Angle grinders (angle grinder) SPARKY

Sparky grinders (angle grinders) are a type of grinders, which are designed for grinding, cutting and sanding various items and objects made of metal, stone and other materials. Most often such tools are used in metal-working and construction. Sparky angle grinders have high quality features, such as reliability, durability, safety, long life. Angle grinders Sparky Professional are recognizable by their blue and gray body. They are suitable for both amateur and professional use. Among the important working characteristics of these tools is the presence in their design of quick-action safety guards, flat gear box, spindle locking system, self-shutoff brushes, compact electric motor, etc. Angle grinders brands Sparky, presented in a catalog of online store Amazin, have an ergonomic design and improved performance, and meet all the requirements of the modern consumer.

If you need to buy an angle grinder Sparky, our online store will gladly provide this opportunity. Loyal price policy allows to choose optimal product variant taking into account needs and financial possibilities.

Today the international Sparky Group is present on all continents. The most important secret of the popularity of the eponymous brand is the high reliability of the power tools: all products are certified according to EN ISO 9001 and meet modern standards and international norms. Sparky angle grinders are practical electro-tools of the highest class, they are equipped with anti-vibration handles, a system of preselection of the rotation speed, which allows to adjust the machine to work with materials of different density: stone, brick, concrete, metal. The spindle locking mechanism ensures easy installation of new accessories and the starter mechanism protects the tool from high current. The multifunction switch is designed to lock the stopper in the engaged position, thus protecting the mechanism from unintentional starting. All grinder models available in the Amazin online store are equipped with ergonomic handles that evenly distribute the load while working, as well as a built in anti-vibration system that absorbs vibrations that occur while working with the tool.


In excellent condition, good workhorse for 115-125 disks, with adjustable speed, at one point failed. I do not know what’s wrong with it, perhaps the brushes flew, somewhere zavlyatsya key and handle (if you need to find). No time and no desire to repair it, as there are two more. Makita at the cottage, and a new Hitachi. I can send by mail. Possible exchange for something of interest to me.

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angle grinder Sparky M 902 Art.1919852 Goods in working condition. Guarantee of exchange or refund. provide the opportunity to check the performance of the house. Additionally, we will provide a photo and video review of the product, write to the chat. Power (W): 900 Includes: disc, handle The product is in the store AVRORA at Voronezh, Volgogradskaya str., 2 Booking of the goods (the service is free, carried out through a chat Avito). Delivery by courier to the door within the city. Delivery by Mail of Russia and any transportation company. Warranty. 0% installment. TRADE-IN (exchange) All questions on the phone or in messages We work 24/7 without days off and holidays products on the site avrora24 AVRORA. BUY PROFITABILITY AND SAFETY!

angle grinder angle grinder Sparky MA1800 Type: Angle; Power Consumption (W): 1800; Number of Revolutions (RPM): 8000; Max. Wheel Diameter (mm): 180; Power Source: AC; Weight (kg): 3.8; Any on-site inspections. You can buy this product at ⬇ Lobochnaya str. Dusi Kovalchuk 266/2, metro Zayeltsovskaya (Kalinin Square). Working hours 9-20 (without days off) ☑️-BUGS ☑️ BILL BID ☑️ SALE. any digital equipment, power tools and more in our store ⬇

angle grinder without an anchor. Working stator, working reducer. The second angle grinder Sparky also without an anchor. Price 500r.

Selling a personal tool inexpensive (not used for commercial purposes) Electric jigsaw Fiolent PMZ600E. 1500 Diep saw Fiolent PDZ-70. 3500 Ecco Stark 42 lawnmower Italy. 6500 Air compressor with hose and gun Austria. 5000 Heat Gun Resanta 3000 Watt 1900 Soldering set Akvamaster NM 31P for pipes 1500 electric sander Sparky professional P382 Germany 2900 Grinder (angle grinder) Sparky Germany with discs. 2000 laser tape measure. 1200 Power drill Baikal 800 watt. 1600 welding machine Hero-250 with a mask and two packs of electrodes. 6000 Lavor Pro Cobra 20 high pressure washer, 140 bar Italy. 2900 Ship or pick up.

angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo 650 W 125mm. 11000 rpm 2100 (sold) Metabo 750 W 125 mm angle grinder. 11000 rpm 2200 (sold) angle grinder VIKHR 800 W 125 mm 11000 rpm 1600 angle grinder Sparky. 90125H 1100 W 125mm 3000-11000 rpm. with speed control 1800 (sold). Bosch GBH 2-24 S Professional, 800 W., 930 rpm, 2.7 J2,700 (sold). Corner grinder HRH.980. 980 W., 1000 rpm, 3 Joules, SDS-Plus chuck. 2600 angle grinder LEPSE 004.563-01 2000 W, 230 mm, 6600 rpm. 3100 angle grinder (angle grinder, Japan) Hitachi G23SS, 2000 W, 230 mm, 6600 rpm. 5600 Carried out maintenance, no nagging, any checks.

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Selling angle grinder Sparky MB 850CE. 850 W, wheel size 125, soft start, adjustable speed, protective hood can be adjusted to any position without additional tools. Without handle. Without bargaining.

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angle grinder Sparky 125 mm. An excellent choice for the master

Sparky brand offers a diverse selection of models designed for a wide range of uses. The device, compatible with a disc diameter of 125 mm, is the most common type of sander. over, the manufacturers of various accessories recommend a very good selection of saw blades, sanding discs and brushes for exactly this disc size.

Sparky 125 mm angle grinder has about two dozen different modifications, which differ in characteristics:

  • power consumption of the motor;
  • constant or user-adjustable rotational speed;
  • The configuration of the gearbox;
  • Equipped with a variety of features that contribute to increased user comfort, as well as the safety of the machine itself.

Very many units have the ability to adjust the speed, which allows you to perform high-precision work with materials of high complexity.

If in the past tools of this type were used exclusively in the professional sphere, these days every person can buy an angle grinder Sparky 125 mm, including, and home master. It is noteworthy that sometimes the price of a large unit is almost the same in value as a household unit.

In Ukraine, they almost always show a high level of sales because of their excellent workmanship, as well as a high degree of durability.

To buy an angle grinder Sparky 125 mm is not difficult at all, if you decide to use our services. The S Bargain online store has a large selection of products from this manufacturer, the search for which can be facilitated by a convenient filter system. Making your order directly in the store, you are guaranteed to get in the shortest possible time with delivery to any city of Ukraine.

Where to buy accessories

Experienced craftsmen know what loads are constantly exposed to this tool. In addition to the constant vibration, the angle grinder has to work on materials with varying degrees of resistance during activation: wood, iron, stone. Due to the extreme impact on the tool, individual spare parts definitely fail, no matter what protection system they are equipped with.

But not every Sparky user knows exactly what repairs are necessary to carry out their tools, which parts are worth replacing. It is for this reason, the user should contact the staff of the online store tools “Strument”. Among the wide range of spare parts our managers will offer you both original products and a more attractive price alternative. But only if it will not affect the performance.

The store is considered one of the largest suppliers of tools, spare parts and consumables. For this reason, you can pick up any part in the catalog. Here you can find affordable prices, because the store cooperates directly with the manufacturer.

To buy spare parts for Sparky grinders, the customer should use the virtual form on the website or call managers. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine verified transport services. You can pay for the goods by bank card, bank transfer or cash on receipt.

Review: Angle grinder Sparky M 1050 E. Reliable, never once failed.

Today’s topic of my review is as usual about power tools, namely about angle grinder SPARKY M 1050 E. PROFESSIONAL (angle grinder), which I use for nearly nine years. I want to note right away that I use it very often, as well as the other tools (welding, circular saw, drill, screwdriver, peorator, jigsaw, etc.). д.) after I bought the angle grinder, I forgot where I have a chisel and a hacksaw for iron. The only downside based on my experience with this tool is the short and zhostky cord, he broke the second year of use, but no harm without good, but I put a good that does not harden in the cold and longer 3.5 meters, now no problems.

Angle grinder SPARKY M 1050 E photo

Here it is, my old girl, it does not look like a new one, but how many times it helped me out, and now helps, God give each tool as much to work. There is a button on the gearbox to stop the gearbox to unscrew the nut to change the disk.

Technical Data. power consumption 1050W. idle speed 2800-10000 rpm. screwed on both sides. spindle thread M14. thread length 20 mm. internal diameter of the disc 22,23 mm. max. disc diameter outside 125 mm. max. disc thickness 6 mm. weight 1,7 kg. made in bulgaria. I bought it at 18.07.2008. at the price of 2790

Can be used as a right hand and left hand, on both sides of the body has a hole for a side handle, and when you put a plate with diamond tipped, it is more convenient if you screw the handles on both sides. I did so when it was necessary before painting to remove the old paint on the brickwork of the house, at the same time and the bricks sanded, the walls were smoother and more beautiful to look.

Bronze color right is the plate, just use discs sandpaper for wood and other hardwood, and diamond cutting disc, the stone on the concrete or brick goes well.

Very convenient that the protective guard can be turned to any side by loosening the turnbuckle without a wrench.

There is a speed regulator on the end, there was a set of spare brushes but I still have the original ones, but I’ll probably have to replace them soon. During the exploitation of almost 9 years I haven’t found any disadvantages except the power cord. I am more than satisfied with the tool and can recommend it as a reliable and high-quality product.

Order of disassembly of a Sparky angle grinder

Regardless of the power of a Sparky chain saw, the order of disassembly is almost the same.

Disassembly begins with removing the carbon brushes. They are easy to get to when you remove the housing cover or the brush holder guards.

The point is that to remove the rotor from the stator housing carbon brushes prevent the extraction of the rotor, rubbing on the lamellae of the collector.

In the next step, the gearbox housing and the stator housing are disconnected. It is only necessary to unscrew the four screws that fix the gear housing and the stator housing.

To disassemble the gearbox housing, remove the cover by loosening the four screws. Gearbox cover has a driven pinion shaft assembly. Disassembly of the idler shaft assembly we have already reviewed.

The electrical part is even easier to disassemble, as the number of parts in its composition is even smaller.

Carbon brushes are mounted in brush holders and secured by special compression springs. When taking out brushes for repairs, remember the places and directions of their installation. Brushes wear unevenly. And brush wear is affected by the angle of rotation of the rotor.

The best battery-powered 125 mm bolt cutters

When buying cordless power tools, it’s important to know what to rely on when selecting. Each model has a different level of efficiency and power, which means it is important to study all the advantages of the angle grinder.

Makita DGA504RME

The wireless angle grinder called the Makita dga504 is a powerful, professional tool with high performance. It uses a work disk with a diameter of 125 mm. the angle grinder is equipped with a brushless motor, which means it will please its owners: low power consumption, compactness and durability. Cutting speed automatically adjusted depending on load. Overload protection, soft start function, speed stabilisation system.

Nice design.

Lightweight and rugged housing.

Can be held at different angles.

Features overload protection system.

Two batteries.

Bosch GWS 180-Li 4.0Ah x1, GAL 18V-40 Case (06019H90R1)

The GWS180-LI cordless angle grinder has a high-performance brushless motor that offers the same operating power as a 700-watt corded model, a beautiful design and an ergonomic handle that is optimized for cutting in different environments.

Powerful battery.

Soft start.

Decent speed.

Stylish design.

Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick 4.0 Ah (T0333) 2021

Metabo. a high-quality, robust and durable angle grinder. Quickly gets the job done without losing power. Metabo quick system for changing the grinding wheel without additional tools. tools.

Compact and handy housing.

Interesting design of construction elements.

Powerful battery.

Ultra-M technology.

Battery packs with capacity indicator.

DEKO DKAG20-125 1.5 Ah x2

angle grinder called DEKO DKAG20-125 is a universal unit used for cutting, grinding and roughing of metal and stone building materials. angle grinder with this battery pack is also suitable for combined grinding.

The machine is characterised by its compact and attractive design, which, in combination with its low weight. Handle ensures comfort even after long hours of material handling. As a power source, the modification uses a rechargeable battery, which provides freedom of movement and allows the use of the device in places without electricity.

It has a low weight.

Fits well in your hand.

Nice design.

Interskol angle grinder-125/18V 4.0 Ah x1

This is not the only cordless angle grinder in the Interskol product line. On its basis, was created a similar model with adjustable spindle speed. angle grinder-125/18 VE. Speed regulator is located at the base of the handle, or rather above the battery slot. This is the only difference between the models.

Top 35 best welding semiautomatic machines. rated for 2022

It is also worth mentioning that this angle grinder, like many other Interskol tools, is part of the MST system.

High performance: 5 cuts in 41 seconds.

Powerful battery.

Compact and handy body.

Delivered complete with a lithium-ion battery.

Complimentary cap

Calls in Ukraine for free.

In our store operates a service “Payment in installments” and “Instant Installment

The high-performance Sparky tools efficiently grind and cut in materials such as metal, ceramic, brick and stone. It also makes it quick and easy to remove paint, rust, and clean weld seams. thanks to the easy operation and ingenious design, even inexperienced users can perform tasks of varying degrees of difficulty. Powerful motor, variable speed and constant RPM under load make this grinder ideal for professional use.

  • continuously variable speed from 2800 to 120,000 rpm widens the versatility of the tool;
  • 1400-watt power tool allows you to work under load;
  • electronic feedback is provided to keep speed under load;
  • soft start-up minimizes jerky starting;
  • The redesigned gearbox is made of magnesium alloy for maximum durability;
  • The lockable spindle makes it easy to change the abrasive disc;
  • additional handle adjustable in 2 positions for comfortable operation;
  • brushes are automatically shut off in case of breakage and can be easily replaced;
  • An optimized ventilation system is provided for quality cooling;
  • double insulation increases user comfort.

Buy angle grinder (angle grinder) Sparky MB 1400 CE Plus on the most favorable conditions on our website or directly in the store Megatool.

angle grinder (angle grinder) Sparky. their features and characteristics

Sparky angle grinder is designed primarily for grinding, trimming difficult to process materials such as metal, brick, concrete, concrete, all kinds of wood and plastic products, reinforced concrete structures, as well as scraping off corrosion and old paint, polishing those or other elements.

Like any other tool, Sparky angle grinders can be divided into several groups, relative to their performance and size:

  • Undersized. Features small size and weight, not limiting your mobility and convenience of operation. Their power ranges from 600 to 1400 watts. Allow the use of nozzles 100-125 millimeters in diameter, accelerate the grinding disc up to 11000 revolutions per minute. Sparky angle grinder of this category are created to work primarily with finishing, where there is a need for polishing, scraping and trimming of small-sized steel and other products.
  • Sparky medium sized angle grinders, for more serious construction activities in the construction industry. Power range of 1000-1600 watts, disc speed limit up to 9500 rpm. Diameter nozzle from 125 to 150 millimeters. Most often it is from these Sparky grinders (medium power and functionality) choose a tool for home use.
  • Angle grinder Sparky large size and weight. They differ from their younger analogues greatly increased power, the range of 2000-2600 watts, increased maximum diameter of the cutting disc from 180 to 235 millimeters and, because of its size, a reduced number of disc revolutions. up to 8,500 rpm. Their main application. in professional construction, when it is necessary to cut metal of big size and thickness, to cut a channel in walls for electric wiring and other serious works.

Angle grinder Sparky different ergonomic design, ease of use in different environments. Rubber antiskid inserts serve as additional vibration protection, and the reliability of the layout, well-thought-out assembly of the grinder Sparky, which provides protection from moisture, dust, the main moving elements (spindle and bearings), as well as the motor itself, its parts, thought-out ventilation system to prevent rapid overheating, protective guards, puts it above its competitors in the shop.

Angle grinders Sparky additionally equipped with special switches with multiple functions that lock the power button in operating position and protect against unintentional activation of the tool. The soft start and current limiter protects your power grid from instantaneous peak loads and extends the life of your hand-held tool. Sophisticated safety system designed specifically for Sparky angle grinders reduces the likelihood of unwanted accidents by turning off the grinder in case of wedge disc, overheating the tool, and a number of professional Sparky grinders is equipped with protection against accidental switching on in case of resistance breakdown on the power supply cables. In all cases, the Sparky angle grinder turns off by itself and in order to continue working, you will need to switch on / off button. Buy angle grinder Sparky in our store TakiDa not difficult.

Price range category Angle grinder (angle grinder) Sparky from 445 to 25467 UAH. “Electric tool Angle grinder (angle grinder) Sparky from TakiDa

Average product rating of the category Angle grinder (angle grinder) Sparky 4.67 Based on 66 reviews

SPARKY angle grinders

Power 2400W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 230 mm; idle speed 6500 rpm; weight 6,3 kg.

Power 650 W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 115 mm; idle speed 11000 rpm; weight 1,2 kg.

Power 2100W; mains supply; max. 230 mm disc diameter; 6600 rpm idle speed; weight 4,5 kg.

Power 850 W; mains supply; max. 125mm disc diameter; idle speed 10,000 rpm; speed regulator; weight 2.3kg.

Power 1300 W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 150 mm; idle speed 9500 rpm; weight 3.6 kg.

Power 750W; mains power; max. 125 mm disc diameter; idle speed 10,000 rpm; speed regulator; weight 1.6 kg.

Power 680 W; mains supply; max. Ø 115 mm disc; idle speed 10,000 rpm; weight 1,6 kg.

Power 2400W; mains supply; max. 230 mm disc diameter; speed, idle speed 6500 rpm; weight 6,3 kg.

Power 850 W; mains supply; max. 125 mm disc diameter; idle speed 6500 rpm; weight 2,2 kg.

Power 2200W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 180 mm; rpm 8,500; soft start system; weight 5.7 kg.

Power 850 W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 125 mm; idle speed 10,000 rpm; weight 1.7 kg.

Power 2050W; mains supply; max. 230 mm disc diameter; idle speed 6500 rpm; weight 5,5 kg.

Power 1200W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 125 mm; idle speed 10500 rpm; weight 2,4 kg.

Power 2600W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 230 mm; rpm 6,500; weight 6,3 kg.

Power 1400 W; mains supply; max. disc diameter 127 mm; rpm 10500; rpm regulator; weight 2,7kg.

Power 750 W; mains supply; max. 125 mm disc diameter; idle speed 10,000 rpm; speed regulator; weight 2.1 kg.

Power 1200W; mains supply; max. 125 mm disc diameter; idle speed 10500 rpm; soft start system; rpm controller; weight 2,4 kg.

“The angle grinder is an excellent helper for your home, garage or cottage repair. And in order for it to serve him as long as possible, you need not only to use it correctly, but, above all, choose a quality tool, proven in practice and proven itself from the very good side. So, the 10 best angle grinders, based on feedback from users who tested them in work.


Handy, inexpensive angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and variable speed. Despite its small size, it impresses with its power (900 watts). The tool is fast and smooth to work on your jigsaw, whether it’s grinding or cutting materials.

Ergonomic handle ensures safe operation of the angle grinder. Discs can easily be removed and, conversely, fixed to the machine. Speed adjustment is included. Tool does not overheat. Cable length of 2.5 metres.

Bort BWS-905-R

Compact 125 mm angle grinder that impresses with its low price and high power. Low weight (1.No need for fatigue, so you can work for long periods without resting or pausing.

Variable speed, spindle can be set. angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for changing discs. On the body is a button designed to lock the power on in case of accidental pressing.

Hammer USM 1200 E

Powerful angle grinder with disc diameter up to 125 mm. It is distinguished by its high performance, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. Speed adjustment allows you to adjust the angle grinder to the mode that suits the operator.

The special feature is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. on the left or right, making it more convenient to use. The spindle lock also makes the machine especially attractive, making it easy to change accessories.

Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3

Excellent angle grinder with soft start at an affordable price. Its power (1100 watts) allows you to carry out even fairly complex and time-consuming jobs. Ergonomic housing for simple and easy operation. Additional handle included in the package has two locking positions for even greater ease of use.

In addition to speed regulation, the power tool is equipped with a button that prevents accidental start-up and overload protection.

Sturm! AG9512P

Easy-to-operate 125 mm angle grinder with variable speed at an attractive price. It will be indispensable assistant to its owner in carrying out a variety of works: stripping or grinding surfaces, trimming metal and other materials.

The tool is equipped with a removable auxiliary handle, which can be installed on the housing in three different positions. It also has a protective cover to prevent dust, debris and sparks from getting on the operator and spreading over long distances. Locking the power of the angle grinder allows you to protect the whole family from injury if you accidentally press the button.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Simple and robust angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive due to its low price and high performance. It can easily work on any surface, cut through various materials. Easy to remove and install discs and brushes.

angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which makes operation even easier and more comfortable, as well as a protective guard, which prevents sparks from spraying and flying over long distances.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Excellent compact size tool. It’s reasonably priced and has plenty of power. The angle grinder copes superbly with its tasks and is equally at home when sanding surfaces and cutting materials.

Easy change of accessories (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the cover, no wrenches, no other tools required. The handle included in the package is easy to handle, it does not vibrate and locks securely to the body.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable in operation, the machine is functional. Its price might slightly confuse the buyer. However, it is worth the money. The user never once for a long time of operation will not regret the choice made.

The model is characterised by a high performance that is due to the incredible power of the engine, which is 1550 watts. The angle grinder fits snugly in the hand because of its small dimensions. It is easy to operate, thanks to its handy housing and ergonomic detachable two-position handle.


One of the best angle grinder 125 according to the reviews of owners, which also has adjustable speed and soft start. In addition to its original appearance, it has excellent power, which gives the tool high performance. It cuts and grinds any surface and material quickly and efficiently.

angle grinder is equipped with an active dust extraction system, reinforced gearbox design, unique graphite brushes. It has an accidental button lock function, overload protection. It also includes an additional detachable two-position handle, a wrench, and a safety guard.

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