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The correct definition when buying a tool simplifies the performance of working operations, ensures a high level of security, helps to successfully solve other practical problems. The current rating of the best models of end saw will help to find a suitable option, taking into account real needs. The information presented below is useful for the correct comparative analysis of thematic market offers. To choose a high.quality end saw, not only the basic technical characteristics should be checked. It is recommended to pay attention to the functional features of individual models and the composition of the standard configuration. For the intensive operation regime, they purchase a professional level of saws.

  • The best inexpensive end saws
  • one. Kolner KMS 210/1400
  • 2. Hammer STL1400/210
  • 3. Zubrov ZPT-210-1400 l
  • The best end saws in quality and reliability
  • one. Zubrov ZPTK-255-1800
  • 2. Caliber PTE-2100/305PRM
  • 3. Bosch PCM 8
  • The best end saws with a length
  • one. Makita LS1040F
  • 2. Metabo KGS 216 m
  • 3. Bosch PCM 8 S
  • The best professional end saws
  • one. Metabo KGS 305 m
  • 2. Dewalt DWS774
  • 3. Bosch GCM 8 SJL
  • Which end saw is better to buy

The end saw is a professional tool, when choosing which you should take into account several important criteria:

  • Type of processed material. Most models cut only wood, but there are devices with which you can also cut plastic blanks.
  • The width and depth drank. It depends on this characteristic with which blanks you can work. The width of the cut depends on the diameter of the disk installed in the tool.
  • The presence of additional functions. Most Makita ends are designed for cutting blanks at a right angle, but there are models that can be used for cutting at an angle and under slope.

In the most modern models with a length, she has additionally provides for chiphoots, which allows you to quickly remove sawdust from the working area.

TOP-8 Makita’s best end-free ends for the price, quality and reliability for 2022

The Makita brand line presents a huge selection of end saws, which are suitable for both professional and domestic use. But among the huge assortment of models there are devices in which excellent quality and reliability are successfully in harmony with a democratic cost.

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Makita LS1040

The hard design of this end saw is perfect for the exact sawing of not only wooden blanks, but also plastic products and thin aluminum.

In addition, the design of the tool allows you to make oblique sections at an angle up to 45 degrees. The saw has a rotary line that provides reliable fixation and convenient support for the rod.

So that the user is not accidentally injured during operation, the manufacturer supplied the tool with emergency braking of the engine.

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There is also a special connector for connecting a vacuum cleaner in the housing, and a vacuumber for collecting sawdust is provided in the kit. To use the saw, it was more convenient, in the front of the case there is a fluorescent illumination of the working area.


  • Very high.quality housing materials and good assembly;
  • reliable wear.resistant design;
  • comfortable degree scale;
  • bright and conveniently located backlight;
  • The kit provides a quality disk.

Makita LH1040F

A professional end saw of the middle price category has an acceptable capacity of 1650 watts, so it can be safely used not only for a small repair, but also for professional construction.

The saw is designed for a desktop installation, which greatly facilitates the use of the tool. There is only one speed, but it is enough to work with wooden and plastic blanks.

The device has a disk with a diameter of 260 mm, so using a saw you can make cuts of sufficient height and width (93 and 130 mm, respectively).

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With this tool, you can make not only oblique, but also inclined cuts.

For ease of operation, there is a smooth start, and for the safety of the user. emergency engine braking.

A disk, a vacuumber, a drinker with a cut and a key to assembly tool is provided with a saw.


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  • large and high.quality disk in the kit;
  • allows you to make accurate and even sections;
  • Conveniently located lighting lamp;
  • high cutting speed;
  • Extended equipment.

Makita LH1040

This universal end saw is designed for a desktop installation, and the power of 1650 W is enough for the sawing not only wooden, but also plastic blanks.

There is only one speed in the device, and the cut can be done straight, at an angle and under the slope. The tool has a 260 mm disk with a diameter.

With its help, you can make an accurate and even drink up to 93 high and 130 mm wide.

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The angle of inclination during operation can be 45 degrees.

The manufacturer took care that the device has functions that ensure high safety of operation.

In particular, a smooth start is provided for the exact cut of workpieces, and for the safety of the user. instant engine stopping.

You can also connect a vacuum cleaner to the end saw and attach a vacuumber to collect sawdust from the work area.


  • high accuracy of cutting, including at an angle;
  • reliable emergency brake;
  • acceptable power for the cut of various blanks;
  • high.quality disk in the kit;
  • The ruler is quickly rearranged.

Makita LH1201FL

This table ending is considered expensive, but its cost is explained by thoughtful functionality and excellent technical characteristics.

The tool is universal, and is suitable for sawing blanks made of wood, plastic and thin aluminum. The device provides only one speed of operation, and the power of 1650 W provides high performance. A disk of high.quality metal is provided with a saw.

Its diameter is 305 mm. Thanks to this, the tool allows you to make accurate cuts up to 62 high and up to 200 mm wide.

The tool also has additional functions that provide high work of work.

The saw can be used even in poor lighting, since the device provides for the backlight of the working area, and the laser marker allows you to make accurate marking on the workpiece.

Smooth start also increases the accuracy of the cut, and the emergency braking of the engine ensures the complete safety of the user during operation.


  • large and high.quality disk in the kit;
  • high accuracy of adjustment;
  • decent power;
  • there is laser guidance of cutting;
  • there is a function of removing dust and sawdust from the working area.

Makita LS0714

At the cost, this end saw belongs to the average price category, although many users believe that its capacities of 1010 watts are not enough for professional use.

The device provides only one speed of work, but the diameter of the disc of 190 mm allows you to work with blanks of different sizes.

The maximum cut height is 52 mm, and the width is 300 mm.

best, saws, category
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