Universal bed for an angle grinder with their own hands

By making a special stand, you will get a number of benefits from such a design:

  • The pivoting stand holder allows you to move vertically, adapting the angle grinder (angle grinder) to the specific task at hand;
  • Many grinders originally by their design provide for the presence of threaded holes, designed to install the power tool on the working table, the bed. This simplifies the process of making the stand, allows you to place the angle grinder at the required angle;
  • The stand minimizes the risk of the angle grinder falling out of your hands or accidentally slipping out. This happens not infrequently due to fatigue, frightened master or other factors that make the concentration on the work process decrease;
  • Stand for the angle grinder eliminates the need to constantly keep the power tool in hand. You get less fatigue, you are more productive, and you produce more parts in less time.

Design features of the stand

Stand for an angle grinder with a broach, made by your own hands has a number of features. These include:

stand, angle, grinder, broach
  • The machine has sufficient stability, can be attached to the workbench;
  • The angle grinder tilts like a pendulum to the same spot;
  • It is possible to fix the workpiece to be machined, make the cut according to the readings of the measuring ruler.

It makes it possible to precisely make the cut in the right place. At any time, the angle grinder can be removed and used in a mobile state.

The easiest tool for the stand is the angle grinder

Actually this device can not be called a stand, but you can perform practically the same work as the most technologically advanced stand. The principle of its operation is clear from the short video clip:

But if instead of the strip to use the appropriate angle with a sawn-off part of one of the shelves, as did one of the authors of a similar design, then there is no need to zasplochny a blind hole in the head of the angle grinder.

In this case, the tool will be fastened with two screws in the existing on the head of the angle grinder threaded holes for the handle. And the principle of the soleplate will not change. only its stiffness will increase.

The way of using an angle grinder as a kind of circular saw using the same soleplate, shown in another video of the same author, will not change either:

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Pendulum saw

It is easy to make the accessories for the angle grinder with your own hands. You don’t even need blueprints. Just know the principle behind every machine. A pendulum saw based on an angle grinder is no exception. This is the same cutting machine, but the weight is almost equally distributed.

It looks something like a child’s swing. A frame is located on the movable sleeve, and an angle grinder is mounted on it. Any load combined with a return spring can serve as a counterweight.

Will be needed for the cut-off machine

Mounting them on a rectangular plate. The distance between them is equal to a little more than the thickness of the profile width.

To make the stand have more weight and be stable, we set it all on a rectangle of particle board. Of course, instead of all this, you could immediately take a thick steel plate.

Screw the steel base to the wooden base in several places, first making holes in the steel plate.

To attach the handle, you must drill a through hole in all three sections. See

Drill two holes and install the spring. If the lifting force proves to be insufficient. put another spring in.

Now how to hang the angle grinder, you need to make a profile hole in the handle. Preliminarily try on the angle grinder to the place of installation.

At any time the tool can be removed and used as usual.Such a stand will definitely be useful. It will facilitate your work when, say, you need to make a lot of vertical cuts.A useful thing, with minimum effort and time. the effect is evident.Also on the modification will not be superfluous to make a limiter downward movement. Thank you for your attention!

Stand for angle grinder

No matter how skilled a mechanic is, he needs the right tools to do the job. The angle grinder stand is provided as a great fixture to perfect these angle grinders.

The angle grinder stand allows you to grind at perfect angles of 115mm-125mm. If the stand is made of aluminum alloy, this allows you to have a fixture that will undoubtedly last a long time.

Get more out of your angle grinder with the handy holder. Angle grinders are dangerous devices. Homemade angle grinder fixtures will allow you to have more control over them, but we must still use all the necessary safety equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves.

  • Woodworking jigs.
  • A piece of stiff plywood 300×100×20 mm.
  • Piece of stiff plywood 150×100×20 mm.
  • 1 M12 screw 30 mm long.
  • 2 M12 washers.

The design is very simple, you only need to form a part 150X100X20, adapt it to the shape of the angle grinder.

stand, angle, grinder, broach

Advantages of a pendulum saw

  • angle grinder;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Drill or desktop drilling machine;
  • Epoxy Adhesive;
  • Welding machine;
  • Wrenches, pliers;
  • Measuring tape, pencil.

Making a self-made machine from an angle grinder features

Make your own machine from the angle grinder is not difficult to. And the variety of manufacturing options are many, which depends on the available improvised materials and imagination. There are two types of cutting stationary machines from the angle grinder:

  • Simple. this name he received for one reason, which is not only in the simplicity of manufacture, but also the minimalism of the device itself. The tool is attached to the workbench with additional materials, and you can operate it
  • Sophisticated. it is rational to make such machines if you plan to use it frequently for different activities. In most cases, for a home garage is enough the simplest device, the manufacture of which takes a little time, effort and consumables

In order to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder with your own hands, you will need consumables, which are metal plates, as well as profiles and fasteners. bolts, nuts and washers. Of the specialized tools you will need only an electric drill and a welding machine. In more detail about how to make the simplest version of the cutting machine from the angle grinder, consider below.

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