Sharpening a chainsaw chain with your own hands. features and methods

If the chainsaw has a dull chain, it reduces productivity. You put in a lot of effort but you don’t get a good cut. But the risk of injury increases greatly if you use a chain saw with a bad chain. There are several ways out of this situation. You can buy a new chain, have it sharpened at a special service center or do it yourself. In the latter case, sharpening the chain for a chainsaw will cost you for free.

If you are accustomed to long use of chain saws, intensive work with the tool, it means that you have faced the problem of sharpening the teeth of the chain. Once you hit a patch of sand or soil, the teeth of the chain become less sharp and the quality of cutting is impaired. If you give the saw to a sharpening machine every time, you have to take breaks in your work. It is much faster to learn how to sharpen the chain of a chainsaw correctly by yourself.

The complicated shape of the teeth makes sharpening your saw chain difficult, so before you start sharpening, you need to be familiar with the ways and fine points of sharpening your saw chain.

How a chain is sharpened on a chainsaw

The parts are the teeth and the connecting pieces. The teeth are along the entire chain and alternate in right-hand and left-hand turns. The links are made of a special steel material and the teeth have a hard chrome coating that increases their wear life.

STIHL has excelled in manufacturing quality products more than any other of its products, and the following are some of STIHL’s key strengths. STIHL chains are manufactured in Switzerland, with multiple testing and induction hardening to increase the wear resistance of the entire bearing surface.

sharpening, chain, correctly

So, the chain consists of these elements:

  • drive links (1);
  • The cutter bar itself also consists of the left hand saw chain and the left hand bar link (2);
  • left-hand cutting teeth (3);
  • The right cutting teeth (4);
  • knurled drive links (5) for low kickback applications.

The cutting tooth itself is also made up of individual areas:

The special thing about the tooth is that it is not sharpened on one side but on several sides at the same time and is shaped in the process:

  • angle for cutting the upper blade into the wood (1);
  • rear angle of the end blade (2);
  • front angle of nose blade (3); different chains 60-85 degrees;
  • back angle of upper blade (4); the value varies from 50-60 degrees;
  • sharpening angle (5); 25-35 degrees is optimal; the higher the angle. The softer the wood for sawing;
  • depth stop distance (6);
  • Tooth diagram (8).

Timely repair of the saw chain is advisable

Putting off repairing the chain indefinitely is highly undesirable. a saw chain with blunted cutting edges reduces the chainsaw’s cutting performance by about half, consumes less fuel and wastes valuable working time.

The problem is solved by taking it to a specialized repair shop, which inevitably leads to additional costs. In another variant owners of chainsaws practice sharpening the chain of a chainsaw with their own hands. There is no set maintenance interval for the saw chain.

Main rules and order of sharpening

Design and shape of the teeth

First of all, it is necessary to understand the structure of the chain tooth, which is subject to sharpening. The tooth slices through wood like a planer. It has a complex configuration and an unusual cutting surface with two cutting edges. one lateral and one slightly beveled on top. The tooth stop, whose height is variable, controls the thickness of the chip. Of course, sharpening these teeth is much harder than for example with a kitchen knife.

The chainsaw tooth is shaped in a more complex way than other sharp objects that need to be sharpened

The correct chain sharpening angle for a chainsaw chain should be established. It is clear that to act with one file is difficult, so there are various auxiliary devices that help to adhere to the exact parameters of sharpening. Such kits are sold as part of chainsaws, as well as separately.

The diagram shows the inclination angles to be observed during sharpening

When sharpening, the position of the tool should be correct. The choice of a round file is not accidental. it is the rounded shape of the inner contour of the tooth that is advantageous. the edge of the file should be 20% of its diameter above the cutting surface, and the choice of diameter is influenced by the length of the chain pitch (usually from 4 mm to 5.5 mm). Always follow the correct order: first you work on the cutting teeth, then on the stop tooth.

Tooth sharpening

The question arises: how to sharpen the chain so that all teeth are uniformly flat and sharp? Work is made easier by using a metal block that is laid on the chain. It is set in a strict position. according to the arrows, the ends of which are directed by the chain movement. The main pressure is applied to the cutting edge, respecting the angle of inclination which is correlated with the pitch length of the chain.

Try to use an equal number of strokes per tooth. Sharpen the teeth one at a time: one on the left side, the next one on the right side, and so on. For ease of operation, the tire is clamped in a vise, and then machined through the tooth on one side, then the same on the other.

Hold device at a specific angle while sharpening

Grinding the Limiter

The work is regulated by the template, to the level of which the limiter tooth should be ground with a flat file instead of a round one. The jig position “S” is for soft wood, “H” for hard wood. If you do not use the template, you can get a wrong, low cut, from which the efficiency of the saw will decrease dramatically.

When machining the stop, the protruding part shown in the photo is ground

You can learn something useful for yourself here

Proper saw care. sharpening the tines in time, cleaning, lubrication. extends the life of the tool and increases productivity.

tips on how to sharpen a chain saw chain with your own hands

Safety precautions must be strictly observed at all times. It is necessary to wear coarse gloves to protect hands from injuries, because the working surface of the teeth is very sharp.

If the sharpening process requires that the chain be dismantled, do not force the threaded fastener when reinstalling it. An electric screwdriver calibrated to the dial is the best way to tighten the bar mount screws.

Experts recommend the method of increasing strength and wear resistance of chains, which is known as “stabilization of internal structure of metal”. To do it a new guide bar is warmed up in oil bath at temperature of 55-65°C for one and a half to two weeks. This has been proven in practice.

A file for sharpening a 4,8 chain.

File for sharpening chainsaw chain. 4.8 mm file diameter. A file of this kind is used for sharpening.

item is in our warehouse and ready for shipment

Chain sharpening is very important. It enables considerable savings on the purchase of new chains, reduces the strain on your chainsaw engine and cuts fuel consumption.

You can order the chain sharpening machine for chainsaws manually or electrically, as well as files and guides in our store. Every gasoline or electric-powered chainsaw user faces the need to restore the cutting properties of the chain.

You can download the manual for the professional bar-mounted sharpening machine here: Manual 15-066.pdf

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain can be calculated at the bottom of this page.

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There can be several reasons for a dull saw chain. It can be caused by a nail or metal splinter as well as when cutting dirty wood with sand or soil. And of course, the chain can lose its cutting properties as a result of normal use, because wood is a hard material. Not as hard as metal, of course, but creating quite a strong resistance to cutting. Different tools are used for regeneration of the cutting edge of the saw chain tooth. Main types of sharpening tools are listed in the table below.

Manual and mechanized chain sharpening tools for chainsaws.

Circular file Guide block with file Flat file Gauge for kerf limiter
Manual chain sharpening machine for chainsaws Handle file Electric tool sharpening machine Abrasive wheel

These tools and appliances, used in various combinations, offer a complete chain saw care package. Let’s look at the existing ways of sharpening chains.

This sharpening method is the most difficult and time-consuming. However, if done properly, it will give the best result. If you use a chain sharpening machine with an electric motor, there is a very high chance of overheating the cutting tooth with the abrasive wheel. The chrome coating on the tooth can be lost as a result. Using a file, you are insured against such a nuisance. It should also be noted that a file is very cheap.

Sharpening with a guide cage and file.

If the task of sharpening a chainsaw chain with a round file. is mainly made by professionals, the guide cage sharpening can be tackled by any chainsaw user. The main difficulty in sharpening a chain is that two angles of the cutting tooth must be maintained. vertical and horizontal. A guide cage or holder allows you to adhere to the sharpening angles by simple visual control.

Sharpening using a hand chain sharpening machine.

If you have a high volume of work, it may be worth buying a chain saw chain sharpening machine. With the machine you can significantly increase the sharpening speed and improve the quality of processing of chain cutting teeth. The machine allows you to fix the sharpening angles and perform their filing to equal values.

Sharpening using a chain sharpening machine with an electric motor.

The use of an expensive electric chain sharpening machine is justified in the case of professional use of a chainsaw. The machine itself and the abrasive wheels for it are pretty expensive. To economically justify the use of such a device you need a rather large amount of sawing chains. Recently on sale appeared household sharpening machines with an electric motor. These machines are not as accurate as professional models, but are very reasonably priced and greatly speed up the process of grinding the chain.

There are four main prerequisites for the sharpening of saw chain. Depending on the type of chain, which is determined by its size, you need to select the correct diameter of the circular file, the horizontal grinding angle, the protrusion of the cutting depth limiter and the vertical grinding angle. All these parameters are presented in the table for your convenience.


We have a wide range of products for sharpening chains. From a file to a professional sharpening machine. Our offer satisfies the most demanding customer. For sharpening saw chains we offer products of four brands, TECOMEC, OREGON, VALLORBE and SABER. Let us explain these four points in more detail. TECOMEC. is an Italian brand that specializes in the production of spare parts and CPG for gasoline machines such as saws and brushcutters, which we also have in our store, sharpening machines, accessories and spare parts for garden tools and sprayers for the agricultural sector. Accessories and spare parts for industrial high pressure cleaners. The company is valued the world over for its quality and its extremely professional approach. The sharpeners that we have in our store, the Compact Electric in particular, are the most popular professional sharpeners in the world. It is compact, robust and very easy to use. It is the benchmark for sharpening professionals around the world. In situations where there is no sharpening machine nearby, you are surrounded by wood and your chain is not performing as well as it should, files come to the rescue. This handy, compact sharpening machine is perfect for sharpening chains in all conditions and will get your chain in shape in no time. Files, in our store there are two companies, these are OREGON (USA) and VALLORBE (Switzerland). OREGON. the well-known brand that has been on the market for more than fifty years with products of consistently high quality and offers the largest in the field of gasoline-powered machinery. a Swiss brand that specializes in the production of sharpening accessories from knives to files for high quality chains. The entire manufacturing process takes place without the use of any automatic equipment, only by hand. The brand is named after the Honor of the city in which it is located. It is not customary to talk about quality in Switzerland. It has been there consistently high for centuries. The file has to be chosen according to the characteristics of your chain. Files can be of different diameters. Specifically: 4.0, 4.8, 5.2, 5.5. Let’s elaborate, diameter 4.0 for chains with pitch 3/8, width 1,3. Diameter 4.8 for chains with pitch 0.325 and width 1.3. 1.5. Diameter 5.2 for 3/8 pitch and 1.3. 1.5. 1.6. Diameter 5.5 for chains with pitch 0.404. You can also buy a file together with a holder, on which you can see the angles at which to sharpen the chains. This will greatly increase the speed and efficiency of sharpening chainsaw chains.

How the Pro’s sharpen a chainsaw

Sharpening a chainsaw chain correctly on the AURAMM machine.RU

Proper chainsaw chain sharpening with their own hands

A chainsaw. a tool equipped with a two-stroke internal combustion engine. Sharpening the chain of a chainsaw with his own hands is carried out with special devices. Experts recommend sharpening the chain a couple of times during intensive work of the device.

Basic Requirements

If the chainsaw chain is sharpened properly and on time then the service life of the chain will be extended. Experts allocate a few signs when the chain is sharpened. The main prerequisite is the feed force. Chainsaw chain sharpening, usually on a sharpening machine. chain links. Video. It will be necessary to sharpen the chain if small sawdust comes out of the cut.

Periods between 2 sharpening depends on the frequency of use of the unit. Proper chainsaw chain sharpening with your own hands. Before sharpening a chainsaw chain, it will be necessary to have the following tools:

To sharpen the cutting tooth, you will need a round grinder. It comes with a holder with lines that indicate how to correctly sharpen the chain. An important condition for a long life of the Ural chain saw was its proper running-in. Initial engine start was at idle speed. Chainsaw chain sharpening angle can be changed, sharpening on the machine is much more convenient. The hook is used for cleaning the device from sawdust. That to sharpen the chain of a chainsaw, special manual or mechanical machines are required. Proper chain sharpening from sawdust. On the chainsaw chain sharpening. On the 1st unit beforehand exhibit characteristics of the. [email protected] in the chainsaw video on a special chain sharpening machine. Chain sharpening chainsaw work on the circular machine: work on the sharpening angle or. Sharpening of the 1st tooth is made by 2-3 movements.

Before you decide how to sharpen the chain, it is recommended to understand the structure of the tooth. It consists of a top edge and a side edge. The height of the tooth stop is simple to change. Chainsaw chain sharpening video and photo: when after another chain sharpening on the chain sharpening machine at. Sharpening angle is the main parameter to keep in order to get the right cutting parameters. Saw blade sharpening on the special table of chain sharpening angles on the machine. In fact, this chain sharpening chainsaw chain is sharpened with. Rear angle of upper blade ensures the chain-saw plunge into the wood. It is used to cut the swarf from the side. Front angle is within the range of 60-85° and the rear angle is within the range of 50-60°.

Main points

Find the sharpening angle by measuring the distance from the top cutting edge to the guide bar. Its value depends on the chainsaw performance when cutting soft wood. If this is not the case, the machine runs smoothly.

Sharpening a chain from a chainsaw on a machine bought in OBI, my detailed instructions

Chainsaw chain sharpening. How to sharpen a chainsaw chain on a sharpening machine. Recommendations for proper sharpening.

Sharpening chainsaw chain

Sharpening the chain with STIHL example, first half of the video is theoretical, second half is practical, watch the second half.

Thickness of shavings depends on the distance of the depth limiter. Sharpening the chain of chain saws: When after sharpening the chain at the chain sharpening machine by a “specialist” on the. Sharpening of saw chain (chain saw sharpening, front angles what is the sharpening angle on one chain. Why sharpen chain in chain saws? Answer to sharpening a chainsaw chain correctly. The sharpening depth should be between 0.5 and 0.8 mm. Otherwise, when working with a chainsaw will be observed increased recoil and vibration. Sharpening of chainsaw chain on a chainsaw chain is done with an electric tool. If this value is lower than the specified value, then the performance of the machine in question will fall.

Scheme of chain sharpening with a file.

Before you sharpen the chain of a chainsaw, you need to learn the basic rules. In fact, such a question should be sharpening chain chain chainsaw sharpening is made in. A round file must be positioned so that its upper edge protrudes beyond the upper edge of the tooth by 1/5 of the diameter of the tool being used. Another popular chain sharpening kit for chain saws sharpening the chain on a chain sharpening machine at. The choice of file depends on the chain pitch. It must be placed at an angle of 90° in the vertical plane and 30 (10)° in the horizontal plane. Since it is difficult to meet these conditions, experts recommend sharpening the chainsaw with the help of special tools that are included in the set of the main unit.

Step by step instruction

The bar is clamped in place beforehand. The sharpening motion is made from the self and should be smooth. Sharpening a chain saw chain: by machine and by hand. While sharpening the chain, it is recommended to turn the file continuously (to prevent one-sided wear). Sharpen all saw teeth in the same way. You can change the chain sharpening angle on the chainsaw chain sharpening video. Sharpening the chain of a chainsaw | video on Zaporozhsky. Resharpening of chainsaw chain with your own hands. How to sharpen the chain of a chainsaw with a round file and a sharpening machine Pre-sharpen the teeth in the same direction.

To sharpen the chain of a chainsaw it is necessary to make the file an equal number of movements at constant pressure.

If these conditions are met, the teeth will be of equal length. Otherwise the chain will move unevenly.

To grind the depth stop, use a template. It is applied in such a way that the limiter is positioned in the slot. The tip that protrudes beyond the slots is ground with a flat file. Grinding and Sharpening a Chain on the bg60016 :. If cutting edge has no shape or if the chain hits the ground, a special hand or electric sharpening machine is needed.

STIHL makes two versions of the handheld units:

These assemblies are mounted on the guide bar. Their working part is presented in the form of an onion saw with a round long file. principle of chain sharpening chainsaw chain on a special sharpening machine on email to. Use FG1 and FG2 to adjust the length of the top edge of the teeth to the size of the smaller reference tooth.

After sharpening the 1st tooth, similar steps are performed with respect to the other tooth, and the settings made for the control element are retained.

How to keep a chainsaw chain sharp for longer?

When you decide to sharpen the chain of your tool with your own hands, be careful. Safety of the master in the first place. Attention during sharpening prevents injuries and ensures the right sharpening angle.

In our catalog you can choose and order consumables, accessories for chain saws, files and other tools for work. If you have any questions, please call 7870.

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