Lubricating oils for chains and chain saws

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Chainsaw not oiling? Check this FIRST!. Homestead Tips

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For reduction of friction and wear between internal parts and units of internal combustion engines as well as chain and pinion gears, etc. Oils and greases are used.

The distinction of lubricants goes by several key parameters:

  • According to the initial raw material: lubricants and oils are mineral (petroleum). Synthetic oils make up 90% of all lubricating oils produced; Synthetic oils are made of different raw materials by different methods (for example, by polymerization of petroleum hydrocarbons), they are of very good quality, but their cost is also very high, thus they are used only for lubricating important units of equipment; Organic oils have excellent lubricating properties, but are unstable at high and low temperatures.
  • According to temperature properties. depending on the pour point, all greases and oils are divided into several groups. Summer oils, which lose their viscosity at.15°C, winter ones. at.20°C and below, and all-season types are suitable for use both in warm and in cold seasons.
  • According to their state of aggregation. they are liquid (these are mainly vegetable and petroleum-based lubricating oils), plastic (pastes). these are solidol, technical Vaseline, fats, etc. д.) and solids (talc, mica). remain in this state, regardless of ambient temperature and pressure.

Chain saw engine malfunction

Signs of chainsaw engine failure:

In certain situations it is best to call in professionals and take your saw to an authorized service center. But it is possible to cope with some malfunctions on your own.

In general, to eliminate the very cause, you must first properly identify it, otherwise the entire repair will be tantamount to shooting at sparrows with a cannon, and perhaps even shooting at the “imaginary” sparrows, because there may be no breakage.

If you try to start the chainsaw and it does not start and does not make any strange sounds (knocking, grinding), it means that you start it incorrectly (if you pull the chainsaw on the suction pump for a long time, the engine is flooded with fuel and after that it is difficult to start it).

How to start a cold engine correctly? 1. Put the lever or switch in the “choke closed” position. 2. If your model is equipped with a priming pump, pump the fuel mixture into the carburetor. 3. Pull the starter grip until there is resistance, then yank vigorously to the amplitude of pulling the hand aside (2-3 times). No need to rip the chain saw out of the starter cord! Your chain saw should start, then stall. 4. If the engine fails to start, put the lever in the half throttle or work position and try to start the chainsaw in that position. Please note: some models have an ignition pushbutton switch, make sure it is on.

chainsaw, chain

What to do if the engine still fails to start?? First unscrew the spark plug and look at it. It often happens that when you start the chainsaw in cold weather, you accidentally fill up the combustion chamber with fuel mixture. In this case you should also unscrew the spark plug, dry the combustion chamber by idling, clean the spark plug, and try to start the saw again.

How to test the spark plug? Unscrew the spark plug, connected to the high-voltage wire, put it on the cylinder and pull the starter. Be Careful! Do not touch the spark plug with your hands during this procedure! If you see blue spark, the spark plug is fine. Screw the spark plug back in, try to start the saw again. If again failed. check the connection of the high-voltage wire from the plugs, the coil and the ignition system.

You can tell what’s wrong with the saw by the condition of the spark plug:

  • dry candle. Apparently, the fuel mixture will not get into the cylinder. The problem is not the spark plug, so screw it back on. And check the fuel system.
  • Wet, heavily fuel stained spark plug. The reason for the excessive fuel level is hidden in either a breach of the model winding rules or improper carburetor adjustment.
  • The spark plug has a black residue on it. This could be a sign that you are using bad oil (so use only original oil for your chainsaw), a carburetor that is not properly set or a badly mixed fuel. The spark plug should be washed and well cleaned from sludge with an awl or a needle, the electrodes should be wiped with a emery cloth and screwed back on.

When checking the spark plug, pay attention to the gap between the electrodes (it should be 0.5. 0.65 mm). Worn gasket must be replaced.

Buy chain oil for chainsaw chain. Why we are a pleasure to work with

Today, choosing oil for chain lubrication is not difficult, because every store has a wide range of these products. But what exactly the oil you need for a particular brand of chain saw, or where you can buy the highest quality mineral oil with the best quality indicators. not always possible to guess or who to ask. Turning to the “Grass Mower”, you will receive means of lubrication for gasoline tools, whose proportions and composition meet the correct technical indicators. The advantages of buying from us are:

  • the best means of lubrication;
  • the lowest prices;
  • the opportunity to get in bulk with a favorable discount percentage;
  • delivery in all regions of Ukraine.

Buying our lubricants for STIHL chain saws of original production and different Chinese gasoline tools you can be sure of its quality. To order the required oils in Kiev, just call us or fill out an order through the online form after sending to the shopping cart button “buy”. Terms and conditions and nuances are described in the appropriate tab. Your order can be placed on the phone and your consultants will help you. So, if you need a coil for electric trimmer or a good chain on chainsaw, thanks to us you know not only which one is better, but also at what price and where to buy the most qualitative means of lubrication of units and mechanisms of manual gasoline and electric tools.

Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline in a chainsaw??

Almost 75% of manufacturers state in the gasoline certificate that it is necessary to use AI-92 gasoline. Those owners of similar equipment, who face it for the first time and don’t know what kind of gasoline is necessary for a chainsaw, make parallels with automobile motors and think that the higher is the octane number, the better. As a result, not understanding how to dilute gasoline for gasoline saw, dilute oil and gasoline AI-95.

The thing is that increasing the octane number is achieved by the introduction of various additives in gasoline, as is done in gasoline AI-95 and AI-98. For two-stroke engines, additives are harmful due to their special design, so it is necessary to use gasoline AI-92, especially in our country. Firstly, it is correct and will extend the life of the motor, and secondly, it is cheaper. But for some manufacturers, like STIHL, you can also use Ai-95, but it is better to buy it at a good, trusted gas station.

“Husqvarna and Partner designs

A brand like Husqvarna didn’t go the way of Stihl and began integrating tanks into the body of the saw itself on its saws. The gas tank has been integrated into the handle and the oil tank into the body. This design reduces the initial cost of the chainsaw, but increases the cost of repairs. For example, if you have a leaky oil tank on a 137th or 142nd Husqvarna, you’d have to replace the whole chain saw with a complete disassembly of the whole chain saw, unlike Stil, where you only have to remove the starter motor and replace the leaking tank. Partner company went even further to reduce the cost of products and began to make one-piece enclosures with full integration of all elements. That is, handle, housing, oil tank, fuel tank. all are one molded element. That is why if something or one of them is damaged or leaks you will have to change the whole base of the chainsaw with its total disassembly and reassembly. Here it should be noted that the cost of this case can reach 30-35% of the cost of a new chainsaw.

But despite all this these chainsaws use a closed cylinder, so even if the oil starts to leak somewhere, it can not get into the crankcase or cylinder.

Conclusion: this problem is not found in constructions like or.

Check the system for oil output and performance

Contamination of the oil filter shows a significant decrease in pump performance. It is easy to check this parameter. For this purpose it is necessary to hold the headset of the saw working at operating speed over a clean sheet of paper.

By the density and size of the oil strip you can confidently judge the state of the system and the complexity of the upcoming repair.

There is no definite answer to the question of why a repaired lubrication system works, but there is no oil flow to the chain in the right quantity. The reason for the failure can be errors made during assembly, failure of the regular adjustments, discrepancy in the density and viscosity of the selected composition to the declared characteristics.

Oil starvation of the headset is possible when a domestic saw with a non-adjustable pump is installed on a longer productive bar, which is equipped with professional-class chainsaws.

Causes of performance and system efficiency degradation

There are several reasons why the chainsaw chain does not receive the right amount of oil. Among the most characteristic failures, we can name:

  • clogging of the filter located in the oil tank;
  • Mechanical failure of one of the elements of worm pump drive
  • in the wintertime the discharge capacity is reduced by filling the system with too thick oil.

In the latter case, the drive and all parts of the pump work under increased loads, which initiate serious mechanical damage.

The difference between a chainsaw and an electric saw: an overview of the characteristics

Almost everything depends on the parameters of the tool. Therefore, before buying a particular model, it is worth getting acquainted with its characteristics.

The cost of operation. The main area of application of the saw is sawing firewood. The cost of cutting one cubic meter of wood with an electric and a chain saw is about the same. As for the price of tools, electric saws are cheaper than gasoline-powered models. The difference in cost is not caused by the service life and not by quality and reliability problems. And the design features and the price of consumables.

Features of work. A chainsaw is powered by an internal combustion engine. It is powered by a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. To start the engine, you need a starter. After starting, the motor runs at idle speed and the chain does not move until the operator presses the “start” button.

The heart of the electric chainsaw is the electric motor, which is powered by batteries or 220 V. To start it, all you have to do is plug it in and press the “start” button.

Power. Chainsaws have a maximum engine power of 3 kW. For models with an electric motor, this figure doesn’t exceed 2.8 kW. The electric saw is not well suited to continuous operation: it needs a 15-minute break every 30 minutes of operation. Petrol-powered tools don’t need breaks. It can run until it runs out of fuel or chain oil.

Chains are different for chain saws and electric saws? Electric and gasoline-powered tools have different bar lengths and numbers of teeth in the chain. Power saw guide bar length 35-40 cm. Gasoline-powered models have up to 45 to 50 cm. This long bar is typically found on heavy-duty industrial models for logging applications.

Every saw chain gets slack over time and needs to be re-tightened. This is done manually with a wrench or automatically with a special tightening mechanism.

Getting ready for work. Getting your electric saw ready for work is simple: install the headset, pour in oil to lubricate the chain, and plug the cable into the outlet (relevant for mains-powered models). That’s it. the tool is ready to go. That’s why it’s so popular with beginners.

With a chainsaw everything is a bit more complicated: it needs a fuel mixture and periodic refueling. A starter and some experience in using it to start. In addition, most chain saws have a manual adjustment (with special keys). Therefore, such a tool is usually chosen by experienced people associated with felling wood or cutting firewood.

Maintenance. Maintaining an electric chainsaw is easy. you just have to add oil and check the chain tension in time. Also easy to store, just store in a dry place. And this room can be not only a garage, but also a city apartment.

Chainsaws are more difficult to maintain. It should be carefully prepared for the first start-up, check the condition of the oil and air filters, change spark plugs periodically. A chain saw smells strongly of gasoline and should therefore be kept outdoors only.

Safety. Regardless of your power supply, your chainsaw is a potentially hazardous tool. To avoid injury, the following safety precautions must be followed. Also, some models have their own safety systems. For example. Chain brake and kickback protection.

Operating Features. Chainsaws are quite heavy, but well-balanced. Electric saws are lighter, but their center of gravity is shifted forward. This does not apply to all power tools, but only to models with a transverse-mounted motor. They are optimized for top-down cutting. Models with a longitudinal motor have no balance problems: they are just as handy as a gasoline-powered tool.

The effect of vibration. Electric and chain saws are equally prone to vibration. There are antivibration pads on the body and handle of the tool to reduce vibration.

Which tool to choose?

You should buy an electric chainsaw in the following cases:

  • You are a beginner and haven’t worked with such a tool,
  • You are building something or maintaining your home garden,
  • Your facility is connected to the 220 V mains and you have a powerful extension cord,
  • You do not use the tool for more than 30 minutes at a time.

A chainsaw would be an excellent choice in the following cases:

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