What to do if the STIHL 180 does not start. Why?

The STIHL chain saw ms 180 does not start due to the following main malfunction: Lack of spark between the electrodes on the spark plug. Signs of this malfunction are of course found if you unscrew the plug and look around. Having found upon inspection that the spark plug is wet, you need to begin the search for the cause of the lack of spark on the spark plug. Sometimes the lack of spark on the spark plug, explained by the wrong gap between the contacts of the ignition module as it is also called the flywheel. You will like it more than just, also it may be completely absent, in which case the flywheel will have scratches, formed at the end of contact with the contacts of the coil.

To check and set the gap, without special tools. you can. For this purpose you will need to remove the starter, loosen the two screws fixing the coil and put a plate cut from a plastic bottle between the flywheel contacts and the ignition module, tighten the screws fixing the module.

Lack of spark between the electrodes on the spark plug is the trouble with starting the STIHL chain saw. To find it, unscrew the spark plug and inspect it. If the spark plug is wet, the troubleshooting will continue.

Plug arrangement on the STIHL 180 chain saw To check if the spark plug is working correctly, hold it in the cap of the ignition lead and press it onto the engine cylinder. After that, pull the starter handle a few times. And remember to check it only when the ignition is running.

There’s no doubt that clever landlords like to look after their machines. That’s why he always has new spark plugs on hand. To be sure that the spark plug is the cause of the problem, carry out the check with a new spark plug. If the spark appears, then the faulty spark plug should be replaced with a functioning spark plug. Otherwise, you should look for the problem in the ignition unit.

Checking the spark plug on the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw

Gap between ignition coil and chain saw flywheel

It is not possible to look inside the ignition unit. This is caused by the non-disassembly of the ignition module. In service centers, check its functionality with a special tool. Troubleshooting at home will be possible if you make a replacement of the block.

But before you buy a new ignition module for your STIHL chain saw, you first have to make sure that the problem is not caused by a gap between the handwheel and the ignition module. The cause of the lack of spark can be either too much gap or its complete absence. In the latter case, the handwheel will start to rub against the module’s contacts, resulting in scratches.

  • remove the starter;
  • loosen the screws that secure the ignition module;
  • put a plate cut out of an ordinary plastic bottle between the module and the flywheel;
  • tighten the screws.

If all the above steps give you a spark, your STIHL chain saw is ready to go. Otherwise, you’ll have to do a second inspection. If inspection again reveals a lack of clearance, you have to look for the cause in the crankshaft bearings.

Ideally, this is done with the help of a gauge, which you can choose from:

stihl, chain, does, start, gasoline

Ideally, the gap between the electrodes should be about 0.5 mm. Try to fix the fasteners tightly before removing the template, but do not overdo it, so as not to inadvertently break the fragile parts located with this assembly.

How to Clean a Plug?

Pay attention to cleaning the spark plug (an important step in tool maintenance” as well as gap correction). With intensive use of the machine, this procedure is performed weekly. In the other case, twice a year (before the winter season and the summer season) is sufficient.

The spark plugs on a Partner chainsaw, as well as Champion spark plugs, other models and brands, are ideally cleaned chemically. They are degreased with solvent or acetone, and then dried (in summer in the sun, and alternatively on a stove burner). Then the candle is treated with a 20% solution of ammonium acetate (the liquid is hot). If necessary, the candle is cleaned, using a kapron or metal brush. Finally, the part is washed and dried.

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Throttle repair

Throttle failure can also be the reason why a chainsaw won’t start. To eliminate this breakdown, you need the presence of a second person, as one will be difficult to adjust the tension of the limiter. To inspect the choke, you need to get to the chainsaw’s fuel system. Remove the side cover, then inspect the connecting rod. A torn choke can be used to clean the contamination of the check valve. In this case, it is replaced by a new one (its price in the range of 250 ). To remove and then replace the part, first remove the tire.

Use a wrench to easily unscrew the clamps that hold the throttle. Next, the throttle is removed from the top. Install the new throttle in the reverse order. You will need an assistant for tensioning, because the tension should be good. If the valve is loose on the cap, it means the choke isn’t tensioned well enough.

No gasoline in the carburetor of chainsaw Partner

No gasoline in the chainsaw: solving the problem

Breakdowns associated with a chainsaw you’ll like a huge number, and solve some rather difficult. If you work with a long period of this power tool, you had a problem when the gasoline does not arrive in the carburetor or arrives, but it is very difficult does not give a chain saw start normally. Modern, experts have long since found the background of such a failure for this reason we have compiled the main methods of repair.

The first thing to check the obvious causes, for example the presence of gasoline in the tank. If so, check the fuel supply from the tank on the wire. Enough to disconnect the gas line from the carburetor and try to pump fuel. Properly would be the fuel supply through the hose jerks, it will allow you to make sure that the gas tank is not a problem. If the fuel does not come even jerkily or drips very slowly, the prerequisites are as follows:

Fuel filter clogged with mud and dust;

Remarkably, even having a full tank is a prerequisite when the fuel does not come. That’s why try not to fill up the tank completely. Overfilled fuel tank can squeeze the pressure from the tube that connects to the carburetor.

Bad quality of gasoline

Who is an experienced chainsaw user knows that the fuel in the tank of the tool can not be left forever. That there is, that during prolonged storage inside the tank will occur unnecessary processes with the formation of resin and polymerization of various components. Don’t leave fuel in the tank longer than a half a month and if your tool will start on such fuel it will cause carbonisation on the parts of the cylinder head (rings, piston).

Why isn’t the gas coming out of the saw’s tank to the carburettor?

? There is only one reason, vacuum formation in the tank. Fix the problem, take out the white plug, clean.

stihl, chain, does, start, gasoline

Saw doesn’t start reason

the reason the chainsaw starts.Your MAX 3216 chain saw does not show signs of life. The cause of the problem is found.

Air filter

If your chain saw has no gasoline in the carburetor

, notice the kind of air filter. Because of its inadequate work begins unstable operation of the chainsaw, which is then difficult to start or stops when working. Air is harder to get into the device and makes the mixture too rich. You can hardly start it, and the reason for this is the formation of dust.

Take off the air filter carefully, because if dust is stored on it, it can crumble onto the carburetor. Air filter

It is enough to clean well with water and detergent. Be sure to dry the filter before installing.

Why the gasoline does not flow in the chainsaw?

According to the reviews of owners of Chinese chainsaws, the technique quite often breaks down and the breakdown is accompanied by a lack of fuel supply to the carburetor. If you have applied the above tips, you need to diagnose the following elements:

Carburetor needle. On cheap chainsaws the needle in the carburetor often gets stuck, which prevents the flow

fuel. Sometimes you just need to move the needle and install it correctly.

Glands. Chinese and even brand name chain saws can have poor quality seals with poor sealing. Fuel stops coming in when the fuel mixture starts to squeeze out through the oil seals. Gasoline is liable to leak through the seals.

Starting as instructed

Different chainsaw models have their own start and their own start mechanism. Let’s take the popular STIHL M chain saw as an example to show how to start the machine. S. 180.

Before you start, it should be noted that in some chainsaw models’ manuals it is written that an emergency stop brake should be engaged before starting the tool for added safety. But if the brake is fixed it will be harder to start. It would be better to release it accordingly.

Nothing to worry about if you do it right. If you’re worried that the chain saw without a lock will cause damage at the moment of starting, it is better not to take the risk at all and do not take the job. So, the algorithm for starting the “STIHL” tool is as follows:

  • Before you start the tool, move the choke adjustment lever to the down position. Remember that it only moves down to the bottom of the saw when you press the throttle button. Press the throttle button and move the lever down. This is how you close the carburetor choke and lock the throttle in the pressed position;
  • Then pull the starter grip vigorously until you hear the characteristic noise of trying to start the machine. It should stop immediately. Then the choke adjustment lever is moved up one step;
  • In this position, pull the starter grip again until the saw starts. And if it starts, because the throttle knob is fixed down, the operation will be at high revolutions;
  • Then press and release the throttle trigger once to make the choke control lever move automatically to the operating position and the rpm decrease;
  • If it is necessary to put the chainsaw in operation when it is warm, you must put the lever in the operating position and then start it;
  • To stop the machine engine, the choke adjustment lever must be brought to the up position.

Repair of fuel supply system

Fuel may not be flowing into the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • Fuel filter clogged. You should remove the fuel hose and check how the fuel flows. If the jet is weak, the filter may need to be cleaned. Take it out through the filler opening in the fuel tank and clean it. It is recommended that the fuel filter is changed every three months as a preventive measure.
  • Breather plugging (hole in the fuel tank lid). Check it by disconnecting the hose and if it is blocked, clean it with a needle.
  • No or insufficient fuel. There may be several causes. The first cause is a clogged air filter. The air stops flowing into the carburetor in the right quantity, thus the engine malfunctions due to an over-enriched fuel mixture. The dirty filter is carefully removed, cleaned and washed in water, then dried and installed in place.

Another reason is that the carburetor is not properly adjusted. Adjustment is done with three screws.

Check that the fuel filter is replaced in time

The fuel hose and air damper actuator must fit tightly to the connections

Throttle cable must be in the correct place

Always follow the instruction manual before operating the machine.

And the last reason. a breach of integrity of the membrane or clogging of carburetor channels.

To repair the carburetor yourself, you must become familiar with all its parts

Keep all parts clean, dry and in good condition.

STIHL 180 chain saw carburetor malfunctions. Why a STIHL 180 carburetor overflows and a few typical problems

After we have considered the carburetor device to determine the cause of the fuel in the combustion chamber in a larger volume is not difficult. Happens because of the wear of the gasket between the compensator cap and carburetor housing. You might ask how that could have an effect?

The answer is simple, when the gasket is compressed it releases the diaphragm on top of it a fraction of a millimeter down. It, in its turn, presses harder on the yoke of the needle valve. it will open more than it should and the fuel will come in too much (it will start to overflow).

Another reason is the diaphragm itself is stretched, this is the result of natural wear and tear. It is impossible to prevent this process, but it is possible to solve the problem by periodically changing all the gaskets, carburetor diaphragms, and the fuel pump. There is a repair kit for this purpose.

Saw STIHL 250 Starts And Stops Reasons Why A Chainsaw Starts And Stops A chainsaw has long been a useful tool for those who own a garden or a home. However, just like no other equipment, this tool tends to fail, in spite of the uncomplicated device. The systematization of the main defects of the content of the STIHL chain saw does not start badly Reasons What to do if the chain saw does not start Good day, dear readers and subscribers of my blog! At one moment it is easy to find that your chain saw will not start. But don’t be in a hurry to send it in for repair, you can easily fix it yourself. I’ll tell you what to do when the machine won’t start Electric STIHL Electric Chainsaw Videos Electric Saws MSE 170 CQ, MSE 190 CQ, MSE 190 C-BQ, MSE 210 C-BQ, MSE 230 C-BQ, MSE 250 C-QPromo-msk. information about STIHL chain saws: MSE 170 CQ, MSE 190 CQ, MSE 190 C-BQ, MSE 210 C-BQ, MSE 230 C-BQ, MSE 250. STIHL MSE 141C electric chainsaw Overview.WHY ARE THERE SO FEW Комментарии и мнения владельцев ABOUT MY OCCASIONAL RESERVATION ABOUT THE 40″ BAR

Repairing the carburettor of a STIHL 180 chain saw

To the main faults of the carburetor chain saw STIHL 180 can include the following.

No petrol in the carburettor. Trivial reason. failure of the fuel pump. The diaphragm has lost its elasticity or is leaking. It can be caused by material fatigue from prolonged use. As a result, when there is vacuum in the engine, the diaphragm does not rise and does not open the fuel channel with the valve. You can replace it with a spare one from the repair kit by disassembling the carburetor. It is also possible that fuel does not flow because of a clogged filter element (mesh) in the channel between the fuel pump and the needle valve. This can also be fixed by replacing the parts from the repair kit. Carburetor overflows. It is not difficult to guess that the problem lies in the main chamber. Dirt particles get in the cavity between the needle and the channel, t.е. The valve doesn’t close the channel completely when it’s needed and the chamber is flooded. Very often the diaphragm ceases to perform its function due to stretching (natural wear and tear). As a result, when lowering the diaphragm does not fully raise the needle, and the fuel continues to flow. The main diaphragm is also a part of the repair kit. It is not difficult to replace it. STIHL 180 chain saw owners often find it hard to start after the winter break. In this case there is a stuck valve in the nozzle. The manufacturer recommends that before putting the chain saw into storage, the remaining gasoline should be burned off in the carburetor. Gasoline tends to evaporate and in case of long storage, engine oil remains in the carburetor, in contact with which the nozzle valve begins to stick to the body. As a result, no fuel enters the nozzle. Since the nozzle is not included in the repair kit, you have to knock it out and flush it thoroughly

You have to be very careful when doing this. If the idle speed nozzle or nozzle is clogged, it is enough to blow it out with compressed air. Or rinse in gasoline, it helps in 90% of cases

But you can’t use needles or wires, t.к. there is a risk of changing the passage section, thereby changing the capacity of the nozzles.

So, you have decided to take off the carburettor and make a diagnostic. The order of removal is as follows:

  • Pull the throttle trigger and let the choke lever down. Twist off the latch and pull off the chain saw cover.
  • Undo both nuts with an 8 mm socket wrench and take off the air cleaner and its housing.
  • Remove throttle linkage of the carburetor.
  • Disconnect cable from control lever
  • Pull out engine control lever from its place. At the same time we disconnect the rod of choke.
  • Pull the carburetor toward you and take it off the rods. Don’t forget to disconnect the fuel hose.

A more detailed and illustrative algorithm for removing the carburetor from the chainsaw is presented in the video.

Disassembling the carburetor on the STIHL 180 chain saw is as easy as it gets. 1 bolt on the fuel pump cover and 4 bolts on the main chamber cover are unscrewed. This is enough to change all the necessary components from the repair kit.

After disassembly the carburetor should be washed in gasoline, and the channels and jets should be blown with compressed air. In no case you can not blow the carburetor under high pressure and in the assembled state. Otherwise you might stretch the diaphragm or the diaphragm. The carburetor will not work properly.

In order to assess the state of the mesh-filter and membrane, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

Evaluate the condition of the diaphragms, remove dust and dirt, if necessary replace the diaphragm with a new one.

Assemble everything back and disassemble the carburetor from the other side. After unscrewing the 4 bolts remove the cover, remove the diaphragm and assess the condition of the insides.

The complete set of carburetor repair kit for STIHL 180 includes cover gasket, diaphragm and diaphragm, needle valve, rocker arm with axle and spring.

The main reasons why the chain saw won’t start on video. The video will be useful to those who quickly want to start the saw, the author gives sensible tips.

If a situation arises when the chainsaw does not start, it is important to properly diagnose, determine the direction in which to look for the fault. Do not use a tool that does not run at idle speed, as this indicates the presence of air leaking into the engine and can lead to serious problems. If there is not enough experience in the repair of chainsaws, it is better to go to a specialist, which will save your time and nerves.

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