Top 7 best robotic lawnmowers: how to choose, pros and cons, reviews

The demand for lawn mower works is constantly increasing. This is not surprising. The devices are very helpful in the household and simplify the care of the areas. Manufacturers regularly update models, adding to them a lot of new features and capabilities. Naturally, the only task before the buyer is to choose a durable and quality device with appropriate parameters and with the proper level of reliability.

A robotic lawnmower literally does all the work for you. In a few minutes the device copes with different types of work, levels the lawn, making it well-groomed and attractive. But to make your dream of a perfect lawn come true, you need to pay attention to some subtleties and technical parameters of different models. In this article we will tell you about 7 best models of robotic mowers, which certainly will appeal to you and will become a reliable assistant in the household. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Top 10 best robotic lawnmowers

When choosing a robotic lawnmower, it is important to pay attention to the power consumption and working width. The higher their performance, the faster the device will cope with the lawn. The type and capacity of the battery also matters: Li-ion models can mow up to 4 acres, while LFP models can mow all 30 acres. Bluetooth control, multi-zone capability, and a complete charging base significantly improve the results and ease of use. At the same time, these are more expensive and technically complex devices, and it is necessary to clarify the duration of the warranty period and how well the company service.

Adaptive mowing plan. Excellent realization of intelligent functions Country: Germany Average Rating (2022): 4.2

The VIKING Mi 632 is a robot that requires no human attention. After installation and programming (these processes can be performed by the specialists of dealership) the device mows the territory entrusted to him fully automatically. All it needs is to know the comfortable time of mowing and the required height of mowing. These parameters are set on the control console. It is detachable so that the operator does not need to bend down to program the machine.

robotic, lawnmower, grass, choosing

Mi 632 is a highly intelligent model, able to detect areas with different densities and to adapt the wheels speed and the rotation speed of the blades. It also knows when it’s best to hide from the weather at the station, when to hurry up to charge in time to get your lawn ready, and when to go into energy-saving mode. The extremely high intelligence of the machine is also proved by the fact that it is able to mute the radio signal when approaching the borders with neighboring areas, thereby not conflicting with other people’s Smart devices. Your neighbor’s VIKING might have one just like it?

STIHL iMow RMI 422 P

The best helper on hilly lawns. Compliant with safety standards Country: Austria Average Rating (2022): 4.3

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Rough terrain in gardens is often source of problems for garden owners. But if you approach the matter with gusto, then the disadvantage is easily turned into an advantage. That’s why you can get the original lawn on a hilly property and make use of the STIHL iMow RMI 422 P robotic lawnmower to take care of it. Once you get up to 40° slope the grip can be adjusted to the angle of inclination and it resumes its work as usual.

And if you get close to an obstacle while mowing, the sensors in the moving housing react quickly and without collision. So it’s not just the robot that’s safe, it’s the family and the pets too. For example, in case of accidental rollover, the blades stop, there is also protection against accidental startup and the function of forced disconnection. In general, the rebellion of mankind is still under no threat, especially since you can always monitor the device via the iMow app and the GPS locator.

Automatic grasshopper operation

Before using, lay a special cord along the perimeter of the field and connect according to the instruction manual. Then check that the battery is charged. Then the timer can be programmed and the machine is ready for operation.

Don’t forget to service the mower periodically:

  • To clean the case and deck as dirty as possible;
  • Check that the blades are sharp and need periodic sharpening and replacement;
  • Clean the electrical contacts of the mower and the charging base of dirt and oxidation.

At the end of the summer season you should thoroughly clean the mower, fully charge the battery and put the machine away for winter storage.

A robotic lawnmower can improve life and help switch from manual to machine labor, making the garden a place of rest instead of work.

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robotic, lawnmower, grass, choosing

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Where to use and how to operate

First of all, the robotic lawnmower has found application in private country houses and dacha plots. Compact and functional, it can independently mow the lawn of a small area without human intervention.

10 Best Robotic Lawnmower New Model 2022

  • The metal chassis, which is responsible for the continuity of the unit;
  • Body made of high-strength plastic, protecting it from possible mechanical damage;
  • Electric drive for each of the robot elements (wheels and grass mowing tool);
  • Power battery, which, depending on the model, can provide from several hours of continuous operation of the robot;
  • Automatic control.

Precisely thanks to the automation system, the robot is able to mow grass on a certain area independently and according to a pre-set route and schedule. In this case, the robotic lawnmower will not go beyond the boundaries of the area, which are pre-marked by a special laid cord.

The need for laying the cord is that the obstacle sensors can not always recognize the obstacle in front of them, do not take into account the small flowers or water obstacles.

Some models are equipped with a rain sensor that automatically makes the robot stop working when the weather deteriorates.

Also the developers of almost all models have the function of “anti-theft. In addition to the fact that to start the robot it is necessary to enter a certain pin code, some models have a built-in siren-alarm and GPS sensor.

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All mowers of this type feature forced return to the base station for recharging, and the robot itself returns to the home base station for recharging or shelter from splashing water if its charging level is low or it rains (some models).

Robomow RK4000 Pro robotic lawnmower

Robomow RK4000 Pro. The new 2022 Robomow RK4000 Pro. It is a silent robotic lawnmower with edge mowing function and easy control via color touch screen or via Robomow mobile app or Web My Pobomow. The body of the robot is suspended on 4 shock absorbers. This new system controls the contact with obstacles. With its patented multi-blade blade system, a “floating” cutting deck that follows uneven terrain, the robot is an absolute plus for your lawn. Easily manages a 40-acre plot of land. Robomow’s reliable new design, made in Germany.

Does the grass cut by the robot need to be removed? NO. Then where does the grass go? The grass is finely mulched. Mulching not only forms a fertile layer and fertilizes the soil, but also protects the soil from moisture loss, erosion, and hinders the growth of weeds! Your lawn becomes thicker and smoother. A green carpet on your lawn.

  • Lawn size: 4000 m²
  • Base station for automatic recharging
  • 4.3″ (4.3” HD) color touch screen
  • Robomow App 3 smartphone app.0
  • Web My Pobomow
  • GSM/RoboConnect
  • Bluetooth
  • Edge mowing function
  • Perimeter indent movement function
  • Mowing schedule
  • Child lock
  • Anti-theft protection
  • When the robot is lifted or tipped over, the rotation of the Robomow blades stops immediately. When you hit an obstacle, the blade rotation stops and Robomow reverses


  • Cutting width: 42 cm
  • Cutting system. 2 discs: 4 double-sided “floating” blades
  • Mowing height 20-100 mm
  • Slopes 45% (24°) inside the perimeter and 20% (11°) on the perimeter border
  • Number of zones: main zone, 4 child zones, 2 separate zones
  • Mowing motors: Collectorless motors
  • Wheel drive motor: Collectorless
  • Wheel gearbox: reinforced, with metal axle
  • Wheels with rubber spikes “2021” and cleaning system (minimal contact surface of the wheels with grass, good traction)
  • “Floating” cutting deck maintains mowing height on uneven lawn surfaces
  • Very quiet, the noise is below 60 dB
  • 4.9 Ah 18.15V lithium-ion battery
  • Power consumption: 8,9 kWh/month
  • Mowing time from 1 charge: 110. 130 min
  • Charging time: 90. 110 min
  • Maximum length of perimeter wire: 800 m
  • Robot weight: 11.4 kg
  • Package Weight: 24,2 kg
  • Dimensions and weight in box: 81x54x32 cm, 24.Kg
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Robohome (RK shelter). Additional accessory
  • Robomow RK4000 Pro robotic lawnmower
  • Weatherproof power supply and 15 m power cable
  • Base charging station, pegs for its attachment
  • 2 sets of spare blades
  • Special inserts for wheel cleaning (comp.)
  • Roborruler
  • Instruction manual in Russian
  • Tool kit

Optional: Free project development and robot configuration.

robotic, lawnmower, grass, choosing

Optional: Perimeter wire and wire attachment pegs. Sold Separately.

The difference between Robomow RX20 Pro and RX20u:

RX20u RX20 Pro
Line Stakes Included Optional
Communication Bluetooth Bluetooth RoboConnect
Voice Assistant (Alexa)
Web App (Myrobomow)
GSM module
Cleaner from mulch

GSM module is needed for sending SMS to the owner in case of security system problems (jamming, remote scheduling, no signal, someone removing the robot from the base or the lawn). Robot also sends SMS messages 5 minutes before mowing.

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GSM module included with “Pro” models. SMS-notification contract is valid for an indefinite period. No need to buy a SIM card, it is already installed inside. To tie the robot to your phone, you need to install the Robomow 2 app.0, and allow Push notifications in the phone settings.

These Robomow lawnmowers have a GSM module:

  • RX20 Pro
  • RX50 Pro S
  • RC308 Pro
  • RC312 Pro S
  • RS615 Pro
  • RS625 Pro
  • RS635 Pro S
  • RS635 Pro SV
  • RK1000 Pro
  • RK2000 Pro
  • RT700

GSM is a digital cellular network standard.

Previously, the GSM module could be installed independently in any “u” model robot by purchasing separately, since 2019, the new RoboConnect module (only fits models from 2019) is only put in the service center.

  • Compact size
  • Easy setup
  • Ability to mark out two separate zones
  • Good passability
  • Low noise level
  • Scheduled startup
  • Mowing height adjustment
  • Child lock (pin code)
  • Anti-theft protection

The robot lawnmower powered by grass

Scientists and researchers around the world have long sought alternative sources of energy. Interestingly, modern developments have touched not only large industrial sectors, but also a seemingly insignificant mechanism, whose main task becomes lawn care. The EcoMow company (USA) created a robot-mower that does not need any fuel, as it gets its energy from recycled grass. The specific feature of this device is that the usual blades, which rotate around their axis, are not used here. The structure of the mechanism looks more like a shaving machine or a hair cutter. The robot engine is not powered by usual electricity or gasoline, but by the energy of grass, which the machine mows during operation. The construction of the robot involves the presence of a special grass catcher. The grass is squeezed into small balls, which act as fuel. How the robot gets its energy from the grass is still a secret. The developers carefully conceal this information and say that they do not plan to give out to the public all the details of the technology yet.

Robotic lawnmower is able to mow lawns of different kinds, while actively consuming the grass for energy. Interestingly, the robot can perform various actions pre-programmed by a human. Additionally, you can set a specific area to work. The robot uses Google Maps to navigate the terrain. In addition, the robotic lawnmower can provide services of a landscaper, as it is able to cut a predetermined pattern on the grass. Drawing can be standard, recorded in the memory of the manufacturer or it can be programmed by the owner of the equipment. The authors of the lawnmower with artificial intelligence believe that their invention will become popular and in demand on the market. It is first and foremost aimed at large companies for which energy and fuel savings are especially important. Further reducing the cost of the robot as well as tweaking the technology will bring the lawnmower to a wide market. Agree that a beautiful lawn with a minimum of effort and financial cost is everyone’s dream.

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