Tandem wheels on single axle tractor Neva

Equipment for a power tiller of any kind and configuration is a must. Modern models are units of impressive size, equipped with power extraction systems, so every year, equipment manufacturers produce new functional attachments and attachments for them. The design of the power tiller is such that additional tools should only be used in the mounted position. What is additional equipment for power tillers and what is it used for??

Often these are units for processing soil, cultivating grain and vegetables on small plots of land.

How to make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands?

How to make an adapter to the motor-block Neva with your own hands: with steering, drawings and dimensions

Self-made adapter for power tiller will not require any special financial and material costs or specific knowledge. It will be enough to think through the drawings and dimensions, to get hold of some materials and an appropriate set of tools. The necessary minimum of devices for self-assembly of the adapter to the power tiller looks as follows:

  • metal corners;
  • Metal profile square;
  • 2 wheels of the right size;
  • welding;
  • Heavy metal sheets (for the support under the legs);
  • Small hand tools (screwdriver, saw, tape measure, etc.). ะด.).

A general idea of what the adapter should look like, we have already given in the beginning of the article. Now more about the other basic elements of its design.

  • Frame. The main component of the future equipment. Some of the adapters are designed to be combined with a power tiller into one piece, but such an adapter requires rearrangement of the power tiller as well (a new stand for the engine will be needed).
  • Suspension.
  • The hitch. Provides stability and reliability of the whole structure. It is necessary to consider the type of hitch depending on the type of adapter. If the adapter will have a rudder. the hitch must be rigid. If the coupling is moveable, the hitch must be pivotable, on a horizontal pivot.
  • Seat. Built or prefabricated product based on constructor’s preference.
  • Control system. Suitable if there is a rigid hitch. You can also weld your own or buy.

The drawings below show in detail the dimensions of the adapter’s construction, as well as its main connecting assemblies.

To build your own traction gears

Sometimes the pneumatic wheels can slip (soft ground, slushy rain, slushy ice) and your work can be ruined. For a better grip, you need a good grip. These are the normal cleats.

You can, of course, buy them in the store, but not everyone wants to spend money on something that is easy to make yourself, and from “trash” materials. Especially since there are only two requirements for them, and both are necessary to ensure reliable traction:

There are many variants of wheels with soil cleats, made by our own hands. We will focus on two of them. For their manufacture, the main tools are:

To perform the first option, you will need strips of metal (about 5 mm thick) and discs from a car. Their diameter depends on the size of the cultivator blades. Many people take as an optimal option wheels from “Zhiguli”.

Homemade soil hooks to the power tiller.

The method of making ground hooks is very simple:

  • Cut strips with an angle grinder, so that their length was about one and a half times the width of the discs;
  • They are bent in a vise at an angle so that they are inserted between the two sides of the disk;
  • Distribute the strips evenly and weld in place;
  • strengthen the resulting grousers on the axle.

The second option is more complicated. For it they take a sheet of thick metal, mark it and cut out something like a large bicycle sprocket or a clock ratchet. Then the parts of the resulting rays are bent and metal plates are welded to them.

Ready-made variants

If you start comparing factory carts for power tillers their will seem simply exorbitant, given that such a product will be used in a limited area and on a simple route.

Although their quality still attracts the attention of many owners of power tillers, who for one reason or another do not make them at home. Although there is a lot to look at. galvanized sides and bottoms, brakes for every taste and padded seats with footrests. almost all kinds of comfort.

You can even get a warranty on the product. But, because they are all manufactured to certain standards, their size, load capacity and overall comfort of design, often do not meet the demands that customers put. Therefore, a serious question of choice is whether to buy or make them yourself?

  • Cart TPM-350-1 for power tillers, equipped with band brakes, with non-galvanized dump body type, has the dimensions of 1,2 m by 1 m. Load capacity of the product. 500 kg.
  • The cart is suitable for many models of power tillers, both foreign, made in China, and for domestic, which use components supplied from China. Its total length is 2.6 meters and width is 1.3 meters.
  • Bogie TP-350-1 galvanized collapsible for a mini-tractor, the body of which is fully assembled of galvanized steel sheets, is also equipped with reflective elements. Having its own mass of 90 kilograms its payload capacity is about 500 kilograms.
  • The dimensions of the body are 1.1 meter by 1 meter exactly. This cart is equipped with disc brakes, it is fully collapsible. But in the standard version it is suitable only for attaching to the mini-tractor.
  • In order to use the cart together with a power tiller it is necessary to supplement it with necessary fasteners. Medium
    Trailer is a cart, which, in spite of the name, can be used not only with power tillers of this firm, but also with their analogues. And there are plenty of them, because, like power tillers, it is made in China.

The products of this country are known for the fact that different models and even companies use the same components, thanks to which it is possible to make repairs, replacing parts in similar models.

The same applies to attachments, or rather mounts for them.

  • Dimensions of the trailer body. 1.4 meters by 1 meter exactly, height. 1.13 meters. The trailer is a tipper trailer with a payload of 350 kilograms. Of the available amenities, which are equipped with all trailers of this model without exception. a convenient glove compartment, which is located under the seat.
  • Medium

Tools for lifting a power tiller.

dublerr wrote: Slip it in, pull it out and that’s it!

dublerr. And, it would not be better to clamp the MB for the gearbox housing? There is a load on the bearings in the photo.

Arkady wrote: Isn’t it better to hook the gearbox to the housing for the MB?? Here is a photo with load on bearings.

So, throw the stand and lower the MB from heaven to earth. How much the bearings are unloaded?

While you’re shifting and the bearings get damaged.

Arkady wrote: While you are shifting and damaging the bearings.

But the body is sure to burst when shoeing.

Arkady wrote: While you’re shunting and the bearings are getting damaged.

Arkady. There are a hundred times more forces acting on the bearings through the wheels or cutters than from the elevator supports. Do not worry about them.

It’s gonna blow, it’s gonna blow. But not in this lifetime. And seriously, it is easier to use the frame.It will not pinch when re-shoeing.

Alexandr063. So why on the axle?? If you do it on the housing, you can twist the shafts, but this will not work

To change wheels, I use a KAMAZ ratchet, a winch.

for shifting the wheels on louboutin pas, I use my wife or son, one of them tilts the single axle tractor to one side through the rear support and the single axle tractor lifts one wheel, everything is quick and easy

cergey 1979. I have not quite a standard MB, but did looking at the MB 2-I tilt on the nose, it does no harm to the engine, the cylinder in this position is vertical.Did the same on the factory MB1.In this position, to lift the tiller or wheel, no effort is required.You don’t need any help at all. it just stands there all by itself.

Differential for power tillers. how it works and what it can do

This diary entry was created by CaimanTeh,,

Recently on YouTube there was a video of work of power tiller Caiman Vario with snow thrower. During the story about the peculiarities of using a snow tiller “additional differentials” installed on the wheels have been mentioned.

To demonstrate the differentials, Denis turned the singleaxle tractor back and forth. The demonstration was short, but this option interested the participants of the topic Pubert Caiman

The topic seemed to quickly understand what these are additional differentials for power tillers, but since the question arose, I decided to make a small photo report. After the shoot, the demonstration singleaxle tractor with differential had gasoline and oil, so it was taken to a service facility. It’s crowded, there’s a lot of other equipment around, so it was not possible to spin it. All I got from the Caiman Vario was a picture.

Differential for a Caiman Vario power tiller

So, here are these differentials, or rather semi-differentials installed along with the regular rubber wheels of size 4.00-8. (Set of two half differentials is called “Differentials with extensions for VARIO/Q Junuor/Q Max” and has the code R0101.)

How to do it yourself?

Before you make a cart to the power tiller with your own hands, first of all you need to have an idea about it. to understand approximately what its appearance and dimensions of the future product should be.

After that it’s necessary to begin to count the amount of rolled metal. the amount of channels, angles and pipes and profiles, from which the future trailer will be made. After careful consideration, you will not only optimize costs, but also get a clearer picture of the future product.

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And at the time of purchase of materials, it will be easier for you to deal with it. you can cut them to the right size right on the spot. Also, you should definitely get a welder, if you do not have your own personal. all frame connections need to be well-welded.

Under no circumstances should it be connected with self-tapping screws, because they do not provide a sufficient level of reliability. In order to make a strong frame, the angles of 5025 millimeters and 4040 millimeters are ideal. You also need pipes, both round and rectangular.

Weeding potatoes with a power tiller

Here is a method of caring for root crops known to a wide range of gardeners. The process requires certain peculiarities. Only by following certain requirements can you get a good harvest of potatoes and other crops. The above tips will be relevant for those who have little experience in growing such crops, or prefer to use grandfather’s methods. Weeding potatoes from weeds with a motorblock will become much easier.

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