Universal metal scissors. a nozzle on the drill cricket

In the manufacture of structures made of metal tile acute need to correct the shape of the material, namely, the need for cutting.

For this use such a tool as a drill. But it’s just a device. The main role performs the nozzle on the drill for cutting metal.

Only on its technical characteristics will depend on the quality of cutting material.

In case of poorly performed correction, the product of metal will have an unaesthetic appearance.

The nozzle on the drill for cutting sheet metal: the scope of application

The main purpose of such an accessory is the processing of metal workpieces, mainly sheet iron. The variety of options and types available on the market makes it possible, with proper practice, to make not only straight cuts, but also shaped cuts, which may be necessary at:

When choosing a specific type it is necessary to determine the front of the future work. On sale are tools for cutting round holes, which resemble a milling machine in the principle of operation. Also with the use of the nozzle, you can get devices for grinding metal, which is important when you need to process edges or seams, especially after welding or cutting work.

All fixture models on the market are divided into certain types according to their application. They come in:

  • To carry out angular drilling;
  • of performing grinding work;
  • for drilling;
  • allowing to polish the surface;
  • used for sharpening;
  • used directly for cutting.

The difference in accessories for power tools for cutting metal is not so much in the features of the functionality, but in the allowable thickness of the sheet to be processed, which must also be considered when choosing the best option.

Advantages of this tool

Another great advantage of cricket is its careful attitude towards the protective and decorative coating of corrugated sheeting or metal tiles. piercing through the material, it does not injure it at the edges of the cut, but on the contrary, it rolls, thus protecting the end of the cut from corrosion. As a result, the metal lasts much longer.

Additionally, as advantages of metal cutting nozzle for a drill, the following points can be highlighted.

  • High performance. a 1 m long cut can be made in less than a minute. Yes, an angle grinder cuts faster, but unlike an attachment, it burns the protective-decorative coating.
  • its ability to overcome almost any obstacle. The wave and different curves are not a problem at all. you can direct the movement of the cutter not only left-right, but also up and down.
  • According to manufacturers, this tool can easily handle metal thicknesses up to 2 mm, which is quite enough to work with roofing materials.
  • The price of the tool can be called purely symbolic. It is at least five times lower than the price of professional cutters with built-in electric drive.

As for the disadvantages, the most significant only one. it is almost impossible to achieve a perfectly even cut. Basically, you don’t need it, because the edges in most cases are covered by another sheet of metal or special elements. If you try very hard and come up with some kind of guide, then this problem can be solved.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cutter attachment for cutting metal and metal tiles

Using a special accessory for hand-held power tools to cut metal has a number of advantages over other machining methods:

  • Achieving the desired cut quality through the repetitive reciprocating motion of the eccentric piston.
  • No need for frequent replacement of consumables.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Versatility, because only by changing the nozzle you can perform all the necessary manipulations with the material.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • The head can be used with pneumatic and electric devices.
  • Achievement of any shape of cut.
  • Affordable cost.

Metal accessories have only two disadvantages. The first requirement is skill and practice to get a smooth cut and improve efficiency. The second disadvantage. the possibility of working only with two hands, which is inconvenient when performing certain types of work.

For your information! Instructions for use of metal tile establishes a ban on its processing angular grinder, so the purchase of the nozzle will be the only option to keep the warranty.

Popular models and applications

Modern models of the nozzles on the drill allow for cutting sheet metal not only in a straight line. With such a handy and easy-to-use device can also perform shape cuts, which is often required when installing roof structures, ventilation ducts, as well as gutters and other elements of the drainage system.

Using such nozzles on your drill, you can make cuts in almost any spatial position. No less important advantage of these nozzles is that they do not require presetting.

This attachment turns your drill into electric shears, which work on the principle of cutting, but not cutting out

Among the most popular models of drill attachments for cutting metal, presented in the domestic market, stand out the following:

Cutting scissors nozzle for EDMA NIBBLEX electric drill for cutting metal and plastic

nozzle, drill, cutting, corrugated, board

The difference in models of drill bits is not in the principle of their work, but in the maximum thickness of the cut metal and a number of other technical characteristics. Modern models of nozzles for a drill allow you to get smooth and accurate cuts with sharp, smooth and unmarked edges. The protective coating applied to the sheet metal surface is not damaged and retains all its functions.


One of the popular attachments on the drill, which is a compact die-cutting (punching) scissors, is a device called “Cricket”. This accessory can be used to cut both flat and profiled sheet metal, because it enables a precise and even cut.

The scissor-cutter head “Cricket” is designed to work with a pneumatic or electric drill (electric screwdriver) of at least 420 W

With the help of cricket scissor head you can cut not only metal sheet, but also thin sheet products made of polycarbonate and other polymeric materials. The cutting thicknesses for which these compact die-cutting shears can be used can be up to:

nozzle, drill, cutting, corrugated, board

With the “Cricket” drill bit, you can cut sheet material horizontally and vertically, as well as make internal cuts in the sheet surface.

“Cricket” works on the principle of a die-cutting scissors

It should be borne in mind that in the place of the sheet, where the internal cut will be made, you must first drill a hole.

“Cricket” is a good nozzle on the drill for cutting metal tiles and corrugated board. When using this device to cut metal, the surface of these materials is not deformed, and the cut itself is obtained smoothly and accurately. The cricket head can easily handle such complicated tasks as fine art cutting and making holes with a large diameter in the sheet material.

“Steel Beaver

Another popular attachment for the drill, with which you can perform metal cutting, is a device called “Steel Beaver”. The principle by which such attachments to the drill, similar to how the punching scissors work. When using this device in the zone of cutting sparks are not formed and the metal sheet is not affected by heat, respectively, does not burn the protective coating that is applied to it.

Metal cutting nozzle “Steel Beaver” is equipped with a replaceable matrix and punch

Among the technical characteristics possessed by the nozzle on the drill of this type, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • The effectiveness of such a nozzle is ensured by the rotation of the drill chuck at a speed of 1500-3000 rpm.
  • The maximum thickness of the processed parts is 1.8 mm for sheets of ordinary steel, 2 mm. for copper and aluminum sheets, 1.2 mm. for stainless steel sheets.
  • The angle by which the cutting direction can be changed is 360°.
  • Minimum cutting radius 12 mm.

Deciding what tool to choose for cutting sheet metal. a jigsaw, angle grinder or drill bit. you should first evaluate the tasks for which they are needed.

Drill bits are a good option for do-it-yourselfers and small construction teams. When the amount of work on cutting sheet metal is small, the use of such a nozzle is the best solution. When choosing this attachment, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the drill with which it will be used, according to the characteristics of the tool itself.

Features of drill bit attachments

The attachments that turn an ordinary electric drill into a metal cutting device are essentially a punch (splint). Making numerous reciprocating motions in the inner cavity of the die, such punch pierces the metal sheet, forming on it a line for the trimmer of the cut, the width of which is 3.1 mm. The nozzles have a spot-on effect on the work area, so that the protective layers on the surface of the metal product fully retain all their functions.

With the help of the nozzle on the drill can perform the cutting of metal sheets of the following thickness:

  • of aluminum. up to two millimeters;
  • made of copper, brass, sheet iron, zinc and galvanized steel. up to one and a half millimeters;
  • stainless steel. up to eight tenths of a millimeter.

The reciprocating motion of the punch, which is the main working body of the nozzle, is communicated through the rotation of the chuck of the electric drill. It should be borne in mind that effectively cut the metal sheet such a nozzle can only be if it is used in conjunction with an electric drill, the chuck rotating at a frequency of at least 2700 rpm.

Examples of cuts with the nozzle of galvanized sheet (0,55 mm) and aluminum (2 mm)

Poultry Plucking Drill Bit

Plucking poultry is a very time consuming process, especially when several birds have to be plucked. This is why many farmers were always looking for new solutions, not only to make their work easier, but also to reduce the total time. For this purpose, the feather picker was specially developed to remove the feathers from the bird in a few minutes. It is similar to a dish-washing brush but the bristles here are silicon fingers that pluck feathers from the carcass by rotating the shaft. The poultry is handled from different sides.

The attachment for the poultry plucking drill (you can buy it for about 1500 on average) cuts the bird’s carcasses for 2-3 minutes without leaving a single feather. The result is a smooth, undamaged skin. Not only is the device efficient for chicken processing, but also gives good results for plucking geese. The drill bit can be used not only for fresh poultry, but also for frozen poultry.

The plucking nozzle on the drill is a metal drum tube centered on the machine

Useful tip! It is not recommended to scald the bird with boiling water before using the bit, because it reduces the efficiency of the process.

The main advantages of the removable drilling head, which can be bought at any specialized store, are quickness, simplicity and mobility of use, which does not require certain skills and additional treatment of the bird before plucking. A significant disadvantage of the device is that after this mechanical process damage remains on the carcass, which deteriorates its appearance. Therefore, if the bird is to be sold, it should be plucked by hand.

Work with cricket

By now, in the age of high technology, steel and non-ferrous metal are only pierced and cut. no one has invented anything more original yet. All of these methods have many disadvantages: first of all, they are problems with accuracy and speed. Nevertheless, working with a cricket cutting nozzle, you can minimize these losses, though not 100%. Someone could say CNC laser machining is much more accurate, but you don’t want to cut just the shape you need by pre-setting the machine’s programming control?!

Features and specifications

The cricket shears are available from your local dealership or retailer as follows. one piece of each item:

  • two-head nozzle;
  • replaceable type die;
  • the punch (chisel) of the interchangeable type;
  • combination wrench (wrench/hedge wrench);
  • plastic handle;
  • metal case;
  • instruction manual.

Note: the above list must also be in the manufacturer’s instructions. When buying it is not superfluous to check the availability of all the listed items of the kit.

See the table below with the main technical characteristics of the nozzle “cricket” on the drill.

Manufacturer’s recommended speed 3000 rpm
Desired power of the tool ≥420 W
Minimum cutting radius 12 mm
Change of direction when working 360°
Cutting stainless steel sheet metal ≤1,0 mm
Cutting black sheet metal ≤1.6 mm
Cutting nonferrous sheet metal ≤2,0 mm
Tool dimensions 180x75x55 mm
Net weight 400 г

Important: As can be seen from the specifications of the bit, it can only be used with a corded or pneumatic drill. Even professional cordless screwdrivers like the Makita have insufficient RPM and power for crunching.

Do not forget what not to do:

  • cut metal sheets thicker than recommended in the table
  • Do not use the tool for its intended purpose;
  • Change the design of the device;
  • start the work as long as the drill will gain full speed;
  • turn off the drill while cutting metal.

Recommendations for replacing a die and punch

  • Undo the screw with an Allen key.
  • Check (visually if possible) that there are no foreign objects (chips, swarf) under the screw.
  • Pull the die gently out of the housing.
  • Insert the other matrix in the reverse order.
  • Remove the retaining ring and take off the cover.
  • Loosen the counter nut of the locking screw by two or three turns with an open-ended wrench.
  • Unscrew this screw and take out the punch.
  • Place the other punch in the ram so that the fixing screw can enter the notch.
  • Tighten the lock nut of the locking screw.
  • Close the cover and secure it with the retaining ring.

Tip: if the punch edge is blunt, do not rush to change it. In most cases it is sufficient to rotate the die by 90°-120°. for such actions it is necessary to loosen a fixing screw and to turn a matrix under the necessary angle, then again to clamp this screw.

Safety precautions

Of course, the biggest risk when using a tool like cricket to cut metal is cutting your hand or fingers on the edge of the cut sheet metal. But there are other possibilities for injuring yourself. One of the reasons can be chips, especially from stainless steel: it has a high hardness and resilience, therefore, easily pierces not only work gloves and clothes, but also the sole of the shoes. Usually, such shavings are scattered in the form of small crescents, but there can also be small pinpoint fragments that get under the skin and are sometimes overlooked, mistaken for a scratch.

It’s easy to injure yourself with such fragments, especially if they’re stainless steel Source jquapolis.

  • The most affected area when working with such a tool is the feet. Often the skin is hardened there and the man does not feel a small wound immediately. As a result, cracking or even festering can begin, leading to loss of performance. Even if you work with closed shoes (boots), the floor should be constantly swept.
  • The impeller of the drill, which serves to cool the motor, can also pose a danger. Metal fragments that get caught in the air stream are thrown outward with force and can easily pierce the skin on your face or hands (this is why it is important to use protective goggles). If the cricket on the drill will be used for a long time, you can take some safety measures: cover the radiator of the tool with ordinary women’s pantyhose.
  • Metal shavings scattered around the yard, exposed to corrosion, and this can cause minor trouble in the form of ruined paving tiles (rust stains) or a punctured bicycle camera.

When buying a tool

We can say that all the punching or die-cutting cricket shears have the same design, because they are used for the same purpose, that is, it is not a universal, but a unique type of tool. This suggests that there are no additional options or lack of any functions, so all requirements will be the same, regardless of the manufacturer.

There are two things you should pay most attention to:

  • The country of origin. The Germans, Italians and Americans have proven themselves best, but also most craftsmen do not cause complaints domestic models. In addition, you should remember that Chinese assembly is not always a bad thing: they make goods not only for general consumption, but also professional tools. Therefore, one, perhaps, the most important indicator of tool quality is its price. In these cases you should not be stingy, in order to, to paraphrase a well-known saying, do not pay twice.
  • Case Contents. If the product has a license, then in developed countries, this parameter can not even be checked. the manufacturer will take care of the full set provided by the factory. But we, unfortunately, not always decent people work in the trade, and there may be something missing in the case. it will be immediately noticeable by an empty cell. As a last resort the set can be checked by documents. if the cricket is sold in a store and not by hand the papers (or one of them) must be in Russian.
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