Repair of a power tiller with his own hands: fault diagnosis

Minor malfunctions are due to manufacturing defects or wear and tear if the operating instructions are followed and maintenance is carried out in time.

Malfunctions of power tillers can affect the following systems of the device:

In a separate group of malfunctions it is necessary to carry out problems associated with the failure of attachments. It is a good idea to service your machine once a year, before the gardening season.

Engine repair

If your power tool fails to work, look for the source of the malfunction. Repair of the engine of the motoblock consists of several points:

  • Checking candles, electrodes and wires;
  • inspection of the carburetor for contamination and fuel intake;
  • Check the presence of fuel in the engine tank and inspect the faucet on it.

First, it is better to check the spark plugs: inspect the cleanliness, whether there is no soot on them. Check how tightly the end of the wire fits. if it has moved away a little, then you need to press tighter. Next, inspect the electrodes and, if necessary, adjust the gap between them. Also check all the wires for oxidation and good insulation. If you notice damaged wires, they should be replaced immediately, otherwise the spark will disappear at all.

single, axle, tractor, stops

Also a breakdown in motor blocks with a gasoline engine can also be in the carburetor. To fix possible malfunctions, it is enough to clean it properly and carefully. To do this, you need to disassemble it and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, remove the dirt. At the end of the procedure, the part is reassembled and readjusted. Good carburetor performance also depends on the quality of the gas you fill. If you doubt the quality of the fuel, do not take the risk. thus you will reduce the likelihood of a rapid failure of the carburetor. Repairing a carburetor is easy for an experienced person.

Why the singleaxle tractor works irregularly?

Despite the durability of the engine part, it is not immune to faults. Appearance of extraneous noises, jerks, pauses in its work. the main evidence that it needs urgent diagnostics and repair.

If the cultivator periodically stalls and does not develop revolutions, it may be due to:

  • Insufficient warming up of the engine unit, which works jerkily. Diesel, as well as gasoline cultivator for warming up takes at least 10 minutes;
  • breakage of the starter cable, which is replaced with a new one instead of repairing it
  • Loosening of the screw couplers between the starter and the motor;
  • ratchet malfunction, which prevents the normal operation of the starter unit;
  • failure of the cylinder and pistons;
  • low-quality gasoline, because of which the engine does not develop speed does not develop speed and backfire. It is possible to correct the situation without repair: after flushing the fuel tank and hoses, simply switch to new fuel.

It also happens that the engine “does not pull”, which can be traced by the overall performance of the device.

Why a singleaxle tractor runs intermittently?

Despite the durability of the engine part, it is not protected from malfunctions. Extraneous noises, jerks, pauses in its work are the main evidence that it needs urgent diagnostics and repair.

If the cultivator periodically stalls and does not develop revolutions, it may be due to:

  • insufficient heating of the engine unit, which works jerkily. Diesel as well as gasoline cultivator needs at least 10 minutes to warm up;
  • starter cable breakage, which is replaced with a new one instead of repairing;
  • Loosening of the screw ties between the starter motor and the motor;
  • Failure of the ratchet, which prevents the normal operation of the starter unit;
  • Cylinder and piston failure;
  • low-quality gasoline, because of which the engine does not develop speed does not develop speed and backfire. The situation can be corrected without repair: after flushing the fuel tank and hoses just switch to new fuel.

It also happens that the engine “does not pull”, which can be traced by the overall performance of the device.

When you switch to gas, the engine shuts down

The presence of gas turbocharger in the car, along with certain advantages can cause a number of inconveniences to the driver. One common problem is that the engine stalls the moment you switch from gasoline to gas. The problem can manifest itself in different ways. In the first case, the machine cuts off immediately, that is, at the moment of transition; in the second case, the engine is stalled after the driver presses the gas pedal after transition, that is, when the engine is already running on gas in idle mode.

In such situation it is necessary to consider that the reducer on many HBO assumes heating up to a certain temperature (for example, 35, 40 or 50 degrees on Celsius). Some drivers and HBO tuners in order to save gasoline during warm-up set the minimum temperature threshold, after which the switch-over takes place. As a result, the transition to gas, the reducer is still cold and the engine is not enough fuel.

The reason. a cold reducer does not evaporate the supplied gas in the proper volume. Pay attention, we should not exclude the fact that the degree of warming up the reducer depends on the peculiarities of its connection (to the manifold, to the heater hoses, etc.).ะด.), as well as the level of coolant in the system. Let’s add that another frequent reason may be the gas injectors themselves. In some cases they need to be cleaned, in others it is better to replace them with a more productive.

Why a single axle tractor starts and stops?

If the machine starts and immediately shuts down, this may indicate the following problems

  • Spacing between electrodes may be too wide, electronics have contact problems, spark plug dirty. First the spark plug is cleaned. After that the integrity of the wires is checked. The normal distance between the electrodes is set;
  • Carburettor may be fouled, too little fuel supplied. Sometimes it is necessary to change the fuel and reduce the amount of oil. Carburetor is removed, disassembled and thoroughly cleaned;
  • If the unit does not pick up speed, this indicates a lack of fuel. Gasoline can simply spill. The defect must be eliminated or the fuel tank must be replaced;
  • The single axle tractor does not rev up if the transmission is broken. This is indicated by the presence of an extraneous sound from the gearbox. The problem is solved by changing the oil that is used to lubricate the assembly.

Problems with fuel supply

If the single axle tractor stalls while working and won’t start again, there is most likely a problem with the engine or the starting system. The first thing to do in this situation is to carefully inspect the spark plugs. Dry spark plugs mean that the fuel has no access to the engine cylinders.

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In such a situation first of all check the presence of gasoline in the tank. It is possible that due to your forgetfulness the single axle tractor has used up all the gasoline, and it simply needs to be refueled for further work. If everything is okay with the gasoline, check the fuel tap. it may be closed. There is nothing difficult in this situation either. it is enough to open the tap and the engine will revive again. It also often happens that the single axle tractor stops when it is running with a strong tilt. It is necessary to put it horizontally. If in this position the engine starts, it means there is not enough gasoline in the tank, and when the tractor makes a turn, it simply does not come out of the tank and it needs refueling.

The next thing that often happens. the drainage hole in the gas tank plug is clogged. You need to clean it and the problem will be solved. It often happens that some trash got into the fuel system, especially considering today’s quality of gasoline. In that case, you need to remove the fuel tap, drain the tank of gasoline and rinse everything thoroughly, and then disconnect the connection hose from the carburetor and a good blow it.

The engine of the Moto-Block does not start well when hot

The question of why the motoblock motor stalls when heated, to solve quite simply. The whole essence of the problem lies in the overabundance of air supplied to the carburetor of the motoblock. Part of it mixes with the mixture of gasoline and engine oil, and the other part cools the carburetor. As a result, the temperature of the carburetor becomes much lower than the temperature of the machine’s engine. This problem is observed only when the power tiller is working. When his engine is stopped, the carburetor, on the contrary, succumbs to heat from the red-hot walls of the engine.

When the carburetor of your power tiller heats up, the residual fuel actively evaporates and fills all the voids in the power tiller, including the air filter and the intake manifold. This leads to the complete disappearance of fuel, due to which the single axle tractor does not start when the engine is warm.

To correct this problem, you need to act in a certain algorithm each time you start your motorcycle “hot”. Your main task is to achieve a unified mixture so that the engine can start. This will require:

  • While starting a hot motor, squeeze the throttle trigger halfway;
  • Do not try to squeeze the throttle trigger repeatedly, otherwise you will only make the situation worse, because when you frequently squeeze the throttle trigger, the fuel pump will pump new portions of fuel into the carburetor, which will cause the engine to fill up;
  • After several attempts to start with a half-pressed throttle trigger, you will start the engine of the power tiller, after which you will need to accelerate 2-3 times and continue working.

This procedure will eliminate the increased load on the hot motor, so that the main parts and mechanisms of the motor block will not succumb to excessive wear.

All of the above methods will help effectively deal with the typical breakdowns of the most well-known power saw manufacturers. They are equally successfully used by owners of agricultural machinery brands Honda, Agro, Kaskad and Neva.

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