STIHL and Foresta chainsaws test

In the peak season of chain saw use it will be appropriate to choose a tool that can save money, but will not throw money away if you buy a cheap chain saw.

In this regard, we compared two popular chainsaws in Ukraine:

  • The world’s best-selling chainsaw for amateur work. STIHL MS 180 chainsaw
  • Working machine from the Ukrainian brand of Chinese production. Foresta FA-38 S chainsaw

But before we come to the point and comparison results, I’d like to point out and tell you why our choice has fallen on these 2 examples among a wide range and variety of chain saws of other producers and models.

Well, all chainsaws, which the market offers, we subjectively and conditionally divide into 3 categories:

  • Cheap Chinese chainsaw from a little-known or not at all unknown manufacturer both in the world and domestically. Buying such a saw shifts all the risks from the manufacturer and the seller to the user, because as a rule the warranty service of a trade mark you will not find “by day or night”, and that the saw will work without fail for a long time, very often even verbally sellers can not guarantee (unless of course they openly exaggerate the characteristics and properties of the tool)
  • Second type. The exact opposite of the first one, we consider it to be the official chainsaws from the world manufacturers with an excellent reputation in many countries. These are such manufacturers as STIHL, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac. If the budget allows you to walk around on a wide footing, and you do not care about the price of chain saw, and you do not want to waste time looking for options, then the question can be closed, and to order a chain saw from one of these manufacturers.
  • The third segment is something in the middle. Here we classify the chainsaws of Chinese manufacture that have an extensive warranty support inside the country, as well as have already got a certain credibility from the users and have a certain recognition, albeit limited by country or region.

Husqvarna Versus STIHLmight be surprisedyou decide!!

The first type of chainsaw we have not decided to consider and decided to compare the global manufacturer with a promising young brands. The STIHL 180 is probably the most recognisable hobby sander in the world. The choice of our opponents made us think hard, as most of Chinese chainsaws have parameters that can hardly be compared with the domestic premium brands. But having searched a bit, we managed to find, in our opinion, the worthy variant. Foresta and the parameters are comparable (although they are slightly higher than that of STIHL, but if you take into account the inherent tendency for Chinese saws to overestimate the parameters, the characteristics should be comparable), and service in every regional center of Ukraine, and even with the possibility of free delivery to the central service in Kiev.

That’s how the chain saws mentioned at the beginning of the article were selected. And further it was a question of finding out whether the difference in price for chain saws was justified by more than 2 times.

What chainsaw to choose. STIHL MS 180, Husqvarna 137 or Oleo-Mac 937

Our online store has prepared a comparative analysis of three household chainsaws STIHL MS 180, Husqvarna 137 and Oleo-Mac 937. These models are designed for private households, with a service life of up to 20 hours a month. These models belong to the class of light chainsaws, and they are all perfectly suited for sawing operations, cutting wood, making firewood for the winter, clearing the site. We hope that our recommendations will help you choose between the STIHL MS 180, the Husqvarna 137 and the Oleo-Mac 937.

Comparison table

This model is the heaviest of the three, weighing in at 4.6 kg (without oil, fuel and guide bar). But the undoubted advantage of this saw is the long bar length (38 cm), which allows you to work with thicker trees. The chainsaw has a rather strong vibration level, but the installed “LowVib” system makes it possible to compensate for most of it. It should be noted that this saw, not very convenient in maintenance, as access to many nodes is not very convenient, also there is no possibility to visually control the level of liquids, there is no two-section clutch. On the whole, this saw is somewhat behind the STIHL MS 180 and the Oleo-Mac 937 in price, consumables and service life.

This saw has substantially less vibration than the Husqvarna, for increased operator comfort. Reduced weight of the saw, idle speed is 2800, rpm for work 12000. Thirty-five inch guide bar is long enough for most household chores. The disadvantage is that it has no easy start but the electronic start control partly compensates for this defect. Automatic oil pump with no-load cutoff during idling to save oil. The saw is easy to maintain and noticeably cheaper than a Husqvarna 137.

One of the most popular models among lightweight and compact household saws. This model boasts the lightest weight and at the same time has the same high power as the other models. A 35 cm long guide bar, good balance and ergonomic design provide high levels of comfort.

Thanks to QuikStop the operator is better protected against emergency situations when working with the saw. The sprocket wheels are fully enclosed, making servicing unnecessary.

Conclusions: When comparing the STIHL MS 180, the Husqvarna 137 and the Oleo-Mac 937, the STIHL is one of the best choices for domestic use, especially for users with very little experience. Oleo-Mac is a good choice, but it is a bit more demanding for the operator, and Husqvarna is a more powerful saw, but in many aspects it is not as strong and ergonomic as competitors.

What brand of chainsaw to choose: the best equipment for gardeners

A large part of the Russian chainsaw market is represented by the major European brands. They are undoubtedly the best in the business, their products are recognized worldwide and are of the highest quality at an above average price. But do not forget about the companies that offer budget models: their products, although at times a little less reliable, but because of the low price such saws find their customers.

We compare the different brands, their strengths and weaknesses, and analyze customer reviews.


German company with almost a century-old history, which created the world’s first saw with an electric motor and currently holds one of the leading positions on the saw market. STIHL makes chainsaws in all classes: household, farmer and professional. and also has a special series for rescuers.

If you believe the reviews of users, the quality of products is very high, but subject to the purchase of original products. in recent years, a lot of fakes have appeared on the market. so you should pay special attention to the choice of a reliable dealer.

The price range for the company’s products is fairly wide: at the moment to buy a chainsaw for household needs can be about 10 thousand, 20 thousand and above will cost a tool semi-professional class, with a budget of 40 thousand you can consider the professional series.

STIHL MS 194 C-E chainsaw with 12, 30 cm guide bar.

stihl, husqvarna, chainsaw, better

STIHL MS 194 C-E lightweight chainsaw for tree maintenance, thinning and crosscutting. STIHL ErgoStart easy starter and fuel pump makes starting easy.


The Swedish company has over 300 years of history and is considered the world’s largest maker of saws, garden tools and equipment.

All three Husqvarna chainsaws are available on the market, and even the lowest-priced models have a lot of positive feedback. The main problem of all European manufacturers is the high cost of spare parts.

of chainsaws for domestic use start at 10 thousand, universal models are available for 24 thousand and more, and professional equipment costs about 30 thousand and more.


The Italian concern Emak makes chain saws Oleo-Mac and Efco. Despite the long history of the company, in our country it is not known to everyone, and chainsaws of this manufacturer are not among the ten most purchased in Russia. Meanwhile, the Oleo-Mac products are made at a very decent level. the users’ reviews are mostly positive.

The company offers many budget models ranging from 14 to 20 thousand, and a wide range of medium-price segment. from 20 to 40 thousand.

Some time ago the chainsaw ceased to be solely a tool and passed into the category of art tools. chainsaw carving is gaining popularity in the West. With the help of this technique masters create real masterpieces. wooden sculptures and garden figures. In the near future this hobby promises to become known in Russia. Small clubs dedicated to this new kind of creativity are already appearing in Russia.

Kioritz Corporation

Unlike the previous European companies, Kioritz Corporation is an Asian corporation, more precisely. a Japanese corporation. The company sells products under three brands: KIORITZ, Shindaiwa and Echo. the last two brands refer to chainsaws. However, Shindaiwa left the Russian market, and at the moment only Echo is supplied to Russia.

The Echo products belong mainly to the household and farming class, and their range from 15 to 65 thousand. In general the company’s products are slightly inferior to models of the acknowledged leaders STIHL and Husqvarna, but have their regular fans: the reason for that is a large number of light, compact saws and good quality workmanship.


A German company that has been producing chainsaws for many decades, in 1991 it became part of the major Japanese group Makita, known to almost every hobbyist or professional as a manufacturer of power tools. After purchasing a German factory, Makita got involved in chainsaw production and now produces them under two brands at once. Dolmar and Makita. This plant also manufactures Cub Cadet chain saws for MTD concern.

The products of the second brand are mostly represented in the Russian market, but the tools are made at the same plant in Germany. But this applies to mid-range and professional products Household chainsaws are made in China. This does not impair the quality of the product too much, but the percentage of positive reviews for Makita in “household” applications is still lower than, for example, for STIHL.


Quite a young company, existing for over ten years, offers products of Chinese factories. various power tools, in particular chainsaws. Of course, it’s difficult to compare Champion with such “monsters” as Husqvarna or STIHL, but it has a definite advantage. you can buy an inexpensive saw for country and garden. There are about a dozen chainsaws in the range, and almost all have a price under 20 thousand. Of course, we can neither speak about the professional class, nor even about the farmer class.

The products of this company have received diametrically opposed feedback from users. The reason for this is uneven, as with most inexpensive chain saws made in China, product quality. In some cases the reason for the negative attitude is the overrated expectations of customers. Nevertheless, on the totality of indicators, as a tool for occasional use in a cottage economy, Champion saws can be a good solution.


An American company founded more than forty years ago that has grown from a small shop to a major international corporation. Chainsaws are only a tiny part of its production. the company makes a huge range of products for repair, home and garden. Production from the U.S. moved to China: like many holding companies, Patriot is trying to make their products as cheap as possible.

Both manufacturers’ chainsaws are high quality products. in this respect they are on a par. Both are solidly built with reliable, durable materials. STIHL tends to favor a classic, unobtrusive body design. And Husqvarna specialists are constantly adding modern designs to our range of models. STIHL is quieter than a Husqvarna.

In any case, the choice is up to the consumer, because only when you pick up the tool, you begin to understand how it will be convenient to work.

Saw blades

Look through our big assortment and get the perfect universal chainsaw.

Wall saws


The STIHL MS 180 chain saw is notable for its compensator. a control valve in the carburetor. Despite increasing contamination of the air cleaner, the compensator keeps engine power, exhaust quality and fuel consumption constant. The effect. longer service-free working hours.

Comparing technical specifications, we see that Husqvarna 142. the most powerful. It should be noted that 2.6 л.s is quite a lot for a household tool. The chainsaws from Partner and STIHL are clearly inferior in power. But the difference in tire length is not significant. It is worth paying attention to the volume of the fuel tank. That characteristic is important for how long it can run without refuelling. The STIHL MS 180 has a fuel tank capacity of 0.25 liters, which is actually quite small. On the other hand, it is considerably lighter than the other models. Thus, Husqvarna 142 leads in almost all indicators, except maybe a little more weight. Almost as good as the Partner 351 chainsaw, with similar performance but less than the Husqvarna 142 mainly in power. Light weight is a key advantage of the STIHL MS 180. But all three chain saws are great not only for gardening, but also for felling trees, if that’s what’s needed.

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What is the best way to choose?

To make the right choice, it is worth focusing on:

stihl, husqvarna, chainsaw, better
  • Scope of work;
  • Noise levels allowed;
  • The presence of additional functions;
  • Ease of use (ergonomics);
  • The power of the machine.
stihl, husqvarna, chainsaw, better

If you need a powerful device for demanding tasks, both in the garden area, and in the professional sphere, then you need to choose a chainsaw Husqvarna. It will provide trouble-free work when cutting the biggest trees. Models 353, 545 and 555 for example.

If you need a chain saw for light-duty jobs in the garden, this is definitely a STIHL chainsaw. A chainsaw will last a long time, and if it needs repairing, it’s easy to fix it yourself. Model No. 180 is the ideal solution.

If you need a universal chainsaw, it is better to choose Husqvarna products. The 418 EL, 420 EL and 435 are good for this job.

it is worth saying that whatever model the buyer chooses, he will be satisfied. After all, STIHL and Husqvarna products are leaders in the manufacture of units for the woodworking industry.

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