What to make of the boat motor. Homemade boat motors. How to make an electric outboard boat motor with your own hands

Boat motor can be made from many mechanisms that are gathering dust in the shed or garage and are not used for their intended purpose.

It often happens that equipment breaks down, and to fix it you need to spend more than half of the cost of a new device. It is much easier in this case to buy a new device, and the old one to put aside and use it as source of spare parts and various bolts and nuts. It is from such devices that a boat motor can be made.

If there are no such devices in stock, you can inexpensively buy such a mechanism on the secondary market. The main thing in such devices is to have a functioning engine.

Boat motor from a grass trimmer

By minimally changing the design of the grass trimmer, you can arrange an excellent pulling unit for a boat of any design. The engine and transmission in such a device is already there, it is enough to make a mount for the boat, and instead of a reel with a fishing line or a disk to install a propeller.

Before making a boat motor from a grass trimmer, it should be understood that the power of such devices is very low, and it is unlikely to move against a strong current.

Grass trimmer as a boat motor is ideal when used on a lake or pond.

The disadvantages of using this device include a high level of noise. In addition, at low speed you will have to breathe absolutely all the products of “life activity” of this system.

Boat motor from a screwdriver

Excellent indicators in terms of noise production and environmental friendliness have boat motors on electric traction. You can make a motor for a boat from a screwdriver, but the power of the device should not be less than 300 watts. To transmit torque to the propeller, which is located under water, you can use a flexible shaft from a grass trimmer.

A small aluminum propeller from a car fan is used as a propeller, and to ensure a long operating time of such a device car batteries with a capacity of 60 A / h are used.

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The disadvantages of such designs are the need to carry a fully charged car battery. The weight of such part is more than 20 kg. The disadvantages include the limited power of such a motor, after discharging the battery will need to manually drive the boat again.

Boat motor from a power tiller

The most powerful of self-made boat motors is a device made from a power tiller. Technique for the processing of the homestead plot is equipped with a robust and durable four-stroke internal combustion engines, which, when installed on a watercraft,

Allow him to develop a decent speed, both upstream and downstream. Such engines have considerable weight and are not usually used on PVC boats.

The easiest way to install a boat motor of this design is to make minimal modifications to the basic structure. It is enough to attach a single-axle tractor to the hull of the boat, and install aluminum blades instead of cutters. The blades must be in one plane with the shaft, which in this case is located perpendicular to the movement of the watercraft The blades have the form of rectangular plates, which the lower half should be lowered into the water, and the upper part freely move through the air. Such a device of a rowing wheel, will allow to move with high speed even in places where the depth does not exceed half a meter. A boat engine made from a powerboat with a fast current is excellent.

Other options

Make a homemade motor is possible not only using trimmers for grass and screwdrivers as a basis. If there is a desire to design a boat motor yourself and there is a significant reserve of time and money, then as a power unit you can use any technical device equipped with an internal combustion engine or driven by an electric motor.

Many masters put engines from motorcycles on the boat. In this case it is possible to regulate the propeller rpm with the help of gearbox shifting. Powerful 12-volt motors, which are used in various mechanisms, can be successfully used as boat engines.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a grass trimmer?

To create a boat motor from a lawnmower, a tool with a straight boom will do. If the trimmer boom for grass is curved. you will have to work on its improvement.

The redesign is done according to this algorithm:

  • First remove the original nut (marked 2 in the drawing below). Do not throw it away or lose it, as it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.
  • Unscrew the rest of the fasteners, take the deadwood and the flexible shaft out of the boom (numbers 8 and 9 in the drawing).
  • Use a new duralumin rod with a slightly smaller inside diameter. Carefully place the bronze sleeve (shown on the drawing) in it.
  • Cut the tread (part 0) to the required size and insert it into the boom.
  • If the outside diameter of the rod will be too large for the motor hole, turn it.
  • Secure the bolt with the factory nut.
  • The shaft is attached to the motor by means of adapters. There are no universal drawings for this part, since different models of trimmers have their own design features. You can order this part in a lathe or make it yourself from plywood. The construction will be fastened with 4 screws.

If you can not buy ready to remake kit, which was mentioned earlier, you can take the handle of a sports bike.

The propeller can also be made by yourself from a piece of duralumin, using the drawing below:

The pitch is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. The angle of inclination is adjusted with the pliers. To do this, the workpiece is preheated.

To refuel the motor from the grass trimmer on the boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute petrol with oil in the appropriate proportion. Do not subject engine to high loads during the first 10 km. this will be the break-in period. Depending on the motor power, a boat with such a motor can reach speeds between 5 and 8 km / h.

Below is a video, which demonstrates the work of such a unit:

Working principle

the grass trimmer has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which makes it possible to move through the water with higher speed, which will allow you to start fishing faster than with a motor. Everyone has seen how the grass trimmer works. how it mows the lawn and regular grass, but here, its blades are twisted in the other direction and at the same time, serves as the most economical motor.

And the most important thing is that absolutely everyone can operate it. the most important thing to understand is that the higher to the surface of the water are the blades themselves, the faster the speed of turnover and thus. higher speed.

But if the grass trimmer is lower, the speed will be lower. But the main disadvantage of trimmers compared to ordinary boat motors is that they are very loud and should not be used at full volume, if you do not want to scare the fish.

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Hunting and Fishing Community Blog About the boat motor

Good afternoon fellow anglers! Found and internet here is such a miracle! The design is not complicated but there are a lot of questions. Maybe someone uses one and can share their experiences. And another question: should this device be registered in the Republic of Belarus as a boat motor? Thank you all!

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korocha-foot from the wind with a propeller plus a 4 tacta engine kobyl five and you will be happy!

At what rpm is his power? On the propeller to 2500 at the nominal should get. What to downgrade? What’s its torque characteristics?? For a boat motor the closer to a diesel, the better. In general, I think that this is all bullshit.

I support those who are against this miracle motor.It is better to be patient and buy a normal, at least 5 hp, or better yet 15 hp (if the boat will allow)

I work in a garden service. Chinese boat motors were dragging in the summer, only the noise was standing. Met this device, a good thing, though air cooling is not a problem, if you look at the summer of the city workers are running around with trimmers all day mowing and nothing boils and the motors do not break. This motor has 3.8 force, if someone in the garden is a simple gasoline trimmer, you can buy a simple boot and operate the same way (I found the boot at a price of 8 500rub.) it is enough on small rivers. Something more than that is not worth expecting. contacted the service and talked to the mechanic who services these engines. Surprisingly I have not heard any bad reviews from him. the price of such a motor is 11,500 rubles. Now going to buy a friend of mine this motor and will test in practice. Good luck to everyone

I have a nozzle for a STIHL chainsaw under the ice drill.I use it sometimes at the end of winter. You know, I am satisfied)))! When I was just getting into the water-powered hobby, I also considered buying a similar device for the boat motor and reviewed a bunch of options, but in the end I took a scooter for 2.5 л.с. And then, the “arms race”, did its job.After 3 years, already a Yamaha 15, and the boat is bigger ). If you do decide to buy, waiting for reports))).

Wasted money, because the cooling air. Sails this thing is not in a hurry. And in the heat, 32 in the sun, it’ll boil up. Better to get a used motor or a new Chinese one. I got a HDX 4 powers) happy as shit

Wasted money. Buy a normal motor.

Made pretty good quality, starts up without a problem. Economy, comfortable “automatic transmission”. The disadvantages. it roars so that temporarily lost hearing in one ear. Make it quieter is not possible. The speed of my boat is about 8 km/h. Gearbox makes a lot of noise, or clutch mechanism as it gets hot, don’t know when it will fall apart, I drove 10-20 km. Pictures alive are here: www.drive2.ru/l/4062789/

oh man! class! I liked it with the flipper. and the Комментарии и мнения владельцев over there are a load of crap

found this miracle on the paddle faster however, gasoline saw only pulls gasoline ))))

I just heard guys got one for a STIHL chainsaw.But that’s not my thing

The noise from it all the fish inspectors will pile up!

I was dealing with a similar issue myself, that’s why I don’t recommend this one or the 2.5 horse one, start with 5 horse at least

I saw a guy on a PVC boat with one, he passed me in five meters, I almost deafened and the fish after him went somewhere.

You should not buy this thing. A friend of mine had a really loud mower that does not drive a damn thing!Korish sold it a week later and bought himself a Chinese Yamarin motor.

Lawnmower engine. I have a grass mower like this 3.3 hp.according to the passport. You can probably put it on a light rubber band. but there’s a cooler one !(

) watch carefully I could not come to my senses for three days.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the video even more fun recommended.

well there are so many options you can think of, cut off a cow’s leg and as long as the reflex can swim))

The engine’s from a lawnmower. I have such a grass saw 3.3 hp.according to the passport. on a lightweight rubber band, I think you can put it. but there’s something a little cooler !(

) Watch out, I’ve been waking up for three days.

Lawnmower engine. I have a 3hp grass mower.3c.on the passport. I think you can put it on a lightweight rubber band. But there’s something cooler !(

) watch out I’ve been waking up for three days.

Thanks!I didn’t expect such a cool idea. With our ingenuity we’re unbeatable!I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

A lawn mower engine. I’ve got a grass mower like this.3hp.on the passport. I could probably get a 3hp on a light rubber. But there’s something cooler !(

) watch out I’ve been sick for three days.

A lawn mower engine. I’ve got a 3hp grasshopper.3hp.according to the passport. I think you can probably put it on a light rubber. but there’s something much cooler !(

) watch carefully I couldn’t come to my senses for three days.

Engine from a lawnmower. I have a lawn mower like that.3hp.according to the passport. on a lightweight rubber band is probably possible. But there is a cooler thing !(

) look carefully I could not come to my senses for three days.

Build a Gearbox for Gasoline Engine 26CC

Gardentool website.In the section petrol grass trimmers.

Saw once a man on a rubber band floating. Cool. It is necessary to put it on the account only as a helicopter!

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