The charger for an electric screwdriver with their own hands. scheme and principle of charging

Battery. assistant for autonomous work of electric screwdriver and other household tools. Charger is designed to recharge the battery. The circuit charger for an electric screwdriver is different in different devices, depending on the voltages of the power supply. They come in 12, 14, and 18 volt versions.

The principle of operation of the charger for different screwdriver batteries is as follows:

  • When connecting the device to the network, the 220V voltage passes through a fuse.
  • AC voltage goes to the step-down transformer. The voltage value is converted to 18.
  • The charge is fed to the diode bridge.
  • It rectifies and transfers to the capacitor C1, its capacity is 330 uF. The voltage is converted to 24V.

The relay closes when the button is turned on. The battery begins to charge at the output of the mains rectifier. The average time to fully charge the battery in an electric screwdriver is 50-60 minutes. These are average rates that apply to 12, 14 or 18 volt batteries.

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Let’s continue to call the charger S / U, as they are called professionals.So let’s be professionals.

Many manufacturers of cordless equipment for construction and repair, screwing, sawing, grinding, planing, offer chargers, which charge the same tool from an ordinary electric network, namely the socket 220v with a battery all this tool works, screwdrivers, electric saws, jigsaws, circular saws manual and many others. That is why it is important not only in the batteries themselves, but also in the chargers for charging the whole tool. Among other things, the question of such a device as a battery charger for an electric screwdriver remains relevant. There are many master classes on the web on how to create such an appliance with your own hands. But to do with your own hands need to be professional to have skills in working with electronics, a significant amount of free time, specialized tools and more.So for this purpose, and there are separate chargers for an electric screwdriver.

chargers for the following models of electric screwdrivers; 101214, 4, 18 volt. The power of each charger corresponds to the capacity of the battery of the necessary model. For each model is different and indicated in the description.

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The charger has three contacts, suitable for both “pulse” and “normal” Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries. The charger has a pulsed mode of charging one battery in a time of 1 h. The charger starts charging when the charge button “SET” is pressed (pressing this button after inserting the battery starts the charging process). The charger is equipped with an indicator of modes: charged (red lamp is on) and charged (green lamp is on). After reaching full capacity, the charging process is automatically stopped on the Kentavr electric screwdriver.

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This battery is suitable for Edon cordless screwdrivers. Video review of the battery on electric screwdriver Zenith ZSHA-12 P2 Li buy a battery for electric screwdriver STAL SH1213-BL2 video battery on electric screwdriver PROCRAFT PA-12 Lis sale of the battery on electric screwdriver EDON CF-1202 Where to buy a battery for electric screwdriver Svityaz SSL 1215- 2 B2 Heel battery for electric screwdriver Zenith ZSHA-12 P2 Li Heel battery for electric screwdriver STAL SH1213-BL2 Heel battery for electric screwdriver PROCRAFT PA-12 Lis Battery for electric screwdriver EDON CF-1202 Battery for electric screwdriver Svityaz SSL 1215-2 B2

In the Spare parts store you can buy batteries for electric screwdrivers Bosch, Makita, DeWALT, Hitachi, Metabo, Kress, Interskol, Zubr, Parma, Sturm, Stavr, Fiolent. Also in this review about spare parts for tools Video review of the battery charger on electric screwdriver Zenith ZSHA-12 P2 Li Sale Battery charger on electric screwdriver EDON CF-1202

Accumulator on electric screwdriver Zenith ZSHA-12 P2 Li heel battery for electric screwdriver STAL Sh1213-BL2 heel battery for electric screwdriver PROCRAFT PA-12 Lis Battery for electric screwdriver EDON CF-1202

Battery for electric screwdriver Svityaz SSL 1215-2 B2

Improve, repack the battery of an electric screwdriver nickel cadmium to lithium

Repackage electric screwdriver battery with your own hands. In this plot our master service shows the replacement of nickel cadmium batteries with lithium ones. With their own hands, along with an indication and replacement of the chip charging lithium batteries. As nickel cadmium batteries of an electric screwdriver have had their day, and even harmful to health, but the tool (in the sense of the mechanical part) is in good order. In our time is not easy, it is easier to repair with their own hands than to buy not-know-what. This video takes the first encountered old electric screwdriver battery and a completely new model and generation of electric screwdriver battery with a lithium core and a new chip. We must remember that the cost of the difference on the new batteries for electric screwdriver from 5 to 12. So even if you do it yourself, be aware of the cost. On the positive aspects, your battery for an electric screwdriver will hold a charge while working, as to increase charging speed, reduce the weight of the battery to the screwdriver, as lithium is less space.

Options for making a power supply

There are several options on how to convert the screwdriver to work from the mains. The task is to power the electric motor of the device with an intermediate source.

We use the laptop charger

Make a 12 V power supply for a screwdriver with your own hands can be, even without technical knowledge. You should only find an unnecessary charger from a laptop, which has specifications similar to the parameters for powering a screwdriver. The main thing is that the output voltage corresponds to the one you are looking for (12-14 volts).

Charging A Drill Battery Without An “Official” Charger

To achieve this goal, you must first disassemble the battery and remove the defective elements. Then follows these manipulations:

  • Take the battery charger from a laptop.
  • We cut the output plug, strip it and tin the ends of the wires.
  • Solder the stripped wires to the battery input wires.
  • Insulate the soldering points to avoid short circuits.
  • We make a hole in the housing, so as not to squeeze the wire, and assemble the construction.
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The basis. the power supply from the computer

To make this device we will need the A-format PC unit. Т. It is not hard to find, this is an old model of the power supply, which is easy to buy at any market of radio components. It is important to know that you can use a 300-350W unit with current in the 12V power circuit at least 16A.

AT format blocks meet these parameters. On the body of this device is a power button, which is very convenient when working. Inside there is a cooling fan and an overload protection circuit mounted.

The order of the unit rebuilding:

  • Let’s take off the lid of the housing B. П. Inside we can see the board with a lot of wires going to the connectors, as well as a fan.
  • The next step is to disable the power-on protection. Find the green wire on the square large connector.
  • Connect this wire to the black wire from the same connector. You can make a jumper from another piece of wire, or you can just cut it short and leave it in the housing.

Then find the smaller connector (MOLEX) in the output bundle and do the following with it:

  • Leave the black and yellow wires, and cut the other two short.
  • For the convenience of the power supply during work we soldered to the black and yellow wires with an extension cord.
  • Attach the other end of the extension cord to the contacts of the empty battery compartment. This should be done by soldering, you can make a good twist, and the polarity must be strictly observed.
  • Making a hole in the case, so as not to squeeze the wire during assembly. Device is ready.
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If there was a desire to ennoble your design, t. е. Hide it in another housing, drill holes for air intake to avoid overheating the PSU.

Power from the car charger

Having a car battery charger is pretty easy to make a device to power a screwdriver. To make the conversion, you will only need to connect the power terminals of the output of the charger with the power supply of the electric motor.

If you have a battery charger with continuously variable output voltage, you can use it as a power supply for an 18 volt screwdriver.

How to make a power supply for an electric screwdriver with his own hands (transformer simple PSU mains source)

The mains power supply for an electric screwdriver with their own hands is made as follows:

  • Solder wires to the pins of the charger that was previously used with the battery.
  • Take out the old battery and remove all the interior of the battery.
  • Solder the free contacts of the cable to the battery terminals that are inside the unit.
  • Connect the power supply, which is properly configured. If it was already in the charging kit, you don’t need to do anything.
  • Securely fix the cable inside the unit with glue or duct tape.

Note! When soldering the wires, you need to be careful and respect the polarity. Nothing will burn out if this is not done, but the device will work the other way. This can be solved by adding a switch to the power supply circuit.

Efficient charger diagram for an electric screwdriver

In the process of using a cheap Chinese electric screwdriver I just bought, it turned out that the regular charger is weak. Accordingly, I needed a circuit of the charger for an electric screwdriver, which will stably work. I have used a Chinese cable charger that charges slowly when the voltage is too low and gets very hot when connected to a 220V power source.

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To assemble a home-built battery charger for my tool, I used a many times tested circuit, the heart of which is a compound transistor KT829. This construction has been used in practice by many people.

charger, electric, screwdriver, volt, their

Depending on the value of the battery voltage, the charging current flowing through the battery is controlled by the KT361, the collector voltage of the transistor controls the charge indicator and the KT361 itself controls the operation of the compound transistor. The LED is illuminated during charging, and when the charging current decreases, the LED gradually turns off.

The maximum charging current is limited by the 1 Ohm resistor. The required voltage of the battery determines the moment when the charge is complete, the process is complete and the charging current decreases to zero. A variable resistor sets the charge threshold and after setting, it is then replaced with a constant resistor of the required resistance. The threshold of the charge itself should be set slightly higher, the value that provides the maximum charge of the capacity.

In addition to transistors, of course, any circuit of the charger for an electric screwdriver contains a transformer. In this case used the transformer in the secondary winding which has a voltage of 9 volts and current of 1A, brand. TP-20-14. This transformer was removed from an old “Electronica-409” black and white small format TV. You can find a similar transformer by forging it out of another representative of the “teleradio-dinosaurs”.

So, now there is only a ready device for charging an electric screwdriver, carefully assembled in any plastic housing with suitable dimensions. The presented in this article improved battery charger circuit for an electric screwdriver is reliable and works very well. A year of operation without failure demonstrated the absence of deficiencies, all this time, the electric screwdriver from this device charged reliably and quickly.

What you need to know?

Choosing one of the options that replace the charger of an electric screwdriver, you need to remember: the safety of the process will depend on the correct connection of devices. In addition, it is important to ensure that the charging mode meets the technical characteristics of the battery. Regardless of which charger option is chosen, you need to understand: temporary methods can save the situation several times. But resorting to their use all the time is undesirable, because the correct values of voltage and current produce only the original chargers.

Do not use chargers with USB-port from a laptop. they are not designed for this. If the battery is not charging, you can try to overcharge the battery. To do this disassemble the unit and identify the cause of the fault. Then you charge the block first with a higher current and then with a lower current. This allows you to bring it back to life if there is still electrolyte left inside.

To learn how to charge an electric screwdriver battery without a battery charger, see the following video.

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