Not starting the Chinese lawnmower.Diagnostics and repair.

Diagnostics and repair of the Chinese brushcutter Rostec. Carburetor repair, lawnmower after downtime.

For a Chinese chainsaw 7 thousand is a normal price?

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floods the plug and does not start the lawnmower nepodkat what can be the cause, thank you

Most likely, the oil is bad poured, once such deposits

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Please tell me what the problem is, the hot engine does not start! Just bangs vibukah either in the muffler or through the carburetor. I go so-called “booms” through the exhaust even with half a hammer. The reason is in the ignition? The first tank of gasoline worked. I put the other one in. bang, bang, bang, ice started. Completed the tank perfectly (not full of 600 grams), tried to turn off and start at once. the engine started like an old man! While I poured the third batch of gasoline. It went on for 5-10 minutes. starting up. does not start and that is all! It is tightened residually! Bachkai and bachkai. no effect.

Very useful video, thank you, but tell me. I have the same problem, there is a spark but when I try to start the engine, unscrew the plug, it is dry, it turns out that the fuel is not coming? What is the reason??

why don’t you blow out the valve jets??

I changed the piston in the gasoline mower and it won’t start.Poured gasoline under the plug does not start

Hello I have a problem, lawn mower kassa does not start or start well does not pick up speed, adding gas stalls, what to do please advise

Good afternoon, please tell me what may be the reason for, when the engine is cold start lawn mower bad, when hot well?

Good morning. I have a mower for grass Champion Chinese it on the carburetor does not have any of the adjusting screws as a carburetor to adjust?

Do you have to disassemble the carburetor to clean it??

I have a mower runs on the engine, take off the engine, Ana stalls

I had this problem too and noticed by accident. The plastic thing shrivels up and the diameter decreases.

please tell me. At the Chinese grass trimmer when you start the starter. the blade nozzle is spinning. grass trimmer works. but there’s no idle. You can’t adjust it with a screw. and still flailing. Until it dies

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Hello! Lawn mower Carver bought 2 years ago, used it a year 3-4 times 1-1,5 hours with interruptions. At first it worked fine. But last year it wouldn’t start. All reviewed, rechecked, the spark is normal, but the plug is immediately wet, through the air filter leaks fuel. Next, all done as in the video and the needle runs normally without resistance, but the problem is not solved. The engine does not start, but if you remove the mounting bolts and move the carburetor to 46 mm to pass the air, it starts, picks up speed and starts to stall when I move the carburetor. Getting a batch of fuel the engine is unstable but runs. When I attach the carburetor, it also does not start.

Help, please. Grasshopper starts and runs as soon as you give gas. It rumbles and shuts down. And starts to vibrate a lot

Hello, please tell me your trimmer in the repair of me replaced the oil seals and repaired the carburetor karochi now she starts and runs at idle for a minute and a half and then stops, then you start and work. (sometimes it starts up and shoots out the muffler. and sometimes if you shut off for example to refuel the gasoline it starts and gives gas it stops and then somehow restart it works at all is not clear what is wrong with it myself until I did not go anywhere.

similar problem. Took a long time to get it going. no result. I unscrewed the spark plug and cleaned it. all soiled. started. Runs for about three minutes and then shuts off. Unscrewed the spark plug again it is wet (overflowing)?) and now won’t start. was once almost started but then nothing again. Where to dig what to look for. The carburetor was changed last year

Hello. I watched your video and only positive impression. Few words, more actions))))) I have a question for you. I have a lawn mower, or it me)))), Expert 430. Always the same problem. After a certain amount of time, always different, rpm rises to maximum and stops.If you hear in time that revs increase and a couple of times hit the air filter with your fist, operation is normalized. If “yawn” with this process is almost impossible to start. The carburetor primer just gives air and that’s it. I have to clamp the return tube with pliers and pump until the pump bulb does not get gasoline. What did. Replace the gaskets and diaphragm pump (twice) in the carburetor, replace the valve and needle, respectively, flushing and purging, purging your way)))) Adjustment, as the book says and the folk ways, the result is zero. I have been racking my brains for more than a month, no effect(((((?

Tell me, gasoline trimmer Husgvarna 235R? winds up perfectly, mowing 1-1.5 hundred square meters and begins “beeping” as if the lack of fuel, and only when you give “gas”, will lie about 15 minutes and then restarts perfectly! and then again 1-1,5 hundred and again “poor”. Crankshaft packing, piston ring and spark plug filter were changed two months ago, the grasshopper worked for 50 hours, what is the problem??

Spare parts for Chinese brushcutter

Hello! In general, I continue to fight with her. Before starting, could not pump gasoline for a long time. I gave up and put it away. I took out the air filter, rinsed it, put it on dry. Dried out, put it on. Started pumping. In the return hose was a lot of air bubbles but pumped. Started after the third time. Warmed up a bit and went to work.Worked for an hour and a half. Stopped twice. No increase in rpm. When I unscrew the cap of the fuel.tank hissing did not happen. The big problem is the fuel injection. I got air in the return and edge. RPMs “float” in the direction of decreasing. Quality gas, stabilize the work.In short. It really pisses me off.

Hello. The problem with the chainsaw. It won’t start. After a long stop, barely got it going, ran for 5 minutes and then stalled and does not want to start anymore. The filters are normal, the spark is there, the fuel comes (cleaned the carburetor), but does not want to start. it doesn’t even catch on when I put fuel from a syringe through the spark plug hole. What do you think might be the problem?

Guys, I owe you a bike for looking for and finding the problem.Some masters (let’s not name it) immediately run to get a new carb, even for a new tool.

Hello! Here’s my question.I have a lawn mower Soyuz BTS-9252L and uses a lot of gasoline! What to do and whether it is possible to reduce gasoline consumption?

Lawn mower does not start: causes and solutions

Now let’s consider in more detail, because of what does not start the lawnmower: the cause and options for fixing the resulting malfunction.

Let’s note right away that there can be several reasons why the lawnmower won’t start:

  • Prolonged downtime due to the seasonality of this tool;
  • Improper winter storage;
  • Improper maintenance of the tool;
  • Filling low-quality fuel.

If your mower does not want to start on hot at all or immediately stalls, you must first visually inspect the tool, starting with the quality of the fuel you poured into the tank. Then examine the spark plug and the spark plug duct, then the fuel and air filters, the breather plug and then the exhaust port.

Here is a general advice: never economize on fuel quality. Believe me, the repair because of low-quality fuel will cost much more than this penny savings.

There can be two cases: the spark plug is dry and the fuel mixture fills the spark plug. In the latter case, you should unscrew it, dry it, but not glow, drain the excess fuel mixture through the spark plug passage and dry it.

If the spark plug is dry, it has no spark because of the soot that has formed on it. In this case it is necessary to scrape off the soot with a file or even a lady’s file. After that you should set the gap in millimeters, you can use a coin to measure it, and install the spark plug in its place.

If that was the problem, then the lawnmower will start. Otherwise, your tool will need a more painstaking diagnosis.

Your lawnmower may not start because of a clogged air filter. To check if the air filter is clogged you need to remove the defective part. If after that the gasoline engine starts without any problems, then you need to buy a new air filter.

The engine may also refuse to start if the fuel filter is clogged. If a visual inspection confirms your suspicion, then you need to buy a new fuel filter.

In addition to filters, especially branded brushcutters, the breather can also get dirty. Recall that this node equalizes the pressure in the fuel tank. If the breather plug is clogged, it creates a low-pressure zone in the gas tank as fuel is consumed and prevents gasoline from getting to the engine. The breather can be cleaned with a simple needle.

Older brushcutters may also have a clogged exhaust pipe. In addition to traditional cleaning, this problem can be solved by removing the anti-sparking grid.

The following section shows you how to put your power tool into working order after the winter, because even an exceptionally robust STIHL chain saw can be difficult to handle over the winter, especially if you’ve put it out in an unheated summer house.

But before that, please note that in our online store you can buy parts for brushcutter at very good prices.

Starting a cold engine after it has been in storage for 2 days or longer, or after buying it in a store.

When buying in the right store gasoline technicians can tell you everything in detail about starting and running a gasoline tool, as well as demonstrate it in practice. If it was not, then it was a hypermarket or you were served by yesterday’s schoolboy or student. our congratulations!

Cold engine start. set the air damper lever (switch) in the “damper closed” position. Pump the mixture into the carburetor if there is a fuel primer pump. Pull the starter handle (starter cord) until you feel resistance from the engine, then yank vigorously (by the amplitude of your hand to your chest). 2-5 such movements and the engine should start and stall. That’s usually how it works. If this did not happen, then further, as in the case of a successful first start, still move the air damper lever to the half throttle position or even to the operating position. And continue starting with the same motions (1-4 times). It usually starts. If also here has not started the saw, it is necessary to calm down, to take a breath for 2-3 minutes and to try to start in the same working position once again. It usually starts.

Finally, some power tools have a regular key switch for the ignition, just look to see if it was on.

Causes of Fuel Failure

Here are the reasons why the fuel does not enter the cylinder:

  • gasoline in the tank is finished;
  • did not prime the fuel with a primer when starting the engine;
  • primer is defective;
  • the fuel system is blocked because of the wrong inclination;
  • leaky fuel system;
  • the vent in the fuel tank is clogged;
  • the carburetor is clogged with dirty fuel.

out of gasoline

the first sign that the tank is out of gasoline is unstable operation of the engine, which for several seconds resets and then briefly rises in speed, sometimes “sneezes”, then turns off and does not start. It is easy to determine the cause. just look at the fuel tank. it is transparent, so you can always see the level of fuel.

Most often this cause is encountered by inexperienced trimmer owners, who do not know how to determine the time of operation on one fill-up. No harm to the grass trimmer motor it does not bring, but after filling the tank with fuel it is necessary to pump the fuel through the system, if you refill the gasoline before it runs out, you can do without priming.

When starting the engine, you have not primed the fuel

This problem is also the fault of inexperienced brushcutter users who have not yet raised it to the level of a reflex.

There are no negative consequences other than worrying about a possible machine breakdown, neglecting to prime the fuel will not give, but worrying too much can lead to a breakdown of the equipment.

For example, an inexperienced user who tries to start the engine and fails to do so unknowingly starts putting too much force on the starter rope and forgets to choose the free turn, which can lead to a breakdown of the mechanism.

Faulty primer

The most common cause of such failure is a hanging valve that does not shut off the fuel flow in the opposite direction when you press the primer button.

To reliably determine the cause without disassembling the machine, 30-50 times pull the cable of the hand starter with the mandatory selection of a free move, but without interruption. If this causes at least “sneezing” of the engine, then the problem is really in the primer, so the trimmer needs repair.

The fuel system is bled because of improper tilt

Fuel system choke caused by improper tilt occurs as follows:

  • changing the position of the drive shaft changes the angle of the fuel tank;
  • The gasoline, following the force of gravity, tends downward and ends up away from the intake tube;
  • the air gets into the fuel system through the suction tube and after the fuel in the tube and carburetor is exhausted, the engine stops getting gasoline;
  • after a small amount of air is sucked in, the vacuum created by the engine is not sufficient to efficiently move the fuel through the system, so even a return to a normal tilt angle results in the engine stopping.

A leaky fuel system

This is the most dangerous cause, because in addition to the disruption in the supply of gasoline to the engine, it can lead to the ignition of escaping fuel, which is fraught with serious burns or fire. The most common problem is a leaking gasket, or a damaged or dislodged hose.

Any of the defects leads to clogged fuel system, and the main manifestation is a drop of gasoline and a strong smell.

The fuel tank vent pipe is clogged

The fuel system may be airtight but the tank is vented for air to compensate for the wasted fuel. The vast majority of trimmers have a hose through the vent, this protects the fuel from dust and dirt.

The speed of air movement through the pipe is low, so dust or dirt is not sucked in, and thus the fuel is not contaminated. If this tube is clogged, the resulting vacuum in the tank compensates for the vacuum created by the piston, so fuel movement stops.

The carburetor is clogged with dirty fuel

Poor-quality gasoline with large amounts of tar and dirt can clog carburetor passages and malfunction in all fuel systems.

On different modes of work the engine needs a fuel-air mixture with a certain proportion of air and gasoline, if the proportions are changed, the work of the engine is broken.

Serviceable carburetor instantly responds to changes in the operating mode of the power unit, including an increase in load, adjusting the amount of fuel, but clogging deprives it of this ability. The result can be a big drop in power and rpm, or the engine stops completely.

No gasoline in the cylinder of the lawnmower

Sometimes the trimmer for grass or lawnmower stops starting at the most inopportune moment, disrupting the planned work on a country house or country site. Before going to the service shop, sometimes you can try to eliminate the cause of the malfunction yourself.Let’s take the Husqvarna 128 R grass trimmer as an example. So, you’ve done everything according to the instructions. a primer (see. Figure 1) pump fuel in the carburetor, throttle lever moved to the “close” position, try to start, but the engine does not even “grab”. Move the throttle (air) lever (see “Setting the throttle (air) lever” on page 54) and remove the spark plug. Figure 2) to the “Open” position does not work. The grass trimmer does not start.

Figure 2-Mower arrangement: Throttle (air) damper, manual starter

One frequent cause is over priming the fuel, which causes the spark plug to “flood”. If this happens, try the following: move the throttle lever to the “open” position, pull and hold the throttle trigger, while trying to start the grass trimmer. If you can’t get the grass trimmer started after 5 to 6 tries, unscrew and dry the spark plug. Check the spark plug for spark between the electrodes. To do this, put the candle cap on the spark plug, put the body of the candle against the metal surface of the cylinder and crank the engine with the starter. If there is no spark between the electrodes. Replace the spark plug. Before wrapping the spark plug, turn the grass trimmer upside down and crank the engine 2-3 times to remove fuel residue from the cylinder. Wind up the candle and repeat steps described at the beginning of the paragraph.If after the manipulation of the trimmer does not start, then most likely the cause of the malfunction is more serious and you need to contact a specialist service shop. Read more here.

The gasoline-powered trimmer likes cleanliness. Make sure the air filter and fuel are clean. Gasoline, bought at the gas station, it is better to stand for 2 days and pass through a simple filter. a piece of baize cloth.

Check the electrics as follows:

petrol, cylinder, lawnmower

Unscrew the spark plug, check the electrode gap. Setting the correct electrode gap can be done in the “old man’s” way. Take a razor blade, break it in half and insert a homemade probe between the electrodes. If the blades enter tightly, the gap is perfect.

Put the spark plug cap on the spark plug and lean it against a metal surface of the engine. Yank the starter a few times. If the spark beats well to one point, the gap is properly adjusted. If not. the spark is weak or “wandering”, you need to re-adjust the electrode gap.

Where to start to check the fuel mix on a petrol grass brushcutter

If the lawnmower does not start or immediately stops after starting, you need to consistently check all major assemblies and units. The check algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • The spark plug and the spark plug passage;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather plug;
  • Exhaust duct.

These units are most often the source of major problems, which can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

Checking the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of a gasoline grasshopper, check the presence and quality of the fuel mixture. Don’t skimp, don’t be greedy, and don’t “get smart” about it. Repair or replace the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its amount from the real needs. Excessive petrol left behind loses its quality over time.

Carry out diagnostics of a spark plug and a spark plug channel

If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawnmower stalls at startup, the cause may be a primed plug. A usual spark plug wrench (every motorist is sure to have one) and a spare spark plug will do for repair.

  • We unscrew the spark plug and wipe it;
  • Thoroughly dry it (do not burn it);
  • Excess fuel in the chamber is drained through the spark plug hole and dried;
  • Clean old spark plug from carbon deposits with a file or a lady’s file;
  • Adjust the gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check it with any coin);
  • Put everything back and try to start the weed trimmer.

Dry the channel at least 30-40 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk to re-fill and a new candle.

If the spark plug is working, the socket where it is located is completely dry, and the lawnmower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly dampened. No matter how good the spark may be, there’s nothing to light in a dry chamber.

If the grass trimmer engine still does not start, you should rule out such a cause as a lack of spark due to poor contact between the plugs and the high-voltage wire. If the connection is good, but there is still no spark, most likely you have a “broken” ignition unit. You can’t do without a handyman here, t. к. part is not repairable, but is sold as a complete unit.

Lawnmower Filter Diagnosis

Another reason why the gasoline grass mower stops, can become an air filter. To rule it out, try removing the filter and starting the grass trimmer without it. If it works, then you’ll have to replace the air filter with a new one, or at least blow out and thoroughly clean the old one.

The gasoline grass trimmer may not start because the fuel filter is dirty. This is the next step of our algorithm. Here we check the condition of the filter element and, if necessary, replace it with a new one. When replacing, take care not to leave the intake tube completely without a filter, this is forbidden by any instruction manual. Hurry may turn out to be a repair of the engine piston group.

The breather plug and the exhaust port

Often “delicate” brand name models don’t start and shut down because the breather plug is clogged. The main function of this element is to equalize pressure in the gasoline tank. If it is clogged, it creates a vacuum in the tank and blocks the fuel supply. The defect can be eliminated by cleaning the breather plug. An ordinary needle can be used for cleaning.

Normal operation of the combustion engine can be impaired by dirt in the exhaust port or by a clogged muffler screen. This problem is encountered on older generation models. The problem can be solved by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-sparking grid.

Checking the filters

The air entering the carburettor is cleaned through the air cleaner. If the cleaning element is clogged, the air comes in less or no air at all to the carburetor. To find out whether the air filter is the reason that the grass trimmer does not start, you can use a simple method:

  • Remove the air filter and inspect it. If it is blocked, it is already a reason to blame the part
  • If no clogging is visually detected, you should try to start the motor without the filter. If the grass trimmer starts without a filter, it is definitely necessary to replace this part
  • The air filter can be cleaned with a compressed air stream, but if it has not been changed for a long time, it is advisable to replace it with a new one

It should be noted, the lawnmower may not start due to a clogged air filter, but these are extremely rare cases. Often, a clogged air filter affects the stability of the engine, as well as contributing to a decrease in performance.

Important! If a chainsaw is started without an air filter, it is contraindicated to operate the tool without a filter element, as contamination will get into the cylinder, and thus reduce the service life.

The real reason why the gasoline grass trimmer does not start is the clogging of the fuel filter. This part is located in the tank of the tool, and if the mower is more than 2 years old, it is time to check the serviceability of the fuel filter element. If the filter is clogged, the fuel mixture, respectively, will not flow to the carburetor, and therefore the grass trimmer will not start.

It is not difficult to replace the fuel filter, as it is sufficient to remove this part from the tank and perform its replacement. If you are going to clean the fuel filter with a compressor, it is recommended to give up the idea. It is better to buy a new lawnmower fuel filter, as, inside the old element will still remain clogged.

If you are not sure if the cause of the grass trimmer motor’s inability to start is the fuel cleaner, then the following steps should be taken:

  • Remove the fuel filter
  • Start the lawnmower
  • If it starts, and quickly, it is really. Problem in the fuel filter

Reasons for a clogged fuel filter

  • When using the tool for a long time
  • If low-quality gasoline or oil is used
  • If fuel has been stored in the tool’s tank for a long time
  • If you fill the tank with fuel that has been stored for a long time
  • When dust and small particles get into the tool tank. This usually occurs while you are refueling the tool

Important! If the fuel filter is fine and the lawnmower does not start, then it is worth making sure that the fuel hose is placed in the fuel. After all, there are cases when the hose together with the filter are simply disconnected from the main tube, which leads to the inability to start the engine of the tool.

In the following publication will conclude consideration of faults in lawn mower or grass trimmer, because of which they may not start

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