How to make a compressor for a paint sprayer (schemes, photos and video instructions)

Working with pneumatic sprayers requires source of compressed air, whose pressure activates the system, producing a spray. or less decent compressors that provide an uninterrupted flow of motive power, are from 6 thousand, and not every owner will agree to such a purchase, when the paint gun itself, cost him 1-2 thousand. The way out of this situation, as always, lies in the straight hands and desire to create something useful. In this topic, we will describe how compressors work, and show as many as 3 options for assembling such devices for household, amateur and professional level (from simple to complex). All instructions are accompanied by photos and videos, so look, read and study.

The most common models of compressors for today, optimally suited for home and professional use, are considered to be piston-type devices. These devices have an adequate price, good performance and a fairly simple, reliable design. We are going to tell you about the construction of this type of equipment.

The piston compressor principle is based on reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder. The mechanism works by using an electric motor to drive a flywheel and a crankshaft connected to a connecting rod. On downward movement, the piston forms a vacuum in the chamber causing the damper to open and let air in. When upward movement occurs the pressure builds up in the cylinder which opens the valve of another channel where the accumulated air exits.

When it leaves the piston chamber, the air passes into the receiver (tank) where it accumulates in a high concentration. On reaching a pressure peak, the electric motor is switched off and pumping stops; on falling, it is reactivated. A special pressure switch (pressostat) mounted on the air receiver is responsible for the automation of this process. This is how we get the compressed air needed for painting or other types of work.

Required accessories

Our setup will consist of two main parts: a compressor and a receiver. the case extinguisher. For safe and reliable operation of the device, it is important that the pressure created by the compressor (140 psi ≈ 10 bar ≈ 10 kg / sq.m.) will not exceed the following limits.The pressure of the ball valve was not greater than the pressure for which the extinguisher body is designed (20 bar ≈ 20 kg/sq.m.), the wire and double-sided tape.see).

  • a shutoff unit on the receiver with a system of threaded ducts;
  • safety valve;
  • pressure gauge with a scale in bar;
  • pressure switch;
  • valve in the form of a ball valve;
  • spiral and line hoses;
  • blowgun;
  • 12-volt battery
  • fittings, connectors and adapters.
  • wrenches and pliers;
  • a drill and crimper (a means for crimping wire lugs);
  • hacksaw and scissors;
  • O-rings and FUM-tape;
  • Tie wire and double-sided adhesive tape;
  • piece of plastic pipe.

principle of operation

A compressor for painting cars can work in different ways, depending on the type. But there are general rules for the operation of the device. The air is pumped by the engine apparatus into a special compartment, where it is accumulated until the pressure rises to the desired level. If the pressure becomes excessive, then the excess will be squeezed out through a special exhaust valve.

So the principle of operation is based on maintaining a certain pressure of the air stream. For coloring, it is important to keep the pressure unchanged. The basis is to obtain the required indicator of pressure, which makes it necessary to make a compressor for painting with their own hands with a specific value of the resulting pressure.

How to make a compressor with your own hands from a Zilov compressor?

The compressor is a versatile unit, which has found quite a wide application, both in large production, and in small workshops. It is also installed on a variety of vehicles and special equipment. That is why the question of how to create a compressor with their own hands from a Zilov compressor is of great interest to many craftsmen who want to save money on the purchase of this device.

Domestic applications

To begin with, it should be said that such products will not be of great performance, and their production may require a lot of cost. However, there are a lot of options for use, which also make you look for material on how to make a compressor with their own hands from a Zilov compressor.

  • First of all, such a device is great for inflating car tires.
  • Also, such a unit can be used to work with some pneumatic tools of low power.
  • These products are most often used in workshops to apply paint to surfaces. The fact is that in the presence of a volumetric receiver, they can run for quite a long time and create the necessary pressure.
  • Some professionals use such units in blacksmithing and other industries. The main thing is that the technical characteristics correspond to the specified parameters.

Car Compressor

Beginning craftsmen often ask the question of why this particular part is worth buying in order to create a compressor with their own hands. They consider the Zil 130 as an obsolete vehicle, and units that are installed on it, worn out.

However, it is immediately worth noting that in our country it is this part is the easiest to find, and its cost depends directly on the condition. In this case, the simplicity of the manufacture of this unit allows you to make elementary repairs and greatly simplifies maintenance.

Also, it is much easier to make a compressor with your own hands from a Zilov compressor than to use other products of this type. To perform basic tasks, it will not even need almost any remodeling. However, if long-term use or heavy loads are required, then certain modifications will need to be made.

Required equipment

To create a compressor with their own hands from a ZIL compressor, you need to solve the problem with the transfer of torque to the unit itself. You will also need a motor of a certain capacity and with a specific number of revolutions. Therefore, certain purchases will be required.

Separate attention should be paid to the receiver. It is selected in accordance with the tasks set for the product. At the same time a pressure gauge and a safety valve that will be responsible for the necessary pressure are installed on it.

Torque transfer

When a compressor is made with his own hands from a Zilov compressor, it is necessary to make a very important decision about how the force will be transmitted from the engine to the unit itself. In this case, some masters prefer to perform the connection directly, believing that this way they will not lose the number of revolutions and power. However, it is worth remembering that for such methods of connections it is necessary to have a fairly powerful motor. That’s why belt drive is most often used.

When making a compressor with their own hands, ZIL compressor usually try to connect to the engine through the gearbox. This way, it is possible to get quite good power at initial start or when there is pressure in the air reservoir. However, the cost of a good gearbox is rather high and the belt drive version can be considered the most optimal.


If we collect the compressor ZIL 130 with his own hands, it is very important to correctly select the power unit, which will be as close to the operating parameters of the device. In this case, usually look at the speed of rotation. It should not be less than 2000 revolutions per minute, as this parameter will allow to create the maximum pressure and allow the design to work in a gentle mode.

To a power selection approach separately. The fact is that the cost of an electric motor very often depends on this parameter. It is generally believed that 1 kW power is sufficient for such compressors. However, it is justified if the unit is planned to be used for a short time and without heavy loads. Therefore, more powerful products are often used.


A typical compressor based on the iron from a ZIL 130 is usually tried to make it compact and mobile. Therefore, it simply does not make sense to use large and voluminous receivers. It is also not necessary to buy these elements of the unit separately, because they can always be created by yourself. Almost any metal reservoir can be used for this. It is best to use gas cylinders or old fire extinguishers.

It should be noted at once that it is necessary to further modify the receiver. It will be necessary to install a pressure gauge and pressure regulator. Usually a separate unit is purchased with a gearbox, which is set at the inlet to the vessel. It is also very important to make installation of a back pressure valve. It is adjusted for the optimal mode of the future product with a certain margin of 10-15%.

Compressor modification

Even if you plan to make a regular garage compressor from a ZIL compressor, then the unit itself will need to finalize a little.

  • First of all, it is worth creating a cooling. The fact is that such units during their work strongly overheat, and as a result, not only the performance, but also the service life decreases. Therefore, the connecting rods should be drilled and an oblique tube should be installed in the bottom cover.
  • To monitor the oil level, it is necessary to install a transparent filter at the outlet of the crankcase. It also makes sense to put a moisture separator, which you can make yourself from a small fire extinguisher.
  • Separately install and oil tank. It is worth noting right away that it will be used as an expansion tank and help normalize the pressure in the system.

Today there are just a huge number of all kinds of modifications, which are aimed at increasing the performance and service life. All of these usually apply to the lubrication and torque transfer system. However, the final choice always depends directly on the purpose of the final product.

What to make a receiver from

The simplest air tank for a compressor designed for small amounts of work, it is easy to make from tubeless car wheels. It should be borne in mind that the wheel after upgrading for its original purpose will not be used.

If you need to make a compressor for large amounts of work, it is recommended to use a gas cylinder or any type of fire extinguisher as a reservoir.

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Makeshift blower from a refrigerator: use a moisture separator, a receiver and a motor

As a motor we will use a compressor from an old refrigerator. As a rule they are equipped with starting relay which is very useful to maintain constant pressure level in a receiver.

Consultant krasymavto.Ru on bodywork repairs

It is preferable to use compressors from the old Soviet refrigerators, they allow you to pump higher pressure than their imported counterparts.

Having taken out the executive unit from the old refrigerator, clean it from the accumulated dirt and rust. Then treat with a rust converter to prevent further oxidation. This will prepare the engine case for further painting.

Next you need to change the oil in the compressor. Rarely has the refrigerator been regularly serviced and grease changed, which is quite justified. the system is completely isolated from the atmosphere.You can use semi-synthetic motor oil, it is in no way inferior to the compressor and, in addition, has many useful additives. There are three tubes on the compressor. two open and one sealed. The open ends are for air circulation, one of the tubes is the inlet, the other is the outlet. To determine which way the air flows, briefly power up the compressor.

Important! And remember, which air duct is inlet and which one is outlet.

The sealed tube is for routine oil changes. The closed end has to be carefully removed. To do this, saw the tube in a circle with a file, trying not to get metal filings inside the system. Break off the sawn off tip and pour the old oil into a reservoir of some kind to determine the amount to replace. And fill in semi-synthetic in a slightly larger quantity with a syringe.

Then the engine lubrication system must be shut off. To do this, picking up the screw of the appropriate size, wrap it for tightness with felt tape, screw it into the tube. The blower from the refrigerator tends to sweat grease. that is, there are oil droplets in the outlet air stream. They will be held by the oil separator for the compressor. With our own hands, we mount the motor with the starting relay on a wooden base in the position in which it was attached to the frame.

compressor, their, hands

Relay of the compressor is sensitive to position in space and often its top cover is marked with an arrow. Only correctly installed will the change-over process take place correctly.

Principle of operation

Compressors according to the principle of the device are divided into several types. Further the general principle of work of these devices is considered. This consists of forcing air from the engine into the reservoir where it builds up and reaches a higher pressure. If you reach an excessively high pressure, the excess air is expelled from the tank through the drain valve.

That is, compressors function on the basis of maintaining pressure at a constant level. Especially important is the consistency of pressure for devices designed for painting. In any case, air pressure is considered the main parameter of such a device, so the technology of creating an auto compressor and the choice of materials for it are determined on the basis of the required pressure value.

The problem of choice

The choice of devices for auto paint can be endless. Who has the opportunity, or there is a need to purchase branded devices to maintain the credibility of the workshop, then make the choice of auto compressor for painting in favor of a solid branded unit with excellent performance and an excellent reputation.

IMPORTANT! To understand the painter will help professionals who sell the product and feedback from existing buyers. It is worth to discuss this issue in forums or to communicate with the masters at the service station.

Who often uses these devices, knows that the monotonous supply of air under pressure is not enough to work. Because for each type of paintwork material (varnish) you should set special parameters of paint pressure. In addition, models made by the company, are able to turn off when a certain pressure level is reached and adjust to operating conditions.

However, these devices also have a lot in common: they are adjusted to the same parameters of the power supply. 220 V, installed on the wheels and connected to the atomizer. The most characteristic parameters of the receivers of domestic production.

How to make a decision

To find a suitable for the characteristics of the device, you need to study the catalogs of online stores, bypass local outlets with similar products. If you have a desire, you can fully examine the device, probe to the smallest detail, and then order the same unit from the manufacturer through the Internet.

It is worth delving into the classification of painting equipment, so that there is a complete set of data for personal use. Technics, produced by famous brands, have a longer warranty period, which is also important for the consumer. On the contrary, brands that few people have heard of are not worthy of serious buyers. For their production they use components of inferior quality. As a result, the system nodes break, and while the warranty repair is carried out, the painter has to waste precious time.

You should not rush to buy an unexplored device. Through a careful study of the characteristics will be found the device that is really needed. If you can not find it among thousands of items with the brand name and symbols in the lists of online portals or on forums, your own wit and the descriptions of craftsmen, how to assemble a compressor unit with your hands, will help you. Independent production can be more durable, although not as functional as in modern conveyor production.

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