Reasons why a chainsaw starts and stops

A chainsaw is no longer a luxury, but an essential tool for those who have a cottage or a home. But, like any other technique, this tool tends to fail, despite the uncomplicated device.

The classification of the main faults includes:

  • Complete failure to start the engine
  • the engine starts and stops
  • Unstable operation of the tool
  • Stopping on load
  • loss of power.

If the chainsaw won’t start at all, it could be because of the following:

  • A manufacturing defect
  • No fuel
  • Problems with ignition system starting
  • No spark from spark plugs
  • Poor fuel mixture
  • Clogged carburetor
  • Problems with high-voltage wire
  • No compression.

Why the chainsaw starts and shuts down, what to do in such a case? It is necessary to consider in detail the reasons for this.

The engine stalls

Engine starts but chainsaw stalls at idle or with load. In this case, most often the same actions as described above should be performed.

How to adjust the chain saw

How to adjust the chainsaw depends on exactly when the problems begin:

Stops immediately after starting:

  • The fuel mixture is not mixed correctly, there is too much oil in it, and therefore the octane rating of the gasoline is lower than it should be, and therefore the chain saw only runs on the suction or immediately stops working.
  • Carbon deposits on spark plug or improper gap between spark plug and wire.

No output and doesn’t run at idle speed:

  • Clogged muffler. The carbon deposits must be removed.
  • Wrong carburetor settings. Your chain saw needs idle speed adjustment. It’s done with the adjustment screws marked L and H. To learn how to adjust the idle speed, see the article on carburetor adjustment.

Stops at maximum RPM and runs on the breather only

  • Clogged air or fuel filter. Need to clean and check the seals.
  • The chain saw has a clogged breather valve which prevents fuel flow and gasoline pumping. Take a needle and carefully clean the breather plug.
  • Gasoline pump defective. Remove the pump and check it for gasoline leakage. If it is leaking: Replace the gasket or the pump.

The chain saw doesn’t cut under load and stops

  • Clogged air filter. You need to take out the filter, clean it well or even rinse it, dry it and put it back in.
  • Wrong petrol/oil mixture ratio. Drain fuel and mix again oil and gasoline in correct proportions.

Chainsaw stalls when hot

Sometimes the tool starts normally when the motor is cold, but as soon as the device warms up, the saw stops working. There are several reasons for this:

  • The carburettor is not working properly. The air-fuel mixture is too enriched and the fuel just floods the spark plug. The problem is solved by reducing the gasoline supply for the mixture.
  • Faulty ignition coil. If the spark on the spark plug is gone on a hot engine, it may indicate that the coil is not working and needs to be replaced.
  • Plug failure. The problem is very similar to a faulty coil. It is necessary to find out whether it is the coil or the spark plug which needs to be replaced.

Check the spark plugs and ignition system

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the spark plug should be replaced annually, regardless of the intensity of use of the tool. If you don’t follow this advice, the result is quite predictable: malfunction at idle, the subsequent failure of the engine at idling speed.

Typical ignition system defects are as follows:

  • The spark plug is flooded with fuel at startup. It is necessary to remove it from the socket, dry it, blow it out with compressed air if possible. Drain the remaining fuel from the cylinder through the adjustment hole, blow it out with compressed air. Then install the spark plug, connect the high-voltage cable, start the engine.
  • No spark on the spark plug electrodes. Disconnect the high-voltage cable and check if the spark is there. If the spark is normal, check the connection, fix the detected defects. No spark on the high-voltage wire indicates ignition unit malfunction. This device is beyond repair, need to be replaced with a new one.
  • The gap between the electrodes of the spark plug is broken. This can be between 0.2 and 0.5 mm for different types. Check and adjust with a special dipstick or caliper. Check your tool instruction manual for the correct value.
  • By the appearance of the spark plug you can determine the direction of the search. If the spark plug is dry after several attempts to start the engine, it means that there is no petrol in the cylinder. Fuel system and carburettor must be checked.
  • Soot or black carbon deposits on the electrodes indicate improper carburetor adjustment or clogged air filter. Possibly low-quality fuel with too much oil. When the ignition system is working properly, the electrodes have a uniform gray color and brown deposits on the insulators.

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Chainsaw Stops on Gas Supply AURAMM.RU

Hello, dear subscribers and readers of my blog! Contacted by Andrew Noack. Continuing the chainsaw theme. So, I said earlier about what you should inspect in a chainsaw, to know the cause of its failure. Now turn to more valuable tips, so you do not find the cause of the problem for a long time, and approximately know how to solve it. A chainsaw is not a very complicated tool, but it’s necessary to properly take care of it. My chainsaw stops when I press the gas: Causes and. There are different situations, from time to time my chainsaw throttles up, from time to time it throttles on load, and from time to time it does not idle at all. Let’s look at different situations together and try to find the right solution.

If you found that the tool does not start and stops, then do not hurry immediately to the service center, you can try to solve the problem yourself.

Let’s check the chain saw’s main systems

  • Fuel tank. Maybe there is not enough or bad gas.
  • Check the spark plug and the high-voltage wire. Pay attention, the gap of the spark plug normally does not exceed half a mm.
  • If the above items are tested and working properly, run over to the carburetor and fuel filter. If the carburetor breaks, call a specialist.

Stops at idle

From time to time the saw cuts off at idle and a clogged muffler is a very frequent cause. Why does the chainsaw quit when under load why does it quit when idling? It can be simply cleaned without help of others, it does not need the highest specialty.

Except for cleaning, there is another option, but treat it very carefully so as not to damage the internal parts of the machine.

To adjust the carburetor, you need to find the two bolts with the signs L and H. The last one needs to be turned, just a little, only half a turn. It is responsible for the speed of the tool and, if necessary, it will raise the idle speed.

Chainsaw malfunctions when throttle is depressed. CUT THE CARBURATOR.Chainsaw stalls when pressing on gas

The video covers a fairly common problem with chain saws and 100% way to option the carburetor. How to do it.

Chainsaw stalls when the gas is pressed

Chainsaw stalls when pressing on gas. My Partner 370 chain saw just keeps cutting off at the slightest pressure on the throttle.

Chainsaw stalls on load

Powerful chainsaws often quit when under load. You probably have a clogged fuel filter and need to replace it. If this does not help, check the fuel mixture and make a new one.

Saw stops working as soon as I turn the engine speed up

Filters often get clogged, especially when the chainsaw is operated almost daily. The chainsaw stalls at the normal supply when adding “gas” immediately. The air filter can be disconnected and washed under warm water. If your chain saw stops when you touch the throttle, your chain saw stops when you add gas. If the chainsaw stalls without any visible signs when the gas is on, it picks up revolutions not immediately and with. Dry thoroughly before reinserting.

If after disconnecting the fuel hose from the carburetor no fluid flows out of it, it means it is clogged. It can be cleaned or replaced with a new one.

If tool is used often, gasoline pump can be damaged. Each part has an expiration date. It should be replaced or call your Service Center.

Your chain saw shuts off when you turn it

When level, the fuel pipe is at the bottom of the tank, but if the tool is tilted the fuel won’t be able to cover it completely. This is the reason why the chainsaw stops working when it is tilted, because the tube levitates in the air and the right amount of mixture does not flow to it.

Problems “On the hot”

If you notice that the chain saw has no problem starting without warming up, and after warming up it stops. Why does the chainsaw quit when under load? And it won’t start until it cools down, there may be a few problems.

First, there may be a hose, oil seal or gasket leak somewhere. Second, inspect the muffler for fouling. The third cause is in the cylinder piston group (CPG), there are no scuffs or bumps there.

Sometimes the carburetor needs tuning. Chainsaw stalls on throttle. YouTube. Another important cause of malfunction, is the ignition coil. When it fails, the spark is lost or becomes very weak, not enough to ignite the fuel mixture.

There are cases when the master is trying hard to the engine, then on the cold, then on the hot, thereby pumping fuel. Here you need to get a grip, put the choke on “hot start” and gradually start the tool. Thus we knock down revolutions up to practically idle level and 40-45 seconds it warms up.

The saw stops after you let go of the throttle

Here we need to adjust the carburetor and check if there is no strong air suction.

We have already discerned the most common chain saw faults. One can only hope that your saw lasts without damage. But even rugged models like STIHL and Partner can sometimes go wrong.

Do not rush to run straight to the service center, first use my advice, so you can avoid large monetary costs.

If you found this article interesting. share it with your friends through social networks. And I bid you farewell. Good luck and see you on the blog!

How to start your chainsaw correctly. Common Ways

Properly starting the engine of the household gasoline chainsaw every time, its owner ensures smooth and smooth operation of the mechanisms of the garden tool, as well as prevents rapid wear of its consumable parts. The sequence of actions when starting a cold engine of different models may vary slightly, but in most cases, it looks as follows:

  • The first step the operator absolutely must take is to set the lever adjusting the position of the built-in throttle flap to its lowest position. Please note that you can move the lever in this mode only if the throttle trigger is pressed. By moving the lever down, the operator will close the flap, located in the standard carburetor, and fix the gas lever in the clamped position;
  • Then you need to start manipulating with the starter rope. To do this you need to put your right foot in the “ear” at the back of the housing and put your left hand on the handle of the chain saw. Then pull the cable of the integrated starter cord of the garden tool sharply toward you several times. As soon as the chainsaw engine starts and stops, the throttle position switch lever needs to be moved up one position;

If the operator needs to start the gardening tool with a warm motor, this is done by moving the throttle position lever to the penultimate up position and pulling the starter rope. To shut off the engine, the throttle position switch lever will need to be moved to the extreme up position.In some models of chainsaws used in the household, the factory engine is started in this sequence:

  • First turn on the ignition and put the toggle switch in the appropriate operating position;
  • Next you need to press the transparent plastic primer, required for pumping fuel into the cylinder 5-6 times;
  • The operator will then be required to fully pull out the in-line throttle position adjustment lever;
  • Then pull the cable of the manual starter several times sharply. As soon as the factory engine starts and stalls, the throttle adjustment lever will need to be pushed all the way in and pull the starter lever a few more times. Some models’ manuals say that after the engine has stopped, the choke control lever needs to be pressed in only halfway. At the same time it is necessary to push the lever to the end only after the start and the beginning of the stable work of the internal combustion engine of the chainsaw;
  • In models where the throttle trigger is locked by pulling the throttle control lever, the engine will start at high rpm. If the gas trigger is not fixed in the chainsaw, the engine rpm will be minimal. This may cause the engine to stall a few seconds after starting. In this case, start the engine of the garden tool until it warms up and starts working more stably.

If the operator must start the chainsaw with a warm motor, he will only have to turn on the ignition and pull the starter rope sharply several times.

Checking the chainsaw’s main systems

We check each system one by one:

  • Fuel tank. Maybe there is not enough fuel or it is of poor quality.
  • The next thing to check is the spark plug and the high-voltage wire. Please note, the normal spark plug gap is less than half a millimeter.
  • If the above items are checked and work properly, move on to the carburetor and fuel filter. If your carburetor breaks, you need to call a professional.

The main causes of chainsaw failure

Although the chainsaw is not a complicated machine, it does occasionally have issues that can only be corrected by disassembly. The following malfunctions are examples:

  • The chainsaw does not pick up speed;
  • The chainsaw stops functioning in the saw;
  • The chainsaw starts and stops;
  • the chainsaw loses its power;
  • Chainsaw stalls when pressed.

Most often the malfunctions are associated with interruptions in the functioning of the motor, as well as malfunctions of other systems and components. The correct handling of this equipment is of great importance. If all the rules of use are followed, the problems are highly likely to lie in the most obvious. To find the cause of a problem, start with the simplest part and end with the most complex part.

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