The frequency of sharpening chains of a chainsaw. How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw: order of work, features

A good master and the tool should be good, and always be in combat readiness. This applies to any masterful person. All cutting and sawing devices should always be properly sharpened. This requirement is relevant for such complex tools as saws, especially to electric and gasoline. In today’s review, we will figure out how to sharpen a chain of chainsaws, what you need to know for this in order to make work efficiently.

Features of sharpening saw chains

The saw chain is a set of interconnected joints of the cutting teeth of complex configuration. When processing the chain, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and the same sharpening of all the teeth, withstand the correct angle of the cutting edge, and maintain the desired configuration of the tooth. To solve these problems, there are several ways to sharpen, as well as many different tools and devices.


The saw must be sharpened on time, otherwise you can get a lot of troubles. A decrease in performance, deterioration of cut quality, accelerated wear of the mechanism, even injury.

Tooth configuration and angle of sharpening of the chain of the chain

The tooth of the chainsaw has a complex configuration, which depends on the direction of the circuit. The tooth has two working edges: side, located perpendicular to the axis of the movement of the links, and the upper one, which is at a certain angle to the direction of the chain movement. Each tooth has a cut depth limiter. It determines the height of the shot chips. The main effort with the abroad falls on the working edge. The angle of sharpening of the tooth determines the quality of the tool.

Functional parts of the tooth of the chainsaw and their type

Important! Tooth configuration should be checked regularly, especially before a long.Term work.

Each saw model has its own step of cutting edges, the value of which for household and semi.Professional models is associated with the power of the unit and the torque. For longitudinal sawing, a step is taken less (for example, 0.325 inches). The performance of the work will decrease, but the required effort will also decrease. With a roll of trees with a large engine diameter, the engine power does not exceed 2500 watts. The thickness of the cutting edge in most chainsaws is set to 1.3 mm.

The height of the chain profile is either 0.625 mm, or 0.762 mm, and a low profile is used for household saws. At the same time, the vibration of the saw increases slightly.

The edge of the tooth for the longitudinal saw should be very acute and have an angle in the range of 6º 12º, for the transverse. Up to 25º 30º.

In the first case, sharpening should be carried out more often, since the small angle of inclination of the tooth contributes to its rapid painting unacceptable. This is especially noticeable in links that are made of structural alloy steels containing silicon and manganese, for example, 40 HGS or 35HGS.

Templates and appliances for sharpening the chain of the chain

It is much easier to work, having great confidence to get the right result, if the master has provided himself with a set of auxiliary devices, which includes a template. With it, the correct values ​​of all angles of tooth sharpening are withstanded with it. The angle of the front edge is recorded in the instructions, usually its value is 65º. 80º. The assessment of the value of the rear angle of the upper blade can be performed only according to the template. Its value should be in the range from 50º to 60º.

The rear angle of sharpening of the saw decreases with an increase in the hardness of the wood. The optimal with a longitudinal cut is considered the value of the angle of 10º 12º, and 25º 30º. With a transverse cut.

Pilate tooth configuration template

The frequency of sharpening chains of a chainsaw

The decision to sharpen the saw chains is made not according to the calendar, but according to its work. First of all, the sawdust should be examined. If they look like fine dust, then the chain requires sharpening. Otherwise, you can overheat the engine, which will lead to the formation of bully on the cylinder. The stupid saw has increased vibration and the difficulty hiding of the headset into each new cut, which significantly reduces the performance of sawing work.

How to sharpen a chain of chainsaw at home with a file

Correctly sharpen the chain of chainsaws with a file will help a tool of exceptionally round section. The parameters of the file are determined by the size of the saw itself. It is important to know the step of the location. One round sharpener is not enough. For sharpening and editing chains, two types of tools are used. The first, this is a gun file with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth. To process the limiter of the saw depth of the guide tooth, you need a flat file.

Sharpowing can be performed manually using a round file with a working diameter of 4 5.5 mm. It is extremely important to correctly install the tool relative to the hidden tooth. The upper edge of the working part of the file is located approximately the fifth of the upper edge of the processed part. The tool is held perpendicular to the axis of the chain at an angle of 25º 30º to the upper edge of the tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of a household tool, round files with a diameter of 4 and 4.8 mm are used, since they have a small tooth. For professional models, more powerful chains with a large tooth are used. Therefore, you need files with a diameter of 5.2 and 5.5 mm.

To sharpen the limiter, a flat file will be required, and to clean the place of work. A hook that removes the formed sawdust. There are also special holders on sale, on which the files of the movement of the file of the file relative to the axis of the chain are sophisticated. The holding can be installed on the tooth on top, resting on its upper edge. Since its height is adapted to a certain step in the chain, this device should be selected in relation to the chainsaws of specific models and brands. The minimum necessary set in order to get the right angle of sharpening the circuit manually, shown in the photo.

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with the trim process, the most popular ways and tools used for this.

A person who has a chainsaw in his household should know how to sharpen a chain of chainships with your own hands. There are several ways:

  • Sharpen with the use of a file (the most common method of sharpening, t.To. Allows you to tighten the tool directly at the place of work on sawing.)
  • Silence using a special machine (this method is used in service centers, but can also be used in the personal economy)
  • Imprison with the use of corner grinders. To sharpen this method, it requires certain skills. A little.Won method, t.To. It is difficult to sharpen with the help of an angular grinder correctly.

1 method. File

The first thing you need in order to sharpen the chain, or correct it a little, these are special files.


For sharpening and editing chains for saws, two types of files are used. The first, this is a gun file with a diameter of the corresponding diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of a household tool, round files with a diameter of 4, 4.8 mm are used, this is due to the fact that they have a small tooth. For professional models, more powerful chains with a large tooth are used, and accordingly, files with a diameter of 5.2, 5.5 mm are needed.

In order to properly sharpen, it is not enough to sharpen only the cutting edges of the tooth, you still need to adjust the restriction of the cut depth of the cut. If this is not done, the chain will not crash into the sawing material to the required depth, which will noticeably reduce the speed of work and in the same way as in the situation with a dumb chain can lead to a saw engine overheating due to a not enough load on the engine. This work is done using a flat file.

It is worth remembering that the use of a blunt chain can lead to overheating of the engine and the formation of bully on the cylinder.

Process description

The first where the editing of the saw chain begins on the saw is the installation of the tool on an even platform or table. In forest conditions, for this, a large.Diameter chock is well suited. Next, you need to examine the saw chain for any defects, it can be cracks, completely fragmented teeth. After inspection, you need to install the brake in working condition, thereby blocking its movement along the bus.

The chain during sharpening with a file should be stretched.

It is advisable to lay a stand under the tire, you can use logs as it, a piece of a branch of suitable diameter, or the manufacturers of sharpening tools have special clamps to hold the tire during the sharpening of the circuit.

Stihl clamp

The circuit is sharpening is carried out by the movements of the file from the inside of the tooth outside. In this case, the file should be located parallel to a special mark on the chain. This label is applied by the manufacturer of circuits to specify the standard angle of sharpening.

The hidden tooth should be located approximately in the middle of the tire, this is necessary for the convenience of work, during the sharpening process you need to advance the chain along the tire, without forgetting to install the brake in the working position each time.

Work on sharpening the chain on a chainsaw must be carried out using gloves made of rough material, otherwise it is quite easy to injure yourself, t.To. The working surface of the teeth is very acute.

Ideally, manufacturers advise to conduct the same number of movements with a file for each tooth, but in practice this is not always possible, t.To. Teeth have a different degree of damage to the working edge.

To facilitate the sharpening of a saw chain using a file, special holders can be used, with the markings of the angles applied to them. Markings are made not only for standard transverse cut, but also for longitudinal.

The holders are also convenient to use if you do not have sufficient sharpening experience. Experienced masters for sharpening do not use holders, but can only use special devices that support the file.

Another device designed for sharpening is a manual machine for editing saw chains. As a sharpening tool, it uses a regular file that can independently replace. The machine is mounted directly onto the tire, it also has the ability to adjust the angle of tooth sharpening and a special emphasis that holds the pulled tooth.

Hand machine for sharpening, perfect for beginners. Along with electric models for sharpening, manual has its own undeniable plus in the form of a low price. Depending on the manufacturer of a manual machine, their appearance may vary, but everyone has one principle.

The cut depth adjustment is carried out using a flat file, so that there is a difference between the upper cutting edge of the tooth and a height limiter.

As can be seen from the figure, the depth limiter is flowed in such a way as to bring the clearance indicator to the factory value. Below is a table, which contains the main values ​​of the angles, as well as the clearance for the most common types of circuits.

As a rule, the size of the gap is adjusted using a special dick. It is installed on the circuit during sharpening, after which the depth limiter grows.

Sharpet angle for the chainsaw of Stihl 180

For Stihl MS 180, the chain is sharpened just like for any other chain saw, there are no differences. For clarity, see the photo below, from the official representative of the company.

Chainsaw chain identification to select file size

The photo shows which angle to keep in a horizontal plane, in the vertical, as well as the position of the file in height.

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a file

In order to sharpen the chain on the chainsaw with a file, you need. Actually, the round file of the desired diameter itself, a template for the correct determination of the angle of sharpening, as well as a template and a flat file for grinding the limiter of the saw depth (guide tooth).

Spearry: a round file with a template, a flat file, a template for grinding a restriction to the depth of sawing

Without removing the chain from the chainsaw, we apply a round file to the cutting tooth, observing the desired angle of sharpening, and draw along the tooth 2-3 times in the direction of “from ourselves”. If you press the file to the tooth when it moves in the direction of “to yourself”, it will be ragged and stop sharpening. Therefore, in order to properly sharpen, we press it only when moving “from ourselves”.

Sharpening with a file without hard fixation

The correctness of the angle when sharpening with the help of a non.Fixed template we look at the risk inflicted on it. It should be parallel to the tire of the chainsaw. The sharpening angle should be 30 degrees for transverse sawing, and 10 degrees for longitudinal. It is more convenient to first sharpen all the teeth of the chain, looking in one direction, and then walk along the teeth looking in the opposite direction.

When using a rigidly fixed guide template, it is fixed on the tire of the chainsaw and does not allow the file to go aside. The quality of the edit in this case, as was said at the beginning, does not suffer from trembling hands. Next, the desired angle is set and the rest of the actions take place as well as with a non.Fixed template.

Sharpening the chain with a file with hard fixation

It is worth noting that there are such devices for editing a file, when using which the chain will need to be removed from the chainsaw.

The editing of the chain with a file with removing it from the chainsaw

2.Now we take a template and a flat file for tightening the guide tooth. To do this, we put the specified template on top of the cutting tooth so that the guide tooth protrudes into the slot on the template. Part of the guide tooth sticking out of the template with a flat file. This is done to comply with the required height difference between the cutting and guide tooth of 0.65 mm. Typically, such a procedure should be carried out after already 4-6 lines, since the cutting tooth is not strongly grinding in one or three edits to decrease much in height.

Grinding the retail depth (guide tooth)

Diameters of files for chains with a certain step:

How to sharpen a chain on a chainsaw with your own hands

A person who has a chainsaw in his household should know how to sharpen a chain of chainships with your own hands. There are several ways:

  • Sharpen with the use of a file (the most common method of sharpening, t.To. Allows you to tighten the tool directly at the place of work on sawing.)
  • Silence using a special machine (this method is used in service centers, but can also be used in the personal economy)
  • Imprison with the use of corner grinders. To sharpen this method, it requires certain skills. A little.Won method, t.To. It is difficult to sharpen with the help of an angular grinder correctly.

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with the trim process, the most popular ways and tools used for this.

How to sharpen a chainsaw with a file

To sharpen the chain of the chainsaw manually, you will need a whole set of special tools.

Flat is flat. It is needed to grind the depth limiter.

Round file. Used to grind the cutting edge, for work a suitable thickness of the tool is necessary.

Holding. Has guide lines along which a file glides during sharpening of teeth.

Template. Required for growing along lines and corrections of work.

Hook. You need to remove sawdust from the chain.

Special tools for sharpening the chain can be purchased by a set or separately. Some models of chainsaws are included.

Place the template on the chain so that it enters the cuts located below. Place a round file on the rollers under the edge of the cutter cut. The movement of the sharpening tool will occur in a straight line parallel to the sides of the template.To strap the limiter to the desired height, put the template so that emphasis enters its hole.

The limiter is processed based on the type of wood that you will saw. For soft wood, you need to install the emphasis next to the word “soft”, for dense ones. “hard”. A flat file is used for this work. Move the tool smoothly and smoothly, strictly from yourself.

Correct sharpening of the chain for the chainsaw with your own hands. Methods, necessary tools, secrets and nuances

Any tool needs timely care. The chainsaw belongs to this type of equipment that needs to be paid special attention. The device is a certain danger, but if the chain is dull, then the risks increase significantly.

degree, sharpen, chainsaw, using, file

With intensive work, the need to sharpen often occurs. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to restore its performance, since the sharpening of the chain for the chainsaw with your own hands is not complicated, but having mastered it, labor productivity will increase, as well as the safety of work.

How to sharpen a chain on a chainsaw with your own hands

Determine when the tool needs to be maintained just. It becomes clear in the process of working on the following signs:

  • The chips become small;
  • It is required to make significant efforts;
  • Strong vibration is felt;
  • The cut time is increasing.

Having looked at the chain, you can visually make sure that the edges do not have the necessary sharpness. Having discovered that the time has come to sharpen them, this procedure cannot be postponed. Firstly, the work becomes unsafe for the performer. Secondly, there is an undesirable load on the power unit. Well, thirdly, a lot of time is lost, some of which is better to spend on sharpening.

The principle of sharpening is based on the features of the design of the link. It consists of a body on which the cutting edge of the M-shaped shape is located. The vertical line is straight, and the horizontal is made at an angle. In front of the tooth is a cut depth limiter. All these elements need to be processed.

Stopping cutting, reduce the height of the profile of the chain. If in parallel it is not to remove the height of the limiter, then it will not let the tooth plunge into the wood to the desired depth, so it is also grinded. The edit of the stop is made significantly in smaller volumes.

The cutting edge decreases when sharpening in height by a fraction of a millimeter. This value must be focused when processing a restrictive stop. For work, you can use a file, corner grinder (corner grinder), special mechanical devices and electrical tools.

Sharpowing with a file

For work you will need two files: round and straight. The first is chosen by oval in the link body. There are no more than 6 mm on chains of household chainsaws. Usually this size does not exceed 5.5 mm. You can’t use a more overall file. He will change the geometry of the cutter.

There are two main manual sharpening technologies. The easiest method is when the file is visually controlled. The master maximally possible observes the corners of the factory processing and carefully processes a vertical line under complete visual control.

The tool partially hurts the horizontal edge. Then it is brought to the desired state with a flat file and passes slightly along the limiter.

The second method is more accurate and productive, sharpening chains for chainsaws with your own hands with a file is done using a special holder for a round product. With such a device, sharpening a chain for a chainsaw with your own hands is made easier.

It is tuned like this, both faces can be processed in one pass. The vertical file moves across, and along the horizontal along the cutting edge. The device significantly reduces the sharpening time, makes it better. The depth limiter is removed by a direct file. Despite the technological difference for both methods, general rules:

degree, sharpen, chainsaw, using, file

  • The chain is necessarily fixed in a vice;
  • The angle of the file relative to the tire is observed (about 30 °)
  • It is made 2-3 movements from itself with the same effort.

Technical Tips- How To Sharpen Chainsaw Chain

You can make a device for sharpening chains of chainsaws with your own hands maximum for an hour. In the photo, the image of the factory device. To do the same at home is not difficult for an ordinary home master.

Sharpowing with a round file

Electric machine tools for sharpening

The most accurate and productive way to restore the chain is to use specialized equipment. This is a machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws with your own hands.

It costs quite a lot, but completely excludes the human factor, errors during manual sharpening. It is advisable to acquire it when the volume of upcoming work is significant. However, there are budget models that are available to many owners of country houses, cottages.

It is necessary to set the angle of the chain and the abrasive circle and the step of the links. Manufacturers offer several types of mechanisms to fix the chain. Recommendations for a specific model are in the user’s instructions. Slow down the device.

It is recommended that the passage not make for more than 2 seconds. If at a time it is not possible to do processing, the abrasive circle is removed and through a short period of time the tooth is again pulled. Thus, it is possible to avoid overheating of the metal, preserving its operational qualities. The product passport indicates which saw disk should be used for the machine.

How to sharpen a corner grinder

The method requires skills and skills. Unlike a sharpening machine, there are no limiters. The master requires accuracy and compliance with safety regulations. Use the method better than experienced people. Corner grinder (angular grinder) is previously reliably attached on the table or other stable place.

It is better to make a special clamp for this. After fixing, check if there is vibration, including a tool in the test mode for a few minutes. If the conditions are satisfactory, you can start work. The sharpening of the chains for the chainsaws with their own hands with a corner grinder itself is directly shown by the link to the abrasive circle.

In conclusion, we can say that no matter how sharpening a chain for a chainsaw with your own hands, the main accuracy and accuracy of the master. With manual processing, angles errors and the unevenness of the gasness of the metal are possible, and with machine, the risks of injuries occur.

How to sharpen a chain of chainsaws at home with your own hands?

How to sharpen a chain of chainsaws with your own hands?

The chain of the chainsaw needs periodic maintenance. Sharpening. Its frequency largely depends on the intensity of the use of the chainsaw and on which, in terms of hardness, the wood has to be sawn with this tool.

The use of a chain with a swollen chain is ineffective and dangerous in some cases: the bar begins to get stuck in wood and the chainsaw can be pulled out. Recognizing the lost saw is quite easy and by the type of sawdust. They will mainly consist of one dust.

So, let’s go in order, and consider each of the above methods of sharpening chains of chainsaws, at home, separately.

Sharpening the chain of the chainsaw with a file

To sharpen the chain of chainsaws with a file, several types of this tool are used. Round file with a diameter of 4 to 5.5 mm, as well as Nadphil, But not anyone is suitable (it is also important to consider the dimensions of the tool).

Machines for sharpening chains of chainsaws can be both manual and electrical. For example, the well.Known company StiHL produces two types of hand.To.The.Haze of chains on chainsaws: FG 1 and FG 2 (mobile sharpener machines).

The design of such mobile sharpeners allows you to fix the machine directly on the chainsaw bar, set the recommended angle of sharpening, and through special guides, quickly and conveniently move the file, pulling the teeth of the chain. As a rule, to sharpen one tooth, only a few movements will be required (without slipping and deviations from the corner, as in the case of sharpening chains without a special machine).

Mechanized sharpening on the machine

The sharpening on the machine is much more convenient, and does not require high qualifications of the contractor. Such machines have an electric drive, and are equipped with special sharpening circles.

For a household workshop, it is worth purchasing compact units that do not take up much space for storage, and suitable for fast and high.Quality sharpening of chains of chainsaws from different manufacturers. Such units should work from a stationary power supply with a voltage of 220 V, have a small energy consumption (up to 100 W) and the ease of their installation on the circuit.

When choosing a machine, you need to pay attention to its following technological characteristics:

  • The possibility of processing teeth with different thicknesses of the upper edge and a different step of the chain;
  • The possibility of regulating the angle of sharpening, within the limits specified earlier;
  • The presence of interchangeable grinding disks;
  • Constant value of cut width.

The design of the machine is simple, and includes a drive electric motor, a shaft with a seat for a sharpening disk, a handle with control organs, a device for fixing the machine to the chain. Adjustment of the force of pressing to the hidden element is provided by a spring press. Modern models of sharpening machines are supplied with a differentiated clamp, which provides for self.Centering on the machine. For the convenience of work on the clip case, there is a measuring scale.

Optionally, machines can also be equipped with a miniature electric light bulb, which produces the work zone, as well as a hydraulic power steering that facilitates sharpening.

The safety of work is ensured by a folding safety shield.

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