Replacing the brushes of a Bosch washing machine motor

One of the important components of washing machines is an electric motor. It is the brushes that make the brushes rotate and provide the energy to the motor winding. Over time, this part rubs off, as it adheres closely to the axis of the rotor, and must be replaced.

Here are a few signs that the brushes on your washing machine motor is time to change:

  • The drum does not rotate, or rotates not as intensively
  • Your washing machine smells burning when it is in operation
  • At high speeds, there is a characteristic grinding noise
  • The laundry after spinning is still wet, because the machine does not pick up speed in this mode
  • Some modes do not work correctly

Our company “Golden Hands” is often contacted with the following problems. In this case, the customer complained that the drum of the Bosch Max 4 washing machine does not pick up speed when spinning. After consultation over the phone, our technician went to the address.

The first thing to make sure of the defect, the specialist ran the machine and made a diagnosis.

In order to replace the faulty element, the master had to disassemble the washing machine and remove the motor.

In the photo you can see the new brush set (right) and the old used brushes (left).

After replacing the part, a test run of the Bosch washing machine was performed. The defect has been corrected and the appliance is operating normally.

When to change the brushes:

If you spin at a medium speed, the service life of the brushes of washing machines of the Bosch Maxx 4 / Bosch Maxx 5 series should be at least the recommended by the manufacturer. 5 years, and with more gentle washing modes, the brushes may serve and more. up to 10-12 years. A qualified service technician can determine the degree of wear of the brushes, because if you plan to disassemble and reassemble your washing machine yourself, you will need not only to identify the problem, but also to correctly select the appropriate part for replacement. Also there are technical nuances in the process of removing the motor for brush replacement, so do not hesitate to call a specialist to repair your washing machine if your washing machine makes strange noises, hums, or emits unpleasant odors such as burning plastic, sparks, crackles can be heard from the bottom.

In addition to physical wear and tear of the brushes, the cause of their failure may be a short circuit of the heating element, damage to the lamellae or the electronic module.We also draw your attention to the fact that after replacing the brushes, for some time, there will be a little noise, possibly a little sparking, do not worry, the brushes should rub in. At this time, it is recommended to use only the gentle washing mode.

So, for your washing machine to serve you faithfully and correctly the term assigned to it by the manufacturer, follow the simple recommendations for the operation of washing machines of Bosch Maxx 4 / Bosch Maxx 5 series.

For replacement you will need to buy a set of the original copper-graphite or carbon-graphite brushes, the exact size as previously installed. If you install a different kit, not identical to the original, then in the process of operation are bound to have problems.

Standard set of tools and supplies: a deep type tester, side cutters, an electric screwdriver or screwdriver, 0-80 screws, a pack of graphite brushes.

Since the faulty component is installed inside the engine, we will need to remove the entire engine. For this purpose, we drain all the water that is inside the machine, and put it (SM) on the rib.

Let’s take off a pallet and disconnect all wires from the motor. We also recommend that you remove the leak protector for easier removal.

After unscrewing the fastening bolts, pull out the engine and put it on a white (unwanted, old) rag. It is preferable to use a disposable sheet.

How to Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes on a Bosch Washer

If you have a Bosch washing machine from the Classixx 5 or Serie 6 series, you will see the original Bosch General Engine Type2, whose brushes are located to the right of the coupling.

Open the protective cover, and pull out the worn out brushes. Then with the help of 0-80 screws you install and fasten the new pair.

Next is the assembly of all components and fastening of the motor.

If your plans do not include self-repair, you can always use the services of our center. Free arrival in Moscow and up to 36 months repair warranty is the minimum we can offer.

It is profitable and convenient

Replacement of brushes of your washing machine Bosch will be made at home, so you do not have to spend time and money on prevezki heavy machine in the shop and bring it back. Orders from residents of Zaporozhye are accepted by phone or via the feedback form on the website of the shop.

How much it costs to replace the brushes is specified in the price list, where you can find approximate for fixing common faults of washing machines. The exact cost of repair of your appliances will be known after the expert will examine the device. Calling a technician and diagnostics in case of subsequent maintenance of the device is free of charge.

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for washing machine motor brushes replacement

Approximate price for the service of replacing the brushes, including the cost of parts. 70-110 BYN. After the departure and diagnosis master can tell you the exact repair price, which depends on the brand and model of the washing machine, as well as its design (vertical or front loading).

We professionally replace motor brushes in Ardo, Atlant, Bompani, Bosch/Bosch, Candy, Electrolux, Iberna, Indesit, LG, Samsung/Samsung, Zanussi and Whirlpool machines.

Getting the job done

All the preparations are completed, now we are waiting for the replacement of the brushes of the washing machine motor Bosch. First we need to find the motor brushes. Some people understand absolutely nothing about the structure of the commutator motor, and have no desire to disassemble it, fortunately for this work we only need to remove the brushes.

The carbon brushes of the electric motor of a Bosch washing machine are on the sides of the housing. Brushes have a wire, it fit the power supply and a spring that squeezes them and presses to the rotating lamellae. The appearance of the brushes is quite colorful, they can not be confused with anything.

In order for the replacement of the brushes of the electric motor of a washing machine brand Bosch to be successful, it is necessary to correctly remove the old erased carbon elements. How to do it?

  • Take a flat screwdriver or round pliers and gently pry off the terminal of the supply wire.
  • Now take the brush contact of the Bosch washing machine motor and move it away from the wire.
  • Pull the contact very gently upwards, then the spring-loaded brush itself pops up and can be pulled out. Pulling out the brush, remember which way it was facing, so you can put a new motor brush in the same way.
  • Inspect the old brushes of the washing machine motor brand Bosch, determine how worn they are and decide whether it is worth replacing or not.

If replacement is required, unpack the new carbon brushes. Insert them into the motor brackets in the same way as the old brushes. Then we shove the spring into the crosshead. This is not convenient to do, because the spring is long and it will have to squeeze the whole to get into the brush traverse. Next, we insert the terminals into the terminals of the upper part of the traverse and slide them towards the supply wire, thus fixing the carbon brushes of the electric motor.

Now we have to put the connector with the wire to the terminal of carbon brush and you can start replacing the second brush. Masters advise to always change the brush in a pair, even if the second brush is intact, it you prolong the life of the engine. Replacement of the second brush is made in a similar manner, then check the reliability of all contacts and the motor can be considered ready for installation in the washing machine. The brushes have been replaced!

Similar collector motors are installed in automatic washing machines of many brands, not only Bosch. Following the above steps, you can change the brushes on the washing machine Indesit, Ariston, Siemens, AEG, other brands of washing machines.

What to do after the change

Brush replacement does not guarantee that the washing machine motor brand Bosch immediately after repair will work steadily. New brushes should be lapped, so we put the motor in place, connect it, assemble the washing machine, install it and make a test run. At this stage, do not spare the engine, assign the spinning program at maximum spin speed as long as possible. The more intensively the engine works the better. the brushes will be faster to rub in and the engine will start to work steadily.

Do not be surprised if the engine is a bit noisy at first, this will soon pass.

Note that if your washing machine brand Bosch needs a simple repair, which is to replace the brushes motor, do not rush to call the master. In such a situation, you can save a couple of thousand and do it all on their own, the main thing to be careful and have a desire to work a little. Have a nice repair!

The Bosch washing machine motor has lost power? Contact us. we will replace the brushes at home!

The engine of a Bosch washing machine does not pick up speed? It may be time for a new brush. Service for replacement of parts washing machine motor residents of Nikolaev and suburbs can order in our service center and get a restored technique on the same day.

To order the engine repair you need to leave your contact information in the feedback form on the web-site of the repair shop or contact the operator by phone. Let us know the model of your washing machine Bosch, the symptoms of malfunction and your home address and the order will be immediately transferred for execution. The master will replace the brushes at home at a convenient time for you. Your time costs a couple of minutes to place an order. After that you can mind your own business. A specialist will come exactly at the agreed time.

The distinctive advantages of “Vinnitsa-Remont” service

Addressing to our workshop, you get a modern level of service, as well as high efficiency and quality of repair work. Qualified masters have all the necessary skills, practical experience, excellent knowledge of the structure of washing machines Bosch and the peculiarities of their repair. In order not to waste time on transportation, we offer to repair the machine directly at home.

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