Protective screens (face shields)

The mask (shield, face shield) is intended for individual protection of eyes, respiratory tract and face of the medical personnel against dust, mechanical particles, splashes of biological fluids in dentistry, operating rooms, surgical departments of various medical and preventive treatment facilities. Supply includes: Mandrel (1 pc.), support (1 pc.), washers (2 pcs. thin 2 pcs. thick), shield (1 pc). user manual, spare washers (thin and thick, 1 pc each), replacement of the washer (thin and thick, 1 pc each), washer, washer, washer, washer, washer.), consumer package. The mask is easily assembled without additional tools. The mask is made of biologically safe plastics. The mask is resistant to sanitary and hygienic treatment and disinfection by disinfectants for polymeric materials with the temperature up to (20±5)ºС according to MU-287-113.

  • Overall dimensions of the mask, not more than (170×185×195) mm;
  • Weight. not more than 30 g;
  • Ambient air temperature during mask operation is from 10°С to 35°С;
  • Ambient air temperature during storage in the transport package. from minus 50 to 50 °С.

Guaranteed service life of the mask. 1 year. Registration certificate on a medical product The average lifetime of a mask is not less than 5000 deployments of behind-the-ear parts of the frame when these parts are at a distance of (145±5) mm from each other. Manufacturer: JSC “Elatom Instrument Works”, Russia

Welder’s jackets and pants

Welder’s jacket and pants. work clothes, which have a high level of protection against high temperatures, as well as against drops of molten metal. European suits for welders often undergo fabric treatment at the stage of yarn creation, thanks to this, the clothes are able to withstand a large number of washings before they lose their protective properties. For additional protection the models are equipped with a high collar, volume-adjustable sleeves and bottom of the jacket. Just as Finnish uniforms for welding Dimex has a rich functionality in the form of a large number of s, all kinds of loop-holders for a different tool, as well as s for a cell phone or walkie-talkie. European workwear for welding has a high density of fabrics, making it last for much longer than the Russian overalls. Also the quality of seams influences the increased durability of overalls, overalls do not tear and do not disintegrate over time. If you plan to buy protective clothing for welding, we recommend that you pay attention to this section, because the models presented here are able to provide maximum protection for welding works of any complexity.

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In the summer, to keep a patch of land looking neat, you must regularly mow the grass. Quickly ordinary braid to cope with it, helps trimmer. A simple hand-held lawn mower in the form of a cane.

Such an electric car, only instead of a blade it has a trimmer blade.

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How to tuck the trimmer line into the grass trimmer?So that the area near the house always looks neat and tidy, it should be mowed often. Modern, state-of-the-art technology allows you to solve this problem without any extra physical effort. Electronic grass trimmers are so ordinary in the use of.

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A known disadvantage of trim tabs is that without special protection (mask and goggles) it is impossible to work with it: the grass scatters in different directions, falling in the face and eyes at high speed.

The reason for this is the small flap along the rotating line.

To solve this problem, I cut the “native” plastic flap, leaving only a third part attached to the bar.

Then made of 0.2 mm thick aluminum sheet, 250 × 250 mm, made new, with two screws on top and the remainder of the first flap.

Instead of aluminum, you can use a plate of rubber or linoleum, but then the screens of these materials must be secured with steel wire, so that the edges do not accidentally get under the rotating line for the trimmer.

Protective shield OZON. The best protection for an employee’s face.

OZON. Absolute safety and full comfort.The shield provides reliable protection all around.

Which face shield, mask, goggles to choose ?

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The principle of operation of the Bosch 2-26 is no different from that of the well-known brands. The rotating rotor transmits torque to the intermediate shaft of the mechanical unit peorator, transmitting translational motion through a roller bearing to the.

Review of the best edited Selection Criteria This material is subjective, not advertising, and does not serve as a buyer’s guide. Consult an expert before buying.A wide range of applications in daily.

Modern means of face and eye protection Protective shields

, Masks, goggles for angle grinder, lawnmower, grass trimmer. Electric.

Improve grass trimmer protection

There is one major disadvantage: the resulting grass sap and haylage flies far to the sides and upwards, covering the herb sheath from head to toe. We have to use work clothes, a mask to protect the face and eyes, but the dust gets clogged up in the boots, sits on the headgear. After only an hour of work the grass trimmer is “completely covered in greenery, absolutely all of it”! You have to spend a lot of time on subsequent “sanitation”.

Technical data

Plexiglass shields come in different sizes and types. Personal protective equipment is worn on the head, covering the face. Shields are installed or hung at the cash register, or in front of the table where the employee sits.

Dimensions of the PPE

Protective screens are available in sizes 1000 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 700 mm, 1000 x 500 mm. Plexiglas thickness starts at 2 mm and goes up to 5 mm, depending on the degree of protection the employee needs.

Two-millimeter ones save from drips from a sneezing visitor, but are too fragile. They can be easily broken by an attacking thief. Five-millimeter and larger screens reliably protect against attacks to harm, steal money.

The PPE worn on the face has strictly individualized values. They are made to the dimensions given by the customer. There are face shields for children and for adults.


Personal protective equipment have GOST Conform to the requirements prescribed in regulations TR/TS 019/2011.


In the product classification, they are placed under the following values:

Shelf life

Personal protective equipment is designed for multiple use. Shelf life of such products is six months.


To get a certificate for the shield you need to know what state standards the product is made. Usually such products fall under the requirements of TR / TC 019/2011.

When buying PPE the manufacturer can provide a certificate or certificate that confirms that the product is produced according to GOST requirements.

Types and specifications

A personal protective equipment, such as face shields, has several varieties, different in their characteristics. Currently, among the most popular products there are several basic types:

Universal shields are designed for all types of work, where face protection from injury is required. They are excellent protection against small particles of the material to be processed, against splashes. The level of protection against radiation and chemicals is determined by the glass material.

This type is distinguished by the simplicity of attachment, so it is used by specialists working in various areas. These shields have an elongated shield, whose shape is somewhat “beveled” downwards. The design significantly increases ergonomics, so the head can be freely rotated and tilted.

The shield additionally protects the neck and upper part of the chest against high temperature and mechanical damage. Helmet with protective shield, most often used on construction sites and in various industries. This protective gear is easy to remove and put on when needed. There are models with a special light filter that allows you to engage in welding work.

Welding shields fall under a separate category. For professionals, especially the one-piece models which have a classic closed shape are appreciated.

It is the safest option, because the characteristics of such products include, first of all, the availability of light filters with the possibility of manual dimming.

Another important parameter is the presence of a large viewing window. Welding shields with helmet mounts in their characteristics little different from the previous version.

It also has an adjustable light filter and a large inspection window. The only difference is the design. These models are attached to the helmet, which makes them convenient for professionals who do not constantly have to resort to welding in their work. Protection against direct radiation depends on the light filter setting.

The right face shield is a tool that can save health and possibly life.

What face shields are made of

Face shields are made of impact resistant materials that are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, temperature differences, and at the same time provide one hundred percent visibility.

Protective shields can be made of different solid materials like polycarbonate, organic glass, polystyrene or non-combustible plastic, and metal netting. They are all highly resistant to mechanical stress and are characterized by high resistance to abrasion.

One of the most durable and therefore most common materials for the production of face shields is polycarbonate. This material has a high degree of thermal and impact resistance, reliably protecting the face from flying solid particles, sparks, red-hot metal splashes, as well as from a short-term temperature increase over a hundred degrees. Shields from polycarbonate are characterized by dielectricity, so they can be used when working with any electrical equipment. Also, this type of shields has absolute transparency without optical distortion.

Polystyrene, being less transparent than polycarbonate, also reliably provides protection from solid particles, splinters, incandescent splashes and sparks. The most popular field of polystyrene face shields application is construction and repair works.

A distinctive feature of shields made of non-combustible plastic. the ability to reduce the thermal impact by half.

Heat-resistant protective shields that reduce the intensity of thermal radiation are commonly used in welding works. These models may be supplemented with light filters and, accordingly, a separate type of shields may be distinguished. welding face shields.

Plexiglas shields are the most budget-friendly option. Through the use of various manufacturing technologies, shields made of plexiglass are sufficiently resistant to mechanical impacts, and to chemical influences.

It is worth noting that the front shields made from all of the above materials, have the property of dielectricity and are safe when working with electricity.

Another type of material for the shields of protective shields. a metal mesh. Made in the form of a fine mesh mesh, the guards can’t protect a worker’s face from aggressive liquids and red-hot splashes, but they do an excellent job of protecting against flying solid particles and debris.

Masks and shields for welders with light filters

Modern welding masks have an automatic light filter (AFP). AFP is a modern glass that automatically changes the filter at the moment of welding arc. Besides this welding mask possesses high ergonomics and good look that makes the work in it not only convenient but also pleasant.

Modern automatic filter is designed to protect the welder’s eyes from the harmful radiation of the welding arc. Glass of such filter automatically darkens as soon as the welding arc occurs and thus reliably protects the eyes of the worker. The glass of automatic filter consists of several layers of liquid crystals embedded in polarizing film. As soon as voltage is applied (from the welding arc), the crystals rotate and part of the light is reflected, so the worker’s eyes do not pick up some of the polarized light. Such masks have the common name of “Chameleon”. There is also a simple variant of masks with permanently dimmed filter, which have an advantage over “chameleons” in price.

Both types of mask perfectly protect the worker’s eyes from infrared and ultraviolet radiation. And if an ordinary mask is always ready to use, the mask with an automatic light filter requires either regular batteries or a solar cell.

Under the shield

Mask, I don’t know you: Muscovites ignore protection means

Meanwhile, because of the worsening epidemic situation in the capital, “covid” cases open again

protective, guard, working, trimmer

To understand what protects more effectively against coronavirus. a surgical mask or a protective screen, scientists of the Israeli Institute for Biological Research decided to conduct a serious experiment. It involved a cough simulator, a mannequin that had protective equipment placed on its head, and water-sensitive paper. To recreate a human cough, Israeli scientists used a carefully calibrated diffuser of an airbrush. a device for pneumatic spraying. A surgical mask and shields of various configurations were placed on the head of a dummy connected to a breathing simulator.

“In the case of frontal exposure for droplets greater than 3 microns in diameter, the effectiveness of cough protection was comparable to that of conventional surgical masks with improved protection for those parts of the face that the mask does not cover,” the authors pointed out For smaller particles up to 0.3 micron in diameter (SARS-CoV-2 size is approximately 0.1 micron “Izvestia”) found that the screen worked even better, blocking about ten times as many fine particles as a surgical mask.”. The shield protects the wearer and others equally.

It is good to fence tall screens with bent edges. otherwise viral particles can easily penetrate from the side, specifies the work. Even a small gap, the authors write, allows the flow to bypass the shield, dramatically reducing its effectiveness. Incorrectly donned masks, however, have the same effect.

Shut your face: starting the COVID-19 vaccine won’t allow masks to come off

Children and the elderly will have to wait for the completion of clinical trials of the drug

When a stream of air with droplets secreted by coughing hits the screen, it is deflected to the sides, the study noted. At the edges of the shield, a sudden change in the boundary layer causes turbulent mixing, which reduces the concentration of viruses. Ambient airflow carries the contaminated air further away, thus reducing the proportion of penetrating particles.

“The benefit of facial shields found in this study is limited to the case of direct exposure,” they pointed out in the paper.

Adult face shield | MEDEREN, China

Used in epidemic conditions in protective zones level I (red zone) Adult face shield is designed to protect the eyes and face from infectious agents, drips and splashes of liquids, the effects of aggressive chemicals and mechanical effects. Visor part is made of transparent polycarbonate coated to prevent fogging and scratches. The visor is protected on both sides by a film which can be removed before use. The strap, by means of which the visor is fastened to the head, is an elastic adjustable band with a soft sponge padding on the front, which makes wearing the visor more comfortable. Panel size 33×22 cm. Length of adjustable tape 31 ± 2 cm Glass transmission coefficient of 74,4% Field of view 180 ° Conforms to the requirements of TR TS 019/2011 “On the safety of personal protective equipment” Packaging: The product is packed in individual packages of 1 pc. plastic bag. Shelf life from date of manufacture: 2 years. Manufacturer: “MEDEREN”, China

Designed to protect the face from potentially hazardous biological fluids that can cause chemical harm. Minimizes the risk of infection by contact with infected persons.

protective, guard, working, trimmer
  • anti-fog coating
  • Conveniently fixes on the head
  • Does not cause eye fatigue
  • Made of high quality PET material
  • light weight
  • non-sterile
  • disposable
  • in stock

Composition: 1. The product consists of a polyethylene protective shield and fixing belt. 2. Instructions for use. Manufacturer: “APEXMED”, China Price:

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