2 Stroke Bog (Chainsaw Engine Dies when Throttle). Two Stroke Cycle bogs down when Pulling Trigger

When you press the gas starts to cut off the chainsaw. causes and options for solving the problem

It is not uncommon for owners of chainsaws to face their breakdown, and it is quite unimportant what model of this kind of equipment, as the nature of the breakdown is almost all the same. Well, here’s a chainsaw stalled and what next? Undoubtedly, you can take the equipment to specialized services, which for a certain fee will fix your “iron friend”. But as they say: why pay more??

After all, you can disassemble the tool yourself and repair it, because the breakage may be minor, but in the service office for this you will pay a lot. But of course in order to bring back to life by yourself a tool should be able to understand the causes of its failure and how to troubleshoot. So let’s learn! In this article, you can find answers to questions about situations where the tool simply stalls after you directly hit the gas. Here we go.

Engine stalls

Engine starts but stops when idling or under load. In this case, you should most often perform the same actions as described above.

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How to adjust the chainsaw depends on exactly when problems start:

Stops immediately after starting:

  • The fuel mixture is not mixed properly, there is too much oil in it, the octane rating of the gasoline is lower than it should be, so the chainsaw only runs on a blow-off or immediately shuts down.
  • Soot on the spark plug or improper gap between the plug and the wire.

Stops and does not work at idle speed:

  • The muffler is clogged. You need to clean the soot from the saw.
  • The carburettor settings are faulty. Need to adjust the idle speed on the chainsaw. It is done with the help of adjusting bolts marked L and H. How to adjust the idle speed, see the article about adjusting the carburetor.

Stalls at maximum rpm and runs on a blowoff pipe only

  • Clogged air or fuel filter. Check and clean the seals.
  • The breather valve is clogged and that’s why the fuel doesn’t flow and the gasoline pump doesn’t work on the chain saw. Take a needle and clean the breather gently.
  • Gasoline pump malfunction. Remove the pump and check if it is leaking gasoline. If it’s leaking. replace gasket or pump.

Chainsaw won’t cut under load and stops

  • Clogged air filter. It is necessary to take out the filter, clean it well or even rinse and dry it and replace it.
  • Wrong petrol mixture proportion. Drain fuel and mix again oil and gasoline in correct proportions.

Chainsaw stalls when heated up

Sometimes the tool starts normally when the motor is cold, but as soon as the device warms up, the saw stops working. There are several reasons for this:

  • Wrong carburetor setting. The air-fuel mixture is too enriched and the fuel simply floods the spark plug. The problem is solved by reducing the gasoline supply for the mixture.
  • Coil problem, ignition coil defective. If the spark on the spark plugs disappears on a hot motor, it may indicate that the coil is unusable. the part needs to be replaced.
  • Plug failure. The problem is very similar to a faulty coil. You need to find out what exactly needs to be replaced: a coil or a spark plug.

The advantages of self-repair

Experts offer several options to find the cause of poor engine starting or if the power unit stalls when running. Recommendations are equally valid for domestic and professional chainsaws.

Owners with experience in operating chainsaws use simple, time-tested, intuitive troubleshooting algorithms that allow them to quickly eliminate many failures and malfunctions directly in the workplace.

Knowledge of the tool design and the interaction of all its components, availability of locksmith and repair skills and operational experience contribute to the success of the work. These same abilities allow owners to use their chainsaw with high efficiency.

Self-repair provides an opportunity to save material resources and reduce the time of forced outages.

Non-standard failures

In the event that a normally working chainsaw engine stalls when the tool is tilted to one side, you should open the gasoline tank lid and eliminate the hang-up of the flexible fuel intake.

Almost the entire assortment of Chinese chainsaws has been copied to a greater or lesser extent from popular models of European origin, that is why the constructional differences are insignificant. The given recommendations can be used, if the Chinese chainsaw fails.

The maintainability of the Chinese chainsaw machines is increased due to unification of the repair stock and interchangeability of many assemblies and details with similar models.

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