The better to lubricate the gearbox angular grinder

Any power tool contains in its design rotating parts subject to increased wear as a result of friction. It is possible to prevent premature destruction and extend the life of the instrument if you prophylaxate the rubbing parts in a timely manner. In the corner grinder, the gear of the gearbox is susceptible to the main wear. You can reduce the harmful effect of friction by applying lubricants to the surface of parts. Consider which lubricant for a gearbox of a corner grinder is better to buy.

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With intensive daily use of corner grinding, lubrication replacement in the gearbox should be carried out at least once a year. Often, users do not adhere to certain periods of preventive maintenance of the tool, and regulatory work is carried out after the manifestation of extraneous sounds during operation. This is a completely incorrect method for leaving the gearbox.

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Ring during rotation, rattling indicates that the gears formed on the gears, and they will soon have to be replaced.

The prophylactic examination of the gearbox begins with the separation of its casing from the rest of the corner grinder. To do this, just unscrew the four fasteners.

The next photo shows that the lubricant in the case is present, but gathered on one side of the case, and it is not enough.

This is because the angular grinding of the grinder (angle grinding machine) works at high speeds. Under the influence of centrifugal forces, particles of oil strive to move away from the axis of rotation. With prolonged operation, the surface of the gears become completely dry, and without lubrication the metal is erased. In this case, it is enough to lubricate the gear tooths with the existing composition, then close the gearbox and work until the next prevention.

Often in the gearbox you can notice grains of oil mixed with dust. During operation, the corner grinder heats up, and these grains soften, solid particles prevent the operation of the mechanism. Such a lubricant must be replaced.

Than to lubricate the gearbox

Any tool where there are movable elements need periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. With regard to angular grinding machines, the consistency and the composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements.

The presence in the composition of solid or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. A cheap lubricant when reaching a temperature threshold of 100-120 ° C simply evaporates. Therefore, the maximum allowable values ​​of the lubricant should pay special attention, otherwise the tool in the heat of work will be left without lubrication.

A good composition protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have the properties repulsive water. The verified consistency allows you to maintain a lubricant on the surface: too thick the lubricant will complicate the functioning of the mechanism, and the liquid simply wars in the gearbox.

The viscosity of the lubricants for the power tool is classified according to the NLGI standard (abbreviation “National Institute of Consistent Lubricants”). The choice of one or another consistency depends on the specific model angular grinder, namely, the speed of rotation of the gearbox. The higher this indicator, the less density there should be a lubricant.

Classification of viscosity for power tools:

  • NLGI 00. The most liquid consistency used in heavy technology: chipping hammers, professional peorators, etc.P.
  • NLGI 0. This is a semi.liquid composition, which is just used for Bulgarians, as well as circular saws and gasoline braids.
  • NLGI 1. A sufficiently viscous consistency for use in construction peorators and medium.power drunks and drums.
  • NLGI 2. Soft variety of lubrication. Used in household jigsaws, light peorators and drums.

The required class of the lubricant must be indicated in the instructions for the equipment. If there were no documents with a corner grinder, then all the parameters of the model should be indicated on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.

General rules for replacing a lubricant

The main module is the corner grinder is a gearbox. It is this part of the corner grinder that experiences the maximum load. The block includes different elements that contribute to rotation. Once in the tool case, the substance reduces friction. The compositions used for the gearbox angular grinder allow reducing the temperature indicators that occur during operation.

During the work of the corner grinder, the mixture for lubrication is gradually spreading within the body. After a while, the substance begins to dry, and lumps are formed in the work. These pieces collect particles of dust and metal, therefore, a quick replacement of the oily composition is needed. Sometimes the problem occurs due to high temperature. The lubricant heats up, flows out, and the gearbox is left without a protective mass. It is important to replace it in a timely manner.

When you need to lubricate the gearbox

The frequency of lubrication manufacturers of an angular grinder do not set, any special time. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the device, to notice the signs of a lack or lack of lubrication listed below:

  • The appearance of traces of lubricant on the case. With intensive operation, the gearbox heats up, due to which the lubricant becomes more liquid. If a leak is detected, you need to immediately establish its cause and re.process all the details.
  • The appearance of lubricant lumps inside the gearbox. The problem is due to the fact that the protective coating during the operation of the corner grinder is sprayed on all the inner surfaces of the body and dries up. Extraneous sounds, cracking, strong sparking will help to find it without disassembling the device.

Lubrication is mandatory after repair or replacement of gears, bearings, other parts of the mechanical part of the angle grinding machine.

How the corner grinder works

Corner grinder can work from various power sources:

  • Electric model. connected to the network using a cable and has a limited radius of work, but has a low cost.
  • Corner grinder, which works on the battery, does not depend on the mains and can be used in places where it is not, but it is recommended to store 2 batteries for work. Has a high cost and relatively low power.
  • A gasoline model is a professional cutting device in the absence of an electric network. Have high power, but depend on the fuel.
  • Pneumatic angular grinder is used in conditions with high humidity. They do not overheat, but for use you need to connect to a pneumatic line or compressor

The motor enters tension, and its shaft begins to rotate. Its torque goes to the gear, which twists the axis of the connection between these details can be straight.toothed and scoop.shaped (it is more reliable and less noisy). Modern models have a special coupling in the case, which protects against a reverse blow if the disk jackets. It will prevent a complete breakdown of the corner grinder, as well as an injury to the operator.

The main characteristics of the corner grinder

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the corner grinding of. This will help to choose a model for the planned volume of work and functionality. For example, if it is needed only for grinding, then a low.power device with a small radius of the circle is suitable. I exist small corner grinders that do not have a handle and are used in narrow places. Large models have a pen and a place to retain, located at the base.

The number of revolutions

To know how to choose a corner grinder for the house, you also need to find out the number of revolutions (rpm.). This characteristic indicates how much revolutions the spindle makes for 1 minute. If it spins too fast, then the disk can burst or the rotation mechanism breaks down, and if slowly, then the circle is wiped faster. Some manufacturers leave a memo on the product about the permissible amount of rpm on the product housing. They are determined by the size of the canvas and the power of the device.

The marginal value can be from 2.8 thousand. up to 11 thousand. rpm and change using a special mechanism on the gearbox. Optimal number of r/min. It is determined depending on the selected material, for example, 2.8 thousand is enough for grinding marble., and for cutting metal about 6 thousand.

The power of the corner grinder

The engine power is most often from 0.5 to 2.6 kW and increases in proportion to the size of the canvas. For example, for the normal performance of a device with a canvas size of 125 mm, a drive of 750 W is required. If it is not planned to use heavy equipment, then the power of the corner grinder can be limited to 1 kW.

You should also pay attention to the fact that a tool with a large radius of the circle can have a low power, on which the torque depends. This parameter shows whether the disk can overcome the friction force during cutting or grinding during rotation and not stop. All components of the characteristics change from the quality of the product, which is chosen by the producing side.


In the beginning, select the optimal diameter of the equipment. It is important to understand that protection limits the maximum permissible size for the circle. But with sufficient power of the corner grinder, you can install a large disk if you remove the protective part before the start of work. This is strictly prohibited by the rules of operation and safety, since the disk breakdown, at the time of use, can lead to injury.

The depth of the hole that can cut the canvas depends on the size of the circle. This parameter is important if you need to cut walls or large parts. For such purposes, you should choose an angular grinder of 230 mm with a protective coupling, since the depth of the cut in it is up to 70 mm. For 125 mm circle, it is most often up to 34 mm. a corner grinder with a small canvas is not recommended to cut the metal, and the surface should not be grinded with large.

Features and opportunities

Most corner grinder in the gearboxes use gears with hypoid (crooked) engagement, increasing the smoothness of the stroke and reducing the noise level.

Lack of hypoid engraving. increased friction of the side surfaces of the teeth and the rapid wear of the gears.

Gear pairs with crooked grunts successfully work in reducers with liquid lubricant, for example, in differentials of leading bridges of cars.

Corner grinder Bosch Gws 1000. Photos all tools.RU

It is impossible to place an oil crankcase in manual power tools. Most of the used plastic lubricants at high speeds “do not have time” to start between the sliding surfaces of the teeth, the “dry friction” effect occurs at the very first revolutions of the gearbox and increases with the release of heat.

A characteristic feature of the Bosch GWS 1000 is the crooked (hypoid) gear of the gearbox with an adjustable gap in the clutch and therefore with a long service life. Bosch branded lubricant containing surface-active substances (surfactants) maintains a non-flowing oil film on friction surfaces.

By the way! This Bosch model has technical and constructive features that distinguish it from “Odnoklassniki”.

The rear bearing of the engine rotor is mounted into the housing through the rubber ring of the Mr-shaped section, which reduces vibrations transmitted to the tool body, and preventing the penetration of dust into the bearing. Plates from insulating material direct the flow of cooling air through the brush holders into the gap between the rotor and the stator directly into the fan.

After the fan, a guide apparatus of two elastic rings with a labyrinth seal was installed. The guide device takes the air flow into the nozzle, cast in one whole with the gearbox body.

The front bearing is protected from dust with a rubber ring that absorbs vibrations.

The aerodynamic and mechanical noise of the engine is extinguished by the elastic plastic of the guide apparatus, the outer ring of which is included in the groove of the gearbox and serves as a seal. Additionally, the “insides” of the gearbox are compacted by the ring in the gearbox cover.

Corner grinder Bosch Gws 1000. Photos all tools.RU

prevention, corner, grinding, dust, lubrication

The gearbox cover has oil.cutting grooves that prevent lubrication output. The spindle is pressed into the driven gear and the main gearbox is planted on the neck of the driven gear. (Technical axiom. bearings of larger diameter last longer). Additionally, the spindle is compacted by a felt ring. A bronze.based sleeve was used as the rear bearing of the spindle. This sliding bearing is constantly in contact with the lubricant in the gearbox and, obviously, the most long.lived part in the Bosch GWS 1000 corner grinder.

prevention, corner, grinding, dust, lubrication

Remember. bronze bushes of car starters have been served for decades without any lubrication.

Even the cylindrical pin of the stopper for replacing the circle has a rubber sealing ring, eliminating the penetration of dust into a gearbox.

One of the main features is that the lead gear is planted on the cylindrical neck of the rotor shaft and tightened with a self.ending nut. No grooves. With shock destruction of the circle, the gear can be spent on the neck, but its teeth will remain whole.

The device of smooth start (limiting the starting current) in the engine power circuit saves the operator from a jerk when starting such a powerful corner grinder and extends the life of the engine and gearbox. Traditionally in the electric circuit, an interference device is provided.

Corner grinder (angular grinder) Bosch GWS 1000. Photo 220 volts

The design of the grinder allows you to rearrange the additional handle, change the installation of the gearbox in four versions after 90 degrees. A fixed fastening of a protective casing was used, increasing safety in the case of a circle break.

How to do it quickly

If you need to clean a portable and inner disk, and you yourself will need a regular eraser! This is the easiest way to get rid of dust and other garbage. Also, if the component is not too contaminated, it can be wiped with an ordinary rag. clean, of course.

After that, carefully pass the large eraser on the body and connectors. He will perfectly gather all the dirt that has been accumulated over the years. From scratches will not save.

Attention! It is better to use ordinary gum without any additional jewelry and flavorings.

How to remove spindle: tips

The spindle axis works together with the chief gearbox, which consists of:

To disassemble the spindle body, you first need to remove the main gear in which special tools are used.

After removing the gear, the case is installed in a vice. After placing a wooden block, hitting it with a hammer, carefully removes the spindle on which the bearing is installed. The bearing is removed as described above.

The gearbox should be regularly dismantled, especially if the tool was widely used. After disassembly, they change fat. Lititol-24 is most often used. I have to say that the oil should constantly change for a certain period of time. This allows you to increase the service life of the gearbox for many years by reducing the wear of its components.

Corner grinder (corner grinders, grinders) of the German brand Bosch are of high quality, reliability and durability. The main competitive advantage of Bosch angular grinding grounds is the widespread use of innovative technologies in the production of a product.

But German quality cannot resist negligence. Improper use of the tool, untimely replacement of oil, coal brushes, bearings leads to the failure of the tool.

Repair of Bosch corner grinding machines can be performed in two ways: deliver a grinding machine to the service center or repair a bosch grinding machine with your own hands.

The first option is more expensive and not always of high quality. The second option can only be implemented if the consumer has a strong desire to understand everything on his own.

Bosch grinder circuit will help you repair yourself.

Bosch grinders are conditionally divided into low-power to 1000 watts, and powerful over 1000 W are marked GWS 7-125, GWS 20-230 or others.

The first number 20 or more indicates a power of more than 1000 watts. The second number 230 confirms that this is the maximum diameter of the detachment circle.

The first number up to 20 indicates the power of the tool up to 1000 watts, and the second about the maximum diameter of the cutting disk up to 125 mm.

Prevention angular grinder

Prevention of corner grinder includes compliance with passport requirements during its operation, performing periodic maintenance and scheduled repairs. First of all, it is necessary to strictly observe the ratio of work cycles and breaks recommended by the manufacturer. It is also necessary to periodically clean the internal space of the corner of the corner grinder from dust, timely change the brushes and make the reducer lubrication. If the corner grinder occurs during the operation of stable vibrations and uncharacteristic sounds, an internal examination of the mechanical part should be immediately carried out and the necessary repair should be carried out. Unlike the usual fast.packed nut of corner grinder, is a rather expensive device. And how long it can last and whether its repair is possible in case of failure? If someone knows the answer to this question, please share information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

The design is a feature of the Bosch grinder is presented in the gearbox as a stubborn bearing of the needle mounting screw of the lead gear. In Bosch oorators, the lead gear is installed on the spindle shaft by pressing.

In grinding machines, Bosch with low power, in which cylindrical gears are installed on the gearboxes, a casing is installed. This design allows you to restore the contact characteristics of the gear wheels, reducing the thickness of the gasket. Rifle gear wheels with a high speed of rotation of the tool wear much less than spindles.

Briefly about the main thing

Lubrication is an important link in the competent support of the operability of a mobile power tool. But each of their species has its own requirements. For corner grinders, tight lubricants with a viscosity of up to 800 pascal per second are needed. Capable of exceeding the strength of the strength of 120 units.

Although Western manufacturers of power tools require that only branded lubricants are used for their products, often recommendations can be neglected. Because domestic factories supply cheaper products to the market, which is not inferior to imported analogues.

When making a complete replacement of lubrication in a corner grinder, it is necessary to ensure that the old composition is completely removed from the surface of the parts. The fresh mixture is applied without an excess, with a uniform thin layer. Upon completion of the operation, the tool is being checked at idle speed.

Stages of repair

Bearing repair

Who faced the replacement of bearings by car, perfectly represents the process of replacing them. First, the corps of the corner grinder is disassembled by admission to the gearbox. Opening it, there is a dirty lubricant that is removed, visible details are cleaned. The task is to extract the part from the clip and remove it from the shaft. You can use special pullers, but often it is carried out with a grooved using improvised materials. The inside can be dismantled by screwing the tap into the clip. The gradual rotation makes the tap rest, gradually squeezing the clip from his saddle. The internal bearing is removed by groaning. It is necessary to install it so that the corner grinder hung on the bearing. You can use TISS or other device. It is important that the emphasis is reliable. After the gap is extracted, through the shock on the end of the shaft. The main thing is not to violate the integrity of the latter, so a grocery is used from soft metal.

Having dismantled, cleaning of dirt, old lubrication, small metal particles is carried out, washed with alcohol. Before installing new parts, clean lubrication is applied. Assembly is carried out back to removal. Pressing is carried out using a tube of suitable diameter. You can not charm the bearings directly with the blows on it with a hammer. After installation, free move is checked, the absence of backlash. Corner grinder is assembled and trial launch is made.


The analysis of the angular grinding gearbox is necessary for repair and preventive maintenance. Periodically the gearbox is disassembled, cleaning and replacing lubrication is carried out. over, all parts are checked for wear, backlash.

The sequence of parsing the gearbox

The gearbox body should be disassembled, and then remove the visible lubricant. Having shook the shaft, the condition of the bearings is determined. If there is a backlash, they are subject to replacement. Next, a stop ring located on the shaft is dismantled, a nut is removed, then a gear. The proven method of extracting the shaft from the body is used by groaning in limbo. In order not to damage the details it is better to bury through a piece of wood. The stop ring is removed and, following the recommendations for replacing bearings, subsequent work is carried out, in t. h. The reverse order of assembly. Before assembly, all elements are cleaned of the old lubricant, washed with alcohol or kerosene, and then everything is greased again.

Dismantling the gears of the gearbox

Depending on the model of the product, the factory installation of the gear is arranged in different ways. The presenter is mounted on the thread or through the veneer. The driven is attached using a thread or similarly using a key joint. The process of removing the gears depends on this.

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Repair of spindle fixation

It is supposed to replace the lock with a completely block, which consists of a rubber ring, a spring and a plastic button, but you can try to repair. The gearbox is opened, the spindle block is disassembled. After that, the spring must be put on the button from the inside, which is inserted into place from the outside of the corner of the corner grinder. The spindle itself is mounted on the inside of the gearbox. By pressing both parts are connected to the click.

Electric part

The article already mentioned problems with the power system and ways to solve them. In addition, there may be a break or closing of the stator, rotor, as well as a violation of the collector lamellas. Search for a malfunction or repair is a complex procedure than the technical replacement of parts. You need to have experience, knowledge on the installation of electrical circuits, be able to use a multimeter, understand the principle of operation of an electric motor.

Stator repair

One of the rare breakdowns that can cause careless care for the tool, as well as its repeated overheating. A short circuit or a break in the network occurs. Spontaneous increase in the revolutions of the corner grinder during work indicates a faulty stature. The problem is eliminated by installing a new stator, although, if desired, the ability to rewind it again. Dismantling is distinguished by a model of corner grinder, but the general order seems to be as follows:

  • Reducer removal;
  • Remotor Removal;
  • dismantling the protective plate;
  • unscrewing the stator from the corner of the corner grinder;
  • shutdown of wiring;
  • Extract by tapping a piece of wood on the body.

Rotor repair

The causes of the rotor malfunction can cause its failure. Plus the effects of dust, dirt, the use of cutting, abrasive and other nozzles, not intended for a specific model of corner grinder. The breakdown is characterized by a change in sound when working as a tool, an increase in sparking, and smoke appears at the last stage. It is recommended not to repair the rotor itself, it is more advisable to replace its entire.

Having figured out how to polish concrete, we move on to the technology of this process. Like any construction process, it is divided into two main stages: preparatory and grinding itself.

Preparation of concrete floor

It is necessary to make a reservation right away that if you need to conduct any changes in the body of the floor, then this must be done right now. For example, the formation of a stroke, holes and other things. Then the base of concrete is inspected for a qualitative state:

  • Pieces of reinforcement or other metal profile sticking out of the floor are cut off with a plane;
  • Cracks, chips and other defects are repaired and aligned with the main plane;
  • Ideally. to squeeze the entire surface and determine the “weak” places that are better to open and pour concrete solution;
  • If the flooded screed has large changes in the plane, then it is better not to proceed with grinding, you need to level the floors;
  • Grinding concrete with a grinding machine can start a few days after pouring the solution, the old structures are polished after preparation.


It is necessary to approach the selection of an abrasive tool individually taking into account the quality of the concrete surface. For example, to remove the first layer, it is better to use nozzles in size 30-40. If you need to achieve the decorative effect of the floor, then it is better to use the devices with dimensions at least 40. At the same time, the base itself becomes very durable and acquires a high operational resource. And if you need to polish the surface, it is better to use nozzles with dimensions of 1500-3000.

So, the process of grinding the floor of concrete is divided into four stages:

  • First, the entire concrete floor is covered with special impregnations. With their help, the concrete structure is hardened.
  • Carry out the grinding process. If the wet method is used, then the floor is pre.covered with water.
  • In places, concrete is grinded with a corner grinder.
  • After the end of the operation, the base is cleaned of dust.

Usually in this form the concrete floor is not left. It is either painted or covered with colorless varnish. If you need to look at the surface, then polishing is carried out.

As mentioned above, small areas can be treated with a corner grinder. I must say that work with grinding machines is safe for humans. What can not be said about the corner grinder. Therefore, with precautionary measures while working with this power tool:

  • The nozzle for a corner grinding for grinding concrete should be firmly installed on the working organ of the tool;
  • The corner grinder itself should be in good condition;
  • The lighting of the floor should be excellent;
  • respirator, glasses, mittens, special shoes and clothes. mandatory attributes of the manufacturer of work;
  • You can not overheat the power tool, the time of constant operation is 15 minutes, then a short break during which the corner grinder should cool down;
  • You can’t rush, attention and accuracy.

Briefly about the main thing

The main task of grinding the floor of concrete is to strengthen the upper layer and make it so that the plane does not dust.

The grinding process is carried out with special grinding machines that are divided into classes.

Small areas and inaccessible places are polished with a corner grinder.

Corundine or diamond tools are used as nozzles. The first is used for concrete brand below M250, the latter is higher than m250.

Before the start of the grinding process itself, the concrete surface is prepared: sticking metal objects are cut off, the base defects are closed, and partial leveling is carried out.

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