What is the trimmer for the grass the most powerful?

The best inexpensive lawn mower-Huter GGT-2900S; Powerful gasoline bush. Caiman WX36; The most convenient model is Echo SRM-22GES-SB; The best gasoline trimmer for grass for grass is Stihl FS 400 K.

powerful, electric, trimmer, grass

  • STIHL FS 55.
  • Makita EBH253U.
  • Husqvarna 128r.
  • The best professional gasoline trimmers for grass
  • Makita EBH341U.
  • Echo SRM-350ES.
  • STIHL FS 130.
  • In conclusion of the video

Rating of the best electric trimmers of 2021. TOP 10

Category place name rating
The best inexpensive electric trimmers for grass one GreenWorks 21277 230V 30cm Deluxe nine.6 /10
2 Denzel TE-650 nine.5 /10
3 BlackDecker GL360SB nine.0 /10
4 Carver TR 500T eight.7 /10
The best multifunctional electric trimmers for grass with fishing line and knife one Stiga SB 1000 J nine.8 /10
2 Fubag Fet 1200r nine.5 /10
3 GreenWorks GST1246 nine.3 /10
The best battery trimmers for grass one Husqvarna 115il nine.8 /10
2 DEWALT DCM561P1 nine.7 /10
3 Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00) nine.5 /10

Greenworks 21277 230V 30cm Deluxe

Opens our rating of the best electric trimmers GreenWorks 21277. This electric braid for the grass is inexpensive, but it is quite universal and does not lack power when using a standard one and a half mm fishing line-a 500-watt motor mounted on the head, such work more than on the shoulder. The main “chips” in the design are two. The first is the possibility of turning the head of 90 degrees, so that the trimmer for the grass turns into crossbrays, and the second is the presence of a wheel on the casing, which allows you to keep a trimmer for the grass on the weight when working with the edges, but roll it in front of you.

The maximum width of mowing is 33 centimeters, there is a fishing car carfall. The telescopic bar allows you to quickly fold a trimmer for the grass for storage and fit it under your anthropometry when working. Given the moderate weight (3.2 kg), the trimmer for the grass is well balanced and does not overload his hands when working even in the direct position of the head when it has to be kept by weight. The noise level of a collector high.Speed motor is quite high, but in the headphones there will not be problems. Vibrations when working on the handles are small.

powerful, electric, trimmer, grass

Denzel TE-650

With the same width of the processed strip, a trimmer for Denzel grass is more powerful than GreenWorks at 150 watts, but, alas, heavier (3.45 kg). Here, with such a slight difference in prices, our priorities were obvious. In addition, a trimmer for grass uses a thinner 1.3-mm fishing line for a trimmer, which falls off faster (after all, the head is spinning to 9000 rpm!).

The telescopic bar is adjusted up to a length of 215 mm, so that with adaptation to any growth there will be no problems. Adjusting the angle of inclination of the head to the bar and turning the sections relative to each other by 180 degrees to cut the edges.

There is a certain miscalculation in ergonomics-it is not particularly convenient to hold the inclusion key to a long time: safety from random inclusion in safety, but you need to work somehow with a trimmer.

Blackdecker GL360SB

The lack of adjustment of the length of the bar immediately forces us to reduce the rating of the rating of this electric trimmer: of course, it is inexpensive, but it is unlikely that the telescopic bar would have raised the price so much so much. The 350-WATTLE engine promotes the light-removable head with a 1.6-mm fishing line to 11500 rpm, so that with its direct work, the trimmer can handle it quickly-and with a weight of only 1.6 kg it is also quite convenient to work, If it suits you in height. Unless a removable T-shaped handle should be replaced by the D-shaped one, which allows you to adapt more conveniently when working if there is such a need.

The cooling was made quite reasonably: the air driven through the casing of the electric motor is taken high and behind, in the zone where particles of grass, pollen and other companies of the trimmer for grass fly in a minimum volume, it is blown off over the head, additionally the above to the sides. In this regard, frequent service is not required. The coil is semi.Automatic, releases the fishing line for the trimmer not after unwinding the engine, but requires the end of pressing the ground.


Most of all, an ethletric trimmer for the grass will appeal to people of small stature. Its dimensions here will be just. But with an increase above average, alas, it will be very uncomfortable to work. This must be taken into account when buying.

powerful, electric, trimmer, grass

Personally, the electric trimmer for the grass turned out to be convenient, it weighs a little, you can work without tired for a long time.

Carver TR 500T

At its price, which is not “much less” as “much less” (of course, there is even cheaper, but with a taste of disposability), Carver looks good: the bar is a telescopic, the motor is five hundredth. The angle of inclination of the head relative to the bar is adjustable, like the D-shaped hilt-well, everything, like in adults. Then what they saved on?

First of all, on the coil: this is not an “automatic”, for the release of the fishing line it needs to be pressed to the ground (and it does not always work as it should, so it is easier to produce a fishing line for a trimmer manually), and only a spool is removable with it. In general, with this place it is worth being more careful. Further, the weight of the trimmer for the grass is not the most successful-the bar and the handle are light, so the head with the engine is strongly outweighed, the hands with a long span of the grass can be tired more than with concomitable trimmers-competing.

Nevertheless, we include this model in the rating of the best electric shows: in this price category of one hundred percent reliability and perfect assembly, you still have to wait, but it is difficult to choose. Either the motor is low.Power, then the bar is unregulated and below the average, then frank problems with resource. Carver is not so bad for the “state employee” in aggregate. The main thing is to remember that he is precisely the “state employee”, and not to demand too much from him.

powerful, electric, trimmer, grass

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Best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for special technology. The modern market offers a choice of lawnmands, lawnmands, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are favorably characterized by an affordable price, so they maintain sustainable demand. Electric trimmers for grass in small areas are especially effective, where it is easy to stretch the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage. The lineup of the power tool is very diverse, so several tips from experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should I pay close attention to?

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on performance. It depends on the power and reserves of the motor. For well.Groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, there will be enough power to 1,000 watts. It is not worth chasing high performance and for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the mass of the trimmer for the grass.
  • The price of the engine affects the price and ease of use. Cheap low.Power models have the lower location of the electric motor. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with the upper location of the engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder belts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers for grass with these accessories.
  • Electric braids for the grass and the shape of the handle are different. Light devices are equipped with D-shaped holders who give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled using a bicycle rifle handle.

The best electric trimmers for the grass fell into our review. When compiling the rating, criteria were taken into account as:

Bosch Easygrasscut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Easy and maneuverable trimmer for grass, which will be a good choice for beginner mowers. Despite the modest power, it copes with the thin branches of shrubs.

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