Rating of the best electric lobe

A simple design of an electrician allows you to use it not only for home purposes. It is readily used by furniture workers and professional builders. We will tell you how to choose the best inexpensive jigsaw and do not overpay.

Place Model
one. Makita 4329×1 450 watts Prices Review
2. Bosch PST 900 Pel 620 W Prices Review
3. Zubble L-400 400 watts Prices Review
four. WHICH LE-100 2018 850 WT Prices Review
5. Dremel Moto-Saw (MS20-1/5) Prices Review
6. Lobziki machine jet jss-16a Prices Review
7. Lobziki machine Ryobi RSW1240G Prices Review
eight. Resanta L-100/850 850 watts Prices Review
9. Status js800 800 watts Prices Review
ten. Hanskonner HJS0811LPE 800 W Prices Review
eleven. Wert EJS 0910 PLQE 850 W Prices Review

How to choose the most suitable electrician?

In order not to score your head at the initial stage, which jigsaw is better to buy for work, you should decide on the main parameters of the tool. Having studied them, it will not be difficult to purchase the desired option.

  • Power. For a home or cottage, a jigsaw is enough with an engine power 350-500 watts. It is suitable for working with thin plywood, countertop, wood and some types of plastic. For more serious work, it is better to buy an electrician with a capacity of 500-1000 watts. With hard wood and non.ferrous metals, such a tool will cope without difficulty.
  • The depth drank. Here you need to look at the thickness of the material with which you have to work. Household models are able to cut 50 mm wood, 2-3 mm steel and 10 mm of non-ferrous metal. Professional tools cope with a wood thick wood, steel 10-15 mm and aluminum with a thickness of 30-40 mm.
  • Speed. If you have to work with different elements, it is better to choose a jigsaw with speed adjustment. For cutting metal, the optimal speed of the saw canvas will be 1500-2500 rpm. Ceramic tiles are cut at a speed of up to 1200 rpm. so that the edges do not crumble. For plastic, the speed is even higher. 3200 rpm. The saw in this mode does not get stuck.

All inexpensive jigsaws are capable of working in one speed mode 2200 rpm. This is enough for cutting non.weed wood materials and plywood.

What is it and what is needed for?

A cutting tool is called an electric jigsaw, which has an electric drive. Its difference from saws, incisors, milling machines is considered significant accuracy in performing cuts. Electrolobzik. a universal device that cuts material of various kinds. Using the device, you can perform not only the longitudinal drink, but also figured, not excluding the cutting of materials from an angle.

The use of an electric tool is possible in wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics.

If you need to perform a rectilinear cut or with a complex trajectory, drank high accuracy with the purity of the edges, a black cut of the workpiece, cutting the holes of various shapes and areas, then in such a situation you can not do without a jigsaw.

This type of tools should be considered a small saw that is equipped with an electric type drive. Electrolobzik found use in household works. During the repair of the premises, it can be used for cutting laminate, ceramic tiles, plywood, drywall.

Characteristic and device

The simplicity of the design and ease of operation make it possible to use an electric jigsaw even for those people who do not have skills in working with it. The working part of the tool is the support sole. In the upper part there is a handle, and in the internal. an electric motor, as well as a mechanism that converts the gross rotation of the engine into rods. The latter is fixed on the file.

The rod is equipped with a clip with a standardized nature, which is designed for a saw shank. Due to the standardization of the last element, the jigsaw has the ability to work with various saws. Saws can have the most diverse design, which depends on the materials on which characteristic work will be performed. The cutting procedure is carried out vertically, thanks to this feature, the electrolobian cuts along and inside the surfaces.

The principle of operation of the jigsaw can be described as follows: during the transmission of electricity from the network or the battery, the engine transmits rotational movements to the gear with attached rod; Next, the process of converting rotational movements into the reciprocal ones is carried out. A saw that is attached to the rod moves up and down, thereby providing sawing.

The main characteristics of the electrician include power, the speed of the file, the type of power, the features of the saw moves, the type of replacement of cutting saws, and the additional equipment. The saw marking is also a very important characteristic, it consists of letters and numbers and is applied to the tail of the product.

The designation of the first letter indicates the type of shank, the second. indicates the size of the canvas, the following is the size of the teeth, the latter indicates important information related to the material.

Electrics have a wide range of characteristics, as well as parameters, therefore they are divided into groups for home and professional use. In turn, each of these species has its own characteristics. Hand options are popular, for figure cutting, with speed adjustment, strip.

A worthy option for a quality tool is a mini-lobium. He is able to simplify the clarification of sawing and stressing the model due to the high stiffness of the working organs. This product can be used not only by professionals, but also for beginners. The jigsaw is easy to use and is an excellent option to cut a variety of material. The acquisition of the tool will simplify the manufacture of a countertop or box.


Litzes with professional purpose meet high requirements that are due to high functionality, performance, reliability, and ergonomics. Such a tool can withstand heavy loads and function continuously for 7 hours. The functionality of professional jigsaws:

  • cutting wood material, which has a thickness of 8 to 13.5 cm;
  • steel workpiece with a thickness of up to 1 cm;
  • aluminum plates. up to 2 cm.

The productivity of such a tool is directed by the power supply. The more powerful the engine has the device, the easier and faster the work is done. Thanks to the reliability of professional jigsaws, their long service life is ensured, as well as infrequent cases of malfunctions.


An electric jigsaw for home use is considered inexpensive. It is quite easy to use, therefore it can be used in order to perform various functions of the house and in the country. Experts note the good power of the device, so it is able to perform all the tasks. Features of household electrolobsics:

  • small power;
  • the availability of a choice of additional functions;
  • Comfortable work with wood material, which has a thickness of no more than 7 cm;
  • high.quality cut steel with a thickness of up to 4 cm;
  • The duration of functioning should not be more than 20 hours per month;
  • Low cost of goods.

If you want to purchase an electric jigsaw, first you need to decide on the features of its use.

If you are not planned to have serious drops for a long time, then a simple household tool will be the best option.

How to choose?

When choosing an electrolobian Dewalt, you need to take into account several aspects. The tool of this manufacturer is produced by two types: battery and with the operation of the electric network, so if you plan to work with this technique away from the electric outlet, it is better to choose models with the battery. But this type of device requires periodic recharge. If you have plans for a long work with a jigsaw and there is a power grid nearby, then it is better to purchase a model with a cord.

Devices have a different handle shape. Dewalt electrolobsics are available with a D-shaped and T-shaped handle. Before buying, you should hold various modifications in your hand and choose the most suitable ergonomics to you.

Technical characteristics of different models are also different. Here you need to pay attention to the power of the device, drank depth, the presence of a smooth start and laser pointer. Some models are equipped with convenient storage cases, so the device will always be neatly removed.

How to use?

Dewalt electrician is not difficult, the main thing is to carefully read the instructions. Initially, you need to install a file on the device. This is done elementarily, without the use of any tool: a clamping lever rises, a saw canvas is installed forward, a lever is released, and reliability of fixation is checked. Next, the sole adjustment occurs. It can occupy a horizontal plane or set at an angle of 15, 30, 45 degrees in one direction or another.

Now you can work with a jigsaw. To do this, you need to include it into the network or insert the battery and press the coat trigger. Most models have a start button lock, so using this button you can convert the device to continuous operation mode.

To turn off the device, you need to release the trigger, and in the continuous operation mode, press the start button again.

Choosing an expert.Ru recommends

Firms produce electrician with different functionality, technical capabilities. It makes no sense to overpay for l, capable of sawing 120 mm timber when the tool is selected for cutting the laminate or wood-based stove. Team Vyborexperta.RU recommends the following brands of jigsaws, taking into account the scope of application:

  • Makita 4329. for a home master who plans to repair, redevelopment;
  • Bosch GST 850 BE. the choice of a furnituremist;
  • Metabo Steb 65 Quick. for working with a laminate veneered plywood;
  • DEKO DKJS1000. with a limited budget;
  • Zubble L-400-for a home workshop;
  • Fiolent PM 5-750E m-for assembling frame houses;
  • Dewalt Dwe349. Choice of a Professional Builder.
dewalt, electrolobsics, there, cast, rating, best

All models from the review are worthy of attention, but only the most reliable and functional jigsaws received the status of the best power tools in their categories.

Types of electrician and their features

To know which electric jigsaw to choose for work, you need to consider their parameters and distinctive sides:

  • For domestic use. Budget option with low capacity and limited resource. Such a jigsaw is useful in case of irregular use.
  • Professional jigsaw. Capable of uninterrupted work for 8 hours. For larger production, it is advisable to purchase a high.power tool.
  • Industrial or easel electrician. Used in woodworking workshops. It can work around the clock. Used as a machine for cutting from boards and other wood elements.

There are electrolobsics for work in locksmiths. They perform figured cutting of various varieties of metal.

Electrics of which company is better to choose

Below will be presented companies that produce the best label for professionals and novice users.

Famous manufacturers give a long guarantee for their products


German concern that does not need additional recommendations. Bosch electrolobsics in the market have always occupied a leading position. The company’s production sites are in 60 countries. Reputation for Bosch in the first place, so the quality is controlled at all stages of production. The list of proposed power tools is designed for a wide range of consumers. For the manufacture of its jigsaws, the brand uses high.quality and high.tech components.


Japanese company Makita founded more than 100 years ago. The products produced by the brand meets all user requirements and is popular in the market. The company is constantly improving and expanding the proposed range of products, including all new types of power tools in it. Currently, Makita products are sold in more than 100 countries. Japanese electrolobsics hold the championship in terms of reliability, durability and price segment of their tools.


Interskol began its activities in 1991. Then it was a production site that produces electric drill. High demand for equipment gave rise to expansion of production. Already in 1998-2002, two factories were opening. One is in g. Izhevsk, another in g. Bykovo. For several years, the company managed to repeatedly increase sales and increase production capacities. Now the Interskol tools are made at 6 factories located in different countries. In addition to the region, about 460 outlets are located on the territory. 2 years of warranty for products and reliability of products. this is the business card of the Interskol CJSC.


This is a domestic manufacturer. The whirlwind came to the construction instrument market recently, but was appreciated. The list of produced electric ones includes both budget models and expensive. From the characteristics of the company, one can distinguish its own system of control over the quality of products. A design department was created, where new units are tested. Some products are applied to the expanded warranty period. 5 years. There are service centers not only, but also in other, large cities.


The German company Metabo is engaged in the production and production of power tools for construction and garden themes. The brand registered more than 700 patents for its products. A specially created department is engaged in the development of its own technologies. Metabo electrical jigsaws differ in reliability, power and long service life. Instrument production plants are located not only in Germany, but also in China. There are models of both inexpensive and premium segment in the line of manufactured units.

Professional electricians are used in locksmiths

Which electrician is better to buy

During the selection of an electric jigsaw, it is important to consider the purpose of the device. If it is used as a portable tool, then large and desktop models are not suitable. A professional device is needed for people who often and for a long time are cut, since household devices will often have to be stopped due to overheating.

This is what purposes are best suited from the rating:

  • To perform high-quality cut in any conditions, the bison L-710-80 is suitable.
  • If you need a good professional tool with a laser marker, high power and other “bells and whistles”, it is worth taking a vortex of the LE-100 2014.
  • Those who want to buy a universal jigsaw, which is suitable for most goals, the right choice. Metabo Ste 100 Quick.
  • If it is necessary to purchase a convenient, easy to use an electrician that makes smooth cuts, you can choose Interskol MP-85/600E.
  • Of good household appliances, Bosch PST 900 Pel can be recommended.
  • If you need the best semi.professional tool, we are talking about Dewalt DW331K.
  • To cut a large number of boards, metal sheets and other materials with a high degree of detail, Makita 4350ct is well suitable.
  • When choosing an inexpensive tool that will serve faithfully, it is appropriate to take Military JS500.
  • For specialized workshops, often performing wood, metal, ceramics, tiles, etc. P. There is nothing better than Jet JSS-16.
  • It is better to use Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 as a portable electrician, which does not take up much space, weighs little and quickly cuts everything from plastic to metal.

For a better electric jigsaw, the presence of a speed control, high power, strength and accuracy of the course are most important. With such a device a cut is everywhere and always turns out to be neat and there are no difficulties in work.

Review: Electric Lobzik Dewalt DW349. Great tool for many years

Hi all! I’m Ilya. I am engaged in repairing apartments and houses and in addition, I made myself a small workshop in the garage. Over time, the old instrument fails and one day has come to the lobby. The old jigsaw was with a low capacity of 350 watts, with a non.even bed and morally already outdated. And before the customers were ashamed to show up with such a jigsaw. There was a choice between the four lobe of the following brands: Bosch, Makita, Metabo and Dewalt. After reading the reviews, holding all four options in the hands in the retail store, came to the conclusion that the most interesting option. This is DEWALT.

When choosing, I compared many factors and spent a lot of time, because I chose a tool for several years. Therefore, I will try to write one of the most complete reviews on this jigsaw. I note that the jigsaw was purchased a year and a half ago.

dewalt, electrolobsics, there, cast, rating, best

To begin with, the Dwalt DW349B jigsaw is supplied in a cardboard box. Complete with the jigsaw is a warranty card. He is also instructions, one wood canvas and a plastic lining on the sole for working with delicate surfaces. I was not very lucky, but later in stores I saw this jigsaw with a good set of wood and metal paintings in a plastic case. Now separately such a set in the store costs exactly 1000. So if you purchase this jigsaw, pay attention to whether a set of canvases goes as a gift. By the way, it does not affect the price, with and without the Dewalt 349 lobe can be purchased around 5500, unlike other manufacturers, a guarantee for the power tool of Dewalt when buying is three honest years. No need to register anything, leave your personal data on sites, etc. D. We keep a warranty card and a check for three years and do not worry that when a breakdown we will have to spend money on repairs.A little about the characteristics: weight 2.5 kg, engine power 500 W, cable length 3 meters, recommended maximum saw thickness 75 mm, maximum recommended thickness thickness of 5 mm, is produced in China.In the work, the jigsaw lies comfortably in the hand. The handle and the front side of the jigsaw are rubbed, which excludes the slippers from the hands. Also on the handle there is a button for fixing the inclusion key for convenient long.term operation. Engine speeds are adjustable using a wheel on the upper part. A total of 7 modes are available. The maximum number of moves per minute at the seventh speed. 3200.

Cartridge for attaching a sawy canvas with a fast.packed. The change of paintings does not take much time and at the same time the canvas is firmly fixed. (For example: on the old jigsaw, the canvases were attached with two screws under the hexagon. With a weak puff, the canvas fell out of the cartridge, and with a strong puff there is a possibility of breaking the thread, which happened to me with one of the screws).Like most of the lobes, Dewalt has an adjustment of the pendulum. Regulation 0 for working with metal, for 1 you can saw solid wood: birch, maple, oak, and 3 more conveniently work with such breeds as pine, spruce, fir, cedar, poplar, linden. they have a density of less than 510 kg/m3 and the order is softer than the previous.I especially want to note the built.in LED backlighting of the working area. It turns on when you press the lobby for turning shit and turns off when you release the key. Very convenient function if you work in a poorly lit room or outdoor.

There is one small drawback of this backlight. This is that she stops shining in half of the jigsaws after about a year. So it was with me and in the reviews I also met this mention. Perhaps now the manufacturer has already corrected this factory defect. I turned to the service center in my city and, under the guarantee, everything was repaired for two days. Pay attention to the photo below that there are no traces of the soldering of the board or the LED itself. They did everything soundly.With a jigsaw, a plastic lining is supplied to the bed to work with delicate surfaces. On the sole of my old jigsaw, I glued a painted or ordinary tape when I sawed a laminate so as not to scratch it. I have never met such linings among the liners of competitors.

There is also a function of blowing chips from the working surface. Когда большой объем работ обдув помогает экономить время. do not have to stop sawing and brush off the chips or blow it yourself.And the last function that Dewalt’s jigsaw has. These are changes in the angle of sawing by adjusting the base of the jigsaw. On the sole itself, degrees are indicated, which can be selected and easy to fix the sole. The most popular of all. this is 90 and 45 degrees, I did not use the rest at all. The sole is very simple. Put the handle to the side, put the desired degree and fix the handle back.

To complete the review, I decided to make out a jigsaw for you and show its insides. All details sit tightly in their places, does not hang out and does not rattle. A lubricant is applied to the moving part to extend the service life of the node. We also see that the rotor has protection (poured something like epoxy resin), which means that the jigsaw will serve for a long time even in extreme working conditions.

If someone gets to disassemble the jigsaw, know that ordinary cross or slotted screwdrivers will not help you, and you will need a screwdriver or an elongated bit for the Torx15 electrical screwdriver.Summing up, I can say with confidence that a tool of good quality and costs my money. I have never been disappointed in my purchase. The 3.year warranty shows that the manufacturer is confident in the product he produced. I would be glad if someone liked this review and will come in handy when choosing a tool!

Models for specialized use in workshops, at construction sites have the ability to cut wood, metal, wood.fiber slab, plywood, etc. P. In our rating 2020, battery jigsaws that were most demanded.

Wortex JS 8008-2 LE 850 W

Tool with options: setting the speed of the course, fast.packed fastening of the file. There is a backlight, a laser marker. Cast aluminum sole. The cut place is cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. The depth of wood cut. 80 mm, steel alloys. 9 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 3000 moves/min;

the course of the pendulum. 4 steps;

file of the file. 18 mm;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

The mass is 2.4 kg.

Status js800 800 watts

The model has a fast.and.packed file mount, setting the speed, laser marker, backlight. Aluminum cast sole. Cleaning cutting location: shaping of sawdust, connecting a vacuum cleaner. The depth of drinking steel alloys. 10 mm, wood. 100 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 800-3000 moves/min;

the course of the pendulum. 4 steps;

Jew. 22 mm;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

The mass is 2.5 kg.

Fiolent PM 5-750E m 750 W

Model with the ability to set up the frequency of the course and cast sole. The cut location is cleaned with a blowing of sawdust and connecting the vacuum cleaner. The depth of wood cut. 135 mm, aluminum. 20 mm, steel alloys. 10 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 2800 moves/min;

the course of the pendulum. 4 steps;

file of the file. 26 mm;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

The mass is 2.4 kg.

Hanskonner HJS0811LPE 800 W

There is a fast.and.packed file mount, setting the speed, protective shield, backlight. Aluminum, cast sole. Network cable 4 m long. Cleaning cutting location: shaping of sawdust, connecting a vacuum cleaner. The depth of wood cut. 120 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 500-3000 moves/min;

the course of the pendulum. 4 steps;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

mass. 3 kg.

In the ranking of inexpensive jigsaws, budget models are optimal for home craftsmen and affordable. All of them are equipped with a rubberized bracket handle.

Daewoo Power Products Daj 550 W

There is an option in the tool: setting the speed. There is a protective shield. The cut location is cleaned with a connected vacuum cleaner. The sole stamped, steel. Network cable 2 m long. The kit includes a hexagonal key and an adapter for a vacuum cleaner. The depth of drinking steel alloys. 6 mm, aluminum. 8 mm, wood. 65 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 500-3000 moves/min;

dewalt, electrolobsics, there, cast, rating, best

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

file of the file. 18 mm;

Mass. 1.55 kg.

DeWalt 18v XR DCW210 Random Orbital Sander

Patriot LS 650 2018 570 watts

There is a possibility of setting the speed. There is a backlight, fast.packed fastening of a file, a protective shield. The sole is cast. Cleaning cutting location: shaping of sawdust, connecting a vacuum cleaner. The depth of wood cut. 65 mm, aluminum. 10 mm, steel alloys. 8 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 500-3000 moves/min;

the course of the pendulum. 5 steps;

Jew. 19 mm;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

Mass. 1.6 kg.

Interskol MP-55/500E 500 W

Model with option: setting the speed. There is a protective shield. Stamped sole. The cut location is cleaned by connecting the vacuum cleaner. The depth of drinking steel alloys. 6 mm, aluminum. 10 mm, wood. 55 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 800-3000 moves/min;

I bought the Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer. I didn’t expect THIS.

the course of the pendulum. 4 steps;

file of the file. 18 mm;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

Mass. 1.6 kg.

Kolner KJS 480 480 W

The tool has a stamped sole. Cleaning cutting location: connecting a vacuum cleaner. Network cable 2 m long. The depth of wood cut. 55 mm, steel alloys. 6 mm.

The frequency of the file of the file is 3000 moves/min;

The angle of the sole is 45 °;

file of the file. 18 mm;

Mass. 1.4 kg.

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