Sabre saw with their own hands from an angle grinder

Nowadays you can buy a tool that can simplify any manual work. These include an electric jigsaw with a saber saw. mandatory tools in the arsenal of the dacha owner. But why spend money on both when, with a little effort, one can be transformed into the other?

In fact, “Sabre” is an electric hacksaw, which appeared as far back as 1927 (of course, not in the same form as now). Designed for sawing wooden and some metal materials, which it copes with perfectly. The narrow and long form of the tool allows you to work in the tightest spaces. In addition, when selecting the right blade, the Sabre saw cuts stone, ceramic, foam blocks, some composites, plastic and glass. The small scroll saws are easy to work on from the weight.

The sabre saw and the jigsaw are distant cousins. They are similar in many ways and at the same time are opposites, complementing each other. That’s why many people come to the question, “What is the better choice?”. One of the main differences is that the jigsaw allows you to cut oval, round and wavy profiles, while the Sabre is only available for rectangular. In addition, the jigsaw produces more accurate cuts, while the rival is a kind of “destroyer”, compensating for sloppiness with speed. Obviously, both mechanisms have advantages over each other, so it is wrong to say that one is better than the other.

But when combining these two devices, perhaps we get something special. Let’s finally find out how to assemble this indispensable household tool by ourselves.

The power and performance of the tool

The most important indicator to pay attention to in the first place when choosing is the power. According to this parameter, electric hacksaws are divided into three groups.

Power 400 to 600 watts. Small boards up to 3 cm thick, metal repair work, tree trunks and small branches can be cut with this electric wood saw. With this electric hacksaw home craftsmen carry out carpentry and locksmith work. Even housewives use it for tidying up their gardens.

700-1000 W. This also classifies it as a domestic saw, but it has a much greater range of uses. Saws easily cut rebar up to 22 mm in diameter, not to mention wood. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the length of the working blade was long enough for cutting wood. Many people choose this type of saw for country houses.

than 1000 W. The tool can be classified as a professional category, where an increased load endurance of the device is required. It can be used to cut bricks, cellular concrete blocks, thick steel blanks, not to mention wood. At home, there is always a use for a powerful electric sabre saw.

Working capacity should be understood as the uninterrupted operating time of the sabre saw. Low-power models can cut wood for up to 25 hours a month. After one hour of uninterrupted use, it is advisable to stop the electric sabre saw to let it cool down. Overheating of the electric motor results in a reduction of the service life.

Saws in the second category are recommended for up to 4 hours a day. The same requirements for the breaks remain. Professional models can work up to 10 hours without shutting down.

equipment description

Cutting machines are the simplest design with a rigid and fixed frame, which is made of lumber or welded angle and a movable head with the working body of the circular saw. This machine can equally handle the trimming of battens, block house, planed boards and thin logs, which allows it to be used for making firewood.

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Today on sale you can pick up different types of cutting machines and stationary bolsters for metal cutting, which will differ in the power of the electric drive, their design, purpose and a number of other characteristics. The simplest models, which are made on the principle of lifting and lowering the wheel, you can easily assemble yourself.

Such units, made by their own hands, are not inferior in terms of functionality to industrial models, while they have compact dimensions, perfectly cope with all the functions entrusted to them, and the manufacture of such equipment is not particularly difficult.

How to make a sabre saw with your own hands?

Some craftsmen prefer not to spend money on new equipment, and make a saw themselves on the basis of an electric jigsaw. In addition to this device, you will need:

  • A bar 180х70х45 mm (or more/less, proceeding from the sizes of saw and blade);
  • Bar under the handle;
  • metal tube with a diameter of 10-12 mm, about 150 mm long;
  • a metal plate that serves as a link between the jigsaw and the tube;
  • two flat pieces of wood about 140×70 and 140×50 mm in size, 7-10 mm thick (will be attached to the sides of the bar).
  • On one side the blade is fastened to the tube, on the other. a plate (bolt connection in both cases).
  • A hole is drilled in the plate for fastening to the jigsaw.
  • A square hole is drilled in one of the wooden parts for the blade to pass freely through it.
  • In the other piece, a narrow slot is made for the saw, and a roller stop is attached, with which the latter will be in contact.
  • In the large bar, a groove is cut out for the blade.
  • Two parts are attached to the timber on both sides with self-tapping screws.
  • The handle is lockable.
  • The plate is attached to the electric jigsaw on the factory bolt.

Now the jigsaw has been transformed into a sabre saw that is ready to work.

Detailed video on how to make a jigsaw:

What the sabre saw can do?

And for all this it is not necessary to fix the material on the workbench. The sabre saw is perfectly suited for “on the move” and the material can be cut right on the spot in almost any position. A rare professional tool will allow this.

At the same time, it is difficult to name a professional domain in which the sabre saw is a truly indispensable tool. Perhaps only in dismantling work it is difficult to replace it with something else. But in everyday life it can be so useful that soon after its purchase you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Even professionals who have their own workshop, filled with all kinds of tools, should not pass by the sabre saw: after all, domestic problems arise in professionals too. And by using a safe and handy sabre saw in such cases, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Soft start, saw blade change and tool weight

The main purpose of a soft start is to reduce the load on the mains electricity supply during the start-up of an electric wood sabre saw. The more powerful the tool, the more important this feature is. This also applies to cordless models.

Fast saw blade change is important when working with different materials. There is a so-called keyless blade change where you can remove and install a new blade simply by pushing a button.

Since the reciprocating saw is a hand-held tool, its weight plays a major role in its use. The larger the tool, the more difficult it is to use, especially when working for longer periods of time, the more quickly your hands get tired.

package contents, external appearance

The Skil 4600 Combisaw is available in two configurations, the difference being the number of saws included and whether or not there is a carrying case. I got the maximum.The case is enclosed in a brightly colored cardboard frame, which aims at attracting the customer’s eye and contains information about the inside contents.On the front shows the hero of the review and the main ways to use him.

The back side contains the same information but in a more detailed form. The pictograms show the main features and advantages of the jigsaw. Unfortunately, there is not a single word in Russian.

The side edges are unremarkable.

Taking off the cardboard cover, you see a “Chinese” handicraft of rather average quality. The plastic is horribly processed. Our jigsaw copes with its functions, but its appearance leaves much to be desired. In the pictures I tried to choose the best angle so as not to scare off the potential customer.

It is very good, that the case has full-fledged (although plastic) hinges. This indicates a potentially quite long service life. Many models have a simple plastic connection instead of hinges, which tears after a couple of dozens of opening/closing of the lid (people have to screw normal metal hinges themselves).

Inside the tool itself you can find instructions in many languages, including Russian (separate brochure), tips on how to use the device, a set of saw blades, and Allen key.

All the promos on the internet said that the kit should include a flexible metal blade, but for some reason they replaced it with a wood blade.In total we have three blades for reciprocating saw (two for wood, one for metal) and three blades for jigsaw (one for hard wood, one for curved cuts in wood, the third for precision cuts in metal).

Additional markings:HSC (high carbon steel). high-carbon steel, hardness 45-48 HRC, for work on soft materials, such as wood, chipboard, wood-fiber board, plastics;BIM (bi-metal). high elastic, solid connection of HSS (high-speed steel, hardness 61-65 HRC) and HCS.

The jigsaw itself is visually unremarkable.

As we see, it was made in China, perhaps, and it can be attributed to the flaws in the quality of performance (badly processed edges of plastic in both the device, and in the protective case, there is a bump at the bottom of the mark on the base of the soleplate).

On the handle you can find a pictogram indicating the versatile functionality of the device, as well as two buttons. the bottom trigger on, and the side of his lock in the working position, so your fingers are not tired during prolonged work. There is no rubber pad on the handle, which is a pity.

Extras: Jigsaw blueprints, templates, stencils for sawing

On the front of the jigsaw it is possible to see the plexiglass shield and the marking of the cutting point on the base of the jigsaw.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with the usual screw clamp of the blades, which is the way of universalization. Next to that, you can find a nozzle for blowing out chips and sawdust.

The base of the jigsaw is cast aluminum. There is no adjustment of its inclination.

At the tail end of the power cord there is a compartment (quite useful) for an Allen key. I advise to install it this way. less chance of loss.

And below is the red lock pin with the lock icon. It is responsible for raising/lowering the handle, which lets you transform our jigsaw from a jigsaw into a saw and back again.

Making a nozzle

Take the hacksaw apart and remove the handle.

For the reciprocating motion, we make an eccentric. For this purpose, a washer, a bearing, a washer and a nut M14 are put on the spindle of the angle grinder. To move the center of the structure you need to insert a piece of M8 bolt in the gap between the spindle and the bearing. It must be cut to the height of the bearing. We fasten the parts with the nut, now the eccentric can rotate without friction on the spindle thread.

To secure the saw, repeat the same steps as on the standard angle grinder guard. A piece of pipe of a length equal to the distance between the beginning of the gear and the middle of the eccentric bearing. Partially divide it into 2 rings. The cut should be more than half. The line for the notch trimmer passes against the edge of the landing place for attaching the cover.

An M6 nut is welded to the edges of the cut. They will be used to tighten the ring as a clamp when tightening the bolt.

A hole is drilled in the hacksaw blade 1mm larger than the bearing outer diameter. At the top and bottom it is bored out a little. This is not an easy job to do because the steel is hardened.

Cut 2 identical rectangular plates of any size from sheet steel. A 40 mm hole is drilled in their center.

One plate is welded to the collar tube.

Drill a 6 mm hole in the corners of both rectangles. They should be facing each other.

The holes are marked on the hacksaw blade as on the plates. They are drilled and then reamed with a file to enable the blade to move. You have to grind on both sides, horizontally from the centers of the holes.

For aesthetics, you can paint with spray paint from a spray can.

To use the tool, it is necessary to grease the contact surfaces of the blade and the clamping plates with solideol.

Parts should be bolted together with nuts and bolts. Tighten loosely. The locknuts are placed on top to prevent the blade from unscrewing and clamping.

The eccentric is assembled on the angle grinder, and the nozzle is put in place of the protective casing. The sabre saw can be used now. After use, the accessories can be removed and the angle grinder can be used as usual. And let’s start the sawing work.

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