How to distinguish the original STIHL products from a fake?

STIHL, a well.Known manufacturer in the tools and equipment market. For many years they worked and earned the confidence of the consumer.

The German company produces not just gas.Tools, but models of equipment that have a fairly large number of advantages. The loud name and high quality created a great demand for consumers, this causes the annual growth of fakes of this equipment.

A poor.Quality copy can quite disappoint the consumer and soon fail. To prevent this from happening, be sure to pay attention to certain points.

How to distinguish the original stihl chainsaw from a fake

Only an original tool made in compliance with production standards of quality and safety is capable of:

  • Effectively perform your functions;
  • Demonstrate technical capabilities declared by the manufacturer;
  • Ensure safety during operation.

Often non.Original saws have low performance indicators, quickly break, do not cope with working tasks, and some falsifications are completely dangerous for health and life.

Buying equipment from representatives of the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality, safety and appropriate price quality. The company’s official representatives have a special STIHL certificate and provide warranty coupons together with the product.

In addition to the certificate and warranty coupons, there are several factors that will help distinguish real equipment from counterfeit product.


The company monitors manufactured products that undergo a thorough check.

The following external signs may indicate a falsification:

stihl, original, distinguish, fake

  • Lack of a stamped logo of the company and articular number on the muffler.
  • Lack of articles on details.
  • Uneven, faded coloring of the body.
  • Fuzzy, blurry marking.
  • Lack of a logo on the screws and the lid of the fuel tank.
  • Lack of branded engraving on each link of the cutting chain.
  • Defects and irregularities on the surface of plastic parts.
  • Low.Quality stickers that are easily erased or peeled off.
  • Lack of stickers with a serial number, a barcode, an indication of a manufacturing country.
  • Incorrect form of writing the name of the company. Stihl.


If after the examination there are doubts about its originality, then components should be examined. Often, falsifiers make a lot of efforts to get the most similar fake, but look out of the view such features as:

  • Tire length. The “left” models of the tire is usually longer than the original.
  • Branded instruction. If there was no instructions in the box with a high.Quality translation into Russian, then the product, most likely, is a fake saw STIHL.
  • The presence of holes on the lubrication of the sprocket also indicates an imitation of the original product.
  • Lack of company logo on protective covers and additional packages.
  • The presence of plastic canister and a set of keys in the box also indicate falsification, since the original STIHL saw is equipped only with a screwdriver and a combined key.

An identification number

Each tool has its own serial number, which contains data on the country of manufacture, party/product number and additional information. The first digit indicates the manufacturer of the goods. For example: 1-Germany, 2-USA, 3-Brazil, 8-9-China.

The identification number of the original products is duplicated in three places:

The original device has a single serial number. If the rooms do not coincide on the box and the body at all, then we are talking about counterfeit goods.

How to distinguish a stihl 180 fake from the original

MS-180 chainsaw today is a favorite model of not only consumers, but also falsifiers who have learned to reproduce the external similarity of the device. However, the technical capabilities and safety of fake saws of the saw 180 remain under great doubt.

How to distinguish a real stihl from a fake:

  • The length of the original tire of the MS-180 tool is 30-35cm. Fake tires are much longer (40-45cm) factory products.
  • Minor defects in the form of rough edges, uneven seams can be noticeable on the body of a fake model.
  • The air filter should have an article and a company logo.
  • On the tire of fake product, the marking is blurry, while the original has a clear laser marking.
  • Flying rivets are painted in tire color.
  • The original MS-180 model has no hole for lubrication of the sprocket on the tire.

STIHL MS-660: How to distinguish a fake

STIHL MS-660- an unit intended for professional use. The tool has protection against rain and snow, the function of heating the carburetor for work in winter conditions. Its cost is more expensive, but the technical characteristics are significantly different from the gas.Tooling of domestic purposes. This model is able to work in the most extreme conditions, to cope with the most difficult tasks.

How to distinguish a fake STIHL 660, how not to pay a high price for a product with dubious technical data? We answer: pay attention to the details:

  • The dimensions of the fake unit MS-660 are less than the size of the product from a legal manufacturer.
  • This tool always has a serial number, which should coincide with information on a warranty coupon.
  • The color of the body of the benzo tool does not coincide with the proprietary.
  • The counterfeit products of the covers of the oil and fuel tank are convex and low.Quality.
  • The real saw has a screw of the air filter cover is located on the back.
  • A combined screwdriver is supplied with this product, in fake options. Sets of keys and screwdrivers.
  • Corporate product always has a detailed operating instructions.

STIHL 362 how to distinguish from a fake

The MS-362 saw is a universal tool that can be used both for professional and domestic purposes. The unit is known for its efficiency, reliability, ergonomics.

How to distinguish the Stihl-362 chainsaw from fake:

  • Serial number. Should be the same on the box, case, under the muffler.
  • The hole for the leading star on the tire indicates falsification. The original chainsaws have no.
  • The presence of a spark plug with the STIHL logo in the configuration also indicates a falsify. The company does not produce candles.
  • In fake samples, air filters made of poor.Quality plastic are often found.
  • Uneven details, defects of the edges and seams of the case, poor.Quality assembly. All these are features that are unusual for the products of a well.Known manufacturer.


It is almost impossible to determine the authenticity of the oil by the appearance of the packaging. After all, the original STIHL oil to be imported into Russia in 200 liter barrels and official dealers pour it into bottles. They can pour into any bottles. Therefore, bottles of original STIHL oil may look different.


The original saw was twisted by the screws “Asterisk”. Fakes 90% or under a flat or under a cross screwdriver.

There is a logo on the tank cover. There is no logo on the fake. Also consider the logo on the screws on the back of the tank.

On the side of the muffler/tire on the original, there should be an identification plate with a serial number, which should coincide with the number on the box. On the fake of the tablet or not or it is of poor quality and it is clear that over time the inscription will be extended.

On the muffler housing on the original saw, the article is engraved.

stihl, original, distinguish, fake

Differences in the filter elements. Remove the lid that closes the filter and compare with the photo: each detail is original of the STIHL MS saw, an article is applied, each detail is perfect. The remains of the press forms, flakes in the casting of plastic are visible on fakes, there are no articles on details.

In the next video, in addition to differences in the original saw, show the distinctive features of the chain and tires:

How to distinguish the real STIHL oil from a fake

High.Quality oil is the key to the productivity of the device. You want to use a saw all the time without repair?! Therefore, the company Stihl and recommends filling only branded oil. Here, too, it was not without counterfeit.

In order not to be left without money and chainsaw, choose a lubricant in the fuel liquid correctly. And here are a few signs of fake:

  • Real motor oil from the company is supplied to the store in the covered lids. If this was not found, then there are two options: someone sells marriage or quietly drains part of the liquid for himself.
  • The inscriptions should be convex.
  • The original contains the quality of the EAS quality.
  • Date of Rosliva and party number. On the lid of the product.

A clear sign of counterfeit products is a poor sticker-fucker, wiped inscriptions or completely their absence.

What to look for

Before going shopping, it is necessary to carefully study the main factors that help establish the reserve of purchase.


Before making a purchase, you need to carefully study the main nuances.

  • Customer reviews. If the outlet has a large number of negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you need to refuse the campaign.
  • Location and scale. Small shops and stores of spontaneous markets often suffer from similar problems. When buying a product in a large retail chain or a specialized store is less likely to buy a falsify. It is also not recommended to purchase a product from hand or not certified Internet sellers.
  • Black list of the manufacturer. The company’s official website has a special section, which indicates stores that are on the sale of counterfeit. Each potential buyer can go to the page.
  • Laying out goods on a showcase. You should pay attention to the placement of the product on the shelves of the store. Usually the seller is trying to put out goods as a reputation as a reputation as a reputation.
  • The attitude of the seller. In case of defects or suspicious places on the container, it is necessary to ask the implementer to replace the packaging of another. If a refusal is received, it is better to refuse the purchase.


In appearance, you can determine the authenticity of the STIHL oil with a probability of 90%. It is not possible to open the canister before the purchase. Therefore, you will need to carefully study the main factors.

  • Original packaging casts from transparent polyethylene of high density. The material does not crack in the cold, withstands physical influences, without cracking, maintaining the original form.
  • The neck of a genuine product is hermetically sealed. It is impossible to open the canister, just removing the protective cap. You need to cut a plastic plug with a knife.
  • A soldering seam and a convex inscription are clearly visible on the bottom of the container, which indicates that the capacity is made of two halves. At the fake, the lower part resembles a regular plastic bottle.
  • Mandatory presence of the EAS index. The abbreviation confirms that the product fully meets the requirements of the Customs Union regarding the composition and characteristics of combustible materials.
  • On the rear label there is an inscription indicating the date of production and party number. The encoding is applied with special paint, the coating cannot be erased without damaging the paper base.
  • In the old liter canister, the manufacturer’s logo has been applied to the upper part.
  • The quality of the printing house should also be taken into account. The presence of grammatical errors, blotes, an an essay, logical inconsistencies is strictly unacceptable. The drawing is distinct, large grains of paint cannot be considered even with a thorough study.

It is necessary to take into account at the same time all these factors. Most copies can have 1-3 points of the listed. Important is the presence of each parameter separately.

stihl, original, distinguish, fake

Separately, it is necessary to proceed the price of the product. The brand has a strict anti.Dumping policy, which excludes value fluctuations of more than 5% of the average market in the market.

How fakes are made

Finally, what methods of fakes are given for real products. Consider on the example of STIHL oil, which is designed to fill the chainsaw of the same name in the chainsaw.

  • Use original canists. Buy canists from used oil at recycling points. Cheap surrogate is poured inside, as well as filling the lids. It is easy to make. But not in large volumes. This method is used by small basement workshops;
  • Copying packaging and filling surrogate. Here they use special equipment and raw materials. Equipped room is required for work. The manufacturer can produce large volumes of fake goods;
  • Mixing the original with other lubricants. It is relevant if the sale is carried out on a rosllic. Take part of the real oil, as well as add cheap lubricants for transmissions or industrial fluids.

I do not advise you to come across any of these tricks.

Labeling and information on the label

Original ELF oil recommend buying here

Review of chainsaws STIHL MS180 and STIHL MS180C-BE, CALM 180, what are the differences when buying.

You can determine the falsificant by reading the information indicated on the label from the back of the canister.

The original has an easily read barcode, a digital signature on which corresponds to the country of production of a particular canister.

Подделка масла stihl hp 100ml, как отличить реплику от оригинала

On the side of the strip with a barcode there is a miniature square sticker read by mobile devices. If this is not, an imitation is presented in the store.

There is no phrase “Best Performance” on the back of the label in the real oil. On the original, the manufacturing date is indicated in the lower part, on plastic, under the front label, light ink.

I simulated manufacturers use black ink and often mark the canister at the bottom or on the back side.

Reviews of the owners

stihl, original, distinguish, fake

-Ease of use, a light start mechanism, a fast stretch mechanism, a 16-inch tire, trouble-free stable work in any weather, does not overheat, does not stall, does not stall.

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