Snowmobile from a chainsaw with their own hands. instructions on how to make from different chainsaws

When the winter season comes, fans of outdoor activities refuse the usual ways of transportation, starting to look for something more practical. And some skilled craftsmen create a functional snowmobile from a chainsaw with their own hands.

To use a vehicle for driving on snow-covered off-road or rugged terrain is not quite practical. And sometimes this opportunity is completely absent, so lovers of fishing or hunting on a snowy day begin to assemble a snowmobile with their own hands.

snowcat, motor, chainsaw, their, hands

In harsh conditions such a vehicle is simply indispensable. But it is difficult to buy, because of the high cost of store models. In order to save money, skilled craftsmen try to invent a homemade analogue from improvised means. And most often they make a snowmobile from a chainsaw.

For the upcoming assembly it is allowed to use any available spare parts. It is also important to consider the following nuances:

  • The first thing to do is to prepare and study the drawings of the self-made machine, properly distributing the work items and necessary parts.
  • Next, you need to choose a suitable model of chainsaw. Consider units from different firms of domestic and foreign production. It is important that they have the right power and fit for the future machine.
  • To create the frame of the future snowcat, you should use steel corners and bent sheets of steel. They use them to make a frame under the struts and to the spar.
  • The next step involves making the technological holes that will be needed for the shaft and caterpillar gear.
  • After that, the fuel tank and engine should be arranged.
  • Next, a rudder and transmission are installed.
  • Even when making a snowmobile yourself it is necessary to take care of the braking system. It plays an important role for the safety of the driver.
  • Then we equip the track system. In this case, there is no need for mandatory assembly of the mechanism, t.к. It is allowed to use tracks from an old tractor. And a small snowmobile can be equipped with any skis.

Needed tools and materials

The set of tools and materials depends on the selected modification and drawing. Basically, for the construction of a snowmobile using as the basis for chain saw “Druzhba” is recommended to prepare the following parts and materials:

  • Directly from the gasoline saw “Druzhba” will come in handy. the engine, fuel tank, gearbox;
  • for the manufacture of the base. rolled metal (pipes, angles, profiles);
  • To create protective guards. sheet iron;
  • steering, quite suitable from motorcycle equipment or a moped;
  • Transmission mechanism. various spare parts from a motorcycle: chains, sprockets;
  • Track. from an old snowmobile “Buran” or conveyor belt;
  • tracks. made from plastic pipes or aluminum profile;

In this article, the basic option is to make a snowmobile using an ordinary snowmobile as the basic design. Consequently, to make it, you will need an unclaimed snowcat.

Also, for any of the selected modifications need skis. As skis, you can use old hunting skis, preferably plastic ones. Or make them by hand from steel sheets, taking into account the required dimensions.

In the set of tools used for work will need the following:

  • electric welding;
  • angle grinder (“angle grinder”);
  • a set of wrenches;
  • Electric drill, a set of drill bits on metal;
  • Marking and measuring tools (tape measure, angle piece, etc.).д.).

It is recommended to assemble the structure by welding. Such fasteners are more reliable and easy to use. If it is not available, the parts can be assembled with normal bolt connection.

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Principle of remodeling

At the heart of almost any home-made gasoline chainsaw is the introduction of its universal drive, which can be used for a large number of different devices. Their field of application is very wide: cutting stone and metal, pumping water, clearing snow, drilling wells and holes, riding, moving various objects, swimming and even flying.

Realize the potential abilities of the chainsaw with the help of various devices and attachments. How to make a snow blower from a chainsaw with your own hands? By the onset of winter you can try. At the heart of any alterations lies the usual principle of the selection of motor power: the output shaft is connected to the desired master device. The presence of a massive motor, small size and comparably light weight of the tool, autonomy and the ability to work virtually under extreme conditions make its ability to truly infinite. Of no small importance is the convenient design of the clutch, which protects the nodes and systems of the saw from breakage and overload. The tool, made of a chainsaw, has its own tightness, because it can be used in virtually any position.

What engine is suitable for making a homemade tool?

Before getting ready to work and start assembling, it is important to choose a power unit from a chainsaw.

It must meet several criteria:

  • power and traction characteristics are the most important parameters. It is from the power and tractive power of the chainsaw motor depends on the speed of movement and the carrying capacity of the homemade. For example, an internal combustion engine with a capacity of no more than 2 liters. с. can carry only one adult and their small luggage. With the increased power of the engines used, the snowmobiles’ capabilities will increase. It should be remembered that the higher the power of the power unit, the more fuel he will need for stable operation. The best option is to use motors with a rated capacity of 3 to 6 liters. с.;
  • build quality. if the builder wants his homemade chainsaw to serve him for more than 1-2 seasons, it is necessary to choose motors from manufacturers. That is why most often enthusiasts assemble snowmobiles from STIHL or Husqvarna chainsaws;
  • protection from dust and moisture. there should be a minimum of unnecessary openings in the motor housing. Otherwise, snow and dust will enter the engine compartment, which can cause a short circuit in the ignition system. It is best to have only 2 or 3 holes in the motor housing, designed exclusively for air cooling.

Another important requirement. the engine from a chainsaw must be in fully serviceable condition. Before assembling the snowmobile, the maker will need to clean the air and fuel filters, as well as adjust the carburetor and set the required gap in the original chainsaw ignition system.

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Features of making homemade devices from the “Druzhba” chainsaw

Good old chain saw “Druzhba”

It is a rather old, but proven “friend” of all skillful people. This saw, how many decades it would not dust in the garage, will always help out in a difficult minute and will be an assistant in solving a large number of important problems. Although the motor is not distinguished by the excess “horsepower”, but quite pull for redesigning useful in everyday life and in the country house devices.

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A single axle tractor from a chainsaw

As mentioned above, you can make a variety of home and cottage DIY from a chainsaw. One of these self-made devices, are a mower and a single-axle tractor. Things are not as complicated with a chainsaw mower as with a power tiller, which requires welding a metal frame and then adapting the two wheels on the side.

The principle of making a power tiller from a chainsaw is to use several sprockets, which could transmit the rotating force to the knives. For this purpose, the sprockets are placed on the sides of a metal shaft on which several knives are welded.

Self-made single-axle tractor from a chainsaw Ural or Druzhba, will be a real helper for those who have a fairly large area of the garden. This single-axle tractor may not be very powerful, but it is enough to solve the basic task of cultivating the land.

How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw?

The manufacturing diagram and drawings will allow you to correctly connect the power plant, transmission, lick or track. There is no need to make the latter independently. they will fit from the “Buran”. And for children’s transport an ordinary ski will be quite enough.

Sequence of work:

snowcat, motor, chainsaw, their, hands
  • The frame. Spot-welded a two-millimeter sheet of steel in the middle of the structure. On it will be placed a gearbox and a shaft of chain transmission;
  • Also in the middle mount a small module for the operator’s seat;
  • The front of the support base and the transoms of the front axle are fastened with a beam. For the connecting element, you can take a water pipe with a diameter of 1.5 centimeters or more. At the end of the pipe to weld bushings under the steering, in the middle to mount the rack;
  • Stand. Steel angles of 33 cm are suitable. They are connected by steel crossbars. two millimeter obliques, which ensure the reliability and durability of the structure. The stand is needed to secure the motor;
  • Track. Using a prefabricated element from the Burana, you need to cut the blank by 0.5 meters. A transport strap secures the ready track. To make the cogwheels, sheets of cardboard of 1.5 centimeters will be suitable;
  • Drive shaft. A 1.4 cm thick pipe is suitable. The upper flange secures the gear wheels. At the back of the drive shaft are welded tip-tsapf;
  • Motor. Snowshoe with a motor from a chainsaw, so the unit used must be serviceable. Even an old gasoline-powered tool requires competent maintenance and use. Gearbox should work without interruption. The power of such a snowmobile is not enough to transport goods and more than one person;
  • Sprockets. The right hand end will be longer than the left hand end. The extension is necessary to produce the keyway that secures the chainring sprocket. Secures the sprocket of the track shaft with a nut with the necessary thread made on it in advance;
  • Steering. A handlebar from a scooter or bicycle is suitable. The main thing is the correct installation. the central axle should adjust the traction force to be able to control the skis and, therefore, easy to move;
  • Brake and lights. The braking system is not particularly necessary, because the vehicle does not pick up high speed. To move at night you can install a simple lighting system.

Self-made construction is not registered, that is why the vehicle should be used away from the roads of public value.


This unit is considered the most responsible mechanism of the snowmobile. Compared to other elements of construction such as a tire or a chain, the engine should work properly and without it the snowmobile won’t even move. Therefore, the long serviceability of the device will depend on the reliable and trouble-free work of the engine. If you want to install the engine from a chainsaw, imported production, you can buy a used “STIHL”.

Another important element of the construction, which affects the trouble-free operation of the snowmobile, is a gearbox.


Immediately striking is the fact that the right hand tip has a keyway for installing and attaching the chainring sprocket. This is the sprocket of the track shaft, which is securely fastened with a nut. A suitable thread on the sprocket should be cut so that it can be easily mounted.

The tensioning shaft lug has the same dimensions and mounts the components in the same way as a track shaft sprocket.

The sprocket with the highest gear ratio (number of teeth) should be on the first gear stage. You can count 38 teeth on the Ural chainsaw engine.


You can install the steering wheel of any design on the homemade device, and even from a bicycle. In this case it is very important to have manual control of engine rpm on a rudder. To save you a lot of hassle it’s better to use a handlebar from a moped, scooter, etc.д., where a motor power control mechanism is already provided. This makes the design more reliable and easier to drive.

Examples of making a snowmobile from Druzhba chainsaw

Various Internet resources offer several working examples of a homemade snowmobile from a Druzhba chain saw.

The first option is a handmade frame, a generally simple but powerful snowmobile:

The second option. Here we use almost the entire “Druzhba” chain saw, an ordinary snowcat was taken as a base. The process of making such a snowmobile is detailed in the article above:

The third variant. A snowmobile for driving on the ice:

Based on the work of craftsmen, we can conclude that the homemade snowmobile from a Druzhba chain saw is generally a practical unit. It does not have enough power and speed, is likely to be illegal. But taking into account the cost of its assembly and further operation has its own beneficial differences from the factory analogue. When making and using a self-made snowmobile it is strongly recommended not to neglect the safety precautions.

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