Grinding, machining and care of circular saws Know-how for circular saws

Professional tool machining and maintenance is the key to effective use of carbide-tipped circular saws and HSS saws. With the right equipment and technique this will not cause any problems.

The teeth are usually ground in a straight line on the cutting edge but can also be sharpened at an angle.

Grinding over the front edge also includes grinding the concave front edge. It is carried out with a high-frequency grinding pin. This method is not however suitable for all circular saws. A trough must be created between the teeth, sufficiently large to allow peripheral grinding of the leading edge. In particular, it must be ensured that the grinding pin is positioned exactly in the center of the disc thickness and cutting width.

Problem-free results are guaranteed with the right front and rear edge grinders!

/// 1. Apex edge (front tooth surface) /// 2. Facing edge with negative angle /// 3. Concave leading edge

/// Grinding at the front edge by face grinding

/// Different tooth geometries on the leading edge 1. Flat /// 2. Unilateral beveled to the right /// 3. One-sided bevel to the left

sharpening, carbide-tipped, circular, saws

/// Different tooth geometries on the leading edge 4. Alternately beveled /// 5. Group arrangement of teeth: flat. unilateral bevel to the right. unilateral bevel to the left /// 6. Concave leading edge

/// Grinding a concave leading edge by means of peripheral grinding

Rear edge grinding is more diverse than front edge grinding. Tooth profile can vary from straight to almost round. depending on the application of the carbide-tipped circular saw. The back face is ground by face or peripheral grinding.

The method of face grinding is characterised by extremely fast machining. To grind a wide variety of tooth shapes (trapezoidal, triangular, etc.) using this grinding method, only one grinding step is necessary to grind the individual teeth to perfection. д.) with this method, the grinding wheel only needs to be turned by a defined angle.

With the right grinding machine, tools can be ground into any shape you require.

/// 1. A trailing edge (trailing edge of the tooth) on the blade body /// 2. Back flank (back flank) of carbide tooth

/// Different tooth geometries in back flank machining 1. Flat /// 2. One-sided bevel to the right /// 3. Unilateral bevel to the left /// 4. Alternately chamfered

/// Different tooth geometries on the back face 5. Trapeze /// 6. Teeth arranged in groups: flat. trapezoidal with different tooth heights /// 7. Teeth arranged in groups: flat. triangular with different tooth heights /// 8. Group arrangement of teeth: trapezoidal. trapezoidal with different tooth heights

/// 1. Processing of the back of the face grinding method // / 2. Rear edge machining by the peripheral grinding method

circular saws sharpening in Ukraine

Complete price list on request. Qualified specialists of our service center perform sharpening of circular cutters (saws) and.

Grinding circular saws with and without carbide tips. 4 /face (tooth. for saws without ridge). Delivery.

The organization is engaged in sharpening of industrial knives. Knife length up to 1800 mm, height up to 160 mm, angle from 0 to 60°. We sharpen knives for.

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We offer wheels for diamond discs 12R4 150531632 AC4 80/63 100% B2-01. Grinding and lapping of the front.

Complete price list available on request! Saws for chipboard: 1,60 UAH./Grinding saws on wood, non-ferrous metals: 3 UAH./diameter saw blade sharpening. above 500 mm.

The company will sell 3692. Semiautomatic machine for sharpening circular segment saws. Technical Data. Diameter of sharpenable circular segment.

We provide band and circular saws sharpening services. We can pick up and deliver by ourselves. It is possible to invoice with VAT. We are located.

Organization involved in the sharpening of industrial knives. Length of knives up to 1800 mm, height up to 160 mm, angle from 0 to 60°. We sharpen knives for.

Sharpening machine “Altai-Z650”, designed for sharpening circular saws with carbide plates on the front and back surfaces. Technical.

Universal sharpening station KSS FOR many different tools For sharpening: drills in metal with classical grinding, drills.

We sell the 3692. Good condition, working. 1971 г. в. г. Khmelnitsky. Technical Specifications. Diameter sharpenable circular saws.

PRO-Feiler Universal Sharpening Machine for fast and quality sharpening of saws and chains on wood. Description: Sharpening.

This type of circular saws is used for sawing wood of different species in furniture and woodworking industries on the machines of the following types.

I offer a disk saw to the formato-cutting machine tools for cutting wood chipboard, wood-fiber board, plywood, produced by brands FREUD (Italy), CMT (Italy).

leitz saws (Germany). optimum damping of saw noise. higher durability of circular saws due to better damping of vibrations.

FREUD LU4B 0300 250b2 circular saw.2d30z100 designed for sawing plastic. Purpose: clean cutting of Plexiglas and plastic sheets.

Repair: As a manufacturer, we can avoid most markups and offer you the best price on the market and the shortest turnaround time.

ITK’Plus ultra thin circular saws SMT series for crosscutting in wood. Intended for superbly clean cross-cutting.

CMT circular saws for longitudinal sawing in wood. CMT circular saws. Series 285-290-293 Purpose: For sawing in wood.

Characteristics 1 Dimensions, mm 1300 x 1200 x 1900 2 Weight, kg 700 3 Capacity, kW 4 4 Maximum saw diameter 500 5 Speed, rpm.

Metal circular saws sharpening

The tool is used in various industries. from metal plastic windows to metallurgical industry. Metal HSS circular saws require sharpening as they wear, to extend their service life by up to 20 times. This is due to the ability to resharpen the tool on modern equipment. At the same time we sharpen discs with a diameter of up to 620 mm. A minimum layer in diameter is removed each time. removal is in the area where there are teeth or damage. Compared with the purchase of a new tool, this method gives economic effect to 200-300%.

We offer high quality, thus the treated cut-off tools do not differ in durability and performance from the factory-made ones. cutting characteristics are restored by re-sharpening the saw. In addition to the creation of standard saw blades with similar parameters (as of the manufacturer), we offer the creation of teeth geometry with individual parameters. In this case, the customer can provide a sketch or create a technical specification in which to specify the shape, size or number of teeth, diameter of the circle.

  • maintaining tool performance up to 20 cycles (depending on diameter);
  • Restoration of sharpness for effective work;
  • Tooth reshaping for better interaction with material.
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High accuracy of each tooth is ensured thanks to quality CNC equipment. The normative documentation specifies the tolerances that are fully complied with during the manufacturing process. This service can be reasonably priced, while at the same time delivering a high quality tool.

Receipt and handling at BMG Engineering Service Center


The tool is inspected for chips or missing saw teeth and other visible defects.

The tool is labeled, for example (0001-0001). First figures. customer number. second. The individual number of that instrument. Marking excludes possibility of accidental tool replacement, loss. Allows you to track its “life”. Data about each product is stored in a database and can be provided to the customer to monitor the service, if necessary. After the tool is written off, the customer is informed and receives a receipt of statistics on the product, which indicates the number of resharpening by dates, the period of the tool.

The tool is cleaned of resin, dirt and rust for quality sharpening. Service is free.

Circular saws are sharpened along the leading and trailing edges of the teeth, which makes it possible to remove the radius of curvature of the cutting edge and almost doubles the life of the saw compared to sharpening only the leading edge. We use diamond discs of the world’s leading manufacturers with grit size, according to the recommendations of freud tool manufacturer for each type of disc.

If you do not have your own tool packaging, we provide individual packaging for each disc, to preserve the integrity of the rims during transport of the order. Our service is free of charge

Completed orders are delivered after one day (on request, the next day) from the delivery date. A short SMS is sent to the customer when the order is ready.

Sharpening of circular saws with carbide inserts

Quality circular saws. Investment in production. And their sharpening requires precision and individual approach. Qualified specialists of our service center grind tools on European CNC equipment, using new generation coolants and high quality diamond grinding wheels.

When you take your saw to our service center, you can be sure that all your machines. Circular saw, multi-cutting saw, domestic circular saw or industrial sawing station. Sharpened saws work long and productively.

CNC sharpening machines allow to sharpen circular saws with any configuration of teeth (straight, trapezoidal, alternately beveled on front or back side and in any sequence), with any angle of attack (positive, negative); sharpening of feed stops on saws on solid wood. All sharpening parameters are programmed and monitored for digital accuracy and perfect grinding results.

Sharpening of circular saw blades with carbide tips is made with strict observance of standards and recommendations of saw producers.

Diamond grinding wheels play a special role in sharpening the diamond tips. Cutting properties cannot be restored when using grinding wheels with low-quality soft-bonded diamond powder. We value the trust of our customers, so we use only premium diamond wheels on balanced sharpened bodies, certified for use in the EU.

Hundreds of our customers from different cities of Ukraine use our services, sending and receiving the tool by transport company Nova Poshta. Zaporozhye, Novaya Mail Receiver: LLC “Kami-7” 067-618-44-08

The term of performance of the order. 1-4 days.

or come to us, we are always happy to meet new and regular customers!

Definition and purpose of a circular saw

Circular or circular saw is a tool with the working surface in the form of a circular saw blade. This disk may be of different thickness and diameter depending on the destination. On the edges of the disk is equipped with sharp teeth, which can have different shapes, for example:

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It is used when you need to cut a large volume of wood. It is good for both hard and soft types of wood. It can also be used for plywood and chipboard. When the disk is spun, the teeth engage in the material and begin to cut it. Experienced sawyers say that it is much easier to work with a circular saw than with the classic circular saw, which is a horizontal plate of metal with teeth and one (two) plastic handles.

The circular saw is often used:

The working surface of such a tool usually has tungsten carbide tips. These tips are used to keep the teeth from deforming when sawing hardwood. But sooner or later the teeth of any circular saw blunts. When that moment has arrived, it’s time to sharpen the tool.

How to determine when it is time to sharpen??

Sharpening Pobedite circular saws for longer service life. This procedure should be performed when signs like these appear:

Stress on the motor is increased because of the higher load when cutting wood. Without a safety relay in the machine, the mechanism can break down.

Variation in cut quality shows up in thicker cuts, chipping or jagged edges.

sharpening, carbide-tipped, circular, saws

Longer sharpening times are caused by the difficulty of sharpening wood with blunt teeth.

How many times can a reciprocating saw blade with files be sharpened??

How many times can a tipped circular saw be sharpened? Depends on the quality of the alloy of the plate, compliance with the technology at work, the technical condition of the equipment, whether the sharpening takes place during and on what equipment: sharpening manually, using a semi-automatic or automatic machine. On a good sharpening machine it is possible to sharpen the circular saw blade up to 25 times while maintaining the geometry of the tooth, on semi-automatic machines the service life is cut in half.

That you do not manually file or emery grind each tooth of the disk, but manually operate a sharpening wheel or saw, catching hundredths of a millimeter on the allowance:

  • It is necessary to keep the rule. the height of each tooth relative to the center of the saw is the same,
  • check the certified values of sharpening angles with real ones, because discrepancies are possible, the main thing is to hit the angle, then the consumption of carbide plate during sharpening will be minimal. Use an angle gauge. You can use a marker. If you hit a corner, the marker layer will disappear evenly during sharpening, if not-correct the rotation of the sharpening wheel.
  • keep the front and back surfaces parallel, so as not to change the angle, not to violate the geometry of the tooth and the cutting properties of the saw.
  • If you do not need to work intensively with the disc or only touch up, you can do with sharpening just the front corner. If you are repairing a saw, you need to shape the entire tooth geometry.
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