Metal cutting machine with their own hands: manufacturing technology

From this article you can learn how to make a metal cutting machine with your own hands at home using the simplest materials. Here you will find a detailed description of all the steps involved in creating a design with a cutting disk or angle grinder at its heart: preparation of materials and tools, calculation formulas, detailed step-by-step instructions, and accompanying information with useful tips.

Metal cutting machine, made by your own hands, will allow you to get the equipment that is ideally suited to the needs of the owner

Types of devices, their advantages and disadvantages

There are two types of designs of cutting machines, which differ in the location of the angle grinder, which can be made at home.

The first installation is a base with an angle grinder rigidly fixed under it. On the working surface you can only see the cutting disc, which freely slides into the slot on the table. Cutting metal profiles or sheets in this case is completely identical to cutting wooden workpieces with a circular saw. Despite the very simple design, such a scheme is not very popular. Those who have made such a device, note the inconvenience in use because of the need to move the workpiece. This greatly reduces the accuracy of work and makes the process unsafe. The only advantage of a machine with a bottom angle grinder is the ability to quickly cut thin metal sheets.

pendulum, angle, grinder, hands

The second setup, where the workpiece remains stationary, but the cutting wheel itself moves, is more convenient. The so-called pendulum saw, placed over the table top, allows you to cut the workpiece exactly at the required angle, while it becomes possible to make the required number of identical parts. Due to the location of the grinder from above, cutting the workpieces requires no effort, and the operation of the machine becomes simple and safe. One of the design advantages is that the angle grinder can be quickly disassembled for conventional use. As for the disadvantages of this method, the weak link can be considered a swivel joint, which complicates the design of the machine.

Modus operandi of an oscillating tool

This unconvincing-looking contraption uses high-frequency pendulum oscillations (oscillations) with small amplitude, literally in a few saw teeth, instead of rotational energy. It looks like a tool borrowed from surgeons who have to cut and saw in hard-to-reach places without touching anything unnecessary. Of course, an electrical wire is not a femoral artery, but power cables need respect, too. The hand tool without a trade name was probably invented just for IT people.

Some salespeople call it correctly, but vaguely: oscillating tool. Others just. power chisel. Some like it sonorous Renovator, by the name of one of the brand names. You can also encounter the term “multitool,” which, however, is overloaded from a hand-held folding tool. Surgeons have this sagittal saw, medics can’t do without their Latin ciphers. I, on the other hand, have decided for myself to use the simple and succinct: oscilloscope, or pendulum oscilloscope.

Dedicated to all fans of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I assume the name comes from the anatomical “sagittal section,” vertically dividing the human body into left and right halves. Do not laugh, medics, tell us how it works. And in the meantime, clarify if the surgical sagittal saw is of the circular type rather than the oscillating type.

The picture is literally from the first site I saw, here’s the description:

Designed for surgical operations on human joints.Contains contactless micro-motor of magneto-electric type, mechanism for conversion of the rotary motion of the rotor into reciprocating motion of the saw and an electronic control unit. There is a mechanism for adjusting the spatial position of the saw in two planes. Power consumption 20 VA; Frequency of saw’s oscillation 0 300 Hz; Amplitude of saw’s oscillation ± 2,5 deg.

UPD:Doctors, by the way, joined in the discussion, and did not even particularly laugh. over, they even admitted to using a household oscilloscope (from a hardware store) for medical tasks not requiring surgical hygiene. Why not??

UPD: History of the invention As expected by the author of this publication, the first MFI, aka Renovator, aka Oscillating tools, aka.д. was invented for medical purposes by Fein in 1967. Thanks to user pbw for Комментарии и мнения владельцев and links (both positive and tragic), and to UFO for cosmetic edits.


The company has been in existence for more than 140 years and has invented many well-known power tools. Now produces mostly industrial tools, and in the “domestic” sector it is probably the best, but also the most expensive brand. The Fein oscillating tool was produced for medical.workers: sagittal saws for working with skull bones, saws for other bones, for plaster removal. See. also cranioplasty. User Ariez noted the successful use of the oscillating tool in orthopedics, for example in knee surgeries. When using a plunge-type nozzle, the ratio of width of cut to depth of cut is much more advantageous with an oscillating saw than with a circular saw. Chisels and rasp files have been around, though, notes Ariez.

After the patent on the oscillating tool ended in 2008, it could be produced by anyone who was lazy.

I should say right away: no miracles. The experts interviewed generally dislike the oscillating tool because of its low performance (the survey included the chief project engineer of a construction company and the owner of a small furniture business). The oscillating saw is an easy option for the home repair shop and fixing small joints with a variety of interchangeable attachments.

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Stroborez of angle grinder with their own hands

Stroba is a groove that must be cut into the wall for laying electrical wire or cable. The difficulty of this work is that the groove must be of a constant width and depth. Then the wire will be laid evenly and the mortar for laying will need less.

Stroborez in practice is rarely used, so buy it for the house will be overpriced. But it can be made on the basis of an angle grinder. our favorite angle grinder.

The main task is to install two diamond discs on the shaft of the angle grinder with a distance of at least 1 cm:

  • install the first disk and fix it with a nut;
  • install the second disk and fix it with a nut;
  • measure the resulting distance between the discs;
  • Install the guard on the angle grinder;
  • check the work.

But if for some reason it is not possible to install two discs on the shaft, you can also cut through the chisel with a single installed disc in the usual way. You just have to cut a second parallel line for the trimmer.

Work with the stubbing cutter is performed indoors. This creates a lot of dust. even a respirator will not save from it. To eliminate this negative phenomenon it is necessary to make a protective cover, which would cover both discs and have a top spigot for connection to the vacuum cleaner. There is a similar device on electric jigsaws for collecting fine sawdust. Sometimes rationalizers attach 2 or 4 rotating rollers to this cover. When moving on the surface of the wall, the hole cutter will move on rollers, not creating additional loads on the hands.

To make a tool for a wide groove, it is necessary to make special sleeves to attach the discs to the desired width. With such a grommet cutter it will be possible to make grooves for laying pipes.

But also the protective casing will have to be made wider. On the cover of the notch cutter for both wires and pipes it is necessary to install a screw to adjust the cutting tool plunge into the wall. In this case, the shroud will consist of two parts connected by a hinge and a node to regulate immersion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Making a stand for an angle grinder with your own hands provides a number of advantages. These include:

  • the ability to create a product with the required dimensions;
  • The man himself chooses the functionality of the created machine;
  • such a product has sufficient strength;
  • the possibility of skewing the cutting wheel and its deformation is excluded;
  • The design is convenient to use, fully meets the desired performance characteristics;
  • all the work is done at minimal financial cost;
  • at any time it is possible to remove the angle grinder and return it to mobility.

Such a product allows you to perform the necessary functions with great accuracy. Fully meets the safety requirements.

Its disadvantages are the lack of control over the work done and its quality. Consequently, all actions must be carried out carefully and strictly follow the calculations and drawings.

What else can be made?

The design of the angle grinder allows you to modify it with your own hands into many other tools.

Grain Crusher

Grain crusher is made from a round drum (from a broken or old crusher) with a peorized removable bottom, a plastic nozzle (from a regular canister with a cut bottom) and the angle grinder. the leading element of the design. The shaft of the angle grinder fits into the drum through a hole in the center of its upper part. In this position, its body is attached to the drum (mounting method is individual). From inside the drum, a screw-shaped knife is attached to the gearbox shaft. It can be made from a cutting-off wheel of a wood circular saw. Secure it with a fastening nut.

The plastic hopper for loading the grain is also mounted on top of the drum body. Through it the grain is fed, falling on the rotating knife. The latter is shredded and poured through the peoria of the bottom. The size of the grinding fraction depends on the size of the holes in the bottom. The photo below shows a model of a homemade grain grinder and the drawings for making it.

Twigs shredder

Shredder of branches and grass. a garden device that allows you to turn small branches and thick-stemmed weeds into a fine fraction, used in various agricultural purposes. When making such a tool, it is worth using only a large angle grinder working at high rpm. To prevent overload and breakage of the angle grinder, an additional gear system is used, which multiplies the chopping effect. The device is mounted on a solid metal base, capable of withstanding high vibration and displacement loads. Such a device is shown in the photo below.

electric saw

angle grinder power saw is made of chain saw guide bar of appropriate size. Since it is not possible to use an automatic rotation stop mechanism in the home-made design, special attention is paid to the design of the protective guard. According to a similar principle, a saber saw can be designed with their own hands on the basis of an angle grinder. The chain saw is shown in the photo below.


Wood lathe from the angle grinder is one of the most complex ways to modify the latter. A great number of materials and various components are used for its production. An example of the design is shown in the photo below.


This is a tool, the construction of which uses a gasoline grass trimmer, or more precisely, the cardan part. Its principle of operation is the same. only the driving unit and the cutting part itself are changed.

Instead of a fishing line for mowing grass, a chain saw bar mount is installed.

Homemade circular saw

Circular saw with his own hands, a simple and practical design, then photo and description.

Greetings! I want to show self-made mini-circular, where an angle grinder is used as a motor. Such a machine is useful for cutting slats and small boards, you can make it from improvised materials.

The machine consists of a tabletop and a welded from profile thin-walled pipes housing size: the upper part. 450×500 mm, height of the frame. 400 mm. Instead of a motor I use an angle grinder.

I welded a frame and in the middle of it I used metal clamps to fasten the shaft with the circular sawblade and the pulley.

I assembled a tabletop from scraps of boards, consisting of a frame and a panel with a groove. fastened it to the frame with hinges. The good thing about the hinged table is that it can be lifted and the shaft or saw blade can be replaced if needed.

From two segments of profile pipe, metal angle and sheet iron welded ground for the motor (angle grinder). The inner diameter of the pipe platform should be greater than the outer diameter of the columns by at least 3-5 mm. This is necessary so that it could freely move up and down.

To the pad screwed with screws pad of wood chipboard and clamps fixed it to the angle grinder to the drive shaft which installed the pulley attachment. To make the latter, I pressed an elongated nut into the hole of the pulley, having previously turned its facets (to the middle of the length) to the desired diameter.

Connect both units (shaft and motor) with the belt. Through the movement of the platform set its tension. The last one was fixed at the right level by bolts.

I made a removable sliding bar from 80×40 mm and 80×80 mm cross-section bars to set the cutting width. To make the sliding of the parts better, the top of the table top was trimmed with pieces of laminate. The machine is ready to use.

On such a machine you can cut slats and saw blanks from small boards.

Electric hand circular saw for wood. Characteristics of choice

The electric circular saw has a special place among tools today. A simple, light and convenient device for working in various conditions, among other things, is also the most complex technically, combining in itself:

And so, when choosing a circular saw will always be difficult to choose the most appropriate parameters for the tool.


The circular assembly saw has in its composition the following components:

  • base;
  • motor housing;
  • the protective hood is fixed;
  • saw blade;
  • protective sliding shroud;
  • adjustment devices;
  • Handle with on/off switch and locking button;
  • thrust front handle;
  • parallel guide;

Equipment options

Classification of circular saws today, although mostly conventional, but allows you to classify the tool more clearly in relation to the tasks that can be performed with this tool.

The main indicator in the classification of this equipment is the diameter of the saw blade used in the saw and, therefore, the thickness of the material to be sawn:

  • small class (40-50 mm). sheet materials, work “on site”;
  • medium class (50-65 mm). the most common, universal;
  • professional equipment class (65-140 mm)

Depending on the cutting depth the motor power and electronic components are selected for the tool.

The weight of the machine is an important decision factor, because in many cases you need to hold the tool with one hand and in order to get a clean cut, you also need to comply with safety regulations, because the high saw speed if you hold the tool in the wrong position can be fatal.

Types of equipment by functionality

Considering a handheld electric saw as a universal tool it should be understood that the greatest role in the functionality of this type of tool is played by the baseplate.

For almost all types of saw models, today such functions are inherent in the basic set:

These basic parameters are much the same for all kinds of both domestic instances and heavy professional models, but here it should be taken into account that:

  • the cutting depth adjustment requires a rigid hold, and if the motor and the saw are lifted high above the surface of the plate, vibration occurs, requiring more effort to hold the tool;
  • the possibility of cutting at an angle in professional models is implemented in a more precise scale of degrees, with a more rigid fixation of the selected parameter;
  • the functionality of professional models is expressed by the possibility to attach the saw permanently to any surface, obtaining a full-fledged circular saw.
  • choosing equipment of approximately the same class and close to the technical parameters, preference should be given to models with a platform made of aluminum casting, such platforms are more stable, and less prone to deformation;
  • the next selection criterion must be the knots fixing the position of the saw, just from the quality of these knots will largely depend on the quality of the results of work.


Without exaggeration the most important place in any circular saw is a node fixing the circular saw to the shaft. The different types of fastening implemented in the various models are basically reduced to the use of different kinds of nuts, both ordinary hexagonal shape and special, for a special key.

when replacing the disc, a shaft stopper is a distinctly positive element that is used to secure the shaft during nut clamping, similar to what is used in angle grinders.

Types depending on the power

Depending on the diameter of the circular saw blade the power of the saw motor is calculated. Conventionally, today’s models are divided into the following classes:

This classification allows not only to choose the necessary saw blade, but also to ensure the correct operation of the equipment. for a shallow depth of cut, for certain types of materials, especially plastic, requires saws with a small number of revolutions or models equipped with a speed regulator.

Additional saw functions

For professionals who are able to perform complex work, a manual wood circular saw in addition to the usual types of work and materials can be successfully applied:

electric saw from an angle grinder with their own hands. How to make a chain saw from an angle grinder How to make an angle grinder from an angle grinder saw

The desire to improve an existing tool comes for a reason. The main purpose of such an experiment is to save money. And really, why buy several tools when you can use different attachments and make a multi-tool.

Angle grinder is known to every homeowner, because with its help you can both cut metal and stone, and grind the surface. But trees are not sawed with such a device, there are difficulties because of the small diameter of the disk. That’s why craftsmen come up with various attachments that greatly facilitate the work in the garden.

Advantages of the pendulum saw

  • Angle grinder;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Drill or bench top drilling machine;
  • Epoxy glue;
  • Welding machine;
  • Wrenches, pliers;
  • Measuring tape, pencil.

How to Make a Mini Table Saw from an Angle Grinder. | DIY

Cutting machine with his own hands drawings. How to make a circular cutting machine on metal with his hands

For cutting metal, these days, there are a huge variety of all kinds of tools. Many of them are manual and have a large number of inconveniences. The rest of the tools, is considered automated and has a large size, or a large price category.

To combine the pleasant with the useful, as well as convenience and price category, craftsmen have created a disk cut-off machine. Below we look at everything about this equipment.

Using a homemade cutting machine

The scope of this machine tool extends to industrial applications and to domestic use. Used for cutting various kinds of metal (steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.).д.).

Since in everyday life there are a lot of different objects made of metal, requiring small repairs, this machine tool becomes extremely necessary. After all, once lowered the cutter bar with a cutting disc will be easier and faster than manually sawing with a hacksaw.

Overall characteristics of home-made equipment allow you to put it under a roof, in the summer, and in winter, safely placed in a warm garage or workshop.

Tip: It is extremely important to choose a smooth and solid place (concrete slab, thick corners, or concreted support legs of the bed) for the installation of the bed. This is done in order to reduce the appearance of vibration to a minimum during the work.

Automated systems are mainly used in production, which are controlled by the operator via CNC. The purpose. batch production of metal products, in the form of cutting pipes of given sizes and different cross sections, flat rolled metal products and much more.

Below we will break down what criteria are used to distinguish this machine tool equipment.

Classification of cutting machines

All cutting machines are classified according to a huge number of criteria. We shall review the most important ones. So, the basic technological criteria:

Tooling type

The division is performed directly by the tool that cuts metal products. In turn, they are divided into the following subspecies:

Band saws

Here a band saw with teeth is used. Bands are made of high quality high-speed steel. Due to the thinness of the cutting belt, it saves material, because of the thin cut. Used for production of band saws.


Used in small machineries as well as in households. Sawsaws are hand tools (well-known metal saw) and electromechanical machine. In this case the hacksaw blades are made of different metals (high-speed steel, carbon steel, alloyed steel, bimetal steel). This type is quite simple in operation and considered a convenient tool.

Disc machines

Are regarded as indispensable tools. Used in all metalworking industries. Suitable for high-quality metal cutting even by unskilled labour. In addition to industry, this machine equipment is also widely used in the home.

according to the number of cutting edges


The construction includes one cutting edge. This type of machine is low-productive in its kind and is able to perform only one operation.

Double head

They are designed with two “heads” for mounting discs. In this case, one “head” is firmly fixed and stationary. The second has the ability to move independently in the first. This equipment is considered a high-performance tool.

Type of saw blade feed

Front feed of the circular saw blade

The center of the disc moves in a horizontal plane.

Bottom feed

The center of the disc moves upwards vertically from below.

Pendulum feed

The center of the saw blade drives an arc-like motion, from top to bottom.

Vertical feed

The center of the disc moves horizontally from top to bottom.

By main view

Cut-off saws

This tool is used to cut off measured rolled metal parts. Well suited for small batch production.


Abrasive wheels are used when working with such equipment. Qualitative cutting of the rest (burrs) of metal products is performed. Cutting material into blanks, sawing profile metal at the required angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

Straight Cutters

This equipment performs processing of metal produced and delivered on reels (reinforcing steel, metal strips, wires, bars with profile section). This equipment is equipped with a proper mechanism and automatic unwinding of the metal from the reel. Twisted wire falls into the mechanism, straightens out over the entire plane and feeds into a special receiver for further processing.

Tip: Depending on the material to be cut, suitable cutting blades must be selected. The discs must fit the technical characteristics.

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