Trimmer for grass stalls at idle reasoning

A braid braid with a gasoline drive is a useful thing for owners of personal plots, lawns, and when a trimmer for grass suddenly stalls, the work on cleaning the territory stops from the grass. The device itself is a rather complex mechanism, so there are many different causes of its breakdowns. The most common problems contain instructions for operating. Know the reasons why the trimmer stalls for the grass, it follows to independently effectively perform the repair of the device.

Malfunctions with a benzocosa associated with the fact that this device is not started, in a certain way are classified by specialists of service services. They stand out malfunctions with the following nodes of the mechanism:

  • the engine in which the piston and bearings can be worn out or fail to crack the crankcase;
  • the fuel supply system, while it is possible to clog the filter or problems with the carburetor;
  • mechanical damage to wires, tubes, hoses;
  • The ignition chain.

To correctly determine the knot where the breakdown occurred, it is necessary to pay attention to the circumstances of the trimmer stalls for the grass.

Read does not start a lawn mower of the video

A gasoline braid for grass does not turn a cold

It is not recommended to press gas when starting a cold engine. Tilting the brush so that the air filter is on top, press the fuel absorption button 5-6 times, install the functional lever to the Start position, pull the starter’s cord several times to run the engine. After a few seconds of engine operation, turn off the start system.

Gasoline does not start hot

If the bureau has worked recently and has not yet cooled down, but does not want to start, press the gas trigger, pull the starter abruptly several times until the engine starts, and only after that release the gas trigger hook. If a lot of time has passed, and the brush has cooled, it should be launched as if it were cold. If the above methods did not help, the cleaner has not started, then you should contact the service center.

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Смотрите, что пропустили! Как уничтожить заросли и не таскать на себе? Триммеры колесные Champion.

Specialized service. Complex warranty and post-warranty service of garden and communal equipment from world manufacturers! We sell spare parts with delivery throughout the braid for grass. A useful thing for owners of personal plots, lawns, and when a trimmer for the grass suddenly jams, the work on cleaning the site from the grass stops. The device itself is a rather complex mechanism, so there are many different reasons for its failure. The most common problems are contained in the operating instructions. Know the reasons why trimmers for grass grass should be able to effectively repair the device yourself.

The lawn mower does not develop speed.Another reason

Chinese lawn mower Analog Husqvarna does not develop turnover, the reason was very simple (watch in the video)

If you have done operations with the filter, but the work of a trimmer for grass working from gasoline remains the same, the benzotrimer does not gain momentum what to do?

Then you should try to extract the filter from the device in order to provide the so.called “relief” of the trimmer for grass. The lawn mower does not develop speed, the reason. | Doovi. Should help.

The next and rather common problem when working with a gasoline trimmer is that it simply stalls and does not give any signs of life.

In this case, the problem may be as follows:

The last and most common cause of the breakdown of a gasoline trimmer for grass is that the cable that is located in the carburetor department was just sleeping.

Therefore, make sure that it will be well pulled, but not to the limit, otherwise with too much load on the gasoline trimmer for grass, this small cable can crack and then you will definitely have to contact the service center, and then also throw out many money into the wind.

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? The reasons and their elimination in our time, the gasoline trimmer for the grass got the status of the 1st of the main instruments in the arsenal of summer residents. And such an environment is logical, because a motorized braid for grass allows you to quickly put a personal plot in order. But from time to time it happens that a trimmer does not start for grass.

SHENLI DEMON Black Pro S Lawn mowed on AGROTEMA website.By you can purchase a Shtenli Demon Black Pro S lawnie on the AGROTEMA website.By assembly and launch of the Shtenli Demon Black Proves on this video is carefully shown the correct assembly and the 1st launch of the lawn mower / trimmer for the grass of Shtenli Demon Black Pro 3500.

You can adjust the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands

lawn mowers, like the entire bench tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, configure without the help of others you can and necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands. it is 5 minutes.

The carburetor from the lawn mower. This is a node in the power system. In it, like all carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for the upcoming supply to the motor cylinders.

In this process, the main thing is the correct proportion of fuel and air, why the carburetor is regulated.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. With this element, only two obstacles are more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. The trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum, the lawn mower is idling at idle. If the mud just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purge will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, it is necessary to put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor almost always does not work due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and comfortable repair practice.

The hull of throttles, places of ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check the simple method. spread the problem area with soap foam.

The trimmer for grass stalls. how to eliminate the problem

A gasoline trimmer for grass is a useful tool for cleaning from unnecessary grass of house territories and large area lawns. The design of this technique is quite complicated, therefore, if the device breaks, there may be several reasons. The most likely factors that have caught a breakdown are usually described in the user guide. Knowing why a trimmer for grass stalls, you can try to independently eliminate the defect. The most common malfunctions provoking the motorcycle stops, and the ability to repair them with your own hands is in the material further.

In order to most accurately determine the cause of the trimmer malfunction for grass of any brand (for example, echo) and find out the possibility of eliminating it, you need to install, when performing what action the device stalls. The engine can turn off both at idle and at high speeds, heated under load or immediately after starting and t.D.

If you stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline braids often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to problems in the carburetor. A failure in his work can occur due to long-term storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

On a note! Users familiar with the repair of a car carburetor can try to restore this important node of the trimmer for the grass on their own, using the instructions for operating. Otherwise, the correct decision will be to seek help from the service center representatives.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls when you give gas because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to loosen the valve. Thus, normal supply of carburetor fuel will be restored.

Another possible reason why the lawn mower stalls when gas is supplied is pollution of the soundtress (check valve). This detail prevents the appearance of a vacuum in a gas tank. If it is clogged, the air does not flow, which means that fuel does not go to the carburetor. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to clean this element.

If it stalled at high speeds

If the carburetor stalls at high speeds, this means that in idle and small there are enough incoming fuel, and to work on high is not enough. Then it is necessary to check the serviceability of the following nodes of the trimmer for the grass.

  • Fuel hose. its integrity could be violated as a result of cracking. In this case, you need to replace the part. Or maybe you just need to tighten the clamps.
  • A filter network between a carburetor and a hose for supplying a gasoline mixture-it could clog. In this situation, it is necessary to clean the detail.
  • The valve on the gas tank cover. he could stick or clog with garbage. Cleaning is also necessary.
  • Carburetor. perhaps as a result of constant vibration, it was resolved. This is usually characteristic of cheap Chinese details. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to set up according to the instructions. In some cases, it is enough to only weaken the tightening of the carburetor case. If the adjustment is not possible, it is necessary to install a new element.
  • Additionally, check the air filter. Perhaps it will need to be washed and cleaned or replaced with a new one, as he could clog with dirt and particles of grass when tilted technology, when the user mowed in places.

If you stalled during work idle

If the lawn mower stalls, working idle, there may be several factors reasons.

  • First you need to check the prepared fuel solution, when it comes to a four-stroke trimmer working on a gasoline-oil mixture. There is a chance that it is made incorrectly. the proportions are not withstanded. Because of this, the gearbox is warming up, and the revolutions on the drum are lowering.
  • Another probable cause is blockage of elements such as a throttle, air filter or carburetor. You need to clean the indicated details.
  • Another possible factor is to resolve or incorrectly carried out carburetor adjustment. You need to adjust the setting according to the instructions.
  • Observe this problem mono and when opening the air damper. In this situation, the lack of fuel for a trimmer for grass occurs through the fault of the air flow.

If the device does not have enough fuel, it works properly at high speeds or when they increase, but stalls at idle. If the root of the problem consists in the carburetor, the lawn mower will be disconnected both with cold startup and hot.

If you stalled after starting

If the technique starts and stalls immediately after starting, this indicates the wrong settings or deducting the device. As a result of this, the fuel enters the engine unevenly, which leads to significant vibration and disconnecting the trimmer for the grass. To fix the breakdown, it is necessary to reconfigure the device according to the user management.

Another probable problem is the blockage of the valve supplying the gasoline mixture. It must be cleaned.

On a note! If the trimmer for the grass starts, but immediately stalls, it may also mean that the fuel is moving to the carburetor with difficulty. Weakening the valve will help to eliminate the problem. this will provide uniform and free circulation of fuel in the device.

Another possible reason is the damaged fuel intake hose. Air can penetrate through cracks and holes into the system. To solve the problem, you need to increase the engine speed in order to get rid of air bubbles that have penetrated the device.

If you stalled when opening the damper

If the technique works properly at idle, but stalls when opening an air damper, this reports about the penetration of air into the system through cracks in the fuel supply hose or damaged oil seals. To fix the breakdown and establish the work of the tool without driving air from the atmosphere, it is necessary to replace damaged parts.

Preventive measures and operating rules

So that the lawn mower does not work and does not stall when starting, it must be correctly stored and operated. Compliance with the following simple recommendations will forget about problems.

  • When begging the grass, you need to monitor the state of the cooling system. It is also necessary to regularly clean the channels in the case and starter’s ribs.
  • To clean the tool, you should use kerosene, solvent, or other washing tools.
  • You can not clean a hot tool. it must cool before washing.
  • It is important to observe the recommended working mode. this will avoid overheating of the engine.
  • If a braid for grass is not used over the next thirty days, the fuel must be drained, otherwise it will fall into heavy components that can score the channels of the carburetor.
  • After the fuel is merged, the trimmer for the grass should work at idle for some time until it turns off. This will allow you to completely get rid of the rest inside the working mixture.

To store the tool in cold weather, you need:

  • completely drain the fuel;
  • disassemble the lawn mower, wash and clean all available components;
  • inspect the condition of the parts, eliminate all defects that can be corrected;
  • pour the required amount of oil into the gearbox;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • perform partial disassembly of the engine, wash all moving parts, blow and lubricate thoroughly;
  • To lubricate the piston, unscrew the candle, then raise the piston to the upper dead point by the starter, pour a small amount of oil into the hole for the candle and do the crankshaft several times.

Important! If there is no way to store a trimmer for grass in a warm dry room, you must first wrap the motor with an embarrassed rag.

Only by observing these rules, you can be sure that the lawn mower will work properly and will not stall for a number of seasons.

As you can see, stopping the work of a trimmer for grass can be caused by many reasons. Most of them can be fixed independently using the user instructions. In cases where there is no self.confidence, the equipment is recommended to be attributed to repairs. It is worth remembering that incorrect actions can cause even greater harm to the trimmer. As a result, the repair of Motokos will cost a much larger amount than it would be initially, and in the worst case, it may be necessary to buy a new unit.

Check the fuel supply

In order to check if gasoline enters the cylinder, you need to unscrew the candle and look at its electrodes. If the candle is dry, then petrol

Apparently does not act, but if it is wet, it means acting.

Sometimes it happens that the candle “throws” the fuel during the factory. That is, there seems to be a spark, but for some reason it was not possible to immediately start the engine, and at the same time petrol

patriot, benzotrimmer, stalls, idle

I acted during the twitching by the starter, the candle became raw and through the fuel on the electrode the spark no longer breaks through. In this case, the electrodes can simply be wiped.

Useful information for those who do not have a trimmer for grass after winter

Why does a trimmer not start for the grass after wintering ? What are the main reasons for this problem?

Benzotrimmer may not start due to the fact that the fuel remained in the tank last year, which, simply put, was exhausted. Two signs may indicate this: the candle is dry and there is a spark. To eliminate this problem, you just need to replace the fuel.

In addition, a gasoline trimmer for grass after winter starts a little differently. Open the damper and pump up a little gasoline into the carburetor, and then take the handle until you feel some resistance. After that, you can launch.

With a long simple, an air filter can clog. Evidence of it may be the launch of “hot”, after which the trimmer for the grass immediately stalls. Perhaps in the cold season the filter managed to clog with dust. Two options are possible here: first you need to clean it, and if this does not help, then you need to purchase a new filter.

In general, a similar conversation should begin with the fact that after the purchase of a garden benchmain tool it would be better to get to know the instructions attached to it initially. Then many problems could have been avoided. But since this happened a gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start, you need to look for sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer for the grass is not started by the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as tell the general recommendations for such a tool.

Start with banal! We will figure out how to properly start a gasoline trimmer for grass. Maybe such that the reason lies here.

First you need to bring a red toggle switch on a trimmer bar for grass to position “i”. This means the inclusion of power supply. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (looks like a pipette, is on a carburetor). This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Fuel supply lever to return to its original position. At the end, sharply pull the starter handle on yourself. The trimmer for the grass should earn. Try it several times if the first time does not work. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start, then it is worth it to inspect it on your own first before you lead to the service center. There are two main reasons why the garden trimmer is not started:

The second reason why the garden tool does not work is the fuel ended. On Elinech T750, a fuel tank is located near the motor, but on most trimmers it is there. We unscrew the cap from the tank and pour gasoline there (the most optimal version of the AI-92, it is inexpensive and does not clog the carburetor as AI-76). Do not forget to add special oil for engines to the tank, 50 grams on the gas tank is enough, without it the motor will begin to “sneeze” and quickly become unusable. After cover the tank with a cap, wipe the surface of a trimmer for grass with a dry rag and our hands. We also make the above manipulations to include a garden tool.

If the gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start as before, then it makes sense to give it to repair. And the reason for such a solution is simple. if you do not have appropriate skills, the repair of equipment is practically impossible.

In order for the tool to serve as long as possible and do not arise such malfunctions, you should first get acquainted with the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass

Also, pay special attention to the engine time for the grass for the grass. make a short break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, take care of the tool correctly, wipe it after work, lubricate with graphite lubricant. Observing such simple rules, you can significantly increase the life of the tool and it is quite possible that you will not have to look for the reasons why the gasoline trimmer is not started for grass.

petrol? Prerequisites and their elimination

In the near future, a gasoline trimmer for grass

I got the status of the 1st of the main instruments in the arsenal of summer residents. And this is logical, because a motorized braid for grass allows you to quickly put a personal plot in order. But from time to time it happens that a trimmer for grass does not start hot and even cool. In such situations, it is necessary without the help of others to establish the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if a trimmer is untangled for grass. The prerequisites, which more often lead to such troubles, will be considered further.

The gasoline trimmer for grass stalls at idle

Often, when reducing the speed, the motor motorcycles stalls and does not support idle speed when re.starting. The main reasons for the occurrence of such a breakdown include pollution or the dumping of the carburetor, as well as clogging of the air filter.

Gasoline trimmer for grass stalls at idle

In case of violation of the optimal settings of the carburetor, it is necessary to clean it and repeated adjustment. You can cope with clogging the air filter of a trimmer for grass by placing it for several hours in a solution with a conventional domestic detergent. If independent cleaning has not helped to cope with the blockage, it is better to purchase a new filter element in accordance with the operating manual.

After the measures, the user will not encounter a situation for a long time when a trimmer for grass stalls in idle and functions only when gas supplies.

They brought a Chinese benzotrimmer for repairs (they said it turned in the back, we are undergoing to start like.

Apart from time to time, from time to time, gasoline trimmers for grass can stall due to the fact that the valve located in the gas tank cover just clogged or stick. To find out, try to use the braid by loosening the gas tank cover. If in this mode the device is working on a dull way, clean the valve.

over, the lawn mower can stall due to the disgusting receipt of fuel in the carburetor. Nevertheless, repair t.e. It works normally at low speeds. Why then the device starts up, ask you? The reason for this is that at first, the fuel gradually runs into the carburetor and is enough to work at high power. The lawn mower does not work at idle. But then it is produced and at huge turns the engine begins to stall. As for the carburetor, here the problem may also consist in the fact that its body is very pulled.

In addition to everything else, do not forget to check the fuel intake hose. The inconsistent may be that it holds weakly or in general cracked.

These are the main prerequisites why the lawn mower can stall.

Air filter

On the pages of the global network, you can find information that the chainsaw of the Stihl 180 can stall due to severe air filter pollution. I would like to refute this not absolutely true information, and say that the STIHL carburetor MS 180 is equipped with a compensator, which is designed and installed in order to make an air focus necessary for the usual operation of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, bypassing the dirty filter. Of course, the power with a clogged air filter will fall a little, but it will definitely not stall. Another capacity may fall due to the wear of the piston, here the repair of the piston chainsaw of the Stihl MS 180 will already be required.

Forbidbenzokos when clicking on gas: causes of their solution.Glumpnbenzokos (trimmer for grass):. Fighting.

patriot, benzotrimmer, stalls, idle
  • idle sensor failure;
  • clogging of the throttle;
  • work of the sensor of the position of the trissellain;
  • Injector or carburetor pollution

The grounds for breakdown can be completely different, therefore, when eliminating them, it will be necessary to operate with all kinds of actions and techniques. If your shoulders are considerable driver’s experience, and you know the features of the car’s work as your five fingers, regardless of the model, then the elimination of this kind of malfunctions will not cause you any problems. And all because such breakdowns are not complex or serious. It follows that you can establish the operation of the car without outside help. Well, if the level of awareness or lack of free time will not give you the opportunity to eliminate all defects yourself, it is better to seek help from knowledgeable people who can save you from unpleasant moments in the shortest possible time.

Trimmer does not start for grass

Like any technique, trimmers for grass are subject to various breakdowns. Often at the beginning of the summer season, the owners of such a tool complain that the trimmer does not start for the grass, and you have to look for a long time to look for the cause of the malfunction.

For those who have acquired a trimmer for grass recently and still on “you” with this technique, information will be useful about why the trimmer for grass is not started and what to do in this case. So, let’s find out what can cause this.

A gasoline trimmer for grass is not started. 10 possible reasons

Before trying to independently establish the work of the tool, carefully study the guide for its operation. Perhaps the information contained in it will promple you with one or another thought. Otherwise, you will have to look for the cause of the malfunction by selection. It may be one of the following:

  • The cupcan on the rod is not transferred to the “v.””. This is one of the elementary actions, but sometimes beginners forget to turn on the tool before starting it.
  • Such errors include the absence of fuel in the tank. If the fuel ends, and you forgot about it, just pour into the tank (usually located near the motor) AI-92 gasoline.
  • Absence, inappropriate mixture or incorrect proportion of engines oil. Ideally, you should regularly add no more than 50 g of oil. This will serve as an additional lubricant and will support the engine of your trimmer for grass in working condition. Also consider that oil is of different types (“synthetics”, “semi-synthetics”, “mineral water”)-all of them affect the operation of the mechanism differently.
  • If a trimmer mowel for grass does not start after winter, drain the fuel remaining in the gas tank and replace it with fresh. This is especially true for small low.power trimmers with small engines sensitive to low.quality mixture. In addition, during the winter, a precipitate may form at the bottom of the gas tank, which is due to which problems arise with the operation of the device.
  • Excessive fuel pumping can also become one of the reasons that the trimmer for the grass has not stalled and does not start. Когда воздушная заслонка перекрыта, свечу заливает топливом. It should be twisted and dried, and then inserted into your place and try to launch the engine, holding the gas trigger. It is advisable before this to check it for the presence between the electrodes of the spark. If there is no spark, the candle should be replaced.
  • Problems with the filter. If your trimmer for the grass starts poorly, remove the air filter and run the tool without it. If everything works out, the filter should be changed to a new. As an option. to carefully clean and blow the old one, but sooner or later the replacement will still have to be done.
  • trimmer for the grass stalled and does not start? Try to clean the so.called sapun. an element designed to level pressure in the gas tank. Cleaning can be done with a regular long needle. The clogged soundtrack often becomes the cause of the malfunction.
  • Knives are removed from the car. some models will not work under this condition.
  • Violation of tightness. You can check this using a pressure gauge. If the pressure begins to fall, you should determine which of the parts of the carburetor is faulty. Most often, carburetor gasket wears out.
  • Sometimes, after a long period of work, you can notice that the trimmer for the grass has overheated and does not start. Firstly, you should know that you should definitely take breaks. The amount of continuous operation time recommended for this model should be indicated in the instructions. Also, the problem of overheating can lie in a faulty ignition coil or in the air cooling system, which prevents overheating.

If none of these actions has given a result, you should contact the repair shop or service center.

Reasons and repair

I wish to share my experience to restore the desired power of a trimmer power for grass with an internal combustion engine.

Once, first June, I began to notice that my trimmer for the grass of the GT22GES model (manufacturer Echo) began to lose its former power.

In the process of working with grass, even with a small increase in the load (grass higher and thoroughly), the turnover fell and the efficiency of the work was not the same as it was previously.

Previously, a trimmer for grass did not generally notice such obstacles. With a sharp press on the trigger without load, the turnover increased slowly, it seems to be reluctant to.

He took the management of the user on a trimmer for the grass, found in it a section of the malfunction and their elimination. I chose a suitable malfunction in the table, which is described approximately like this: the engine is poorly accelerated or fades.

In the midst of probable circumstances, pollution of the air filter, fuel filter, clogging of the drainage opening of the fuel tank, the spark plug, carburetor, clogging of the cooling system, clogging of the exhaust channel or muffler.

As it turns out, a list of probable circumstances is wide where to start?

At first, the air filter, a drainage hole, an air radiator looked at the visually, all this was in the usual state.

Later I decided to look from the end of the list, in other words, check the exhaust system of the exhaust channel and muffler.

To do this, he took off the candle tip, unscrewed three screws and removed the plastic protective lid of the muffler (in the drawing in the manual under 5)

Then unscrewing the two long screws, he carefully removed the muffler, so as not to destroy the two gaskets that are there

The foreboding did not bother me. The output channel of the motor cylinder (through which exhaust gases emerge from the cylinder) was packed with a gun by 30 40.

patriot, benzotrimmer, stalls, idle

So this is the reason for the disorder of the work of my trimmer for the grass!

Caution, so as not to destroy the surface of the piston and prevent goods (in other words, that Nagar) Immediately cleaned the exhaust channel from the carrier, carefully purged the channel using the pump. I used a knife as a tool (but only with the edge of the channel), and in the depths of the channel a woody and plastic spatula of a suitable size

I used a knife as a tool (but only with the edge of the channel), and in the depths of the channel a woody and plastic spatula of a suitable size.

The muffler was quite unsuccessful and snus.

After the assembly, he started a trimmer for the grass, warmed up a bit and tried to mow the engine earned like a new one, the power increased noticeably, the grass does not mow, but cuts (a fishing line for a trimmer three mm).

Read Lawn Mushroom mowing stalls at high speeds

It’s nice that the device began to work excellent and it is doubly nice that he managed to find a malfunction and remove it.

It is possible that such an inconsistent can appear in other models of trimmers, because their design is approximately similar and all trimmers for grass have a graduation channel and a muffler.

Features of diagnosis

A well.posed question is already half the answer. The fact that the gasoline trimmer for the grass or the lawn mower stalls, namely, will significantly accelerate the search for a solution

  • immediately after the start;
  • when it works for some time idle. after one or several minutes;
  • when pressing the gas button (or handle). or shortly after the start of work at high, submasymal speeds;
  • under an enhanced load (for example, to cut the bushes, mow thick and high weeds);
  • when warming up in the cold, it heats out excessively (the lawn mower stalled around overheating);
  • After the opening of the air damper.

Depending on which of the circumstances was clarified during the pre.diagram, the exclusion method is looking for a more specific reason for the malfunction of motorcycles or a trimmer for grass.

In the process of warming the engine

If the engine heats up too fast, overheating. a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass works unevenly, as if jerking. After which she stalls. The reason may be as follows:

  • boiling gasoline;
  • The ignition wire was damaged (poor insulation);
  • The coil in the ignition system has noticeably burned out, inter.seal circuits appeared.

The same heating is observed when using rotary (not disk) damper.

With gazeaming

You click on gas. and the trimmer for the grass stops working, does not develop momentum. The following alleged reasons are possible:

  • The tuning of the carburetor was lost, which appears with an increasing load on the drive itself. after its long downtime or when working in extreme conditions;
  • The fuel valve is clogged with deposits;
  • The carburetor cable is weakened and sag;
  • Excessively stretched, possibly torn off the fuel supply hose;
  • The check valve (sapun) clogged with deposits. fuel does not enter the tank with fuel.

Important! Problems in the carburetor itself give themselves out the vibration of the lawn mower

patriot, benzotrimmer, stalls, idle

When working idle

Having launched a trimmer for grass or a motorcycle at idle, you find that the device is starting up. but it swallows, after working, say, 5-10 minutes. The reasons here may be as follows:

  • clogging, violation of carburetor adjustment;
  • Initially incorrect configuration of the valve mechanism of the carburetor;
  • air filter clogging;
  • reducing the speed of the gearbox (if any). the incorrect ratio of the fuel mixture;
  • clogging the throttle;
  • penetration of excess air into the fuel system;
  • The fuel ends in the tank (and oil in the tank, if the engine is four.stroke).

If there are problems directly with the carburetor, the machine will stop both after a cold start and after launch on the already worked engine.

Checking performance

Before the diagnosis of Magneto, you need to make sure that the problem is actually in this node. To do this, check the entire chain and make sure that there are no other reasons for the breakdown of the trimmer for the grass.

Как установить запуск с кнопки на обычную китайскую мотокосу

  • First, you should carefully examine the coil for the presence of cracks and other external defects on the case. Next, you will need to study all the elements and nodes conducting the current and make sure that they are clean.
  • The next step is the inspection of high.voltage wires. They must be working and reliably attached to the contacts, without traces of rust and with intact insulation.
  • The next action will be checking the candle cap. As a result of careless actions, the user often tears it off from the high.voltage wire, and then improvises and creates a home.made mount. You need to understand that any poor.quality connection in this place significantly reduces the power of the electric arc of the candle.
  • Then you should make sure that the candle itself is working. If you refuel a low.quality motorcycle with gasoline, the service life of this part is significantly reduced. In addition, it can be flooded or have a large incapacitance that prevents work. Sometimes the candle even takes up and does not unsc.
  • Next, you need to inspect the circuit switch. On trimmers and chainsaws of Chinese.made, it very often breaks.

Replacing the seals of the Chinese trimmer for grass.

One of the main causes of air leaks into the engine are crankshaft oil seals. In general, this problem is the most common on Chinese trimmers, and in some cases, seals begin to pass the air in the first year of service. All the fault of low.quality rubber products of such mowers, well, no one has canceled natural wear.

Essle for different sizes were installed on both sides of the crankshaft (12227mm small and 15307mm large). You can safely sin on the seals if it begins to “snot”. Another indicator of their malfunction is floating turnover when working for “hot”. Next, we will consider in detail the process of replacing.

Why does the car stall at idle and what to do?

Car owners often fall into a situation where the engine suddenly stalls. the car does not go or work at idle. From this article you will learn about the reasons for stopping the motor, diagnostic methods, repair methods

Diesel does not hold idle speed

To understand why the engine stops at idle, it is necessary to study the principle of operation of this system slightly. The diesel engine works as follows: under high pressure, the fuel is injected into the cylinder, while the air in the cylinder is compressed 16-25 times. High temperature helps to compress small particles of diesel fuel, from which these particles are ignited and the burning of diesel fuel occurs. Gases expand the piston, it falls down, that is, it makes reciprocating movements. The reasons for stopping the diesel engine at idle can be:

  • not the intake of fuel in the fuel pump of high pressure;
  • lack of a signal of the operation sensors of the position of the crankshaft entering the control unit.
  • There is no way to regulate high pressure in the specified limits (the most common cause of engine stop).
  • depressurization of a high.pressure system. the elements of the nozzle wear out and the fuel, which is dumped into the return, increases. It reaches volumes in which the system is not able to maintain the necessary pressure in the rail;
  • mechanical wear of the parts of the high.pressure fuel engine;
  • Docking in the internal pressure valve filter.

The stop of a classic engine operating on diesel fuel occurs for the same reasons as in modern engines.

The main elements of chainsaws

Before starting to delve into the issues of breakdowns and repairing the tool, let’s first figure out what the chainsaw actually consists of. First of all, I would like to note that this tool belongs to that category of technology, the work of which depends directly on the internal combustion engine.

It is also important that the chainsaws are equipped with an engine with one cylinder, and whose operation is carried out on such fuel as gasoline. It is worth noting that, despite the similarity with other tools, it does not have a gearbox. And it is replaced by a peculiar chain single.stage gear, through which the movement of the chain itself (saw) is carried out

And it is replaced by a peculiar chain single.stage gear, through which the movement of the chain itself (saw) is carried out.

Read trimmer for grass gasoline Partner is not gaining momentum

In fact, chainsaws are a fairly simple design, but this does not prevent it from being reliable, practical and capable of entirely ensuring direct uninterrupted and cyclic work even in fairly difficult conditions. This tool consists of a huge spectra of certain elements of “vital” for proper and productive work. This is a carburetor, a direct tension device, a tire equipped with a chain and other elements.

Before buying a chainsaw, be sure to study all the options, and choose the suitable brand of the chainsaw.

To simplify your choice, we have made a chainsaw rating for you by reliability.

If you have a limited budget, then read the article about the manufacturers of chainsaws.

Insufficient chain lubricant does not allow to start and the saw does not develop momentum

Many people wonder why the chainsaws are stalling when I click on gas? The answer may also lie in insufficient chain grease (see. Oil for the chain of the chainsaw), as the oil pipeline can flow, or direct channels are simply clogged

That is why pay attention to the chain, since if it is dry, without delay, take the channels that are engaged in the supply of oil directly to the tire of the tool.Then inspect in detail the parts where the vestibroces of the oil pump with the tubes are connected. But if you notice that the oil in the joints leaks, or you found cracks on the tubes themselves, then in the first case, lay out the sealant places, and the tubes will have to be replaced

How to run a stihl mitch

The main steps to launch Stihl mowel:

  • Before using the gas trimmer for the grass, read the instructions and check the trimmer for STIHL grass for each part. After you can collect it.
  • An important step is fuel preparation and refueling. Prepare the mixture in a measured container. Gasoline and oil are poured into it in the indicated ratio. Using a funnel, the mixture is poured into a fuel tank.
  • At the first launch, turn on the ignition without opening the air damper. Place the device on a flat and smooth surface for stability. Now you need to sharply pull the cord from 3 to 5 times. The air damper can be open in any case: the engine is launched or not.

The first launch may require up to 15 jerks. After starting the engine, turn on the non.working refrigerator to warm up. After a while, it stops the button.

The note! This is a universal leadership, since you need to do the same to start Stihl.

In the case of launching an electric trimmer for grass, everything is much easier: you need to read the instructions and act accordingly. Instead of fuel. Electricity

The device is powered by the network, so it is important to provide a sufficient amount of energy so that the trimmer for the grass can get power

After each operation, gasoline and electric trimmers for grass require a thorough examination.

Following the instructions, you can quickly eliminate any minor damage yourself. But sometimes you cannot start the device with your own hands. In this case, it is better to seek help from a professional, especially if it concerns the problem with the engine and the development of speed in the trimmer or lawn mower.

Immediately after you started

The unit may stall immediately after starting, if the carburetor is shifted or incorrectly adjusted. This causes an uneven supply of fuel. As a result, the device vibrates clearly. To eliminate defects, the carburetor is reconfigured, following the annotations to the mechanism.

Apart from that, the engine stops when clogging the fuel supply valve. In such cases, it is quite easy to clean it. If the bureau at first earned, but later stalled immediately, then maybe the fuel with some difficulty falls into the carburetor knot. Weakening of the valve helps to solve the issue, which ensures free circulation of the consistency in the system.

The stop can also be caused by air leaks in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks), taking fuel. In this case, increase the speed of the drive in order to resign more air from the system from the system.

Where to look for a reason or where to start checking

All chainsaws have the same design, and work according to one principle. The device of the chainsaw can be found in this material. It does not play much meaning which brand of the tool. Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion, Partner, Sturm and others. A malfunction manifested in the form when a chainsaw is stalling when pressed on gas can arise the same both on expensive and high.quality tools and on budget Chinese devices. If the problem has arisen, then it needs to be solved.

A chainsaw is a system of mechanisms consisting of details. Any detail in the mechanism can fail, which will lead to a partial or complete failure of the tool. If the tool engine starts, then this does not mean that the chainsaw is completely serviceable. Когда при повышении оборотов происходит прекращение работы двигателя, значит на то имеются соответствующие причины. With this malfunction, you need to pay attention initially to a number of the following tool mechanisms:

  • Gas tank. make sure of the presence of fuel. If fuel is in sufficient quantity, you should also check the serviceability of the fuel filter, the presence of a connection of the supply hose with the carburetor, and also make sure that the operability

These are the main details and mechanisms that should be checked first if there is a malfunction when the chainsaw stalls when the accelerator is pressed. There are other reasons why the chainsaw engine stall when the gas trigger presses. What else can contribute to this malfunction, as well as features of elimination of breakdowns, we will find out later.

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