Me and my beard: how scientific research taught me to follow my face correctly

April 2020. Outside the window, wet snow is flickering, the neighbors dumbfounded from quarantine are lazily kneading, strolling around the house “Behind the Bukhanka”. Cinemas are closed, hairdressers do not work, but to sit in a taxi, you need a special pass. Scoop a rapidly growing beard and I think that it is impossible to throw it to the mercy of fate. I did not want to look for an underground barber, and I was puzzled by the choice of a device to put my face in order. While I was looking for, I learned a lot about shaving physics, razors and how to keep the skin of a whole. I want to tell about this in the post.

The last time I used an electric brow at 16 years old. It was a Soviet Kharkov. The proud that the grandson grew up and got a mustache, my grandfather gave me a completely new one. The device was waiting for years in the closet of his moment. Every time I used it for its intended purpose, it seemed to me that a rodent ran across my face, nervously biting a fluff over the upper lip and leaving burns on the skin. Because of this, by the age of 17 I went to the machine with interchangeable cassettes. Life got better, but not quite: my shaving skill left much to be desired and irritation often appeared on the skin on the skin. But these were the years of a happy student, and then it was still possible to score to your appearance without any special consequences. After graduating from the university and having received the first free money, I decided to shout: I released my beard and began to go to Barber, which I did until April this year.

When the hairdressers stopped working and I had to return to the machine, I again faced the choice of a device that would allow my face to put in order. Technician in life, since childhood I tried to get to the bottom of any device. I analyzed everything that fell into my hands. The engineering profession and IB-sphere in which I work, these habits only reinforced: even a blender I once chose 4 days. Mother.In.Law joked that I could work as a consultant at this pace. So the search for razor I did not start with Yandex.Market “, and from the forums and articles, and I decided to go” from the base “. The features of the hair and the principles of cutting them with different devices.

Rotor or grid?

Rotor razors have become pioneers in the world of electrics. Our fathers and grandfathers used them for a long time. Yes, yes, this is exactly the buzzing monster, from whom some particularly impressionable ladies, who looked into the bathroom at the wrong time, ran away in horror. I must admit, frantically rotating heads on which sharp knives are planted, and really look frightening.

But in fact, modern rotary razors make noise much less grid, and shave, on average, cleaner, due to a denser fit of rotating blades to the skin. Unfortunately, some risk of cuts is preserved, and owners of sensitive skin often complain of shaving irritation. But progress does not stand still, and with certainty it can be said that the latest rotary electric shoes with high.Quality knives and a system of repetition of faces of the face are much more delicate than old models.

Philips AT 890 is one of the most popular rotary razor, which deserved good user reviews. Three floating heads, a mobile block, a trimmer for grass, an ergonomic handle, and most importantly. High.Quality shaving and a long service life What else is needed from the electric blunder?

For those to whom the rotary razors seem too harsh, the salvation will be the grid, different, otherwise called vibrational. In them, the razor heads with vibrating blades are separated from the skin with a fine.Mesh net, which eliminates the possibility of a cut and reduces irritation. Alas, if the design of the razor is not thought out well enough, there may be problems with shaving cleanliness. In addition, the owners of grid electric shoes often complain that the shaved hairs are crushed by blades in dust, which settles all over, and with wet shaving (more about it. Below), the grid can “knit” in the foam, smearing it in the face instead to remove with bristles. Among the well.Proven manufacturers of grid electric shoes, Braun and Panasonic can be called, but even here everything depends on the specific model.

The promising novelty of the Panasonic ES-LV95 with the function of dry and humid shaving quite justifiably takes its place among the grid electric britches of the upper price segment. 5 (!!) heads, a trimmer for grass and a movable razor unit provide cleanness and smoothness of the face, and complete charging the battery for 45 minutes of work takes only an hour. The high.Tech filling of the device includes a display with charge and cleaning indication, sensors that determine the density of the bristles and controlling the engine speed, the mode of turbo cleaning of Sonic and road blocking.

Panasonic ES-LV95 grid

Broken heads and their mobility

In standard rotary razor, you can find 2-4 (on average-three) rotating disk located at different angles to the surface of the face. At the time of fitting, the skin is pressed, which provides the best contact and penetration of hairs inside the razor. To the knives. The heads themselves can be either fixed or mobile (floating). Thanks to mobility, the best fit is achieved, and therefore the quality of shaving increases. It is quite predictably razor with floating heads will be more expensive than their brothers with motionless heads.

Often, manufacturers supply the entire razor block with a movable mount, on which the heads are located. Thanks to this, the block can deviate in different directions and planes. It is believed that such a solution provides a more accurate repetition of the contours of the face and more comfortable shaving in general.

How to use a trimmer

Typically, a trimmer for grass includes several nozzles of different lengths. For example, Gillette Styler has three universal razor-stainer: 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm for 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. This makes it possible to try new styles and fully care for a beard. You often have to use all three ridges. For example, if the beard is long enough, and as a result you need the effect of a three.Day bristle, it will be a mistake to immediately take a short nozzle. Start with 6 mm and gradually cut your hair, changing the crests.

trimmer, grass, better, machine

When choosing a trimmer for grass, pay attention to the type of nutrition and ergonomics. Convenient models with a combined type that have a built.In battery, but can also work from the network. They are more economical than cars on batteries. Before buying, check so that the trimmer for grass is comfortably lying in the hand. Then process complex areas in the places of folds and with delicate skin, as well as to make the exact boundaries of the beard will be easier.

Before the start of the procedure, comb the beard. Further, during her cutting trimmer, move against hair growth and make sure that the flat part of the nozzle adjoins the skin. But do not crush much, otherwise the length will differ in different areas of the face, even if you have not changed the nozzle.

Having achieved the desired shape and length of the hair of the beard as a whole, remove the nozzle-grill and go to the details. To create clear lines in the cheeks, bacenbard and neck, turn the trimmer for grass in your hand and only make a beard contour, guided by the chosen style with one blades.

Not a single trimmer for grass, an electric razor or machine will allow you to achieve impeccable smooth skin and neck skin. Therefore, for a perfectly smooth result in already shaved areas, it is better to go through the machine, not forgetting about the appropriate care.

How to cut a mustache trimmer correctly

The process of haircuts of a mustache trimmer largely repeats the ritual with a beard. First you need to comb the mustache. Further, putting a nozzle of maximum length on the device, go against hair growth to level the mustache, and gradually reduce the comb.

Differences begin during operation to honing the form. To make the mustache just look neat, remove the nozzle, turn the trimmer for the grass and go along the upper lip line only with the device blades. Light moves up and down will make the mustache thinner-the higher the amplitude, the stronger the result is noticeable. It is better to remove the remaining sticking hairs with scissors. Do not forget to use the means of caring for a beard and a mustache that we wrote about in this article (link).

trimmer, grass, better, machine

How to care for a trimmer properly

TOTAL Gasoline grass trimmer and bush cutter TP5434421 HD

For the device to serve for a long time and always delighted with the sharpness of the blades, it is important to properly care for the trimmer.

The durability of the trimmer for grass largely depends on the quality of the blades. Do not forget to clean them after each procedure. If the machine is waterproof, you can do this under a stream of running cold or warm water (not hot). Another pleasant bonus of this function is the ability to use a machine in the shower. If there is no such option, use the brush in the kit, cotton swab or stick. Focus on the instructions from the manufacturer and do not forget to remove the head of the trimmer for the grass. Hair also accumulates under it. Rinse the nozzles with soap. They and the device itself thoroughly dry them.

Lubricate the device with a special oil for trimmers. It is better to do this above the sink: drop the oil on the blades and let it work for 15-20 seconds so that it is distributed. Clean the remaining oil with dry tissue.

trimmer, grass, better, machine

Hold everything in one place. If the package is not provided with a case, get a special place or case where you put all the nozzles, blades, brushes, butter, charging and so on. Otherwise, something will definitely be lost. Such a case will come in handy on travel. Remember: the neatness of the beard begins with the neatness of funds for its care.

Briefly: how to use a trimmer

Select a suitable trimmer for the grass: pay attention to the reliability of the manufacturer of the device and blades, ergonomics, the presence of nozzles, water permeability and type of power-from the network, battery or combined.

To create the shape of the beard, comb it with a comb and further breate, starting with the longest nozzle. Move against hair growth, press the flat part of the nozzle to the skin and do not press hard.

To give the shape and cleanliness of the lines, remove the nozzle and turn the trimmer for the grass to make the contours of the beard clear. Impeccable smoothness will help to achieve a razor machine.

In front of the cutting of a mustache trimmer, comb them with a comb from the center to the edges. Then use the long nozzles for leveling first, then change the nozzle to a shorter. Blade trimmer blades Work out a fishing line for a trimmer of the upper lip.

How to choose a good trimmer for grass for beard?

Trimmer for grass is, in fact, an electric razor with a function of cutting or trimming hair both on the face and on the body. There are various models of trimmers. Starting from ordinary hair cutting machines, trimming beard and vegetation on the body, ending with tents for hair in the nose and ears.

The final table

Machine for shaving Electric power plant
The average, that is, about 5568 per year goes to shave with ordinary machines Electric blower is an expensive pleasure. The most ordinary razor will cost at least 1290. She is able to serve its owner for a long time, but may require a qualified repair
Shaving quality Gives clean shaving, but injuries are possible, since the blades are open. It can cause irritation. The risk of cutting if you are not sure of your shaving ability, is very great He brates qualitatively, excludes the possibility of injury, as the blades are closed
Mobility Easy to take on the road, but shaving is needed water and special cosmetics It is hard to use outside the house if the electric brood does not have a battery or stable access to the outlet
Durability It does not serve for a long time, there are species that are suitable only for a single shaving Capable of performing its functions from 1.5 years to 3 years, but may need to repair specialists

Thus, despite the frighteningly high cost, the electric brood can become a more profitable acquisition from an economic point of view. But to make the right choice, you need to try both a razor machine and an electric razor. The issue of using razors is strictly individual for each man. And only your skin will tell you the correct answer to it.

Which is better to shave. A machine or a razor?

You can smoothly select your face with the help of traditional safe and using electric razors. Therefore, the use of a machine or electric brood is more likely to taste and habit, and not a question of finding some better shaving method. It all depends on what shaving a person prefers. Wet or dry. Although, according to the operating director and head of the Marketing Department of the popular metropolitan barbershop Alexander Dronov, it is smooth to remove all vegetation from the skin of the face. “The electric brood makes a dissection at the end of the hairline, which may not affect the health of the hair itself in the best way. Therefore, shaving a T-shaped machine is better. This method of shaving also helps to renew the hair layer and skin, the epidermis is cleaned and updated, ”Dronov explains.

Electric vehicles do not require water and foam for shaving, in addition, shaving an electric brow faster. But this method of shaving can lead to contamination of the skin of the face. Skin pores clog, and acne may appear on it.

The appearance of acne, irritation on the skin is also individual. According to Dronov, despite the fact that modern machines have a special strip for pulling the skin and lifting the hairs, as well as moisturizing stripes to reduce irritation of shaved skin, not only the shaving device itself is important, but also cosmetics that are used before, after and during shaving. “In order to minimize irritating moments, it is better to first apply a special oil and thus prepare the bristles for shaving, then apply soap or shaving cream/gel and then, respectively, start the shaving process. After that, it is important that there is no irritation, use a soothing lotion, but not based on alcohol. It can be a cream, balm and similar products, soothing, moisturizing and softening skin. In this case, the probability of irritation is minimized, ”Dronov advises.

When choosing a gel, foam or shaving oil, it is important to consider the type and condition of the skin of the face, because an incorrectly selected tool can also cause irritation and inflammation, score pores.

Machine or electric brood. Key differences

The difference between these two shaving devices lies in the method of cutting hairs. The machine removes the stubble in one motion. In an electric breech, it turns out to be between two knives that move like scissors.

The electric gadget has two shaving parts: internal blades and a grid with small holes. Outside they are smooth, and inside are sharp, which allow them to act as additional knives. The electric brood grows strongly on the skin. The bristles are pressed into the oenic grid and cut off by internal blades. The rest of the hair is hidden under the surface of the skin. As a result. Impeccable shaving with smooth skin.

You can buy an electric brow of two types. Grid and rotary. Both beauty gadgets are equipped with internal blades and protective nets. The difference is in the movement of cutting knives. Rotor electric razor makes rotational movements. Knives rotate around their axis and completely cut off the bristles. Grid. Blades move from side to side. Due to the vibration, they fit the hairs and cut them. The larger the devices of the heads, the faster the procedure passes.

Braun Series 9 9350S

Braun Series 9 razor-“Best Braun razor” (as written on the box), and 9350S is one of the cheapest sets among the most affordable sets for those who want to try the flagship razor Braun 9th series, but not sure. Is he ready to pay extra for additional accessories. “advanced” charging stations (for example, with a drying function), external batteries and the like. In a box with this index, we will find a razor itself, a simple charging station and a fabric case.

Flagship razor Braun Series 9 9350S for dry and humid shaving

Cheap and Powerful Grass Trimmer Machine,Black and Decker Electric Grass Strimmer(GL360),1.5 kg

Of course, it’s difficult to come up with something fundamentally in the device of a mesh razor. However, Braun tried and placed an additional trimmer for the grass in the center of the cutting head. Thus, in the razors of the ninth series, the number of trimmers used during shaving increased to two. Compared to one shaving trimmer in razors of the eighth series.

Together with the addition of a trimmer for grass, the number of mobile elements increased: as declared in BRAUN, all elements of the razor system have an independent suspension and are installed on the razor head rotating in 10 directions. In practice, this means that the razor will be better to fit the skin.

In our subjective opinion, the ninth series copes with shaving compared to the eighth better than 10%-20%. Hurry to the store for a brand new “nine”, having at your disposal a working “eight”, it makes sense only if you purposefully hunt for flagship devices.

But if you only look closely at the purchase of one of the flagship models, then, of course, it is better to opt for a razor of the ninth series. After all, the difference in price will not be so significant as to try to save.

Braun Series 8 8390ss Silver with Cleancharge station

Braun 8390ss-a razor from the penultimate (premium) series Braun Series 8, which logically inscribed in the gap between the cheaper 7th series and the flagship 9th. This model comes with the Cleancharge station that facilitates the care of the device.

Bits of the eighth series are distinguished by the presence of a system of vibration and sliding Sonic, sensors for determining the type of bristles, as well as a floating shaving head 8D FLEX. The head itself has a system of angular fixation Precision Head Lock, simplifying the processing of complex sections of the face. Finally, we mention the retractable trimmer for the grass to trim the final contours after shaving.

Braun Series 8 8390ss Silver razor with Cleancharge station and fabric case

Based on the results of our testing, the razor Braun Series 8 proved itself as appropriate to the product from the top segment: the device turned out to be convenient, stylish, modern and extremely practical both in operation and in care. We did not find any significant shortcomings in the razor. We had a well.Thought.Out and high.Tech device that confidently completed all the tasks set before him.

The 8390CC set includes a charger, which is useful not only for storing and recharging razors, but also for automatic cleaning of the device (washing with an alcohol.Containing cleaning agent), which adds positive emotions from using the device.

Polaris PMR 0305R

Electric razor Polaris PMR 0305r Wetdry Pro 5 Blades turned out to be very similar to many other models released under the Polaris brand. All these razors are equipped with one cutting block Pro 5 Blades (or Pro 5 Blades), have a similar appearance and predictably similar opportunities.

For a completely adequate price, we will get a device that has three knives and a trimmer for grass. In addition, the developer promises the possibility of moist shaving, up to 75 minutes of work from the battery and complete charging in 90 minutes.

Electric razor Polaris PMR 0305R with three floating knives and trimmer

Having experienced the device in the case, we came to the conclusion that the electric razor Polaris PMR 0305r Wetdry Pro 5 Blades is a completely adequate offer for our money. Despite the fixed (non.Floating) head, the device showed a good quality shaving quality (at least. No worse than related Polaris models with floating heads). As advantages, we also note a three.Year guarantee and the availability of replaceable razor heads (they, recall, are recommended to be replaced in two years).

A razor is ideal for daily shaving. She also copes well with the bristles, which turned 2-4 days. As for a longer bristle, problems are possible here (knives begin to pull by the hairs), but the situation can be partially corrected using the built.In trimmer for grass. It will help in the formation of backs and sharp transitions.

Panasonic ES-LV9N grid razor

The Panasonic ES-LV9N grid razor we tested in 2016 (as well as its related models that differ mainly by complete set) left us the most positive impressions. Therefore, we decided to remember her again. Recall: at the time of our acquaintance, this is the most expensive Panasonic electrician, and you can buy it to this day.

Judging by the design, Panasonic relied on an extensive development path: while Braun can see the classical scheme “Grket/Trimmer for grass/grid”, Panasonic already used 4 knives in earlier models, and in ES-LV9N their number increased up to five: “grid/grid/trimmer for grass/grid/grid”. Well, of course, here (like the flagships of Braun) you can find the mention of a certain “shaving sensor” that regulates power depending on the load on the razor (that is, on the density of the hairline). The shaving head of ES-LV9N as a result of all the listed innovations looks quite massive and even somewhat frightening.

Panasonic ES-LV9N grid

According to the results of our testing, we came to the conclusion that (like many other razors) ES-LV9N was especially good in the same area and not bad-in all the others. This razor was amazingly good if you prefer to shave daily or with a pass of no more than one day. We have not met in our tests yet a single razor that could be compared with the Panasonic ES-LV9N by the speed of shaving short bristles. Braun Series 7 is very close. But still copes slower. So you can compare our Panasonic, except with the flagship Braun 9.

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