.Tapping screws of not more than 70 mm. At the same time, the best network screwdrivers in this indicator are fully coped with maximum lengths, provided that the torque is from 40 nm.
  • Work at minus temperature. Network models have only general restrictions on working in frost, and the AKB analogues on lithium-ion batteries do not have such an opportunity at all.
  • Duration of work. Models that eat from the network are able to work exactly as much as their technical resource allows. Akb-Exactes are quickly discharged and show optimal performance no longer than 1-1.5 hours.
  • Weight and dimensions. The network gun is the easiest and compact, battery. Additionally heavier and bulky due to the module with the battery.
  • Open.Air work. A 220 V electrical screwdriver can work on the street at any time of the year, provided that the length of the power cable is sufficient. Akb models have this opportunity only in the warm season.
  • Price. The average price of network models is lower than that of the battery.

Akb-electrical screwdriver is distinguished by mobility and energy dependence, network-characterized by lightness, compactness, greater power and lower cost, as well as the possibility of working in the cold.

Recommendation! For domestic use, a scorchway with a key mechanism of the cartridge is better for a professional or in a private workshop. With a quick.And.Packed.

Rating of the best network screwdrivers for the price and quality of 2022

The best for home use are inexpensive models with medium power and additional functions. Such tools are highly reliable and universality.

Metabo SE 4000

The semi.Professional unit with a 600 W engine is highly performance, supports reverse and adjust the revolutions. Works only with bits, is equipped with a limiter and magnetic holder.

Which electric screwdriver is better than network or battery?

By type of power, screwdrivers are divided into 2 groups:

  • Network. Function from the network 220 V, do not require charging batteries. Are cheaper than battery models. Their movement is limited by cable, cannot be used in wet rooms, have a large weight.
  • Battery. Compact models for hard.To.Reach areas. Feed from removable batteries. Optimal for rooms with high humidity and situations when there is no way to use the power grid. The disadvantages of such a tool are discharging batteries and a higher price.

For constant professional activity, it is better to buy a model with a network cable. And for episodic work in the house, battery.

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