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Saws for sawing firewood with their own hands: step by step instructions. drawings Photos and chainsaw and manually

Saws for cutting firewood with your own hands? Easy! Good proprietors make sure they have enough firewood for the winter. To make them, you must have an indispensable tool of all owners of private houses. goats for sawing firewood. This is a fairly simple construction. which everyone should have at their dacha, so that it was convenient to handle wood, make firewood and saw metal strips or wooden boards with millimeter precision.

Make the goad with their own hands is simple enough, and even those who do not have any special skills can cope with it.

Self-Made Wood Sawing Goats with Your Own Hands

A chainsaw makes the hard work of cutting firewood much easier. When it is used, productivity increases many times over. Without a chainsaw, with large and wet logs, the task of sawing becomes even more difficult.

Wooden trestle for country houses

These goats are made quite simply, and they literally look like a stool.

  • We will need a wooden bar and some shielding. The latter can be made from boards, or you can adapt thick sheet material under it. the same old doors, a piece of thick OSB or chipboard, or plywood, and so on.
  • To begin, we make a billet. We take a bar, cut off four identical legs and eight crosspieces of length equal to the size of the future goat. Four of them are equal to the width of the goat, and the other four are its length.
  • Now assemble the construction and the first thing to do is to connect a pair of legs of any of the crosspieces (usually start with the long sides). The legs are connected by lintels at the top and bottom. so they will not move apart in the process. It is necessary to make two such pieces.
  • Next, connect the two blanks to each other with short jumpers. The principle is the same. two crosspieces are inserted on each side of the almost completely formed base of the goat. One at the top and one at the bottom.

That’s basically it. We can say that the homemade construction scaffolding is ready, and all that remains to be done before it is completely made, is to lay it on the manufactured base. the shield. Like everything else, it should be securely fastened with nails or self-tapping screws.

Gantry construction

The classic diagram of the goat allows the use of a chainsaw when sawing logs. In this case there is a significant problem. the clamping of the cutting part of the saw at the end of the cut.

The part of the log that protrudes sideways over the edge of the scaffold is sawed off without difficulty. When the sawing takes place between the uprights, clamping is inevitable.

To avoid this, the log must be rotated. Such grueling, unproductive work takes a lot of effort and time, and in the absence of helpers becomes the main difficulty in making firewood.

Some designers have developed and patented devices that do not allow the cutting part of the saw to be clamped.

Wood saws: drawings of devices for the most convenient sawing (80 photos)

Making firewood for the winter is familiar to almost every resident of the countryside and owners of land plots. And of course for the convenient sawing of firewood you need a special tool, called a goat. Surely, many people saw a photo of goats for firewood in magazines or on the Internet. This is not a difficult device, which can be built with their own hands, besides, it is a must-have in the household. With their help, it is comfortable to engage in the processing of wood, wooden bars or metal profiles.

To solve the question of what to make a goat in the country house, it is quite easy. After all, to make this simple traditional design it is enough to use the following materials:

  • With a wooden bar of an ordinary shape. Assembling a fixture from this material is simple, but it is afraid of high humidity.
  • wooden posts of medium diameter, which are used for the construction of fences. This method is economical in financial terms, but do not count on its reliability.
  • Metal slats, which will ensure the reliability of the construction and will serve for many years.
  • Various items sent to the scrap metal.

Although the sawmill has a simple design, but it is essentially a machine tool. Consequently, in the process of its manufacture, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • It is necessary to have a plan (drawing) of the future construction with step-by-step instructions and calculation of the dimensions of all parts.
  • It is important to correctly calculate the slope of the supporting elements for ease of use.

Observing these nuances, you will get a reliable, stable and comfortable in the work design of the scaffolding. In addition, due to its mobility, it can be installed in any place.

When assembling the main thing to consider the size of the equipment, which depends on:

Depending on this the working time is determined.

A 90-110 cm high fixture is considered a win-win. The result is that you will not have to lean forward and your arms will not get too tired.

There will be minimal strain on the spine and the work process will be much easier.

When working with wood with a two-handed saw a firm support for the other hand is required. This is worth taking care of beforehand when assembling the implement.

It is possible to make a stop out of fishing line, which can be set in any necessary place.

Saw blades for chain saws must have a firm surface and a place for free positioning of the wood for sawing, in order to avoid the chainsaw getting caught in the saw blade.

The manual common saw is most often used for cutting firewood of medium size, so the goat will suit the standard dimensions and it is not difficult to build with their own hands, having available:

  • wooden bar with a cross section of 10×10 cm and a length of 1 to 1.2 m.
  • 4 pieces of 5×5 cm timber 1.0 m long for making the legs of the device.
  • The same timber, but 36 cm long, for making “horns”. 2 pieces.
  • 2 or 4 one-inch bars for the leg stabilization device.
  • 30-40 self-tapping screws. for fixing the parts.
  • Paint, stain or varnish to protect the trestle from rotting.

You can also use any material, suitable for the construction of the mullion.

For the assembly you need to prepare the following tools

  • A hacksaw for sawing and levelling the surface of the timber,
  • an angle bar to check the evenness of the elements, important for the stability of the structure,
  • A graphite pencil for marking the necessary marks,
  • An electric screwdriver or screwdriver for tightening the fasteners,
  • hammer,
  • chisel,
  • tape measure,
  • paint brush (4-5 cm).

Once the proper material and tools are prepared, you can proceed directly to assembling the fixture. The first thing to do is to work the basic bars. Make a marking for the future cuts in the amount of 6 pieces on each side. In total there should be 12 notches for the feet and horns.

Layout of the goad for working with a regular saw

Since you mostly use a regular hand saw for cutting small-sized firewood, the size of the trestle can be standard. Using them, the owner will make a handy tool for working with wood, which will be small in size and lightweight, but at the same time strong. For this you need to use the following material:

  • A piece of 10×10 cm timber. This is enough for sawing firewood of medium size on the sawmill. The length of the bar is equal to 1-1,2 m.
  • The legs of the goat can have smaller dimensions in the section. It will be enough to use a 5×5 cm timber 1 meter long. Number of legs. 4 pieces.
  • An important part of the “trestle” for firewood are “horns”. The same bar can be used here, only 36 cm long. Quantity needed for assembling. 2 units.

Different variants of firewood stakes

This list is relevant for those who want to assemble the entire structure with their own hands from scratch. Of course, those owners of their own plots who have leftover material from past farm work, can replace any of the components with the thing available.

To carry out the installation of the goat with their own hands will need the following set of construction tools:

One of the schemes of the construction of the goats for sawing firewood

  • For sawing and leveling the timber you need an ordinary saw underwood.
  • To ensure that the scaffold, made with their own hands, had an even shape and did not wobble when in use, it is necessary to use a construction angle.
  • For marking on the material in the planning, you need to have an ordinary simple pencil.
  • Self-tapping screws are best tightened with a screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Hammer for nailing while securing the “horns”.
  • Chisel.
  • Measuring tape, which will be used for all measurements.
  • To paint or varnish the finished structure, it is better to use a paintbrush, size 4-5 cm.

After selecting the right material, you can proceed to the assembling of the gantry. The best way to start the work is to treat the timber for the base. On it you need to make a marking of the future cuts, which should be 6 on each side. In total there should be 12 notches for fixing the legs and horns.

Example of fastening the goat posts

Each of them has a depth of 2.5 cm, which will be enough to firmly fix the structure. When sawing, you should make sure that the grooves are 2-3 mm smaller than the legs to make it possible to fasten the beams tightly. After the main part of the trestle has been finished and put on its feet, you can move on to mounting the fasteners. Using self-tapping screws, all components are securely fastened.

Next, you need to install the mounting brackets, which will not only provide additional stability and strength of the goat, but also secure the workplace, eliminating the possibility of divergence of legs design. To mount them, you need to saw off the lower part on each leg so that you can install an additional mount. After assembling the structure with your own hands you can move on to applying the protective coating. Usually a stain is used for treatment. After the final drying, the trestle for firewood will be ready for use.

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The trestle to work with a chainsaw

Sawing firewood with a chainsaw is easier and more convenient if the log is thick and wet. But it must be understood that the sawing scaffold must be strong and sturdy.

Professionals advise using a different design for making them. Since sawing logs with this powerful tool requires a lot of space. one edge of the log will always be hanging down, the technician will have to consider in advance where exactly the logs will be positioned.

goad, sawing, firewood, chainsaw, their, hands

Some people adapt to use standard scythes when sawing logs with a chainsaw, but it will be extremely inconvenient to perform the actions, and the chain saw will certainly clamp when the log is almost completely sawn.

To avoid clamping the chain, it is recommended to construct a slightly different design. Specialists warn that it is somewhat more difficult to make sawing scythes with a chainsaw, because they must be made of metal.

It is necessary to take into account that for their assembly will require not only logs and tools, but also a special mount, it will prevent the log from overturning on one end. In the absence of certain knowledge, it is easier for the owner to simply buy ready-made scaffolding in a construction store, saving time and ensuring their safety.

Mobile wood trestles

Conventional brushcutters are quite bulky and heavy. that’s a serious obstacle for transporting the machine. But you can make your own hands and mobile installation, which will be foldable and can be easily transferred. But, as a rule, such plans require more cost and time to assemble.

You will need the following material for the folding trestles:

To avoid extra costs and reduce the likelihood of breakage of the device, this machine is made as simple as possible. Start the assembly with the joists. You can make them with your own hands from a board of 50 mm. After getting the material ready, you need to mark the place of the cut, where the later will be installed legs for the goat.

After drilling a hole on each slat under the tube, the base is launched into them, and the legs are aligned in their places. Next, you need to make a limiter for the poles, which will not allow the legs to move apart.

Mobile wooden sawmill for cutting firewood

Here it is necessary to be attentive, to choose the same length for two sides, which will allow to open the goad at 350 to 450 degrees. Thus, the construction will be assembled, which will be easy to fold and store in small spaces.

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